Volume 90       November 29, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 8 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "To Know, To Understand, To Be; The 'I's and 'it's of Man; Commentaries, Thoughts and Aphorism on the Social Life of Man",  April 1977 ~ September 1977 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section A  "How Circumstances Move Man About Like A Spring-Powered Toy" pp. 70 ~ 73)






1   People who seem to be very busy with many things, doing this and that, moving here and there, everywhere talking and talking are actually creators, doers and foremost, actors in a repeating circle.  It appears many of them are just doings with duty-bound Is.  They are just toys.  The three springs of thinking, feeling and moving bobbin-kandelnosts in them unwind mechanically and they just obediently work or they operate by themselves.  Many of these Is are even harmful to themselves and to others, and they are completely useless in our frame of reference.  They are unhealthy group of 'I's that need to be destroyed and to rebuild consciously.


2    You plan to accomplish a number of tasks in a day.  You plan it in the morning but just then, you are already different.  You dont feel like doing.  Next moment you forget about it.  And somehow you seem to be doing it.  Many people waste their time working in this manner.  Later, you will find that everything concerning work placed on you is forced labor.  Nature seems to force on you and others.  You have to be caught in the net because you are already caught.  Your darling papa and mama did that for you when they fell in love.


3   Many could not perform a single task perfectly.  Inner work is very difficult.  If our inner process is automatized in one direction, it will continue in that direction mechanically until we make an effort to change it.  The mechanical life seems to keep us moving forward helplessly independent of our will, serving mechanically to sociotechnocosmic production.


4   Just sit down in a place where you can observe others readily.  Try to fathom the Is in their activities.  The result is zero.  There are no significant Is of worthy consideration.  Try to evaluate the I in each activity and in most cases, you will be disappointed.


5   Everyone is imprisoned everywhere, even the masters.  Worry, anxiety, pessimism, happiness, sadness and inertia are useless.  What comes must be done!


6   The work activities centering on these rubber tree beings, oil-palm beings, car-beings, various product-beings and the material-less service-beings, and the continuous shifting of one into another mark the core of our social life.  A car has no I it cannot have a life although it can be automatized to move by itself.  But man has Is.  He can move by himself.  He also has life.  But the car does move him like a spring-powered toy too!


7   To change human beings and great nature is a very hard thing.  Yet, it is very important.  What probably happens to most people is that something is constantly happening to them all the time and out of their control.  They happen for them and they never do to them.


8   In solving a triad problem, a set of Is will participate but for result, only one I must lead and the others must remain supportive.  Ultimately, the problem would be solved.  In life circumstances, our Is belong to someone else.  We are not given a chance to be on our own.  Our Is are for another, and we are obedient to be eaten.  Selfishness on the one side is invisible as the I is taken for real.  When no one dares to use you, you have complete freedom to be used by something else ‑ other sociotehnocosmoses or just Great Mother Nature.  From the moment you use human beings you have no freedom, the slaves you are using will give you problems.  A slave is a person who has no Is of his own and who waits for people to use him.  Everyone can buy a ticket and take a ride on him.  He has some its to satisfy his natural needs.  A master in quotation mark is machine, except that it has a criminal tendency to use beings similar or dissimilar to himself for his own selfish ends.  And he has acquired this habit.  He becomes a permanent Hasnamuss.


9   What actually lies behind these condemnations of everything is politicking for position, power, control and leadership.  Everything done is for themselves, little for others.  Talking to another differently is another thing.  What is said and what is done are now different things.  For those who are unable to see reality as it is, they will be toyed.


10   An internal revolution is a movement of a new group of Is that tend to contradict existing conditions of existence of men.  It is not one I but many contradictory Is    one thousand is not a big number for these Is.


11   To be altruistic to beings in your environment blindly is self-enslavement.  Always ask yourself what environmental factors are controlling you now.  Are you controlled by implanted democracy, freedom and human rights?

Chaos from within confuses the Is manifestation of man.  If the chaos is directed in one direction, it can be very creative or destructive.  The inner world must not be in chaos when external conditions become too unpredictable.  For survival, one must adapt oneself to the external conditions.  It is for others to adapt to the exploding Is.  There is a balance between conquest and adaptation.  To adapt only is one-sided, so is issuing of conquest everywhere.  The two must balance.  It is a harmonious dance!

Both esoteric and exoteric schools always control a certain sector of the world mind, an aspect known as sub-conscious mystification.  This traps the minds.  And moves man about like a spring toy.






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