Book 17

The Astrological Ages, Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves or Marxian Historicism, The Age of Aquarius, HEIGRENS Concepts and Guiding Principles

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 17 (pp.164)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”


An astrological age is a time period which modern astrologers postulate “higher psychic influences” from heavenly bodies or higher cosmic stopinders in the Ray of Creation (the Worlds) could have led to parallel major changes in the development of Earth's inhabitants (the Organic Film), particularly relating to his fundamental and lateral sociocosmic stopinders such as culture, society, politics and major events in history (Historical Sociocosmic Octaves or Marxian Historicism).  It is a “postulation” of the cosmic influences on the MI-FA Interval in the Ray of Creation.  According to ancient views, there are twelve astrological ages corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs in western astrology.  At the completion of one cycle of twelve astrological ages, the cycle repeats itself. Astrological ages occur because of a phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes.  One complete period of this precession is called a Great Year or Platonic Year of about 25,920 years. In this Great Year there are 12 Astrological Ages or Great Months, so each astrological age is about 2,160 years.

The sociocosmic octaves and the Marxian Historicism is another approach based on a more detail and specific observation and study of culture, society, politics and major events in history on 3 of the 12 cycles in the Great Year or Platonic Year, namely, the Arian cycle, the Piscean cycle and the coming Aquarian cycle, and concentrates on the cosmic, natural, general environmental and other influences on the Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man) over a long period in the Darwinian evolution.  Whereas the astrological approach is based on the “hypothesis” of the possible psychic influences of the constellations and the solar systems on the behaviors of man and all living things at the MI-FA Interval (located in the habitable zone of their parent star), the sociocosmic octaves is based on Cosmic Laws of Triads and Octaves and the Marxian Historicism is based on the general Laws of Dialectics and the Laws of Discontinuities.  While the former view is probabilistic, the latter is based mostly on direct observation, common sense and verification.

Man’s physical body feeds on ordinary food and water derived from mother Earth, his astral body feeds on air derived from the atmosphere on mother Earth surface and his higher being-bodies feed on impressions derived from our Sun Being and all the stars beings in our galaxy and constellations.  The energies which we use to drive our psychic engines are basically from outer space, and the energies which we use to drive our physical body is from the Earth and its immediate atmosphere.  A collection of stars forms a galaxy and a collection of galaxies forms a constellation.  A star is a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity forming a solar system, and our solar system is in the galaxy known as the Milky Way which Galactic center is in or in the direction of the Sagittarius Constellation.  Marxism is an Aquarius philosophy over Piscean religions and feudalism.

During the period of the beginning, maturing and declining of the Great Religions of the Piscean Age, the positive side of every moral religion is a care for the life of all biocosmic beings.  During the period of the beginning of Great Science, Technology and Atheism (STA), and still maturing in the current Aquarian Age, the positive side of every moral STA is a care for the life of all biocosmic beings, all sociocosmic beings, all technocosmic beings and one of the Cosmic beings bearing the name Earth (the GAIA).  The concepts and principles guiding this care is the HEIGRENS. This great care is not equivalent to the care in the religions of the Piscean Age as the care of that age has not received the “being psyche hydrogens” from the constellation of the Aquarius but has been receiving a different quality "being psyche hydrogens" from the constellation of the Piscean.  Although light energy has being always visible from all the 12 physical constellations, the being psychic hydrogens from the psychic zodiacal constellational centers sent from them are different. Light energy is the basic medium “offered” to us from all constellations but the special psychic intelligence, emoligence, sexiligence, instingence, psychomotorigence, will, directional and goal energies (Bennett’s) are different from each zodiacal constellation.

The ending of Great Religions is also the beginning of Great STA or Great HEIGRENS. It is the better model offered to us from the Aquarius Zodiacal Constellations!  This Aquarian offer includes the special milk for creating Objective Reason whereas the earlier “offer” was the special milk for creating Objective Conscience!

During the Astrological Age of Pisces, the age of the arising of the Great Religions for the Tritocosmic Human Being on mother Earth, the absolute point for all inner ‘pointings’ and choice of ‘centrality’ or ‘inner gravity-centras’ is ‘GOD’ or ‘Buddha’ or ‘OM’ or ‘ALLAH’ or even those Aquarian smell of the Piscean ‘I-God’.

But during the Astrological Age of Aquarius, from the atheists where the ‘pointings’ become no longer God or gods and all those related higher being of our own invention staying in the upper floor of something also of our own invention …… so the Aquarius age proper becomes a-pointing to ‘I AM’ to accept the fact ‘I AM’ actually a human being who wish to point to become higher being  …. And going up with certain misleading outcome to mankind too and evil God without knowing that it has also done evil by teaching and praying to God directions until they become hypnotic exploiters. Their God teachings seem to become a-suspect and they need a lot of policing to keep this God and God Teaching of theirs alive.

The Aquarian pointing is to ‘I AM’ as its centrality – a consciousness.  This ‘I AM’ is simply your current ‘I AM’s.  So so be happy about it for the time being for this ‘I AM’ never says anything and you yourself, I repeat only you yourself have said it.  So so Real God never never says anything to the messenger even the highest messenger of all.  It is the messenger’s saying but it is always better to say that what you say comes from something really high, and it is belief by the messenger himself as the God Words bubble from the cosmic world into his centers ……. and he continuously generating and creating words and ideas and meanings.  Safe, indeed safe because this is how you can put the blame on the real higher who has never said ANYTHING.  Why like that! Why like that! Why like that!  Indeed it is like that!

August 9, 2012





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