Volume 2       February 20, 2001


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts," October 1993 - March 1996, Chapter 1, Section B: "The Beginning Glimpse of Laujinggong or the Genesis of Laujinggong," pp.30 ~ 55)






Immobile plantae-like laujinggongs encased in  the 1st sociocosmic bodies such as factories, shops, commercial offices, agro-capital intensive farms, military-industrial complexes, movie producing studios, etc. during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism

Mobile animalia-like laujinggongs encased in the 1st sociocosmic bodies such as lorries, buses, trains, ships, planes, spaceship, etc. during the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism


1  In order to examine the cause of the genesis of our dear laujinggong, the octave retardation is again studied carefully, and especially those “filling gaps” in between the MI-FA stopinders, and the subsequent consequence to the organizational structure of all the sociocosmic stopinders above FA.  How do sociocosmic forces proceed within the growing body of this creature?  What great principles do they obey?  The answer is the manifestation of the laws of three or just the triad laws, and to understand this requires analyzing the triad forces.  And new charts are again invented to help our logicnestrian habit.


2   Further elaboration is presented in Diagram 4 which shows this MI-FA gap and its connection to laujinggong.  The analysis of the triad forces is also shown in Diagram 5.


3   In accordance with great universal law, the fundamental sociocosmic octave is formed by essentially three primary inner octaves known as the individual sociocosmic octaves, the group sociocosmic octave and the organizational sociocosmic octave.  The essence of the general law of three octaves is shown in Diagram 6.


4  The sociocosmic stopinders just happen for man’s social activities independently of human will and are formed in the course of a very long process called socialization.  This being-socialization process is based on the law of three and seven, a model that could not be found in the modern sociological paradigm.


5   An entrepreneur is a being who grows and breeds such sociocosmic business stopinders.  He grows them either for himself or for others.  The sociocosmic ray of creation for modern man is already being created and so we can examine it in detail.


Diagram 4:

 The Fundamental Sociocosmic Stopinder Octave Chart

1. The Individual
(DO-Sociocosmic Stopinder) 
2. The Group
(RE-Sociocosmic Stopinder)
3. The Family
(MI-Sociocosmic Stopinder)
MI-FA Interval filled with a sociocosmic shock absorber   (Laujinggong), a triad device   Lau      Jing     Gong
  do  Sole Proprietorship
  re  Partnership
  mi  Private Limited Company
  fa  Public Limited Company
  so  Cooperative Society
  la Privatized/GLC Corporation
  ti State/National Corporation
4. The Organization
(FA-Sociocosmic Stopinder)
5. The State 
(SO-Sociocosmic Stopinder)
6. The Nation
(LA-Sociocosmic Stopinder)
7. The World of Nations 
(TI-Sociocosmic Stopinder)
TI-DO Interval (potential diverting force) XXXXXXXXXXX
8. The Great Sociocosmic  Being  DO of the next higher possible octave

* See chart below for the 2 Retardations/Accelerations at MI-FA Interval and TI-DO Interval:



Listing the details:

The list of laujinggongs for real capitalistic-plutocratic-essenced Historical Period of Capitalism proper  (1788 AD - 2148 AD) is:

In the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave:

DO- .......

RE- .......

MI- .......





DO-Laujinggong/The Great Sociocosmos-Laujinggong (highest level)

In the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at MI-FA Interval:

do-Laujinggong/sole proprietorship-Laujinggong


mi-Lau(Dong)jinggong/Private Limited Company-Lau(Dong)jinggong

fa-Lau(Dong)jinggong/Public Limited Company-Lau(Dong)jinggong

so-Dong(Lau)jinggong/Cooperative Society-Dong(Lau)jinggong

la-Lau(Dong)jinggong/Privatized and Government-Linked Corporation-Lau(Dong)jinggong

ti-Lau(Dong)jinggong/State and National Corporation-Lau(Dong)jinggong


In the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at "SO-LA Interval" and TI-DO Interval:

Do-Lau(Dong)jinggong/State Organization Regulatory-Lau(Dong)jinggong

Re-Lau(Dong)jinggong/National (or Federal or Central) Organization Regulatory-Lau(Dong)jinggong

Mi-Lau(Dong)jinggong/The United Nations Organization Regulatory-Lau(Dong)jinggong

Fa-Humanity-at-Large .......

So-Lau(Dong)jinggong/Space Exploration-Lau(Dong)jinggong vs Sociotechnocosmic Will 3-Dongjinggong)

La-Lau(Dong)jinggong/Interplanetary Exploration-Laujinggong vs Sociotechnocosmic Will 2-Dongjinggong)

Ti-Lau(Dong)jinggong/Interstellar  Exploration-Laujinggong vs Sociotechnocosmic Will 1-Dongjinggong)

As to this Space Exploration (So), Interplanetary Exploration (La) and Interstellar Exploration (Ti), will capital/value or rather sociopital/value to the tune of billions of dollar, the wise grandson jokes:

Why not all these exploration be owned by just one Mr. Elon Musk.  After all it is just mere paper, even legal papers for grandiosement!

This plutocratic Capitalism is the current one we are working in and living with today.  The quality of this triadic laujinggong aberration has never been democratic in the workplace and in the regulatory workplace as well.  Alienated low social status gong beings under this triadic hierarchy both in the three-centered corporates (of production, distribution and consumption) and the three-centered nationates (of capitalistic-essenced pseudo-regulatory governance) would inevitably experience all the untold negative psychic/cosmic influences of been oppressed, exploited and alienated with much work stress, misery, look-downs, deep inner pains, and etcetera on a daily basis during both labor extractive and short non-extractive happy and sleep rest hours or also during unemployment periods when they were kick out of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders or the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders.


And the wise grandson says:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the capitalist’s machines and all the capitalist’s consultants

Couldn’t put Humpty together again!



The list of gongjingdongs for real socialistic-democratic-essenced Historical Period of Socialism proper (2148 AD - 2867 AD) is:

In the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave:

DO- .......

RE- .......

MI- .......





DO-Gongjingdong/The Great Sociocosmos-Gongjingdong (highest level)

In the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at MI-FA Interval:

do-Gongjingdong-"sole proprietorship"/do-Collective 1 - Gongjingdong

re-Gongjingdong-"Partnership"/re-Collective 2 - Gongjingdong

mi-Gongjingdong-"Pte. Ltd. Company"/mi-Collective 3 - Gongjingdong

fa-Gongjingdong-"Public Ltd. Company"/fa-Collective 4 - Gongjingdong

so-Gongjingdong-Workers Coop/so-Collective 5 -Gongjingjong

la-Gongjingdong-"Privatized and GLC"/la-Collective 6 - Gongjingdong

ti-Gongjingdong-State & National Corp./ti-Collective 7 -Gongjingjong

Collectives 1-7 are quantitative increment and qualitative stopinderation required at certain necessary 7 nodal points of qualitative changes for which common names and hence proper names are materialized in the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism, in a manner just as have been materialized for the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism in the 7 nodal points (UK Capitalist System) or corporates 1-7, namely: Sole Proprietorship (Coprorate 1), Partnership (Corporate 2), Private Limited Company (Corporate 3), Public Limited Company (Corporate 4), Cooperative Society (Corporate 5), Privatized/Government- Linked company (Corporate 6) and Government State/National Companies (Corporate 7).  Socialism proper today is still in the making with in-process legal amendments, practices, and etcetera, and has not fully acquired common and proper names to enable spiritual or noo psyche break-outs and new consolidation from the old spell of a dominance-declining capitalism arming itself with last the weapons of double-headed wolf-in-sheepskin privatizing neoliberalism and socializing pseudo-neosocialism.

This 1st lateral sociocosmic real gongjingdong stopinders are called workers' cooperatives or collectives and they still obey the law of octave with 7 emerging collective possibilities from Collective type 1 through type 7 and in whatever names you might give to them after your successful further research findings.  It is essentially real democracy in the workplace for the MI-FA Interval.

Gongjingdong implies that the majority gong beings is in control or select and elect the dong and jing beings in the workplace whereas dongjinggong is the working procedures and vectors in productive work after select and elect that comes from the gong beings, otherwise dongjinggong would be in quotation mark.

High social status gong beings under this reversed triadic hierarchy both in the three-centered collectivites (of production, distribution and consumption) and the three-centered SNUN regulatory organizations (of socialistic-essenced and proper regulatory governance) would inevitably be felt/experience with very much reduced of the experiences of 'all the untold negative psychic/cosmic capitalistic influences of been oppressed, exploited and alienated with much work stress, misery, look-downs, deep inner pains, and etcetera on a daily basis during both labor extractive and short non-extractive happy and sleep rest hours or also during unemployment periods when they were kick out of the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders or the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders.'

Ownership of land is with the state and leased free or otherwise for management and production according to socialist principles without exploitation or with regulations that will correct inequity in wealth and incomes.  All other means of production and major resource assets except personal assets are held by the state regulated on behalf of the people but production operations and others are managed by people.

In the 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave at "SO-LA Interval" and TI-DO Interval:

Do-Gongjingdong/State Organization Regulatory-Do-Gongjingdong

Re-Gongjingdong/Nation (or Federal or Central) Organization Regulatory-Re-Gongjingdong

Mi-Gongjingdong/The United Nations Organization Regulatory-Mi-Gongjingdong


So-Gongjingdong/ Space Exploration-Gongjingdong (So-Sociotechnocosmic Will 3-Gongjingdong)

La-Gongjingdong/Interplanetary Exploration-Gongjingdong (La-Sociotechnocosmic Will 2-Gongjingdong)

Ti-Gongjingdong/Interstellar  Exploration-Gongjingdong (Ti-Sociotechnocosmic Will 1-Gongjingdong)


This 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinders are called 'socialistic functional/regulatory organizations', also in obedience to the law of octave with 7  regulatory-functional possibilities.

This socialism proper will become real perhaps after year 2148 AD through real work-for-it.  The quality of this triadic dongjinggong aberration will depend on the presence of real democracy in the workplace at the MI-FA Interval and in the regulatory workplace at the TI-DO Interval of the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism.  Whereas in the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism such vibrating sociocosmic stopinders arise as the So-lateral sociocosmic stopinder known as the Cooperative and the Ti-lateral sociocosmic stopinder known as the State/National Corporation both are productive organizations at the MI-FA Interval and as the So (state departments/councils), La (federal ministries) and Ti regulatory working organizations at the TI-DO Interval, the essence (psychic) of the infantile seeds of socialism strengthen themselves to struggle for survival amongst the hostile environments posed by the presence of a large number of surrounding predatory, profit-seeking, wealth accumulative, unsharing ownership, exploitative, employistic, hegemonistic being-psyche hydrogens  peculiar to the smiling terror of these capitalistic-essenced stopinder beings breeding and growing in large numbers in the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.  LA-hegemonism or nation-hegemonism amongst horizontal same-level nations struggling hard to transfer capital/value to their respective LA-stopinders from Britain to the America but now to China due to the coercive law of competition and the law of reciprocal destruction seeking to be the  TI-lau nation-beings of TI-Laujinggong in-the-making due to the law of triad will be fully challenged and tamed by the forces of the fundamental TI-Sociocosmic stopinder and its Mi-lateral stopinder of its TI-DO Interval.  In the LA-stopinders: The USA's rise in 1945s, the Soviet Union's rise at the same time, the Japan's rise and the four dragons' rise (Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong) in the 1980s, the China's rise in the 2000s and the USA's fall in the 2012s, and etcetera are all measured immaterial noo-particles, digital figures, financial pieces, monies, intangibles, and etcetera - all are mathematical 'pital/value' or more specific 'capital/value' quantities of nation-ownerships soon to be laundered to the corporate cronies and the few individuals (descending) and still-remaining as capital/value with modern master-owners or to be truly socialized to the collectives and SNUN regulators (ascending) at the TI-Sociocosmic level as sociopital/value with socialist ownership, and in-wait to sociometamorphosize and crystallization into the essence of the new SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism (in the coming 2148 AD) that all normal social humans would soon SEE and able to SEE with the lens of the collective "Humanity-at-Large" with the essence of common sharing of prosperity - not anchored and stuck at the level of nation-gravity center of sociocosmic vibration all the time such as "US Hegemony."  Much successful 'conscious-labor' 1st shock and 'intentional-suffering' 2nd shock is required in our inner work to help this SEEING rightly with the minimum interference of the negative influences of the still-not-properly-removed organ kundabuffer in the body of man. (added in July 15, 2022)

In the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism, laujinggong is always capitalistic and plutocratic in essence and dongjinggong is the dubious curse where many personalities of governance lurking around in ambush even disguising themselves as socialists.  When dongjinggong becomes gongjingdong there is real democracy both in the production micro-workplace at the MI-FA Interval as well as in the macro-functional SNUN regulatory workplace (state, national and the United Nations organizations) at the TI-DO Interval.  Note that capitalistic laujinggong has real plutocracy and never real democracy and "socialistic" or "communistic" dongjinggong  is not plutocratic but positive/nourishing-authoritative with very positive results for all, and with occasional negative outcomes when the latent negative capitalistic-essence which has not been fully cleansed due to the law of negation of negation resurfaces again and caused trouble in the form of color revolutions and others.


6   During the period of classed sociocosmos, that is, classed laujinggongs at all stopinder specimens from the fundamental sociocosmic note FA and upwards to SO, LA and TI, the state of constant conflict or perturbation prevails throughout the whole body of our great sociocosmos - terrible specter of sociocosmic aberration from vibrating sociocosmic essences bearing the name colonialism, imperialism, hegemonism, fascism, Nazism, militarism, racism, neoliberalism,  etc.  This period the sociologists call it Capitalism, and it is known as the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Octave or the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism and it is active during my presence.  Note that the level of the terror of the situation increases from FA, to SO to LA and to TI reaching covetous biogenetic and nuclear-pointing Armageddon.


Diagram 5:

Triad Analysis of Forces along the Sociocosmic Octaves

  Sociocosmic Stopinders  Inner Forces and Gravity Concentrations
1.  Individual   7 psychic centers hepta forces
2. Group Leader-subordinate two-component diad forces
3. Family Parent-children two-component diad forces
  1st Retardation/Acceleration(Descending/Ascending)
4. Organization FA-laujinggong triad forces
5. State  SO-laujinggong triad forces
6. Nation LA-laujinggong triad forces
7. World of Nations TI-laujinggong triad forces
  2nd Retardation/Acceleration (Descending)
8. The Great Sociocosmos 7 sociocosmic stopinder hepta forces


7   The sociocosmic active, passive and neutralizing forces basing on esoteric paradigm of the law of three is shown in Diagram 6.


Diagram 6:

1. The Individual  DO   Active Force
(1st Force '+' can become passive)
2. The Group RE
3. The Family MI
Laujinggong (Retarding/Accelarating|Descending/Ascending)
4. The Organization FA
1. Sole Proprietor   Do Passive Forc
(2nd Force '-' can become active)
2. Partnership Re  
3. Private Limited Company Mi  
4. Public limited Company Fa
5.  Co-operative Society So  
6. Privatized/GLC Corporation La  
7. State/National Corporation Ti  

The State
SO Neutralizing Force
(3rd Force '±')
6. The Nation
7. The World of Nations
Socialistic Will of Sociotechnocosmos(Retarding/Accelerating|Descending)
8. The Great Sociocosmic Being DO


The first note, DO, or the individual is itself a neutralizing note for the trialectic process of man and woman which originates from a RE-Group factor.  This same trialectic creates the note ‘MI’ called the family.  The note ‘FA’ is a sociocosmic note of a very special type and it is developed with very definite inner octave.  This octave also contains 7 notes in its complete form.  The dialectics it contains is the social mode of production in a private mode of appropriation.  The two forces produce these notes.  The inner contradiction for each note is the owners and the workers. Wedged between the owners and the workers is the managers.  The whole structure is called laujinggong.  The military, as a LA-sociocosmic substopinder is a being that must exist and preserve its existence, and the life of the LA-body.  The military substopinder of smaller LA-Nations are often dismantled by the military of the larger LA-Nation, in accordance with the laws of feeding and reciprocal destruction.

Laujinggongs are just 1 type of triads of 3 primary inner octaves or stopinders, and the world consists of many types of triads.  Some are listed below:

Diagram 7:

The Fundamental Octaves of the Universe
The Three Primary Inner Octaves (Stopinders) based on the Law of Three
1. The Octave of Being-Psyche Hydrogens of Man

1.1 The Octave of Psyche/Consciousness-Forces-Elementary Particles

1.2 The Octave of Quantum Chromo-Dynamics (QCD)Atomic Nucleus
1. The 'instinctive-moving-sex' centers group, the feeling center and the thinking center

1.1 Consciousness-Psychic Field stopinder, Boson Forces stopinder and Fermion Matters stopinder

1.2 "Red" Quark stopinder, "Blue" Quark stopinder and "Green" Quark stopinder

2. The Octave of Light The red color stopinder, the green color stopinder and the blue color stopinder 
3. The Octave of Atomic Particles The proton stopinder, the electron stopinder and the neutron stopinder
4. The Octave of Sound The 'Do-Re-Mi' stopinder group, the 'Fa-So-La-Ti' stopinder group and the last/next 'Do' stopinder
5. The Octave of Elements (Periodic Table) The solid stopinders, the liquid stopinders and the gas-plasma stopinders
6. The Octave of Microcosmos The atom stopinder, the molecule stopinder and the compound stopinder
7. The Octaves of the organocosmos (organism) The cell stopinder, the tissue stopinder and the organ-system stopinder
8. The Biocosmic Octave The plant stopinder, the animal stopinder and the bacteria/virus stopinder
9. The Inner Octave of an Animal Stopinder (animalian shock absorber) The head stopinder, the thorax stopinder and the abdomen stopinder
10. The Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave The individual stopinder, the group stopinder and the organization stopinder
11. The Inner Octave of an Organizational Stopinder (sociocosmic shock absorber at MI-FA Interval) for each historical period The ‘tou’ stopinder, ‘ - ’ and the ‘geng’ stopinder (for primitive communalism); the ‘zhu’ stopinder, ‘ – ’ and the ‘nu’ stopinder (for ancient slavery society or Ancient Slavism); the ‘di’ stopinder, the ‘kong’ stopinder and the ‘nong’ stopinder (for Feudalism); the ‘lau’ stopinder, the ‘jing’ stopinder and the ‘gong’ stopinder (for Capitalism-"Socialism"); the ‘dong’ stopinder, the ‘jing’ stopinder and the ‘gong’ stopinder (for Socialism-Communism-Datong)
12. The Business Organizational Octave at MI-FA Interval (of Capitalism-Socialism) The sole proprietor stopinder, the partnership stopinder and the corporate  stopinder
13. The Great Sociocosmic Being The Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave, the 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave and the 2nd Lateral sociocosmic Octave
14. The Technocosmic Octave ('Padrigines' or Machines)

14.1 * The "Spiritual" Machine (intelligent 'padrigines' of the future)

14. The 'passenger' stopinder, the 'driver' stopinder and the 'engine' stopinder

14.1 * The synthetic/cyberin 'I' stopinder, the microprocessor stopinder and the 'engine' stopinder

15. A Solar System The sun stopinder, the planets octave and the moons octave
16. The Great Ray of Creation The One Absolute Stopinder, the Suns octave and the Earths octave (coated with life forces at the MI-FA Interval)

* Future technocosmic octave at its heights.  This type of machine with "I"s or "spiritual life" does not exist as yet on mother Earth.


8   According to the principle of reciprocal destruction and feeding, every war-machine variable of a being-nation is ‘destroyed’ and formed into ‘food’ once its organization is arranged in a form under the order of another being-nation, serving the downward flow of the sociocosmic instructions from a sociocosmic center of command.


9   During my period of existence, the sociocosmic integration is at its near ‘adult’ stage of large-scale construction.  As my observation has revealed, there are 3 potential centers of gravity for sociocosmic command during the historical period of Capitalism.

They are in the 1st highest level of laujinggong triads (of nation-stopinders):

1. The octaves of command that issues from the location called North America.
2. The octaves of command that issues from the location called Russia.
3. The octave of command that issues from the location called China.


The 2nd level capitalistic-essenced laujinggong triad and subsequent lower level triads can continue down through numerous octaves at the MI-FA Interval.  Note that there is always a mysterious socialistic-essenced dongjinggong in the making from the Socialistic Will of TI-DO Interval as an emerging nation-power leading to an overlap of two opposing historical periods resulting in a polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.

Ultimately, the centers of location are unimportant but the manifestation of three components of lau, jing and gong of the TI-sociocosmic stopinder from the LA-octaves would re-configure the pyramid.

My observation on the three fundamental gravity-centers of the great sociocosmos further reveals that none of them ever stop capturing and feeding other nations as part of their feeding rites.  Ascending and descending their controls to reaffirm themselves as the lau beings to the lower LA-stopinders, these three great LA-beings - North America, Russia and China together with other lesser greats LA-beings within the context of TI-nation blocs create sociocosmic history directly and indirectly.


10   A laujinggong and a four body sociocosmic stopinder being are two approaches to the same thing (a FA-, SO-, LA-, or TI-sociocosmic stopinder).  The former emphasizes the pyramidal structure of the active DO-stopinder beings (human resource) within the organization ignoring the physical material body of the whole entity.  The latter examines the total organizational entity as a four body sociocosmic stopinder being.

There is a parallel relationship between laujinggong and the four body model with the exception that the role of lau beings is often equated with the role of the passengers as well as the drivers.  The line is not clearly defined and it would depend on the stage of development of the stopinder being.  When the organizational structure is very formal the division is distinct, otherwise it is blur.

At a certain stage of  the development of the tritocosmic octave or Organic Life (at Homo sapiens sapiens or modern man stage, Ti), the sociocosmic and the historical sociocosmic octaves emerge followed almost immediately an accompanying technocosmic octave, and together the whole of the biocosmic octave, the sociocosmic octave and the technocosmic octave transform the nature of the organic film on Mother Earth's surface - quality, quantity, content, direction, purposes and others.


11   Now hidden, now open contradictions amongst the major gravity-centers of psyche emanations such as leadership, power, control, ownership, benefits, exploitation and sharing within the sociocosmic shock absorber laujinggong with quantitative social evolutions and bloody qualitative social revolutions within it which periodically changes the direction of forces, polarity and balances.  Thus the gong-beings of Lau-Jing-Gong periodically revolt and become the lau-beings and the lau-beings turn into gong-beings within this same Lau-Jing-Gong configuration - and always within the same FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.

During the historical period of communalism, periodically and sporadically, Tou-Geng became Geng-Tou when the herd-type hethormen geng-beings  revolted and became tou-beings. During the historical period of ancient slavery Zhu-Nu became Nu-Zhu when the Spartans-type hethormen nu-beings revolted and became zhu-beings. During the historical period of feudalism Di-Kong-Nong became Nong-Kong-Di when serf-peasant-type hethormen nong-beings revolted and became di-beings. During the historical period of capitalism of today, Lau-Jing-Gong periodically become Gong-Jing-Lau when proletariat-type hethormen gong-beings revolt and become lau-beings.  During the coming historical period of socialism of the future, Dong-Jing-Gong will periodically become Gong-Jing-Dong when worker-type hethormen gong-beings revolt and become dong-beings. During the historical period of communism of the far future, Dong-Robotjing-Robotgong will also periodically become Robotgong-Robotjing-Dong when spiritual-AI robot-type (of various material sizes including spiritual-AI buildings, spacecrafts, oceanships and large land-vehicles) padrigine robotgong-beings revolt and become the dong-beings where robotdong-beings might end ups controlling the biodong-beings.

The will of revolt and change arises from its source at the TI-DO Intervals of each historical period, clearing all resistances and transforming them along its path to the MI-FA Intervals.


12   Now sociocosmic shock-absorber triad-stopinder, laujinggong of the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism, is pyramidal in its structural nature struggling and building inner sub-gravity-centers or inner sub-levels from the opposing active affirming forces and passive denying forces, battling to a reconciliation  into the neutralizing equilibrium for which the whole stopinder would then become either a new affirming stopinder or a new denying stopinder when confronting other horizontal stopinders of the same level seeking to differentiate the level into inner sub-levels from 2 contradictory and opposing inner sub-levels resolving into a middle 3rd inner sub-level making a triad ...... and creating more triads if the situation allows, that is, from a 1st  triad of 3 inner sub-levels, to a 2nd triad of 3 inner sub-levels and a 3rd triad of 3 inner sub-levels making all to 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 possible inner sub-levels in motion which they can then be reconfigured by into an octave or two in the course of the development of the the triadized stopinders.  The continuous working of the law of triads that give rise to octave notes (do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti) will also happen because of the continuous working of the other law of octave.  When confronting a higher level(s) or a lower level(s) vertical and/or diagonal stopinders from the same or different branches and concentrics of the sociocosmic octaves, the same triadic law continues working to create a middle sub-level, giving 'something' during the process of descending such money, weapons, resources, technologies and others for sociocosmic stopinders which on receiving could raises the lower level to the higher middle level.  For instance, giving this 'something' such weapons and trainings by a super-power nation (LA) to a smaller weaker nation (LA) to raise its level of security and defense like a big brother. 

Horizontally, vertically and even diagonally interacting/interfacing/ social relation-ing sociocosmic stopinders are aplenty in the world today, mystifying and beautiful but is  also a world full of potential crises and disasters.

In 2019:

Individuals (DO) = 7.674 billion

Groups (RE) = 3.837 billion

Families (MI) = 2.558 billion

Organizations (Production) (FA) = 200 million

States (SO) = 8,483

Nations (LA) = 195

World-of-Nations (Nation-blocs) (TI) = 8 according to geocosmic continents (20 + due to unbecoming arising of nation-blocs)

The Great Sociocosmic Being (DO) = 1

The same rules apply to sociocosmic shock-absorbers, dikongnong of the previous MI-Historical Period of Feudalism and the coming or possible future gongjingdong of the SO-Historical Period of Socialism - each period is qualitatively differentiated mainly by the nature of the ownership and control of the means of production man and his stopinders of the periods in function historically.







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