Volume 43       December 11, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 15,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Dramatic Universe, Black Holes and Wormholes, Post Imperialist Era, International Networking and Health Exercise", December1983 - December 1986 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section A: "Black Holes are Worm Holes and Gates (Cosmic Buds) to Higher Dimensions Where New Rays of Creation are Reborn" pp. 1 ~ 4)


Black Hole in the Universe

Two Black Holes

A Supermassive Black Hole

Worm Holes

Worm Holes (2 Cosmic Buds)

Worm Holes & Inners of Man

Worm Holes - Gates to
Higher Dimensions

Micro Black holes and Micro Worm Holes in the Inner Today's Man




1   You can say black holes and wormholes of whatever variation (types, sizes or whatever qualitative and quantitative forms) are sources of creation of baby universes (Stephan Hawking) using the biological line of thinking to the physics line of thought.  However, here we just want to relate it to a periodicity of the Great Ray of Creation where its inner and outer rays of creation are the baby, youth, and adult rays of creation in constant growth and decay with re-processing and recycling on a multiversal scale of a Great Being which has no outside dimension.

Before the beginning of the universe through a Big Bang, there is something different always there, the Eternal One, where this Big Bang is only one of the many big and small bangs.  The expanding and contracting of the universe which we have seen would again be one of the expansions and contractions of the baby universes.  In the beginning was the note ‘do’ from the Trogoautoegocratic Absolute of the first octave of dimensionality of His Universal Brain.  At the intervals (do-ti and fa-mi ) when baby universe buds would be born and grow, the Big Bangs of the lower dimensions of Space-Time can be observed.  The Trogoautoegocrat cannot be seen but Big Bangs is what we are studying.


2   Ordinary man and “real life experiences” for psyche hydrogens proper to man is 3 dimensional space (x, y, z) and 1-dimensional unidirectional irreversible time (t).  Also the space and time are experientially separated where time seems to be independent and can be found eternally for every matter and non-matter (mind).  This is simple practical real world experience.


3   However, equally real experience and higher truths are other real experiences for higher consciousness and that is beyond x, y, z and t.  They are t, t1, t2, t3, E which are simply higher dimensions where matterless materials “move” or radiate along these dimensions which form the dark matter.  The dark matters are dark because we cannot see it as there is no light coming out from it.  But for the dark matter it is bright as light is drawn by it into itself for something else – for cosmic conversion and/or translation.  Our own head or psyche which is seeing the whole universe is the work of this dark matter – you and I am in our own hollow-inside.  I look at you, you look at me!  What, why, when, where and how?  Whose is “seeing”?

At the notes (or black holes) and “chords of notes” (or wormholes) or in short where the octave interval lies and which are radiating particles from psychons, the Stephan Hawkingian universe babies or branching rays of creations are born.


4   These wormholes and or time beings are natural “time machines” found in the universe itself.  We, as men, try to make what we have seen but we also try to make what we have imagined.  We make ice when we see ice; make wind when we feel wind; make water when we see water; make space when we see space; make time travels when we meet time warp, and where is it hiding.  We will always try to find them.

To travel in time we need to really and truly understand time …..


5   Elementary particles collider marries particles to produce seed universes in our experimental labs.  Where are we heading?  Are we to ride on time and spaces, use them for travel?  Are we to create waves in the universe and ride our spaceship along it with normal driving?  You have to look for the nearest wormhole where your starship would go there for this “disappearance”?  But the starship is said to travel no greater than the speed of light because we have not found some wave-packets or particles that could travel greater than the speed of light.  Neutrinos which have no yin (-) or yang (+) to disturb its travels can move very fast but ‘consciousness’ which is not particles can move perhaps greater than the speed of light – only that it remains to be proven.


6   Time travels and space travels; scan your ‘I’ and your ‘I AM’, if you can into your psyche hydrogen spaceship and travel by transfers around the universe.  The spaceship must move to special psyche transfer space and time stations to be somewhere and elsewhere.  If you can separate mind from matter, make mind to travel through space and to reconstruct man from mind, then a new form of space travels becomes possible.  Objective space travels, that of using space ships, is the normal feasible form of space travels but relatively slow pace.


7   Our Sun as a master in our Ray of Creation is also the great being who grows, lives and dies.  His emanation of heat and lights that nourishes all the planets in His solar system, and the biocosmic beings at the Mi-Fa interval in the Ray of Creation will change – the slightest variation will exterminate this biosociotechnocosmic film.  The only possible “hope” would be to encapsule this biosociotechnocosmic film notably its qualitative specimens together with the useful resources such as water, carbon, oxygen, nuclear resources and others with the highest technocosmic knowhow into the fully self-sustainable orbital stations and spaceship clusters that would propel all of them into outer space in search of habitable planets, if they can be found in their long great journey in the few neighboring rays of creation.  In this sense, the immobile plantain concepts would be only temporary measures while the mobile avian concepts would be the main cosmic strategy and direction of mankind for his biosociotechnocosmc film. Just as Mother Earth has provided this for her biosociotechnocosmic film so the station-spaceships would provide the same for this same film that will have to leave dead Mother Earth as our sun dies.

By this time the gist of our biosociotechnocosmic film would be shrinking smaller and functions with least mass and perhaps highly electronical as the film has to be housed into these orbital stations and spaceships.  ‘I’s and even ‘it’s would be transported within these orbital stations and spaceships clusters as they move into outer space in search of better habitable planets.  It is “hope” that the war octaves would vibrate only in the direction against external enemies of our gist biosociotechnocosmic film.


8   The finest of which are mixed with the coarsest and they are scattered in accordance to law in various regions of the universe.  The coarse ‘matters’ many need the finer matters to understand them.

...............(to continue)







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