Volume 55       June 16, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 8,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "To Know, To Understand, To Be; The 'I's and 'it's of Man; Commentaries, Thoughts and Aphorisms on the Social Life of Man", April 1977 - September 1977 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section A & B: "The Visible and the Invisible; Esotericity and the Real Esoteric School", pp. 171~176)





1   ‘I’s are amongst the most peculiar sides of man’s activity and behavior.  They are quite invisible.  Two persons coming together normally do not have the same ‘I’s.  Both are often invisible to each other.


2   The Visible and the Invisible 'I's

Two ‘I’s

One external, the other essenced

Of the same visible exterior

One can be made visible

While the other invisible.


3   “A man may appear very silent and almost invisible but when you “touch” him he could suddenly explode and disperse out with tremendous power a huge storm of psychic debris to your fear.  Exteriorly he is silent; innerly he is highly vibrant and explosive.


4   The higher will accept the lower and will become visible to it only when the lower has reached a certain stage to be able to see and feel the presence of the higher.  When essence men become too visible, they may become the suspicious men and may loose their freedom of movement if they are controlled by the state.


5   Highly conscious men become visible so long as there is enough awareness in people to see.  You cannot just want to be visible in one day because, as you are, you are not as yet.  Visibility means consciousness that can see and recognize the higher.  Many great historic figures became visible for a period, did some great deed for humanity and disappeared.  Others prefer invisibility forever, and never intend to be visible for fear of becoming a shooting duck.


6   I will tell you the meaning of being invisible.  Now, you visit some friends.  You enter their house.  Your body generates an atmosphere, and theirs too.  They watch you “consciously” and you watch them “consciously”.  After some time of “seeing” the seeing disappears.  There is no more “seeing”, and you become invisible to them and they become invisible to you.  Anything you do, no one bothers.  Their behaviors harmonize with your behavior.  This is being invisible.




1   Can you teach esoteric knowledge to the public directly?  Well!  If you can, thanks.  Otherwise, if you try, there will be trouble both for yourself and for the public.


2   As to the classical and the esoteric schools, there is a difference.  Previously, I often talk as if classics and esoterics are the same thing, but, in fact, I mean and I must stress, they cannot be the same.  Classics is exoteric and is a B influence but falls short of an A influence in the understanding of fourth way.  Esoterics is C influence.  People whose work belongs to the classics are people who are either influenced by an esoteric school or through conscious labor and intentional suffering, become an esoteric school in themselves at a certain level near to man no.4.  But it must be remembered that many of these so-called classical pieces are not truly classical pieces.  They are just names given to something “queer” by men who are themselves lower than the “classics”.

A school is all centered; classics may still be one-centered or two-centered.  School is leveled, has levels.  A school concentrates on the development of the individual rather than on the other sociocosmic entities.  Its level is determined by the level of the individuals forming it.  The school is so much as the people who made it.  It cannot go beyond that which it cannot.  Great figures are always a product of a school.

When a school meets a man, it only sees him in his possibility of higher manifestation and helps him to accomplish his mission.  A school may also eliminate certain tendencies in men which are harmful to objective conscience.


3   I dreamt that the holy books were “story books” but then I made a mistake – they were books written by more than the mysteriously hardworking people.  To write a bible, a person must have undergone very great inner and outer suffering, and innerly yoked to be identified as a distinct spirit.


4   Whoever shoulders the mission of a school can be.


5   Without highly conscious individuals, a school ceases to be an esoteric school.  It becomes only an esoteric school in name.


6   An esoteric school must have real men, not ‘it’s.  A school is a 3-centered integrated movement with one master 'I' center.  It simply has its own peculiarly branded language, music and dances, ways of life, etc. and therefore culture.


7   A university may not produce all-rounded development for an individual because it is normally, in esoteric sense, not equivalent to a real esoteric school.  A real esoteric school only produces “great” individuals.  It does not produce “bright” students.  The commitment to graduation, or if you like, from any real esoteric school is throughout your whole life span.


8   Many of the so-called contemporary music are “highly technical music” ‑ they are not subjected to school influences.  They may sound wonderful and nice to the ears and even to the hearts but their hidden meaning has not reached the level  of esotericity.  Certain paintings or sculptures may only be representatives of  quite a low level of understanding and with quite meaningless themes although their expression is often excellent with a wonderful display of technics and the “minutae".


9   Many of these music are just those, I have already said, automatically and mechanically produced toxic vibrations.  First, we must listen and understand technical and school music, then we must produce school music with the best technique.  Great music like great knowledge is schooled.


10   Esoteric schools are historic.  Famous scientists and certainly great men are often also historic men.  To be able to build a new school, a true essence school, you have to know many other schools.  It must be understood that schools are from school itself.  No school is purely its own without any “pain” from other schools.  If it is not schooled it is “Confusion of the Tongue”.


11   A school domain, often includes:


i.  Theory

ii.  Music and songs

iii.  Paintings

iv.  Literature (novels)

v.   Sculptures and architectural buildings

vi.  Dances

vii. Gymnastics and games

viii. Work and production

ix.   Military and politics

x.    Science and arts, etc.


12   Intellectual and the emotional domain:


i)   Cassette tapes, records are “books” of the emotional center

ii)   Books are “records and cassette tapes” of the intellectual center


A record player or a cassette player is a “book reading machine”.  It reads music – you must feel the meaning.


13   A school cannot become too visible otherwise, it would lose its strength or be destroyed by mechanical forces.


14   When one enters “essences” all false faced qualifications at whatever level must be put aside.  Can you compare a PhD holder with a prophet or a great individual?  Who is higher?  In esotericity, qualifications should not be a barrier.  Certificates are some of these “toys” which in the hands of many could cloud your mind.  Certificates are finally vanity certificates.  The sly ones use them for status and recognition others as show-offs.


15   To the esoteric circle, well, now man and woman!  They come to you.  Let them bring out the problems and you show them the “paths.  Esoteric individuals have a line.  He is on the “way”.  He sacrifices his whole life for it.  He cannot give away the way and be lead astray again.  The attitude of an esoteric man to people of other circles will always be the same.


16   The movements of ordinary man can never be schooled in a conscious way because they are not aware of it.  A school only uses them through identification of religion no. 1 to 3.  It gives work to the ordinary men and yet remains quite invisible to them.





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