Volume 46       February 22, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method in its Application to Problems of the Real World," March 1982 - September 1983 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section B, C and D: "The Three Being-Foods, the Physical Body of Man and Being Formation," pp. 120~128)





1   It is already common knowledge to esoteric circle that man consumes 3 kinds of being-foods ‑ ordinary food (coarse foods and drinks), air (oxygen in most cases) and impressions (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and images).  They are called being foods because every living being requires them.  So, they are foods for the living beings.


2   The trouble with the foods of man is that most of them have to be eaten after they are dead for a long time.  Such foods are no longer alive and lack being-psyche hydrogens.  The degree of "rottenness" is high, the quality and quantity of their being-intelligence or being-vivid-aliveness is almost none. Yet, man eats such foods!  Even the use of preservatives and canning (and freezing too) does not save the gradual decrease in the level-of-being in such foods although it can still contain the rotting process through these artificial food preservatives, freezing, canning, special cooking methods and other sealed containers.  However, scratching their heads, they do not know how to contain the level of being in the food.  Such ordinary solid and liquid 1st being-foods, often beautified with colorful, nice looking flavors and tasty ingredients are found in large bulk at the laujinggong restaurants for which many three-brained hethormen human beings patronized as faithful customer automatons.


3   Fermentation is the opposite of rotting and the fermenting germs are different from the rotting germs.  Fermenting process that is anti-rotting is actually good for the digestive system, while rotting germs which can often accumulate in large quantities are very harmful to the body.  If our body is to absorb rotting foods we are sure to land ourselves is serious trouble.  Rotting food in the digestive system intoxicates the blood and the whole body, aging it and ultimately leads to diseases.  Wine has the power to relax muscles, thoughts and feeling tensions.  A little wine is God for the body.


4   The basic essence-block of an organ is eaten by man for building and repairing the same organ in him.  To eat the liver of a lower animal is to provide the liver elements to the perfection of our own liver.  To over-provide the body with liver-elements is to cause difficulty to the body in getting rid of the "extras", and if it is not removed it will intoxicate and disharmonize the body.





1   The switch is turned on during the conception of the sperm cell (Yang) and the ovum (Yin) to form the zygote (Third Force) in the mother's womb.  Once this happens, the seed of the man-machine is set into motion, passing through many stages of development and ultimately becoming more and more damaged.  Finally, it just switches off by itself (dead).  At the first MI-FA retardation (sexually mature period), an opposite sex is required to beget new offspring octaves.  At the second TI-DO retardation (death), psyche hydrogens are liberated from the cocoon of the physical body.  These substances enter the higher dimensions to be distributed and coated into various beings on earth itself and also, to the other planets and moons.  These psyche hydrogens are re-extracted in a cosmic digestion octave found in the various cosmoses.


2   Your legs must be able to do more than just one function called walking.  Have more faculties and possibilities for them, else they will remain as the Crippled-Children.  This idea is one of the ideas in seeking a method for developing the possibilities of the physical body of man.

One of the least relaxed parts of my body, after much relaxation exercises, is still my two legs.  They are tense and pretty stiff.  They do not move smoothly or in a relaxed way.  There are muscle bounds too.  In principle, this is where I should start the work on my physical body.

Almost all my thigh muscles are bound, especially, at the back of the thighs such as sartrius, tensor fascia lata, retus femoris, vastus medialis and vastus lateralis.

The basic problem here is:  How can I break these muscle bounds?  At present, I use the following methods

i)   Relaxing the muscles through free motion

ii)  External stretching of the muscle by maintaining the stretch

iii) Conscious and intentional straightening of the muscles without external assistance

iv)  Using isometrics


The legs must be made to relax from the toes up to the lumber region.  Develop them in a relax way as you move them in circles and straight lines through all their initial possibilities of movements.  Only by constant repetition at this stage for a long time can you transform them (the legs) to perform more advanced level movements.

Massage with ointment all existing muscle bounds.  Reflex and acupressure all the tender points and if possible use moxibustion, acupuncture and prana to break down these obstacles for the proper development of the legs.  Relax any tension, anywhere and anytime you chance notice it.  All this explains the methods and principles of the work on the legs.


3   Remember that the seven terminals of our Great Cosmic Tree are the easy target of becoming-deprived-of-heat-and-vital-energy making them cold and weak.  The solution to this is always to keep the terminals warm.

The seven terminals are:

i)   the upper most part of the head

ii)   the tip of the nose

iii)  the penis (for man)

iv)  the five toes of left leg

v)   the five toes of right leg

vi)  the five fingers of left hand

vii)  the five fingers of right hand


If you have vital energy, you radiate physically.  If you are dull, you must immediately build up your vital energy.


4   The abdominal muscles can be developed like any other muscles.  It can be relaxed and contracted.  Its size and strength can be developed.  The physical body changes little.  Thinking about developing the physical body, is already the first step in the body work.  Feeling it is much more.


5   Man has "breasts" which is a result of the presence of lesser yin in the greater yang.  Woman has clitoris that is a lesser yang in the greater yin.  The clitoris is the penis in woman it is therefore the lesser yang.  To exercise the gum and teeth, the principle of pressure should be applied.  This method is possible through the assistant of the jaw movements.  The conscious sending of the blood, Qi, force, air, impression and information to the remote region of the body and to every part of the body, leaving no regions untouched is a half the milestone to physical perfection.  The yellowish sputum in the blood stream is responsible for backache, muscular stiffness and rheumatism.  Once disposed off these symptoms disappear.


6  Good postures are acquired in the three areas - classical mental posture, classical emotional posture and classical physical postures.  Although, these terms might sound strange to you, they are never strange to the fourth way students.  Classical postures indicate better developed muscles than that from other undisciplined reactionary development of the body.


7   Pride of the beauty of the physical body hinders inner development.  People who are beautiful physically are often too proud of their bodies.  As a result, they neglected inner development.


8   Eyes are very important organs for extracting raw impressions (Do 48).  Spectacles are opium of the eye muscles.  Foods that taste good for the mouth are like impressions that are impressive to the eyes.  Music that is nice to the ears is like pleasure sensation that is nice to the erotic zone.  The same goes to fragrance.


9   Degenerative or negative postures should always be shoved out of the body by being aware of them, struggle against them and by intentional and conscious working on generating new healthy postures.  Only relaxed hand standing can last long.  The body cannot balance itself in a tense handstand.




1   Being formations such as being-cat, being-dog and their innate conflicts, being-fish-for-being-human and what not are the so many mind disturbances for the being-brains-in-being-human.  All have beings and they occur in different scales.  Being-human is well-known in mastering the art of creating mechano-beings and much more.


2   The potentiality of greater issuing in the process of being formation is the so-called something.  In nothing, there is no issuing but the issuing of something reduces something into nothing and changes the something into something else.  This something is the eternal matter that in motion creates the changing being forms that in turn are reflected by the brain as the movement of something into nothing and vice-versa.  Make Do 48 conscious.  There is a being-something, a piece of impression food in the mental mouth awaiting digestion.  Once digested it is distributed and become something else.


3   Both you and I are further development of the human seeds.  But owing to the kundabufferic perturbation of our psyche leading to wordiness of the misty language, we can hardly notice ourselves as a being-formation.  These are the creatures of weird becomings!  Once in your memory it is seldom forgotten.


4   We must understand that when a "thing" is created, whether in the psychological or physical fields, it never vanishes into thin air without passing through its general development from existence, maturity to extinction even though it may be for a second.  Every living entity has its own voice and direction.  It is in-built into every living being-formation.  It is its property.  The organism strives to express itself in accordance with its own set of essence and personality.  The expression is the aura or the behaviors.


5   The twelve gates of the human body and also most being-formations are noted here:

Orifice type

1.   Two for the eyes

2.   Two for the ears

3.   Two for the nose

4.   One for the mouth

5.   One for the anus

6.   One for the reproduction organ

7.   One for urination

Surface type

8.   Skin for touch

9.   Sweat pores

The entry gates are:

1.   Nose

2.   Mouth

3.   Eyes

4.   Skin (for touch)

5.   Ears

The exit gates are:

1.   Nose

2.   Mouth

3.   Sweat pores

4.   Anus

5.   Urinary orifice

6.   Reproduction orifice







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