Volume 89       November 16, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 7, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Tritocosmic Venture, The Fundamental Sociocosmic Processes and the Lateral Sociocosmic Venture,"  October 1976 ~ April 1977 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section: A & B  "The Lateral Sociocosmic Venture: The Prelude; The Cause of the Genesis of Being-Subjects that Constitute the Stored Hydrogens of the Lateral Sociocosmic Octaves," pp. 149 ~ 154)








1   I was then much attracted to the ‘intention’ of understanding differently with my ‘lateral sociocosmic instrument’ that has already developed in me before and during my responsible age everything in my surroundings and without being partial.  I owed it to the oskianic bashing from my early childhood days.  I would inquire into the causes of “mechanical motion” by objective reflection without resorting to “small calculation” but rather by “mental octave” in solving the mysterious mode - being-motion of a Real World.

The fundamental/lateral sociocosmic stopinders, the fundamental/lateral technocosmic stopinders and the fundamental /lateral biocosmic stopinders have being-psyche hydrogens in the noosphere and the sociosphere locked within the psychic centers of the body of the Homo sapiens sapiens, a TI-level three-centered hethormen human being or modern man of the historical biocosmic octave, and also have their own stopinder boundaries independent or partially dependent on the physical boundary of the main fundamental/lateral sociocosmic stopinders within the noosphere of modern man.  At times when the psychic/noo energy gravitates into an inner gravity-center or concentration of stable radiation, it becomes truly strong, fully charged (Yang) and emanating,  it then forces its way outwards into one of the main stream of the sociocosmic stopinders and the technocosmic stopinders as well.  The man and woman trialectics and baby-making urges can become so strong that the ‘concentration’ becomes automatically a real fundamental ‘family-stopinder’ that will then become a fully recognized accepted objective member of the main stream Great Sociocosmic Being in the real world.

Behold that there, ideas and concepts that spring out from the 7 psyche hydrogens reservoirs grow into noo trees and branches of knowledge in the world of knowledge, which also group or noo-stopinderates into the 'alphabets' or 'symbols' of a language including musical symbols, 'words', 'topics', 'sections', 'chapters', 'subjects', 'articles', 'books' and 'encyclopedias'  all reflecting and connected to the inner and outer worlds by strong feelings to the psychomotor behavioral mechanism ready to act.  Having emerged into the outer world, they will soon be accepted, recognized, registered wenming civilizational noo-stopinders with ‘proper names’.  The spiritual or noo ghosts move in and out of the mainstream sociocosmic stopinders elusively.  They can be like wriggling snakes in the great sociotechnocosmic tree.  They are also like Mistress Invisibles, that vivify and give life to all the activities in this Great Sociotechnocosmic Being!

One and the same group of noosphere hydrogens may function for the biocosmic octave, the sociocosmic octave and the technocosmic octave, and the psychic centers involved or part of the psychic centers involved may be the higher thinking and the feeling center, the lower thinking and feeling centers, the instinctive center, the moving center and the sex center.  It is important to note that the technocosmic beings have no noo of their own, both in the bodies of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism and the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism.  They, the technocosmic beings created, sponsored and maintained by the biocosmic modern man are still incapable of having a biocosmic or a technocosmic (synthethic) 'it's, 'I's and certainly far from having 'I AM'.  Nay more, for the biocosmic modern man few have such biocosmic 'I AM.'

It was then that many of these special psyche hydrogen concentrations, stopindered as being-concepts, being-topics, being-subjects, found their presence in my head, and in every head.  Besides involving the thinking centers as above many more such lateral noosphere stopinders were formed in the body of the beings themselves.  There are noosphere laterals but not necessarily noosphere lateral sociocosmic.



There are 2 Lateral Sociocosmic Octaves – one at MI-FA Interval which 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders are registered and regulated by the third neutralizing force of the State (SO) and/or the Nation (LA) fundamental sociocosmic octave while another at TI-DO Interval but started intrinsically at SO-LA Interval which 2nd lateral sopciocosmic stopinders are naturally and proper to-be-listed and regulated by the higher third neutralizing force of the World-of-Nations (TI) of the same fundamental sociocosmic octave, that is the United Nations (UN).  In other words, all the being corporates are registered and regulated by the states and/or the nations and all the being nationates are registered and proper to-be-listed and regulated by the United Nations.  The 1st lateral sociocosmic octave must be able to give an interinsic shock to the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at its own Ti-Do Interval and also at its own Mi-Fa Interval, the energies and the content of the psyche hydrogens (in being-subjects) is able to or should be able to connect the two lateral sociocosmic octaves together.

The laujinggong beings of the FA-Organizations are the essential 'Employer-Manager-Employee' triads or modern 'victims-and-slaves' who are imprisoned in the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval and the laujinggong beings of the SO, LA and TI organizations are also the higher level essential modern 'victims-and-slaves' who are imprisoned in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at starter-"SO-LA Interval" and the final TI-DO Interval - all of whom breed in large numbers during the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism; whereas the dongjinggong beings of the FA-Organizations are the essential 'Director-Manager-Worker' triads no more modern 'victims-and-slaves' but who still are imprisoned in the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the next level MI-FA Interval and the dongjinggong beings of the SO, LA and TI organizations are no more the higher essential modern 'victims-and-slaves' but who still are imprisoned in the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at the next level starter-"SO-LA Interval" and the final TI-DO Interval.   The company directors and nation ministers do not have to have the same tongue!  Both have 'slave' psyche hydrogens from the 2 different lateral sociocosmic octaves.







1   The popularly known subjects such as the arts subjects, the natural science subjects, the social science subjects, the engineering subjects, the law subjects, the business subjects, the earth science subjects and all other being-subjects are psychic vibrations that have stopindered as psyche hydrogen concentration gravity-centers subjected to the laws of three and seven and formed a tree of knowledge or “lateral” sociocosmic periodic table sustained solely by the vibration from the most important psychic center in the human body, namely, the thinking center.  If all the other centers did not vibrate the subjects cannot be created and the genesis of these being-subjects will be impossible.  But since it has happened, today, it is here in the subjective world.  And these subjects only happen for the tritocosmic beings of the Great Biocosmic Vibration, and not any other species of organic life that has not acquired the hydrogens abundantly found in the tritocosmos.


2   Since the subjects are the consequences of specific vibrations of hydrogens from every three-brained being and easily transfers amongst them within the Body of the Great Sociocosmos, they would, objectively, form a “lateral” sociocosmic psychic octave that “bathe” this body.  You may be tempted to called it the mind, the psyche or the spirit and thus lose its well-defined vibrations as identifiable subjects ‑ the spirited subject-stopinders which are also for social communication as well as, if vibrated harmoniously, are also used for curing the inner bodies of the mind.

They are mostly head-based group of hydrogens and includes subjects such as arts, dance, physical education, natural therapies, etc. that indicates some involvement on hearts and guts group of hydrogens.


3   These subject stopinders are welded to their own peculiar languages and technical terminologies as their exterior coatings and the psyche are “free” to run through them after acquiring them through a process called ‘learning’.  These knowledge-based subjects are abundantly produced by the mechanical brained-machines, without ever seeing any coming full stop, during the capitalist-socialist epoch where ‘knowledge is disharmoniously outpacing being’.  These mental-based branch octaves are attached both to the sociocosmic octave as well as to the original octave vibration of the thinking feeling center.  It is a vibration stopinders in the noosphere.


4   These minor scale lateral sociocosmic stopinder groups include such stopinder subjects, in contemporary terms without intending to rename these inner hydrogen groups in different words, and are active at the MI-FA Interval and also at TI-DO Interval.  They are the inner “souls” of the two lateral sociocosmic octaves.

All psyche hydrogen concentrations or groups forming various aspecial knowledges or subject-stopinders or knowledge groups are commonly known as, contemporary jargon:


•    Mythology

•    Theology

•    Theosophy

•    Logic

•    Political Science

•    Law

•    Geometry

•    Chemistry

•    Physics

•    Biology

•    Sociology

•    Psychology

•    Philosophy

•    History

•    Economic

•    Accounting

•    Management

•    Mathematics

•    Arts

•    Production Engineering

•    Marine Engineering

•    Aircraft Engineering

•    Mechanics

•    Arts

•    Design

•    Architecture

•    Economics

•    Genetics

•    Astronomy

•    Geography

•    Language Studies

•    Natural Therapy Studies

•    Etc. (A million more)


These are currently classified by the Dewey Decimal System, which is a way to group our ‘books’ by ‘subjects’ but running more or less in the same group of being psyche hydrogens in the lower and higher mental, and movement-posture stopinders specific to the coming Age of Aquarius.






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