Volume 69       August 14, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 20 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Unbecomings, The Sociocosmic Therapeutic Methods and the Final Exit of the Great Wise Grandson of Beelzebub",  July  1996 ~ May 1997 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section C: "The Technocosmic Octave: The Marine, Land and Avian Stopinder Beings" , pp. 162 ~175 )






1   The technocosmic beings are amongst the hottest beings to ‘contribute’ to the gradual warming of the planet earth.  Amongst the hottest octaves (excluding natural objects such as the sun and fire) in the organic world is the technocosmic octave of our sociocosmos.  The outcome of this heat to the environment is worrying every sane being.


2   Unlike the biocosmic beings, these technocosmic beings do not require an egg-configuration or a special Do-stopinder of the biocosmic octave to grow because they are essentially externally created.  The biocosmic octave grows from within, with some assistance from the environment, from its Do-stopinder or just its egg or seed?


3   The technocosmic octave sounded its first octave in ‘agriculture’ which is the wiseacring of being-plants and being-animals already existed in the wild created by the biocosmic octave.  This ‘agriculture’ is a ‘DO’ in this octave.  About the same time, a second octave in the wiseacring with nature and matter from the cosmic octave took place and this octave we called it ‘industrialization’ which is the ‘RE’ in the technocosmic octave.  At this junction, various species of technocosmic beings are created by man-beings.  The “animal” machines are created in abundance to populate the body of the then growing great sociocosmos.  This industrialization perfected the first and the second bodies of each and every of their being-machines.

The third octave took place in the technocosmic beings itself with a revolution in all the third bodies of the technocosmic beings, that is, the driver body.  This time, driver-wiseacring creates the cybernetic-computer-based robotic technocosmic being which also populate the body of our great sociocosmic being.  The rascooarno process of these old technocosmic model beings almost brought them into extinction or into disused showpieces at the museum for the few fortunate ones.  This third octave is ‘MI’.


4   These invented technocosmic beings would gradually pass through a period of active usage and finally ends in a “rascooarno” (death) as they grow old through wear and tear.  With this “rascooarno” the “engine-carriage” separates from the “passenger-driver” permanently.  The living component or the “passenger-driver” beings have casted aside its old belongings and acquire or coats themselves with the new technocosmic beings through  a recycling process.

If these “passenger-driver” beings could not keep up with the new changes in acquiring advanced technocosmic beings as their coating, they would either escape as ordinary individual to be re-absorbed as “employees” into other stopinders or “decay” with the decay of their obsolete technocosmic beings.  Early planning for change is vital in every stopinder progress.  The prevention is vital for the potential hazard that could arise due to wrong timing.


5   All the technocosmic beings (or machines) have no psychic centers and therefore they are not run by psyche hydrogens even though there might be some stray psyche hydrogens present in various parts of the machine body.  These limited amounts could not acquire for themselves or invented into them by man to maintain a gravity-center concentration proper for any one-center organic being.  However, the being-electrons available to these technocosmic inventions could perform those wonders proper to the instinctive center of the three-brained beings.


6   Sociocosmic laujinggongs are created from materials of an organic nature and consist of none other than the three-brained beings.  The lower ends of these laujinggongs are linked to the technocosmic beings that are constructed with physical materials extracted and processed from mother nature.  Of course, all the lau, jing and gong beings are constantly in contact with their technocosmic beings in different contact and interaction configuration.

The gong beings are normally chained to the carriage or the engine part of the technocosmic beings.  Sometimes, they function as drivers or engines.  Their place is in the 1st, the 2nd and to a less extent the 3rd body (which they often shared with their jing beings) of the whole technocosmic setup.

The lau beings of most laujinggongs are normally joined to their technocosmic beings as passengers or just responsible spectators or inspectors.  The jing beings could not enjoy this privilege and would at best keep themselves close to the gong beings positing as passengers or drivers to the technocosmic beings.  They abhor been posited, even temporarily due to unavoidable unfortunate circumstances such as lack of workers, as appendages at the engine or the carriage body of all the species of the technocosmic beings.


7   The whole group of the Great Technocosmic Psychic Centerless beings is invented and constructed to gradually coat all the 7 fundamental sociocosmic stopinders, that is to say, just these favorable sociocosmic spectrum of modern man, and would eventually consolidate and settle down as their physical body or just the 1st body of these four-bodied sociocosmic beings, or would coat the laujinggongs forming ultimately a sociotechnocosmic being, and in which the lau, jing and gong beings would occupy the 3rd and 4th body as driver and passenger.


8   Depending on the number of body that has been constructed in these technocosmic beings, the task that has to accomplished must depend on whether the other three bodies have been planned for.

For instance, if two of the bodies are already present, then the 3rd and the 4th body must be planned and installed to enable the beings to complete its principle of four bodies, that is, to complete its being for four bodies.  Such a four-bodied being would be ready for carrying out its tasks.  A being-car is a typical example.

On the other hand, a tool is just a small component ( ½ ) of the 1st technocosmic body and subsequently all the other 3 and one ½ bodies supplementing the already existing ½ body tool would have to be supplied by man himself to complement the whole system to undertake any task effort. As man himself has four bodies, he could share his 3 and one ½ body with the half-bodied tool to get a job done.  Any industrial tool could serve as an example.

A bicycle is a complete physical (1st body) technocosmic being.  You still have to give it the engine, the driver and the passenger to make it do the job.  The three bodies of man can serve this purpose.


9   And the wise grandson says:

            These dear beings are created by laujinggong beings to become part of their 1st body coating or to become part of the coating of any buyer beings.  The maximum number of body to be given to these technocosmic favorites of theirs would still be 3.  Even if a 4th body is given, it would still be an incomplete one.  The real master would still have to be laujinggong.


10   Because being-psyche hydrogens and being-electrons are nearly similar in materiality, our wise electron scientists have developed through great hardship all the ways and means to harvest and micro-process our dear countless being-electrons.  For instance, they would send these micro-beings via various micro-wires or circuits into various electron processing micro-factories for refinement or conversion into oscillating factors, radiation, heat, colored lights, sounds and magnetism.  All these are done at their wonderful micro-factories constructed on these ‘workshop cards’ called the mother card, the sound card, the fax cards and so on.

Thanks to this ingenious system of micro-factories set up to ‘digest’ our dear little being-electrons, the ultimate outcome due chiefly to its using of something about to equal being-psyche hydrogens, they have created a body which is known as the third driver body for harnessing to the engine body and the carriage body of various technocosmic beings.


11   Because our being-electron is just one peculiar particle of the periodic table of elementary particles, our evergreat wiseacrers, dear great scientists, did not stop at merely processing these micro-electrons extracted from the peripheral orbit of their atoms.  In order to satisfy their unlimited curiosity, they go further in their research into the micro-processing of these various micro-beings of the elementary particle octaves.  And once again, they use a system (top secret, of course) of micro-and macro-factories to process these strange elementary particles whose behaviors are also very different from our being-electrons.  Because most of these elementary particles are ‘abnormal’ to the normal behavior of their previous brother electron and most of them are disobedient and extremely dangerous to their health and life, they could no longer use all the micro-factories specially built for being-elections.  So, they resort to other ingenious construction also as complicated as the first.

This time they hope to process real being-psyche particles to produce those feeling, thinking, sex and instinctive properties and consciousnesses for their technocosmic beings, that is to say, to micro-process ‘life’ forces using the elements from the highest octave.


12   The technocosmic beings have become a sociocosmic presence for the life of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd body of all the sociocosmic beings of our Great Sociocosmos.  Together, the biocosmic beings, the sociocosmic beings and the technocosmic beings have to seek their own ecological balance, co-operation and reciprocal destruction.


13   As the third and fourth bodies of a technocosmic being consist of just the DO-stopinder beings, the value octave found in these DO-stopinders becomes also present for these technocosmic beings.  And they (the technocosmic beings) are expected to exhibit good behaviors and social responsibilities.  Failure to act responsibly means sending to the dismantling gallows by the SO-stopinder or by the TI-stopinder.  Thus the destructive ‘nuclear bomb’ producing technocosmic beings of certain weak LA-beings would be mandated for the dismantling gallows by the powerful TI-being or by those strong LA-beings such as being-USA, being-Russia and being-China.


14   The sociocosmic stopinder octave begets its own technocosmic stopinder octave as parts and parcels of a technosociocosmic reality with an ever increasing trend in favor of this technosociocosmic octave growth.  The basic laws of three and the laws of seven begin to operate in this octave.  The law of reciprocal destruction becomes, in this octave, the law of reciprocal destruction of the technosociocosmic stopinders.  And this is actively carried out by the hi-tech technosociocosmic beings that are candidates of reciprocal destruction of machines.


15   Both the industrial and the cybernetic revolutions have bred numerous ‘species’ of the technosociocosmic beings and greatly increased the bulk of this octave at the expense of its ‘environment’, that is to say, to the detriment of the existence of the plant and animal beings.

This technosociocosmic octave emerges through the latest finer command from elements in the higher cosmic octave for the organic beings that have been ‘experimented’ to restore ‘planetary’ imbalances.  Since then our mother Earth’s surface is fill with an enormous number of such technocosmic and technosociocosmic beings, and whose number equals and almost exceeds the number of animal beings present on Earth.

The technosociocosmic octave, the animal octave and the plant octave are the three fundamental octaves of beings in the whole ‘organic layer’ on the surface of mother Earth.

The interbeing atmosphere is filled with microscopic life beings known as bacteria and viruses which are neither plant nor animal beings and they constitute an octave.

Of all the beings, the technosociocosmic beings are the most aggressive.  They are the greatest work contributors to the mysterious factor of developing the skin of mother Earth, and also, the greatest polluters of its ‘environment’.  They kill beings by the hundreds of thousands.  However, they could also breed them in similar quantity.

The laws of reciprocal destruction of beings become the laws of reciprocal destruction of technosociocosmic beings in this octave.  And the armed force technosociocosmic beings of the LA-sociocosmic stopinder are the most aggressive amongst them.

Just as the cows could not have a democracy with their grass, so these technosociocosmic armed force beings could not have a democracy with their ‘programmed’ enemy beings.


16   All the sociocosmic stopinder beings are receivers and givers in the market. They give ‘products’ and ‘services’ and receive ‘money’; they give ‘money’ and receive ‘products’ and ‘services’ to keep themselves alive and to give life to the Great Sociocosmic Being.


17   Man’s innovative quest in improving their products and services or achieving breakthroughs for their technocosmic advancement is never ending.  The more advanced technocosmic beings he has, the greater is his power.  So a DO -stopinder, a FA-stopinder, a SO-stopinder and a LA-stopinder must have a fleet of these highly advanced technocosmic beings.


18   When these technocosmic beings are created in large quantities, we socio-stopinder for them based on the principles of octaves.

The first sociotechnocosmic stopinder is the individual-machine (DO-sociotechnocosmic stopinder being).  The second is the group-machine (RE-sociotechnocosmic stopinder being).  The third is the “family-of-machines” (MI-sociotechnocosmic stopinder beings) related by the same machine-species.  The fourth is the organization-of-machines (FA-sociotechnocosmic stopinder being).

The fifth, sixth and seventh is the derivation of the FA-sociotechnocosmic octave and they all belong to the primary organization-stopinder.  The second and the third belong to the primary group-stopinder.  Only the first is single and is the primary individual-stopinder.


19   The terror of our technocosmic beings is their mode of disposal of waste or pollutants into the first, the second and the third being-foods of all the biocosmic beings.  The technocosmic beings produce harmful noises into the impression food, dangerous carbon monoxides into the air food and toxic solids and liquid wastes into the ordinary foods which are all destructive to the biocosmic beings of both the plant and the animal octaves.  They could thus hasten the rascooarnoian activation within the biocosmic octave.

Even though, the technocosmic beings are invented with a friendly and useful purpose of serving mankind, the disastrous consequence was rapidly detected but the remedy, very sorry to say, has been very slow.  If everything continues in the way as it is, the human race could be destroyed by their own technocosmic beings.

Unless the biocosmic octave overcomes the negative effect of the technocosmic octave and converts them into clean and friendly beings subservient to the purpose of the biocosmic octave, the technocosmic concern would remain serious.

These technocosmic being-machines are still not able to become technosociocosmicky by themselves because our cunning man has not been able to and would not provide them with the fourth body (‘I’s).  And so they could not sociocosmicize themselves automatically, except to do so by becoming part of the lower component of each and every sociocosmic stopinder beings as their 1st, 2nd and at most 3rd body.


20   Already during my presence, we saw in the outer world, three great octave participants on the surface of mother Earth.  The first consists of just these plantian beings, the second, just these animalian beings and the third, just these technocosmic beings which include building beings, infrastructure connects and machine beings.  They are sociocosmically stopindered by our own fundamental sociocosmic octave activities.

In the fourth and higher dimensions, saw just these great psychic octave beings and they are present in all biocosmic beings, and these are also known as psychic or spiritual beings of various names.

Even in the technocosmic octave, the beings there can again be grouped into the automobiles and the immobiles (factories, building and all fixed constructions and tools).  The automobiles are techno-mechano beings imitating the biocosmic creations of the animalian octave.  Some are, fish-like or ‘being-submarines’, others are ‘ships’. Some are like land-animals or ‘being-vehicles’.  Some are ‘techno-avian beings’ similar to the birds.


21   The ever-increasing number of technocosmic beings generates the material bulk of the physical body of our Great Sociocosmos in an ever-increasing manner.  The potential for disorder is ever greater.


22   The technocosmic octave gives physical shapes, structures, designs, layouts, operating systems and the physical bulks to the fundamental and lateral sociocosmic. stopinder.  This body is one of the four important bodies constituting a sociocosmic stopinder proper.  The construction, operating maintaining and repairing the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd body is a major inner sociocosmic work that has been going on automatically with the emergence of the first few stopinders of ancient times.

This peculiar automatic being-sociocosmic duty has to happen for man in accordance to laws ‘independent’ of our will.


23   The active creation, growth and maintenance of the cybertechocosmic-IT beings to perfect the driver-sociocosmic body of the Great Socicosmic Being is extraordinary active during my presence on planet Earth.  Although this craze for the ‘IT’ substance or ‘electronic psyche hydrogens’ is widespread amongst the beings there, nevertheless, there is a limit to the expansion of this ‘third-plus-quarter fourth’ brain of our Great Sociocosmic Being.  This is due to the restraint set up on by the other forces from the lower two bodies and upper ‘three-quarter body’ within the four-bodied being.

As this ‘industry’ expands its ‘nerve’ tentacles into all the seven layers, the whole organization of the Great Sociocosmic Being becomes more conscious, more sensitive and more responsive.

The cyber technocosmic-TI beings are tied to the engine-and-power giving beings by ‘reins’ and in turn harnessed to the physical carriages by the transmittive shafts and gear system.  It has never been able to fly into the heavens alone.

And the wise grandson says:

It has resulted also in the unbalanced state of the development of our ‘industries’ that in turn also produces more unbalanced ‘thinking-active’ three-brained beings on planet earth.

And as the wise grandson continues:

This increasing exposure to the harmful radiation of the being-psyche electron production waste by the grandsons and daughters is very worrying to humanity.


24   To date the micro-processing of electrons (a particle of pre-psyche hydrogen) by man through his ingenious invention, computer or electronic brain has managed to succeed in creating the logic properties and characteristics of the thinking center.  Although, we are still not capable of inventing a real thinking center for the ‘circuit’, the possibility remains.


25   Those with these ‘hungry’ supercomputers would use them to ‘plunder’ raw data everywhere and from every biocosmic brains of quality and worst to copyright or patent right other’s works into their organizational property by legalanaic gimmick.  One finger pointing at others and three fingers pointing at themselves!

These cybertechnocosmic beings are invented to plough raw data, process them and transform them into useful information for the future lower two bodies - the power industries and the carriage industries of all technocosmic beings in the Great Sociocosmos.


26   The sociotechnocosmic octave consists of 3 primary four-bodied stopinders, namely:


1.    The individual machine (with man) or DO-sociotechnocosmic stopinder being


2.    The group machines (with man) or RE-sociotechnocosmic stopinder being


3.    The organizational machine (with man) or MI-sociotechnocosmic stopinder being


27   If the FA-octave takes the stopinder lead, health is ensured.  But the SO, LA and TI-octaves must be the drivers to these techno-economic horses.  And the carriage would take off powerfully.


28   The greatest Greats of the human mind is that which has alchemized all the octaves forming the universe.  Other smaller Greats include:


1.    Greats in some special areas in the sociocosmic octave


2.    Greats in some special areas in the biocosmic octave


3.    Greats in some special areas in the cosmic octave


4.    Greats in some special areas in the physical (nature) octave.


                 The World Vibration Prayer


            Pray to the Evergreat Gong Beings as World Vibration

            Pray to the Evergreat Lau Beings as World Vibration

            Pray to the Great Cosmic Nature as World Vibration

            Pray to the Absolute (God) as World Vibration

            Pray to the Sun as World Vibration

            Pray to the Datuk as World Vibration


When one is chosen to be the main gravity-center, one produces troubles.


29          Remember always this - that ONLY ONE sociocosmic stopinder being has biocosmic life and that is the FIRST stopinder bearing the name ‘INDIVIDUAL’. All the others have indirect biocosmic life and we call it the sociocosmic life or the technocosmic life and/or the sociotechnocosmic life.  Cosmic life is on a higher scale.  They have only derived powers and are exercised only by beings bearing the name ‘man’.  May you not be deceived by man as you may deceive him!








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