Volume 52       May 30, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Methods in its Application to Problems of the Real World", March 1982 - September 1983 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section B: "On Attachment", pp. 176~180)






1   Every center resembles a hand.  It catches objects both in the outer world and in the inner world itself.  Our thinking mind catches outer objects almost all the time forming ideas that speedily transforms into the glue of mental attachment.  Even our feelings catch objects too.  These objects evoke all kinds of feelings in us both positive and negative forming the glue of feeling attachment.  Similarly, objects in the outer world are often responsible for moving center attachment.  Foods are outer world objects that attract the instinctive mind.  Sexy and beautiful ladies arouse the sexual desire of man, strengthen sexual identification and evoke a trialectic pursuit.

When the men are attached to them, they may use this attachment commercially to satisfy their abnormal needs.  Whosoever meets such an individual, should meditate off the attachment glue which binds them in slavery.  Matured sex-beings are able to use these attachments for creation, procreation and sociocosmic advancements such as health, friendship, family, career, business, national and international integration.


2   Distinguish between attachment (emotional) to monetary gains and the objective, scientific and mathematical handling of money.  The word "Greed" is used to refer to the spiritually underdeveloped whose heart is easily influenced by wealth, and the concept of money is not fully developed in them.  He who is not identified with money is not greedy.


3   Avoid the captivity of the rules and regulations of organized religious bodies.  But be bound to the real teacher so that you may grow.  If you are attached to these bodies, you have not yet overcome attachment.  Therefore, learn to detach yourself from the religious bodies as well as your teacher.  Your real teacher is not eternal so you must detach from him as soon as possible.


4   We must see objectively everything that is to be objectively seen, including the most beautiful and seductive woman; if you are a woman the most handsome and richest man.

Subjective seeing leads to attachment and suffering because the object that has enchanted you has become an internal part of your psychological body.  The object's detaching behaviors can easily inflict wounds to this part in you.


5   Assess a person's strong attachment or identification, if discovered.  Understand it and assist its transformation.  Work on the planetary neighbor would then be easier.


  Identify not with your thoughts, feelings, movements, sexual impulses and instincts.  Ride on them but be separated from them.


7   A mind must be able to ripen into higher subject-matters.  One must be able to see one's own brain being trapped in its own subject-matter and decision outcomes according to the mode of motion of this subject-matter body before one can really buds consciously into any higher dimensions.


8   True is the imprisonment of the body by the bars, false is it for the mind.


9   Because religions’ greed concept is only psychological and does not cover property as a direct objectivization of concealed greed, it easily becomes instrumental to the greedy to proceed with coating himself with property.  Wealthy beings have a unique way to handle this contradiction.  They keep two kinds of opposite goods in the same house, using the appropriate ones according to the situation.


10   Attachment occurs in the five centers ‑ Mental attachment, emotional attachment, moving attachment, instinctive attachment and sexual attachment.  A sexy woman uses sexual attachment to control and enslaves a man.


11   The spirit must be liberated from its attachments to its own physical defects and worldly material desires.


12   To attach to human beings is inner world slavery.  Suffer is he who attaches himself to someone or something is a position called food.


13   If we are not attached to one thing we are attached to another.  To have a Real I, is to be detached from all things and yet in all things.


14   Steer your ship away from the shipwreck or debris of other ships.  Remember that your harbor may be popular for the anchorage of many useless ships and do not be too welcoming or too hopeful for a good ship to harbor.  This is still attachment.


15   Never let any being (even wife or human being) become your attached being but treat and love them from humanistic principles.  If you are emotional to a being, you could easily be controlled by it.  If you are unattached, and possess loving kindness, you will be without hate, jealousy and anger.


16   Remember that you can even detach yourself from your daily problems.  First, you must be able to feel that a problem is an "object".  Then you must be able to stand outside the problem, decide to take or let go, to buy or to sell it, and finally to detach from it.  Pick a problem like picking a stone.  Let it go like letting go a stone from your hand.


17   Remember to detach from everything, everything...... completely.  Remember that your detachment from an object frees the object.  The psyche mixes in its own way through constant interfacing and interaction.  The result is that you become attached again.


18   Don't let yourself fall into the captive ideas of others, not even higher mantra.  Let it come and go.  If another being produces a mantra which is evil, telling you that he will murder you, don't let this word hold you captive.  Hold this mantra in you and after some time pick up other useful direction.


19   Do not let your spirit be imprisoned by any neighboring planetary beings scattered about on the surface of the earth, for they are obstacles to your freedom.  To be a man, one must be spiritually unattached.


20     Divine Attachment through Autoprojection

You become dependent on a Thing;

And It becomes your God;

Soon you become It's Slave.






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