Book 18

The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 18 (pp.221)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”

Contrary to contemporary approach Book 18 is written using a very different set of principles on matters concerning man, nature, society and the cosmos. While the basic approach to the investigation of the subject matters remains essentially the same as with the author's earlier writings, the outcome of this work would have a great impact on contemporary sociological thinking and also thoughts on the cosmoses. This is because it has brought to humanity a new dimension and understanding of our sociocosmoses in a way almost completely different from the current sociological thinking.

There is above all a revolution in human thinking about everything existing. There is a serious attempt to integrate the diverse processes occurring in the activities of man, nature, society and the cosmos using the fundamental laws of trialectics and octave. The fruitful result is the discovery of a different method of classifying the sociocosmic stopinders using The Periodic Table of the Fundamental Sociocosmic Stopinders (of Capitalism-Socialism or Capitalist-Socialist Periods of History). The author feels, thinks and believes that he has uncovered the essence of the sociocosmic vibration. The view is no longer the naÔve, causal and fragmented understanding of social processes, but rather a very deep and profound understanding of the true scheme of things.

The whole spectrum of the world is integrated with the enneagram. The sociocosmic octave, the biocosmic octave, the cosmic octave and the technocosmic octave from human inventions are comprehensively symphonizing all and everything. All the 3 octaves are fundamental octaves each with their respective branches.  Biological evolution is again re-examined with the new triad-octave paradigm. The genesis of the mysterious sociocosmic shock absorber, laujinggong, or the well-known management pyramid is explained. The four bodies of sociocosmic stopinder beings are investigated. One experiences a New World with a new philological exposure when reading this work.

 The four bodies of a developed sociocosmic stopinder being are 'lau-jing-gong' (3 bodies) + 'customer/director' (1 body); of a developed sociotechnocosmic stopinder beings are 'padrigine' (3 bodies) or 'passenger-driver-engin' (3 bodies) + 'carriage' (1 body); of a futuristic developed technocosmic 'spiritual' stopinder being are 'artificial inteligent passenger-computer-engine' (3 bodies) + 'carriage' (1 body); of a developed biocosmic being are 'hethormen' (3 bodies) or 'head-thorax-abdomen' (3 bodies) + 'it' (1 body); of a developed man are the 'passenger-coachman-horse-carriage' (bodies) according to the parable of the Hackney Carriage of Gurdjieff or the same 'hethormen' (3 bodies) or 'head-thorax-abdomen' (3 bodies) + 'I' (1 body) according to the ancient principles of modern biology. For each of them the four bodies are noticeable and self-evident.  when basics are understood and kept in mind always as a center of mentating and emoting actions the perception of reality will be integrated and holistic thus leading one to perceive the real world more clearly.

The chronic doubts about capitalism, socialism, nationalism, democracy, market economism and communism are transformed into an integrated entity clearly interpretable in this work. Privatization which has haunted and wiseacred by many writers and politicians alike is clearly explained. With this tool of the periodicity of the fundamental and branch sociotechnocosmic stopinders our social life is no longer seen as messy, unbalanced and lopsided.  It is now no longer as disturbing as before and one needs not even have to resort to the worshipping of some 'ism's and cracies' or religion.

This book is a valuable piece for researchers, scientists, thinkers and modern managers of any higher sociocosmic stopinder. It is much needed by those who are well aware of the insufficiency of contemporary sociocosmic thoughts.

March 20, 1997




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