Book 11

The Cupid's Songs of the Romantic Hearts, No Humans No Human Nature and No Opposites No Social Nature

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 11 (pp.163)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”


In this work The Cupid's Songs of the Romantic Hearts, No Humans No Human Nature and No Opposites No Social Nature, the disharmonies in trialectics of the opposite sex in human affairs is depicted as an uncertain mess due to the activities of Cupid, the Roman God of Love. She is a being psyche hydrogen specially 'deposited' at a trinity point along the Great Cosmic Octave where opposite sexes need to yoke. She is also the alchemical being in this grand cosmic scheme experimenting with the other functioning hydrogens in the love set to ensure human continuity.

Here the Cupid has created a half-half opposite scenario for living through the romantic process in the hearts. There are "songs" of the opposites, the love arrows that hit mysteriously in the hunting psychological field, the laws of catching and the "songs" in the last octave in the Cupid's story.

The existence of man as a material being becomes also the human base for the emanation of human nature. There is a story in the human scenario that depicts the human description, the human strivings, the consciousness, the strong desire for self-perfection, the four voices and other forms of emanation.

Human relationship tends to move only through opposites - man vs man, man vs woman and woman vs woman - producing social nature for the sociocosmic stopindering function. No opposites no social nature.

Right in front of man for every man lies a vast world which we called Great Nature. Be it God's creation or otherwise, man strives to make his mind accurate for seek knowledge and understanding it, and to apply this knowledge and understanding to change it. A group of fairly accurate being psyche hydrogens called the Science and Technology exist for him in his psychic dimension. With nature humans have processed and digested a Science for their benefit. So no nature no science and technology.

This work is also a supplementary reading for those who are interested in the study of the trialectics of man and woman as developed in the earlier works.

 The dialectics of nature has been taken into serious consideration with emphasis on the elementary particles, the wave-packet theory, the cosmological principles of an isotrpic and homogenous universe, the social origin of set theory, the dialectics of the laws of motion and others.

June 15, 2011




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