Volume 65       July 27, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 19, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Enneagram of the Sociocosmic Stopinders, Laujinggong and the Epoch of the Increasing Aggressiveness of the Business Stopinder Beings,"  March  1996 ~ June 1996 Discourses, Chapter 8, Section A, B & C: "The Circulatory or Transportation System; The Cancer Sociodynamics; The Sociocosmic Perturbations," pp. 224~238)





1   The mass circulation of material beings such as human beings, technocosmic padrigine beings, irodohahoon police beings, armed force beings, products, services, ideas, information and all types of financial instruments, in the conclusion of the wise grandson is just the continuous flow or circulation or transportation with temporary and/or long-term parking of beings in the various existing sociocosmic stopinders of our Great Sociotechnocosmos that has rooted and breeding abundantly on Earth's surface at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray Creation.  The foods of life, killers of life, the healers of life  etcetera created by the production, distribution and consumption (PDC) forces and the associated release of the noo-PESTLES psyche hydrogens are also transported with exchanges (E) all over the mother Earth's surface in this great network of circulatory sub-system in the great body sociocosmos.  The mobile padrigines of the land, the sea and the atmosphere, mega-sized, medium-sized, mini-sized, and micro-sized are the physical agents for transporting material/physical products (goods) or everything physical, the immobile telecommunicating and media equipment in interstopinder networking (more than the international networking or now common and proper named 'Internet') are the physical agents for transporting noo-PESTLES information and psyche hydrogens (quantum particles with cosmic properties) within all the sociotechnocosmic fundamental and lateral stopinders - and mostly through the mobile electromagnetic wave-particles and sound waves.

The decelerating, accelerating, re-routing and various distortions, etc. or the aberration of circulation and transportation due to natural non-human and human related causes are common.  Human-related sociocosmic stopinder causes through restrictions, immigration control, custom control, media control, intervening blockages and sanctions imposed reciprocally by these struggling-for-survival sociocosmic stopinder beings amongst rivals are also unbecoming and unavoidable historically.  Ultimately, circulation and transportation are the means for which the laws of creation, reciprocal nourishment and reciprocal destruction operate in these biosociotechnocosmic function of creation, maintenance, repair, renewal, homeostasis, balance and harmony!


2   The word labor is the actual god-given substratum for all creations because, by observation, it is the energy issued by an individual-stopinder being to create all the other sociocosmic stopinders forming the body of this Great Sociocosmos of which we are a part.  The Labor Theory of Value is an approach from the natural scientific paradigm.  It is not the same as and never intended to be the Price Theory - one is heaven, the other is Earth.  The Price Theory is different because the intended pressure to move values up by the seller and the intended pressure to move it down at the market place must balance at an acceptable price at an acceptable place, time and psychologies.

Because labor can be coated and octavely stopindered into its objective products and services, intentional pricing according to the principle 'mutual-acceptance-of-prices' between the seller beings and the buyer beings or 'supply and demand' or 'markets' is a natural happening to this capitalistic-essenced multiautomarketing feeding exchanges amongst all existing sociocosmic stopinders during the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism.

Even the smallest move in all the above processes requires labor or energy.  The Price Theory and the Labor Theory of Values are, therefore, two approaches in a multifacet continuum of basic theories.

And the wise grandson wiseacres: 

The pricing of a price can be priced and re-priced by the market.  To move this, you need 5 types of labor from the workers, one from each center (thinking, feeling, moving, instinct and sex).  No exploitative price to your own blood son, very high price to your enemy and economic price to all friendly FA-stopinders and the last but not least, price according to being-psyche-reciprocal-acceptance (markets).

In the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, the capitalistic-essenced multiautomarketing feeding exchanges continue to convert every being from the surrounding into marketable commodities - products and services before subjecting them into the circulation for consumption.


3   The circulation or transportation links up physically, communicatively and functionally all the seven levels of sociocosmic stopinders both in the fundamental sociocosmic octave as well as in the lateral sociocosmic octaves and nourishing all of them.

The smaller "particles" or being-monies have been abundantly circulated also amongst these sociocosmic stopinders beings.  This circulation is known also as the financial circulation and flows through all the financial participants which are also the stopinders.  Within a business stopinder engaging in production, distribution and consumption activities (PDC) especially that of the business stopinders of 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave, this small particles of unitary being-money are the accounting money unit for which they exist in two forms, namely, its cash form and its accrual form for which the former is handled by the cash accounting method and the latter by accrual accounting method.  Three important accounting gravity-center concentrations or accounting statements in contemporary accounting findings of this FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism are of grave concern to the three-centered corporate capitalists at the MI-FA Interval, namely:

1. The Income Statement that will summarize the profit and lost situation of the business activities, for which maximization of profit is the essential goal of the capitalist.

2. The Balance Sheet that will summarize all assets, liabilities and the capital of the business at a particular moment in time for which the accumulation of capital is his essential goal.

3. The Cash Flow Statement that will summarize a net increase or decrease in cash (or its equivalent) over the relevant accounting period for which a net increase of cash flow is his essential goal.

As to the three-centered capitalistic-esenced nationates at the TI-DO Interval, the accounting of this public sector has all the three essential capitalistic-essenced goals to satisfy the Solau, the Lalau and the Tilau beings of the fundamental SO, LA and TI stopinders which ultimately lead to real the emergence of the 1 percenter global capitalist (shareholders' obesity and inequality syndrome) shrouded in the cloak of global PESTLES (Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal, Ethical and Security-defense) of hegemonism.




1   I must now enlighten you further about cancer biodynamics.  Some of these mad independence-seeking, antagonistic being-cells in the body of man under a potential biocosmic perturbation begin to destroy the very existence of the person.  However, this occurrence is in the DO-sociocosmic stopinder being.

PESTLES psyche hydrogens are also produced by these biocosmic man through a process of the being-psyche hydrogens refinement of the three-being foods that are eaten into their biocosmic head, chest and gut stopinders.  The abnormal overproduction or surplus production of each leads cancer sociodynamic conditions.  When the political hydrogens (P) becomes a surplus it impregnates and dominates the whole body with this P-based disharmonies - many fighting political parties; with the economic hydrogens (E) dominating, you have E-based disharmonies - many fighting business groups seeking ownership and control over PDC factors, and financial derivatives ownership and control and the ultimate financial hegemony (such as the Dollar-hegemony); with the socio-cultural hydrogens (SC) dominating, you have SC-based disharmonies - racial conflicts, various geoethnic upsurges, religious extremism and genocides; with the technological-science hydrogens (TC) dominating, you have TC-based disharmonies - an obsession with tehnocosmic beings and their sponsorship in excess numbers (such as luxurious goods, cars, planes, ships, etc.); with the legal hydrogens (L) dominating, you have L-based disharmonies - many lawyers serving an ever increasing number of plaintiffs, defendants and nay more judges; with the ethical-value hydrogens (EV) dominating, you have EV-based disharmonies - many moralists such as moral teachers, moral killers and murderers running rampant destroying the evil beings; with the security-defense hydrogens (SD) dominating, you have SD-based disharmonies - a sudden surge of the irodohahoon police  and armed force beings engaging in wars (and may turn into a sociocosmic leukemia).



All circulations within amongst "cells", "tissues", "organs" and "systems" in the body of FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism are based on the fundamental circulation in the specific mode (base) of production, distribution and consumption (PDC) and the necessary circulation of the social relations of this PDC for which the Marxian superstructure arises in the  form of PESTLES auras and the circulation of its elements.



Moving the focus one note upwards, that is, the group-stopinder, the cancer biodynamic (now cancer sociodynamics) takes the antagonistic form that one or two members began their group defiance against established group norms and stop co-operating with the majority beings in the group.

Moving further up the octave into the family-stopinder the cancer sociodynamics (instead of calling it the cancer biodynamics) takes the form wherein some unfilial sons and daughters become rebels and even threaten to kill their own dear father and mother.

In the business-stopinder, the cancer sociodynamics is even more terrible.  Almost every sociocosmic stopinder in the course of its evolution caught this disease being-cancer once a while.  Some of these business beings are just 'kin' in the process of this cancer sociodynamics.  When there is a major sociocosmic perturbation due to antagonistic beings creating 'strikes', 'demonstrations' or 'industrial unrest' or 'cybernetic unrest', one expects a possible disease due to this same cancer sociodynamics in the FA-beings.

In the state-stopinder, the perturbations along the state due to cancer sociodynamics operating at SO-level, one expects heavy bloodshed involving the armed force beings battling within, and a potential coup detat, killing of a dynasty or a state.

In the nation-stopinder, the conflicts reach national level and the being-cancer is no longer the deteriorating type (cancer proper) but could be the transforming type which might not eliminate the LA-being.

The mass deterioration of all the lower stopinders below TI and the great chaos in the world due mainly to many wild and mad sociocosmic stopinders refusing to obey both the natural and invented rules and regulations existing in all the sociocosmic stopinders have led us into a serious disease of the TI-being, that is, the TI-cancer sociodynamics.


2   In the body of the Great Sociocosmos, jails, guns, bullets and missiles are used to 'kill' cancer-stopinder beings.  In the body of man, surgery, chemotherapy, laser beam, micro-chemo-precision 'bullets' are used to destroy these cancer cells.

As cancer is a recognized octave with numerous inner octaves, you really need an octave of therapies to do the job, that is, an octave of medicine and cure to match this rascooarnoing disorder of all biocosmic and sociocosmic stopinders that have been ‘maltreated’ and are experiencing the terrible period of permanent vibration-disorder resulting in abnormal behavior and reproduction of aggressive inner fundamental blocks of the bio-and sociocosmic octave, cell and man respectively.  Geneticists are looking at doing this job through the lower biocosmic stopinders ‑ the genetic octave of the cell through manipulating the genes.  The Inner Work scientists are looking into the psychic octaves of man to seek a solution to both the cancer biodynamics and the cancer sociodynamics.


3   Although cancer biodynamics is the first note in the octaves of cancer sociodynamics, nevertheless, all cancer dynamics generate beings that are disastrous to the stopinders.  And they are due to a disordered inner vibration within the stopinder leading to the mad formation of these accursed beings.  The result is deadly rascooarno for both the normal and the cancer beings of each and every stopinder irrespective of levels.

Although the machine-gunning technique or radio-therapy or chemo-therapy or herbal-therapy or surgery are available at our disposal, the paradigms of exercise-therapy, electro-vibration harmonizing, mantra-therapy, color-therapy, crystal-therapy, water-therapy, nutrition-therapy, laujinggong-therapy, aromatherapy, gene-therapy and various preventive therapies have not been fully developed.




1   Alongside the great sociocosmic laws that govern the sociocosmic stopinders, sprung a secondary set of rules and regulations, procedures statutes and commons, and judicial remedies from and for the various sociocosmic stopinders, also known as laws and which laws are also hierarchical and obey the great sociocosmic laws.

Having observed and analyzed this secondary octave of laws, these being-psyche laws are just some of the psychic peculiarities proper to every three-brained being from the various stopinders to demand for its right-to-a-just-existence.  The unbecomings of this secondary octave of laws, too, become a permanent concentration radiating and influencing every sociocosmic stopinder of the body of the Great Sociocomos.

Having to strive for a survival in this dollar harvesting concentration, various FA and SO stopinders find their way into this legal industry, and construct the institutions for a long-term permanent existence as part of the body of our Great Sociocosmos.

Unfortunately, in order to construct this empire a laujinggong configuration is again necessary to manage the legal process properly.

The Legal phenomenon obeys the great laws of three:

1. First Force (active)  ‑  plaintiff

2. Second Force (passive)  ‑  defendant

3. Third Force (neutralizing)  ‑  judge


The total phenomenon is the settlement of disputes.  In order to facilitate this legal operation, the legal profession practitioners require a small laujinggong organization to serve the purpose.  The SO-sociocosmic stopinder, being the neutralizing force of all sociocosmic stopinders in a LA-Body, would naturally provide the courts (or the judges) and to seal this triad in the settlement of any dispute.

Legal triads or disputes of the lower levels are often neutralized by any third party without having to utilize the FA or SO-stopinder to resolve the conflict.  The third party could be just the accepted lau-beings of the RE or the MI-sociocosmic stopinder.

The special sociocosmic perturbation which involves the legal profession practitioners of the FA, and the SO-sociocosmic stopinders and also the TI-sociocosmic stopinder is one of the many disturbances of our sociocosmos, and is a special group of disputes.




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