Volume 1       January 1, 2001


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts", Oct. 1993 - March 1996 Discourses  Chapter 1, Section A: "The Sociocosmos According to The Impartial Observation of the Great Grandson" pp.1~9)




A. The Sociocosmos According to The Impartial Observation of the Great Grandson


1  After serious reflection on the logico-psychophilosophical method for the presentation of the daily affairs of our own social activities, the wise grandson decided to begin with some diagrams for logical intercourse, and quickly withdraws into a psyche island of hope that such a form of presentation would soften the ground for easy absorption of the new dimension of thought about the social being and their sociocosmic coating behaviors in accordance to law and the vibrations from psychic hydrogens 386,192, 96, 48, 24, 12 and 6 present in varying and changing amounts in the human body.  However, hydrogens 6, if it is available, is able also to operate itself through the sociocosmic octave although the lower hydrogens are accumulated in abundance here in this octave.


2  Sociotechnocosmic growth, biocosmic growth and cosmic growth are descending octaves in the real world and they are right in front of all of us ~ appearing to us as society, organic world and the universe. They have "completed" their growth by today's measure after a long period of building up the lower worlds for themselves as the forces of growth descend. Refinement and regeneration are their ascending octaves and they have already existed with the first note of descend when creating these three cosmoses.  Refining and regenerating of themselves work innerly to produce the higher grade hydrogens in the bodies of these three huge "creatures".


3  The laws of transition of quantitative changes into qualitative changes create the phenomenon of ‘notes’ formation in an octave or within an octave context.  However, any of these ‘notes’ can be an offshoot of a new octave.  The context can be viewed upon as either inner octaves or branch octaves.

The laws of negation of negation would forbid elimination of all ‘notes’ in a negation but rather a retention of ‘relevant notes’ in the new context.  Each note is as living as an egg.


4  The sociocosmic octave is already consolidated as stable entities analogous to the light spectrum and the octaves in sound.  The sociocosmic stopinders are consolidated but the time-based historical sociocosmic octaves are not yet consolidated in my time.


5  These beings would, thanks to the principles of reproduction of the biocosmic stopinder beings, come together and conduct all kinds of psychic exchanges to realize the sociocosmic stopindering laws of sevenfoldness.


6  Men’s manifestations and social interactions bring forth the sociocosmoses.


7  The social organism so known to mankind and so seen by man in the opinion of the great grandson of Mr. Beelzebub’s enneagram principle could be tabulated and depicted in the form of a sociocosmic ‘periodic table’ as shown in Diagram 1.1.


8  These fundamental sociocosmic stopinder beings form the fundamental octave (horizontal) and the inner octaves (vertical).  The fundamental sociocosmic stopinders emanate psyche known as ‘being-psyche hydrogens’ forming a halo spectrum of the spirit and communication or atmosphere and is called the lateral sociocosmic octaves.  These are bodiless, matterless and without well-defined physical boundaries.  Only the fundamental sociocosmic stopinder beings have an acceptable defined physical boundary.


9  The TI-Octave is not properly defined and is subjected to reinterpretation.


10  Diagram 1 shows the Sociocosmic Periodic Table.

The sevenfoldness principle would just be valid for all intelligent organic beings that would progress into the dimension of sociocosmic stopindering.  Diagram 2 shows the fundamental sociocosmic stopinder octave.

Although all the fundamental sociocosmic stopinder beings are innerly stopindering, none have exhibited such great diversity as the FA-sociocosmic stopinder being.  And so the sevenfoldness of this peculiar FA-stopinder being would have to be presented for consumption by every reader being.

The diagram for the inner octaves of the FA-sociocosmic stopinder being is shown in diagram 3.

Diagram 1


Diagram 1.1


(Subjected to further investigation and revision from time to time)

Period Individual (DO) Group (RE) Family (MI) Organization (FA) State (SO) Nation (LA) World of Nations (TI)
1 Ba Pe Mc Sp He Ps In
2 Ch Fr Fn Pa Tc As Rn
3 Al Ga Ne Pt Dc Fe Ew
4 Yo Wg Nt Pl Sg Ca Ns
5 Ad Te Sh Cs Pg So Ua
6 Oa Tf En Pc Cg Na Dn
7 Op Co Os Nc Us Me Un


Individual   DO*

Ba ~ Baby
Ch ~ Child
Al ~ Adolescent
Yo ~ Youth
Ad ~ Adult
Oa ~ Older Adult
Op ~ Old Person

Group   RE

Pe ~ Peer
Fr ~ Friend
Ga ~ Gang
Wg ~ Workgroup
Te ~ Team
Tf ~ Task Force
Co ~ Couple

Family   MI*

Mc ~ Married Couple
Fn ~ Full Nest I
Ne ~ Full Nest II
Nt  ~ Full Nest III
Sh ~ Single Parenthood
En ~ Empty Nest
Os ~ Older Solitary Survivor

Organization   FA

Sp ~ Sole Proprietorship
Pa ~ Partnership
Pt  ~ Private Limited Company
Pl  ~ Public Limited Company
Cs ~ Cooperative Society
Pc ~ Privatized Corporation
Nc ~ National Corporation

State   SO

He ~ Head of a Village
Tc ~ Town Council
Dc ~ District Council
Sg ~ State Government
Pg ~ Provincial Government
Cg ~ Central Government
Us ~ United States (Confederates)

Nation   LA* (Marxian Historicism)

Ps ~ Primitive Society/Tribe
As ~ Ancient Society/Kingdom
Fe ~ Feudal Society/Imperial Dynasty
Ca ~ Capitalist Society/Nation
So ~ Socialist Society/Nation
Na ~ Nationalist Society/Nation
Me ~ Mixed-Economy Society/Nation

World of Nations   TI*

In  ~ Individual Nation
Rn ~ Regional Groups of Nations
Ew ~ East - West Nations
Ns ~ North - South Nations
Ua ~ Underdeveloped Nations
Dn ~ Developed Nations
Un ~ The United Nations


Legend *

These are the alternatives that have been explored to be impartial because other possibilities for sociocosmic classification might turn out to be the seed of improvements and new developments in the future investigation of the sociocosmoses


1.   DO *    Alternative names Based on Racial Paradigm

  • Being-Chinese
  • Being-Indian
  • Being-Caucasian
  • Being-Hispanic
  • Being-Negro
  • Being-Polynesian
  • Other Species of the Individuals


2.   MI *    Based on the 1st Physical Body Types or Types of Building Paradigm

  • Hutfam
  • Flatsfam
  • Tersinstorfam
  • Doustorfam
  • Semidetfam
  • Condomifam
  • Bungalofam


3. SO *    Based on Government Zoning Paradigm

  • Being-Village
  • Being-City Council
  • Being-District
  • Being-State
  • Being-Province
  • Being-Federate
  • Being-Confederate


4.   LA *    Based on the Proper Names Paradigm (Original is based on Historical Developmental Observation of Sociocosmic Bodies - Communities and Civilizations - of Three-brained Beings on Earth's Surface)

The results (resultant of sociocosmic forces)  in Proper Names during the Age of Pisces (ending) and Aquarius (beginning) are observed as named by three-brained beings themselves:

  • Being-USA
  • Being-Russia
  • Being-China
  • Being-Britain
  • Being-Japan
  • Being-Germany
  • All other nation beings to total more than 200 nation-stopinders all of which are run essentially by 'Capitalist', 'Socialist' or 'Nationalist' systems with different center-of-gravity focus respectively and some 16 governmental types (LA-Lau Beings), namely 1.Republic  2.Theocracy  3.Technocracy  4.Anarchy  5.Oligarchy  6.Tyranny  7.Federation  8.Junta  9.Democracy  10.Autocracy  11.Fascism  12.Monarchy  13.Plutocracy  14.Totalitarian  15."Communism"  16.Dictatorship  17. Colonialism   18. Imperialism   19. Hegemonism


5.   TI *    Based on the Proper Names of Nation Groups

  • An Individual Nation
  • British Commonwealth (BC)
  • European Community (EC)
  • Council of Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA)
  • Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)
  • North America Free Trade Association (NAFTA)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • The United Nations (UN)
  • Other such as IMF, GATT, etc.



Diagram 2


1.   DO    An Individual

2.   RE    A Group

3.   MI     A Family

4.   FA     An Organization

5.   SO     A State

6.   LA     A Nation

7.   TI      The World of Nations

8.   DO    The Great Sociocosmic Being

Diagram 3


1.   do    The Sole Proprietorship

2.   re     The Partnership

3.   mi    The Private Limited Company (a Corporation)

4.   fa     The Public Limited Company (a Corporation)

5.   so    The Co-operative Society

6.   la     The Privatized Corporation (Mixed Private or Government)

7.   ti     The National Corporation


Note:  do, re, mi, fa, so and la are production/operation collectives and ti is a state enterprise

(The outcome of the process of the objective trialectic and octave stopindering of the sociocosmic development independent of man’s will)

"During the period of my presence on Earth the operating model of the FA-sociocosmic stopinder beings could be logically depicted in this manner:


FA-Sociocosmic Stopinder Model  (Primary Stopinder Basis)


1.   Model SP  (Sole Proprietorship) -  Individual (DO Type)

2.   Model P  (Partnership) - Group (RE Type)

3.   Model C  ( Corporation, U.S.) - Organizational (FA Type) 

4.   Model S-C  (S-Corporation, U.S.) - Organizational (FA Type)

5.   Model Pte. Ltd.  (Plc, U.K.) - Organizational (FA Type)

6.   Model Plc  (Plc, U.K.) - Organizational (FA Type)

7.   Model COOP  (Co-operative) - Organizational (FA Type)

8.   Model PC  (Public Corporation) -  Organizational (FA Type)

9.   Model S  (State Enterprise) -  Organizational (FA Type)

10.  Model PC  (Privatized Corporation) -  Organizational (FA Type)

11.  Model NC  (National Corporation) -  Organizational (FA Type)


11  According to the wise grandson, there are various models in different nations named differently  by various civilizations at different historical periods, just like the various species in the biocosmic octave.  Some are already extinct.


12  Let me tell you also that these sociocosmic being-business organizational specimens are subjected to both the Darwinian laws of evolution and natural selection, modern economic and sociological principles, and the Marxian law of evolutionary and revolutionary transformation.  It is controlled and regulated by the peculiar paradigm of the Gurdjeffian-Ouspenskian Laws of Three and Seven.


13  Concerning the organizational structure of those being-business organizations of our sociocosmos and the auto-man-made models, I must point out that these structural models are basically no different from the being-biological being structure of the beings forming the biocosmic octave.


14  The sociocosmic stopinders are fairly stable and persistent in their struggle for self-preservation and maintenance of position within the octave.


15  The basic building entity for the sociocosmic spectrum (octaves) is the DO-sociocosmic stopinder (a human being).  As individuals settle and stabilize at each note along the octave, their inner psychic vibrations (knowledge, experience, inner processes, etc) separate into various depositories in line with the relevant octave notes and are distinguished by their qualities and the quantity of vibrations.  Of the available 24 hours per day, a large portion of their time would be used in the creation of the particular group of being psyche hydrogens for the creation, maintenance and preservation of the peculiarities proper to the relevant sociocosmic stopinder of concern.

The totality of being and knowledge is concentrated along the sociocosmic octave as such that they become the ‘permanent’ psychic stopinders in man’s inner world.  The bodiless psychic octave is called the lateral sociocosmic octave.  The lateral sociocosmic octave is psychic and stays inside man, and also materialized and stays in the body of our great sociocosmos.  Man cannot avoid this great sociocosmic life and learning along the minor scale lateral sociocosmic octave as he builds his major scale fundamental sociocosmic octave mechanically and independent of their will.


16  The psychic sociocosmic stopinders move faster than the material sociocosmic stopinders.  One moves from one stopinder of discussion faster than the actual movement of a real sociocosmic stopinder.  And the wise grandson says:  The psyche sociocosmic octave enables being-psyche hydrogens and its inner stopinders to flow as the lateral sociocosmic octave for man.


17  I must further remind you about these sociocosmic business organizations that grow like the agro-beings, extending their roots and branches, roam and exploit nature and one another.  They can be brutal in their dealings with one another besides a generous front.

Privatization introduces the private mode of appropriation (lower stopinders) in the context of social mode of production (higher stopinders).  Privatization’s ‘do’ is national corporation (100% SO-stopinder control), its ‘re’ is public corporations (majority shares under SO-stopinder control) and its ‘mi’ is public limited company (in essence) whereby the SO-stopinder no longer captures a major portion of the company’s shares and companies fall into the ownership of the private sector.  However, the inner shares of a corporation, like any other properties are mobile and could gradually distribute themselves amongst the sociocosmic stopinders at all levels or be concentrated into the hands of a few stopinders, thus delivering part of the lau properties to the majority of people


18  The being-word called nation is unlikely to disappear as a sociocosmic note.  The inner-notes may not eliminate themselves because of the iron facts of the law of octave.  If feeding and destruction is active leading to the historical process of conquest amongst one or two of these being-nations, then ‘privatization’, ‘decentralization’ or ‘breakups’ of these huge nations become more and more likely.  The process of independence often takes place.

The being-nation called Soviet Union ‘obeys’ this law of octave and independentizes into 15 inner notes.  This breakup is a sociocosmic rascooarnoing caused by an externally assisted internal wiseacring equivalent to a stroke for a LA-being.  The possible attrition range of USA could be as high as breaking up into 51 being-states


19  By enveloping your products or services with mysticism and all psychological cosmetics as an augmented extension of themselves with you or your sociocosmic stopinders of your concern as a tool, you can expect a firm sociocosmic rooting for your sociocosmic stopinders.

In accordance with this law of augmented products or services, Views from the real world would again be wrapped by sophisticated mystical husk or an advanced level psycho-cosmetics presence for every mind, not amounting to that of religion.  Views form the real world is an idea product.  Therefore, its psychological sophistication would have a profound impact on humanity.


20  An extinction of a sociocosmic octave is not immediately possible.  However, the qualitative transformation is possible through the operational change in the DNA chemical changes


21  I renamed society as the sociocosmic octave or the sociocosmos or the sociocosmic stopinder being because of my conviction that the whole process of society, no matter how real it seems to be in our reflection, is a transitory becoming of our fairly silent organic surface obeying the great fundamental laws of three and seven.  It must ultimately become a different ray in the course of time.  This sociocosmic octave might be fairly short in terms of the time period of its presence when compared with all the other beings on Earth’s surface.  Each individual being-human is given a chance to view this sociocosmic movement for a period equivalent to about 70 of their earth years before the tritocosmic octave for him closes (i.e. his own rascooarno or death).  All the other organizations are the inner sociocosmic notes that results from the trialectical forces of man and woman which originate from another octave known as the biocosmic octave.  The movement going on inside a man (or a woman) after birth represents the tritocosmic octave.  The movement starting from a man and a woman, to begin the family (or sociocosmic note ‘RE’) is simply the sociocosmic octave.

The whole sociocosmic ray for humanity would naturally cease-to-be (a sociocosmic rascooarno of the Great Sociocosmos) unless man’s intervention on the descending powers of the biocosmic octave has succeeded. This might be possible because of our powerful scientific knowledge and Genetic Engineering know-how.  Otherwise, man's failure would pave way for the emergence of other forms of dominating Sociocosmoses, namely and possibly, the "spiritual" machines as they seem to be ascending ~ the age of the rising machines in the organic film at the MI-FA retardation point in Our Ray of Creation.







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