Volume 12       January 15, 2007

THE CLASSIFICATION OF COSMIC MOTIONS (physics - mass, matter, materialities)

By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 1, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "New Trends in Dialectical Philosophy, Economic Forces in Society, Natural Sciences and Philosophy of Nature," March 1972 - June 1973 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section C: "The Classification of Cosmic Motions (Physics - Mass, Matter, Materialities)" pp.112~136)




The purpose of this section C is to remind contemporary science on the importance of  THE LAW OF TRIADS and THE LAW OF OCTAVES as a rediscovery of the old and ancient laws such as can be observed in:


1. The Ouspenskian octave conception of the materiality difference of matter - matters of the Absolute (World 1), matters of All Worlds (World 3), matters of All Suns (World 6), matters of Our Sun (World 12), matters of All Planets (World 24), matters of Earth (World 48) and matters of Our Moon (World 96)


2. The octave conception of the microcosmos - an elementary particle, a hydrogen, an atom, a molecule, a compound, a substance and a material body.


3. The octave conception of the micro-organocosmos or the Lateral Protein Trioctave - psyche hydrogen, Carbon-Oxygen-Nitrogen-Hydrogen (CONH), a living protein molecule, a living cell (egg), a living tissue, a living organ, a living system and a living organic being.


4. The octave conception of the elements leading to the construction of the Periodic Table of Elements - a revival of the 'law of octaves' in the construction of this table as pointed out by the great scientists, John Newlands (1837-1898) and Dmitri Mendeleev (1839-1907) but this time with knowledge of the 2 intervals in the octave and knowledge of inner octaves and inner intervals regarding the coming-to-be and the need for Transition Elements, the Lanthanide Series/Octaves and the Actinide Series/Octaves emerging from the Octave of the Transition Elements.


5. The octave conception of the electronic structure within the atom and its orbits/shells - the atoms are created through the octaves of the electrons


6. The Gurdjieffian-Ouspenskian octave conception of psyche hydrogens in a cosmology of fineness of matter from H1 through H3072 (2nd scale down; No scale down = H6-H12288 and 1st scale down = H3-H6144) - 'the stand-alone-by-itself' and bonded with physics.

The periodicity of the elements or atoms begins from the simplest atom known as Hydrogen (H) having 1 proton,1 electron and 1 neutron (law of 3).  The electron in it is in different energy levels or orbitals. Upon absorbing a photon of the correct energy, it will be excited to a higher energy level, if in a higher energy level it can relax to a lower energy level by emitting this photon.  As protons are added quantitatively from atomic number = 1 to atom number = 2, based on the law of quantitative changes to qualitative changes and vice versa, qualitative, this new hydrogen atom with 2 protons now is qualitatively different and we call it Helium (He) and the octave is complete in the 1st fractal number, n = 1 of the Fractal Octave Theory of the Periodic Table of Elements.  With with each further addition of protons, another new type of atom or element is created also by this same basic law of quantitative changes to qualitative changes and vice versa.  The increasing protons and the increasing s, p, d and f orbital filling of electrons associated with each new atoms or elements formed obeys the Fractal Octave Theory where the Solfege notes DO, TI, LA, SO, FA, MI, RE, DO shown below with the fractal number and also the law number from 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 and 96 which is the number to denote the number of "laws" that is limiting the "freedom" of the whole Cosmos or Universe.


An important point to note here is that every bigger atom from atomic number = 1 up to atomic number = 118 the current biggest atom or even to 120 of any possible next octave down or up (?) as recycled through black holes comes from the many combinations of this simple Hydrogen (H). The world is explained phenomenally with physics and in the physical world as well as the wave world in a wave-particle duality - certainly having omitted the noumenal properties or  cosmic properties, consciousness and psyche.  More important here is how do we incorporate these cosmic properties into the wave-particle duality physical system to make it into 3 as in accordance to the triad law - a particle-wave-psyche triad in new physics instead of a particle-wave diad in old physics.  I proposed by introducing another entirely new system and nomenclatures for this noumenal cosmic properties and relate it to the current phenomenal physics (without soul, mind, psyche, consciousness and spirit) through 5 basic laws of the dialectics, namely, the law of unity of opposites, the law of the transition of quantitative changes to qualitative changes and vice versa, the law of negation of negation, the law of triads and the law of octaves to comprehensively cover every aspects of this phenoumenon.  We should not be scared to introduce cosmic properties to matter and to Hydrogen (H) especially, otherwise, we would permanently be haunted ghosts and spirits all the time as a physicist.  Once this Gurdjieff-Ouspenskian noumenal models is bonded into one through the above 5 basic laws the spiritual and ghostly spell would be broken.


7. The Gurdjieffian-Ouspenskian octave conception of Our Ray of Creation - the Absolute, All Worlds, All Suns, Our Sun, All Planets, Earth and Moon


8. The octave conception of motions itself - psychic motion, light motion, electromagnetic motion, electric motion, heat motion, sound motion, mechanical motion in space and motionless motion in time.

This work has contributory impact on modern science on the otherwise easily forgotten knowledge and understanding of the underlying Law of Triads and the Law of Octaves that scientists having been observing.


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 The Classification of Cosmic Motions






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