Volume 23       June 2, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 17, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Astrological Ages, Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves or Marxian Historicism, The Age of Aquarius, HEIGRENS Concepts and the Guiding Principles," January 1992 - September 1993 Discourses and 2012 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section A: "The Thinking About Thinking' and Section B: 'The Enneagramic Beings,"  pp. 1~5)






1   Things which I have not thought before become a-thinking in me.  Things which I have not felt before become a-feeling in me.  Things which I have not done before become a-doing in me.  What you think is a ‘New Thinking’ may have long been thought before by the ancient thinkers.  Where is your essence thinking? Show me!


2   From my point of view the concept of Three R’s is incomplete for full human development.  I would suggest FIVE Rs for education to develop a modern man but not amounting to a modern HEIGRENS man.  The 5 Rs are: Reading, wRiting, aRthmetics, pRogramming, Reflexive skills.  The HEIGRENS are: Holistic, Educational, Innovative, Green, Responsible, Evolutionary, No-Harm and Sustainable..

The HEIGRENS concepts and principles are:

H - Holistic
Holistic philosophy is about combining parts into whole, about bringing together the visible and the invisible, the manifested and non-manifested and the cause and effect into integrated systems of wholeness


E - Educational
Earth is a life school for learning and developing inner qualities that are latent in men's thinking, feeling and psychomotor faculties: knowledge and physical skills, emotions such as love, wisdom, will, selflessness, benevolence, compassion, cooperation, etc.


I - Innovative
Facilities and activities that are creative, innovative, inventive and integrative with the different kinds of wellbeing systems as to provide care for the harmonious whole


G - Green
Facilities and activities which protect forests, humans and nature, recycling of waste, non-polluting, fully blended with the green factors and in harmony with the natural environment


R - Responsible
Management which is responsible both socially, technologically and to the environment


E - Evolutionary
Facilities and activities that are supporting the human inner evolution and involution: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as well as the evolution of nature.


N - No-Harm
Facilities and activities that are harmless for humans and nature, which means that all materials, supplies, activities and decisions are evaluated in relation to the true impact on health.  The final goal is to bring 100% of benefits without any piece of harm.


S - Sustainable
Capacity to endure for long-term setting and maintenance of human well being in both peaceful, moderate and hostile environment, and making the place better then it was and are bringing positive values with the goal to improve human life.


3   It is natural for a man to expand his knowledge to the highest stage.  The development of human knowledge is an endless process.  Nothing can really stop its progress.


4   Knowledge should be cultured as a way of life, an inseparable component of our daily lifestyle.  It is to be banked into a knowledge account for reference and continuity.  It is like Regents University Credit Bank, wherein you bank your university credit score.


5   The departmental sciences are chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, sociology, economics, geography, philosophy, religion, business administration, etc. – all of them are the lateral sociocosmic concentrations of thoughts. They are subjected to the same laws of the in-between, that is, the laws of the boundary.Specialty in both sciences and arts is a possibility that constantly negates itself to become general.  Our mind will quietly slip away from any specialization.  Specialists are not really specialists once their minds have slipped into something else and something more.  Only the tagged word of identification, empty or full matters.


6   The universities, colleges and professional institutions are the instrumental international organizations churning out certificates and honors to ‘students’ and participants of the global education market.  The capitalistic mass production of education products and services that floods the international noosphere has its own seeds of conflicts and degeneration because it is defective in itself. As knowing, knowledge and experiences are like Miss Quick Electromagnetic Waves, they are not easily measurable, the static certificates soon become instruments for justifying benefits such as salaries, allowances, bonuses, moneys, ranks, honors and others.  The antithesis to all formal ‘rank–and–certificate’ system of world education is ‘REAL DOING’.




1   An enneagram-being is like a condensed seed of life.  When the environment is favorable, its inner energy begins to move, and then the ‘notes’ take shapes and forms.  When conditions are not favorable it begins to take social, natural and cosmic roots.  When an enneagram-being is dead it loses its inside ‘triangle’ and its structures and forms gradually break up through external wear and tear.   The disintegrated parts then become the food for other enneagram-beings.


2   There is no Real Dead but there is qualitative transfer - motion.  This transit into the fifth dimensions (and higher), begins from the very moment you are born, the ‘Bardo’ has already begun.  Life is a preparation of deaths.  The psyche transformation continues even after the physical death of the persons. Some being psyche hydrogens created in the human body during living life are not destroyed but “transferred” or “eaten” by higher beings in different physical concentrations and dimensions.  ‘I’s and ‘it’s may be destroyed but Real ‘I’ and ‘soul’ remain to be functionally useful elsewhere in the solar system or even higher systems in the scale along the our Ray of Creation.


3   Man cannot exist alone (as an individual), he is a social being.  Therefore, once he has existed, he, whether he likes it or not, has to realize himself with his group as a social power and as a force of motion in development.


4   There are billions of enneagrams inside the universe; the solar systems, the galaxies and the Constellations are the smaller enneagrams inside the One Great Cosmic Enneagram.  Only a few enneagrams govern our physical life with the main one being the Enneagram of the Organic Life on mother Earth’s surface.  However, our psychological life is governed by our Sun, our moon and the Constellations.

Man tends to view an enneagram of Himself as the center of reference and another, the enneagram of the universe which is bigger and mightier with a center at an Absolute somewhere far away.  In between, there are countless enneagrams.  Worst is he who claimed himself to be the messenger of this Almighty Absolute in whatever name or religion he names it.  For a serious wrong is bound to be found in it.

In the name of Real World Views (with all its limitations), The most impartial of thoughts, feelings and actions (with all the partialities due from not including the instinctive, moving and sex domains), May you be blessed by its noble truths (also the false) and be enlightened (or en-darkened as a fallen Angel) with Real ‘I AM’ (or with the pseudo-‘I AM’).


5   A strongly vibrating interior and a slow vibrating exterior – this characterize matter–with-spirit or psymattergy in a biological being.  This psymattergy is an enneagramic being itself.







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