Volume 56       June 25, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 8, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "To Know, To Understand, To Be; The 'I's and 'it's of Man; Commentaries, Thoughts and Aphorisms on the Social Life of Man," April 1977 - September 1977 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section C & D: "The Nature of Group, School Work and Missionary Work; Frictions in Group Work are Necessary for Progress," pp. 193~200)





1   I am interested in organizing a study group which is the first step in the preparation of the future work in line with the long-term mission to the Great Sociocosmos and of great value to all its sociocosmic entities.  Small batches of research groups of 2 to 7 individuals are being set into motion to collect data, find more ways to self-perfection and strengthen this great group body.


2   Groups must be understood at a higher level and have leaders, overseers, visible and invisible “ministers”.  The strength of a school lies in doing — the number is secondary.  When a group becomes visible, it means it has strength.


3   Mentally projected future scenarios now and move into this scenario as you create the frontier of the new real world.  The whole process is the realization of all your predetermined missions, purposes, goals and objectives.  And all your three centers must be pointed in one direction as you coat your ‘I’s with this material fortune of your group and corporate identity.


4   What is the use of two persons staying together unless they “work” together and discuss amongst themselves to achieve goals?  The fourth way may have to proceed by preparing the mind and for the whole being to be set in a predictable manner.


5   Every piece of doing should be done consciously; otherwise, it is not doing at all – just happenings.  There will be happenings!  Never mind about the things to be done, so long as it is school doings from the conscious you.  The work involves subjecting a person under different situations conducive for changing being-states.

A matured group characterized by similar-dimensioned brain, authority-at-different-levels, socio-function-in-different-categories and stabilized standard norms — these are the 4 cardinals of group at work in any organization.  By developing consciousness, these cardinals will stand in opposition to one another, now uniting now separating.  In the end, the group becomes a place for quarrelling and irritating ‑ this is the sign of development within a group.  A group can turn into a self-quarreling school — where papa, mama, sons and daughters never agree with one another and even as you shall see they become very calculative both in money and labor (work).  And these vibrations are transferred by the beings themselves, that is, working on their centers.


6   A school can withstand tremendous amount of criticism, a tremendous amount of scolding and punishment.


7   Even for man or woman — it is the same.  When they enter a school, perpetual work programs continues to the last day of their life.  So, long as a person drift with the wind, he becomes an automaton.  He has to be schooled again.  He has no program but his body harbors all kinds of ‘I’s.


8   A group is the coming together of individuals, a meeting of the minds at a sufficient degree of vision, philosophy and understanding that they have individual and group tasks and goals to accomplish.  However, a group can develop internal contradictions as it carries on for some time and external contradictions with other groups as they meet.  Essence group and personality group are different in that the former has higher and more centers integrated, matured and are based on higher interests, while the latter has lesser involvement of centers contact, immature and are based on superficial interests. Time and distance cannot easily affect an essence group.  Personality group is easily forgotten and disappears with distance and time ‑ out of sight out of mind.  In real essence, there can be no real contradiction but as it acquires more personalities contradictions set in.  And in personality, esotericity cannot be created.  It must be understood that an esoteric circle cannot accept many members.

In life circumstances, you must know which group you are working or playing with —– and many of them pour from the empty into the empty.  When a group actively seeks expansion it draws in its planetary neighbors into its orbit of influences through regular communication, reciprocally feeding on the products and services of one another visibly and invisibly.

The higher the group mission is, or the more esoteric the group is, the fewer will be its real members.  Jesus Christ cannot maintain an esoteric member of 10 members (disciples) although he has millions of followers by now.  Marx only wanted 12 essence members (followers) ‑ the really esoterically committed ones.  Gurdjieff probably has 8.  If he goes on wasting time with others, he will become instead of being the highest C influencer, transformed gradually into a B influencer and in time even lower than that.  The higher the level, the greater will be its ability to disappear into any groups at any level.


9   If a C influence is thoroughly visible, it might be destroyed rapidly.


10   People whose basic ‘I’s are different and even antagonistic cannot form a proper group.  In this sense people with weak ‘I’ crystallization is even better than people with strong ‘I’ crystallization or (strong culture for example) ‑ because some of these wrong crystallization are difficult to erase.  But people without ‘I’ can still be fished out just like people with ‘I’s.  They have become visible for the fisherman, whether they have ‘I’s or not.


11   Being of the wrong type is good for the work if they stay together.  Wrong types produce friction and the friction produces the heat that would boil the group to steam.


12   Never be in your life to impart fourth way knowledge too insistently.  Very few can really come into it without an inner crisis.

Only those who are seeking and searching for something are useful and may have the possibility of coming into the Way.  So, whenever you come across a person, you must find out whether he is really seeking for something, and if so, what is it? If a person is satisfied with everything, you can forget about him for the way.


13   It is no use staying in a school if you do not want to BE.


14   Groups are notes, RE-sociocosmic stopinders, in the Great Sociocosmic Ray of Creation.  There is no point imagining a group that can truly represent humanity – for they function for themselves within the paradigm of the group purpose of existence.  The non-esoteric groups never work on themselves all roundedly, but only talk and show their defective sides everywhere they go.


15   My special interest lies in this when observing a prospective learner ‑ the possibility of being able to develop, the ability of being able to work together and lastly, to learn from him.


16   Can you collect people who cannot do and will not do anything ‑ but already very busy with their self-will and excretions?  Anyone who wants inner development has to “isolate” himself from ordinary people, just to avoid being pulled by automatic mass psychosis.  This “isolation” is a prelude to real future contact with them.


17   Suppose a group wants to conquer a region X.  All it has to do is to strategically spread propaganda about this region.  Assuming wherever possible that a certain Mr. W (but actually this Mr. W  =  an ordinary lame goat) has being constantly oppressing and punishing unjustly its people, and you know what  —  we, the group, are so fueled with fire over this something that we cannot wait the slightest moment to get rid of Mr. W and take our own region.  But Mr. W does not really exist.  Region X is concealed to many people and so …….  Well!  You can give a hundred and one reasons when the chicken is in your table dish.


18   It is essential to bring together differences into a work group for inner work but not suitable for a group that wants productivity and immediate delivery of goods and services.  Actually many activities have been going on unseen.  People talk a great deal about the past.  You need to quietly sense and see the real world again in the midst of the noisy talk.


19   For serious essence work, it is no use creating a group that only operates in personality.  If there is to be a group, there is to be some essence links.  Even couples and kin might not have enough essence contact.  Personality and even professional unity is unsafe.


20   Learn to discipline the body to work.  Your life is always a part of work but the trouble is that the work becomes more and heavier when your three centers could not coordinate with one another.  Work is also an ‘I’.  Without work ‘I’s, conscious effort is lost.  And he does everything mechanically.  It started off with group work that the New World Order can be realized.  A reverse is possible if humans behave entirely mechanical again.


21   The first line is work on oneself, the second line with friends and the third line, for the school.  In the third line, there will also be the 1st and the 2nd lines.


22   When instructing a group whose members are from various cultures everywhere, it is essential to run the group using the common sense rule of seeking for the shared values and reducing potential conflicts.  There should be no lording or exploitation.  They come sincerely to work for themselves and the welfare of humanity in general.  We are facilitators.  You can get into a small group and work on something for this something could be useful to humanity later.




1   In life circumstances, it is impossible to be free from friction.


2   Type is inner not outer.  Type is due to the emergence of the inner into the outer.  It depends on how the number of conscious or automatic types you can issue.  Type is crystallization.  After staying with a person for some time, you can sense the type and strength of each separate crystallization present in his inner world.


3   Move along with groups and establish connections with the good essence beings.  Each person corresponds to a particular type suitable for a specific or group of functions.  Do not attempt to choose one type.  Put antagonistic type together.  They help inner development and social changes.

If possible, change a few of them into other types.  A way to enter a group is through mimicry!


4   Either you give only when they want it or you create a condition that would lead them to want it, and you give it.  The more you understand, the more you enter the work.  In the work, your inner world attitude to everything will change.


5   Now when speaking on the work, it is a very long process.  A family can become the work.  Our relation to beings of the same or opposite sex is a perpetual trialectical motion.


6   What type of beings should be connected to a fourth way being?  One who is also very interested in the fourth way and is very willing to work on it.  Such a person can become essencely connected to the fourth way being.  If one has another kind of interest or other ‘I’s, what is the use of living together in a fourth way group?

If we take a couple, can the relationship be harmonious if the ‘I’s are antagonistically different?  No.  But for fourth way work such frictions are very necessary.


7   Another type of people who can enter the way is a disappointed person who could listen and appreciate essence value.

Can you know whether the relationship is right?  The lower too must not have a strong self-will.  She must be a learner.  What about tests?  Almost all the time and everywhere!  Can you know who is higher and who is lower?  He who has gone through inner being-partkdolg duty is the higher.  In face of the higher forces, the lower must be passive.  If ‘it’ is unable to do so, ‘it’ will be farther away from the way.


8   Always and everywhere, develop the inner contradiction of a social group or an organization engaging in the work.  This antagonism is the hidden or suppressed unliberated libido of a sociocosmic entity that needs the friction to spark off creativity.  It is most likely that the good elements could be alchemized from such a friction and the bad elements are transformed into good ones.  Imbalances are improved through the work.  When there is no such contradiction and friction, there is no growth.


9   I was of course very curious about these what are called being-colleagues who on talking to me always and everywhere “observe” me with curiosity, and to look at me as if I am a weird planetary specimen in the laboratory.  No wonder, these creatures, talk in the manner as if they would do when they are making a “dissection” of other beings in the laboratory.  I do not know whether I am the cause of their behavior or they are the right candidates for the work.






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