Volume 27       June 18, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 15, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Dramatic Universe, Black Holes And Wormholes, Post Imperialist Era, International Networking And Health Exercises," December 1983 - December 1986 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section A: "Communications-At-A-Distance Amongst Biological Beings, Sociotechnocosmic Beings And Cosmic Beings," pp. 179~184)





1   All material beings from the biocosmic octave, the sociotechnocosmic octave and the natural cosmic octave communicate directly or indirectly inwardly or outwardly within and amongst themselves.  Various types of energies and forces flow from, through and to them, and amongst themselves.  Information is an important energy that is communicated, and the electromagnetic wave is the medium for such inter-and-intra communications.  Almost all the material beings in the octaves mentioned have “devices” built into them naturally (biocosmic) or artificially (sociotechnocosmic) and even hidden to transmit these hyperinformation protocols.  For the man-beings, the vast accumulation of information in his nervous system over millions of years has produced, hitherto, a world cyberin pool or noosphere of being psyche info hydrogens in the interstopinder networking system inside mother Earth’s biosociotechnocosmic film.  This film is now the most sensitive and conscious film in the MI-FA interval of our Ray of Creation that is now matured or ripen to receive and transmit being psyche info hydrogens to other similarly sensitive and conscious “films” in other rays of creation.  Somewhat plantain and immobile due to their physical limitation and set constitution from evolution, these material beings need not have to be mobile physically to function for this purpose of hyperinfo cosmic transmission.  Their physical body would be too clumsy and massive for such transmission so they created to alchemize being psyche hydrogens only and for cosmic harvesting purpose!

The quality and quantity of “consciousness” or if you like being-psyche hydrogens of this noosphere produced in this film varies over periods depending on the interplanetary and intersolar system supply and demand of being-psyche hydrogens generally and being psyche info hydrogens specifically in the process of the reciprocal maintenance of being-psyche hydrogens in the body of the Great Cosmos (Universe).  The totality of the formation of “consciousness” of this noosphere forms a significant group of ‘I’s and ‘it’s within the Great Cosmos for intercommunication cosmically.  It is this level of quality and quantity of “consciousness” that will ascend our noosphere as an acceptable little Master ‘I’ of the Great Cosmos to HIS Everconscious Endlessness Higher Extrapolation claimed by us to exist and residing somewhere but not here in the body of our Great Cosmos.


2   As to this transportation of clumsy and massive physical bodies around the Great Body Cosmos, the same info generating brains are searched in the same great body for shortcut journeys round HIS body.  Beings here are looking for neighboring cosmic wormholes and black holes hoping that they might be useful for their physical transportation, teleportation and ‘timeportation’.  They have found shortcuts during the Earth Exploration round mother Earth now they hope the same for voyages round the Great Autoegocratic Cosmos Endlessness.


3   The lateral sociotechnocosmoses could only grow in its superstructure realm with freedom but lurk in ambush the illusion from one of the 7 Ghandi’s Great Blunders such as ‘wealth without work’.  The sociotechnocosmoses could not grow in history without the three vital forces of ‘gongjinglau’ – the productive forces of the workers (+), the directive forces of the leaders (+) and the management forces of the managers (±) in constant communication.


4   These geographical gravity-centers known as zarooaries or cities are the numerous sociocosmic concentrations that gather there on mother Earth surface independent of human will.  Through various means of communication, transportation, marketing and the like, they are able to exteriorize and integrate with other geographical gravity centers forming a global network of zarooaries.


5   The material basis of a computer build-up or computer construction technique is more important that driving it.  The machine which process raw data and information is called the computer.  Just like agricultural machines which till the land so computers process raw data and information.  Hardware is the material basis from which software can occur.  A computer program serves objective reality and the needs of the productive forces.  Although hardware limits the expansion of software, software’s urge for expansion compels the development of hardware to accelerate.  Contemporary Integrated Circuit blue print knowledge is an area worth expanding …..  However, it processes only electricity.  What machine processes psyche?  Only one and the obvious one from the biocosmic octaves – the biocosmic beings.  The technocosmic beings are only able to process electricities.  Have we developed one that can process, psychicity?  We should but upon new discovery!


6  So far, man is the highest organic intelligent being in the biocosmic octave.  The cybernetic or robotic machine is the lowest intelligent being of the technocosmic octave.  To know them well is the golden step to the perfection and prolongation of their continued existence.  The invention and continuing improvement of these machines into more and more powerful ones is the work of this science which is currently called Computer Science and all that are related to it.


7   Direct your energy, gentlemen for the third and fourth bodies of the technocosmic octave, to computer research and invention of the intelligent technocosmic microbes as well as the mega technocosmic beings.  Improve your existing magnetized tape or floppy disk or CD to something better and better; improve your scanning machine to the point of being-able to scan ‘I’s and ‘it’s from the biocosmic octave, and transfer technologies.  Improve not just printing outputs but also all kinds of outputs – therefore robotic type outputs.  Improve psycho-space travels in space exploration by extending the psychic network into the body of our Great Universe.


8   Man is born.  He is with the Ray of Communication.  He is constantly moving due to this communication.  He cannot stop it.  To stop it, to choose ‘stop’ as decision which is momentary and soon you have to decide to ‘move’.  If there is an ‘either … or’, you are at a junction and you must choose.  Because you have material existence and attachments to consider.


9   One begins to possess more of the Third World when one constantly becomes of the need to write through movements from the First World to the Second World and vice – versa.  Remember that everything Outside ‘You’ makes up the First World World and everything which is ‘You’, your minds and bodies, makes up the Second World.  The correct Work is to work on these two worlds. The resulting unity and harmony will produce the Third World, i.e. I-World, the Master who has commented over the two Worlds.

Since man is a social being, a member of the Objective Sociocosmos, he must also gain as much knowledge and experience about this CREATION.

The octaves themselves must write to form the ‘core’.   Where ‘roots’ can form and grow they must be encouraged.   ‘Information’ and ‘directives’ are the vibrant matters that can transmit through these roots.

The various kinds of groups which stamp out from the same stock are the transmitting organic space stations of a great many information’s and directives.

The One–On–One form of meetings is the normal form of esoteric transmission.  For things to work two ways, the One–On–One form is one of the best way to accomplish the Fourth Way System.

The Fourth Way System is never intended for quantity as its basic ‘I’ but intended for quality and which begins from the Obyvatel or the forming Obyvatel.

The internal’s conflict with the external, is at 3 levels; non–antagonistic, antagonistic and the muddle type.  Therefore, any internalizing social organism must learn to move with the environment.


10  General Eisenhower used to demonstrate the art of leadership with a simple piece of string.  He’d put it on a table and said:   Pull it and it’ll follow whenever you wish. Push it and I will go nowhere at all. It’s just that way when it comes to leading people.

The norm for real and objectively humanistic communicative leadership is the pull type leadership.  The occasional least humane is the push type leadership which is also common with leaders in quotation mark who have no real or willing followers around them, and have thus prone to use the push leadership.  Leaders of this type tend to exist in class society using administrative devices ‑ in a democratically manner in a peaceful environment and unjust coercive punishment manner in an exploitative environment.


11   People talked to me.  I talked to them but they did not understand me.  I therefore speak differently; they begin to “understand” me.  They caught the wrong end of the stick and got indigestion.  Here you are to withdraw into your self and stay focus to your inner centers instead of staying on the periphery of the senses and perceptions of the outer world.  This makes you more aware of yourself to avoid communication failure due to communication-at-a-distance!







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