Volume 77       September 28, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 1 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "New Trends in Dialectical Philosophy, Economic Forces in Society, Natural Sciences and Philosophy of Nature",  March 1972 ~ June 1973 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section A & B: "Reflection on the Possible Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method & The Logical Method of Creating Sociology Vs the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method of Interpreting Social Phenomenon," pp. 86~ 92)


Logico-Psychophilosophical Regions in 'E' Having Higher Feeling Having Higher Thinking With unified Higher Feeling & Thinking Plus Mechanicalness




1   My Real World Views is none other than an attempt to seriously integrate the so-called World One, World Two and World Three of the experience of my being in the conviction of the same manifestation in beings similar to myself.

It would be an analogical parallelism to compare it with external environment, internal environment and goals for an individual.  A more objective view is to simply call it World One, World Two and World Three as they are the only known dimensions for every being-man.

The Real World Views series goes for the real world type of knowledge filling in the spaces omitted or not accessible to ordinary thinking and writing.


2   I have come to the conclusion a long time ago that there was no escape from the labyrinth of contradictions in the world we lived in except by an entirely new approach, unlike anything hitherto known or used by many contemporary thinkers.

The point is: When you roam the earth surfaces hunting and seeing, touching, and smelling, and testing and reflecting what are called society as described by the scholars, you really ‘see’ nothing like their ‘constructs’ in their mind and ‘sentence-flowing’ laid down in their traditional text.  The First World method reveals a different picture all together, the Second World Method agree to a sociological construct or octave flowing in a familiar psychic pattern and the Third World method tells you that you can reconstruct this ‘sociological construct’ for your Real ‘I’.


3   Analysis is splitting the whole for its parts.  Octavelysis is analyzing the octave for its inner octaves.  This latter is more careful and would also include connectedness discovered through the analysis.  Triadlysis is analyzing an entity for the three possible hidden forces that cause the entity to come into being.  Trioctavelysis is analysis by using the laws of three and seven.


4   Writing a piece of research work using logical thought is not enough.  It easily pleases the smooth mechanism of thinking and diverts one’s attention away from reality through an abstraction process.  A second factor is essential to bring to reality, the psychological method.  You need a third factor to consolidate and strengthen the boundary of the two factors.

Point form writings are like concentrated orange squash to be made tastier through diluting them with water.  Ideas are psyche hydrogen concentrates that would dilute in time.  Logical writers behave in this way in the production of many works including those sciences, mathematics and other disciplines.


E is the Universal Set of Inner Worlds consisting of everything in World Two and World Three.  Outside E is the Outer World consisting of all that make up World One.


5   Mathematics, sciences and logic are fundamentally written based on the principles of the thinking center.  Songs and music are composed based on the principles of the feeling center.  Physical education is subjects based on the moving center.  Views from the Real World is written three-centeredly.  However, every production requires the support of all other parts of the body, so every center will also be involved in this production.  The difference lies in the source, the focus and the gravity center of this production.  One would not excel if one tries to use a different center discipline in place of another.


6   To bring in the system called ‘mathematics’ into our inner world through the learning feeding process, to make it a permanent operational auto-moving system in us, coordinating well and in harmony with all the other parts of the body, it would be necessary to cultivate it in the logical part of the thinking center through conscious labor and intentional suffering of all parts and on the mathematics as centrum.


7   Language breeds and grows from one or more of the base centers of origin in the human body, so it might be called:

       A thinking center language, or

A feeling center language, or

A moving center language; or

A bi-center language, or

A tri-center language;

A language or expression, pure or heavily rested on one center is a common language disposition tendency in man.


8   Higher minds can accept ideas in threes and in sevens and anything ‘musical’.

In threes,

Duty, God and Country

Faith, Hope and Charity

Up, Up, and away

I saw, I came, I conquered

A rose is a rose is a rose

God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

In sevens,

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
Individual Group Family Organization State Nation World of Nations

Ideas not in the triad or octave sequence can be an antidote (a bitter medicine) to cure mental hypnotism.  This is because the sequence is capable of disrupting habitual thought pattern that has been set by the threes and sevens laws.


9   The real world is a good eraser and builder of your knowledge.  Views from the Real World would be functioning with a psyche resulting from the unity of the experiences from the West and the East.


10   Remember always and everywhere, when putting an idea into the “examination hall”, use a rope and tie the idea to the relevant thing in World One.  Then, use another rope to tie it to the relevant thing in World Two and position the observing ‘I’ in World Three.  In this way you can place the idea in the right perspective for a real-world view setting.


11   Mathematics is a one-centered language originating from the intellectual center.  Music is also a one centered language of the emotional center.




1   Sociological sciences examine the individual, the groups, the families, the organizations, the states, the nations, the World of Nations and the whole human society based on certain level of objective observation, experimentation and imaginations like blind catching fish in muddy waters, that is, without having a map first.  Few are aware of the triad and octave laws operating amongst the various species or sociocosmic stopinders in the Great Sociocosmic System.  These laws are the logic to society and the map used by the Fourth Way school.

Each book is a gravity-center concentration of thoughts.  Sociology is socio-logic in searching mode.  Here, we are dealing with sociologico-psychophilosophical method in re-examining the society using the laws of three and seven.  This has not been comprehensively done in most sociological expositions.


2   The study of the FA sociocosmic octave at this time would be right because there is a strong focus everywhere in the world on this octave.  The gravity-center vibration of our sociocosmos has concentrated in this FA octave.  The demand for expansion through the instrument of FA in accordance to the well-known laws:

  1. Laws uncovered by Marx (Dialectical Materialist Paradigm)

  2. Laws of the struggle for survival, the laws of natural selection (Biological or natural paradigm)

  3. Laws of reciprocal feeding, laws of multiautomarketo feeding exchanges, laws of sociocosmic triads, laws of sociocosmic  octaves, etc. (enneagramic paradigms)

  4. Laws that are discovered in all the texts dealing with various aspects of the sociocosmos (formal logical methods) such as those that are be found in text books on economics, finance, marketing, production operations, accounting, management science, quantitative methods, etc.

These 4 paradigms would constitute a powerful body of thought in digging for the dogs of our FA-sociocosmos.

If the traditional word ‘society’ is used in this context, I notice, our mind would continue to move round in a terminologic center on the fourth paradigm known as the formal logical method.  If the word ‘social organism; is used, we would add in a natural or biological approach.  The first two approaches have already existed.

Here the enneagramic paradigm is introduced by using the word ‘sociocosmos’.  This word was conceived in 1983 but fully expanded only in 1994 (eleven years later) in volume 18 of this work.  This conception has not been formed during the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky period.  The enneagramic, the biological and the dialectical materialist paradigms would constitute the psycho-philosophical method in its application to sociocosmic phenoumena and be the “philosophers” for the paradigmatic operations of the formal logical method.  There is a poverty of conceptual content to philosophize directly from this formal paradigm into the upper region. 

The idea of cosmoses is not new but the idea of biocosmoses and sociocosmoses would be new.

The works are written with an awareness vision centered on an understanding of a 4-dimensional continuum (or more).

Real World Work would be ‘marketable’ to the seekers who could come from any position in the grand sociocosmic octaves.


3   As the wise grandson says:

The most exciting expansion of socio-wiseacring writings is just to tickle the sociocosmic stopinders  -  do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti and do.  Other areas of tickling would be being-religion, being-ideology, being-politics, being-race, being-clan, being-tribe, being-sex, being-subjects and all other substopinders of the lateral sociocosmic octave.






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