Volume 16       May 3, 2004

Functional Sociocosmic Diseases - The Therapy For The AnomalIES In The Laujinggong Sociocosmic Shock Absorber - The Therapy That Comes From Nature

By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 20, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Unbecomings, The Sociocosmic Therapeutic Methods And The Final Exit of The Great Wise Grandson of Beelzebub," July 1996 - May 1997 Discourses, Chapter 4, Section A, B & C: "Functional Sociocosmic diseases; the Therapy for the Anomalies of the Laujinggong Sociocosmic Shock Absorber; the therapy that Comes from Nature," pp. 99~113)





1   The process of history is stopindered turbulently by the irregular reciprocal interference of the lateral and the fundamental sociocosmic stopinder force.  The ‘deformed’ policies, laws, roles and regulations are the elements of stunted growth and the clearing of such obstacles represents sociocosmic tasks and ‘periods’ in history.

At this MI-FA sociocosmic retardation, the laws of trialectics commission a three component laujinggong shock absorber input to enable a smooth flow of force all the way along the FA, SO, LA and TI stopinders or all organizations leading ultimately to the emergence of 4 matured laujinggongs and 2 premature laujinggongs.

The arrangement of these laujinggongs in current historical periods in transition is as follows:


1) The Lau-series:

·   DO-Lau: Heads (passenger / drivers)

·   RE-Lau: Group leaders or horizontal lau-groups

·   MI-Lau: Parents or horizontal lau-families

·   FA-Lau: Owners/Director Organizational Bourgeois or horizontal lau-organizations

·   SO-Lau: President/Prime Ministers, Heads of State/King & Queen/Business Bourgeois or horizontal lau-states

·   LA-Lau: President/Prime Minister/King and Queen/National Bourgeois or horizontal lau-nations

·   TI-Lau: Superpowers nations representing the Head of the United Nations whether elected or not elected or horizontal lau-nation blocs


2) The Jing-Series:

·   DO-Jing: Thorax (also driver)

·   RE-Jing: Group intermediate go-between ‘leaders’ or horizontal jing-groups

·   MI-Jing: Elder brothers and sisters or horizontal jing-families

·   FA-Jing: Managers (Top, middle and First-Line managers) or horizontal jing-organizations

·   SO-Jing: Cabinet ministers at state level (Top, Middle, First-Line) or horizontal jing-states

·   LA-Jing: Federal or central cabinet ministers at nation level (Top, Middle, First Line) or horizontal jing-nations

·   TI-Jing: Followers or subordinated weaker nations in world administration  or horizontal jing-nation blocs


3) The Gong-Series:

·   DO-Gong: Abdomen (horse)

·   RE-Gong: Operational subordinate or horizontal gong-groups

·   MI-Gong: Operational members (could be parent) or horizontal gong-families

·   FA-Gong: Operational workers (proletarians) or horizontal gong-organizations

·   SO-Gong: Government servants (operational level) or horizontal gong-states (modern slave states)

·   LA-Gong: All operational workers (as a class) in the country or horizontal gong-nations (modern slave nations)

·   TI-Gong: All operational workers of a nation-alliances in the world or horizontal gong-nation blocs (modern slave nation blocs such as the under-developed poor group of nations)


Note that laujinggongs exist for all the fundamental and the 2 lateral sociocosmic octaves of stopinders in our historical periods in transition.  Horizontal laujinggongs are caused by sociocosmic stopinders of the same octave level jockeying for three sub-level positions amongst themselves in accordance with the working of the law of three as to which group(s), family(ies), organization(s), state(s), nation(s) and nation bloc(s) should be the lau or the jing or the gong stopinder(s) in a vertical context within a horizontal same level octave note.

It can be noticed that the division is not very clear at the lower sociocosmic stopinders of RE and MI and at the higher stopinder of TI because of the coming-proximity to the MI-FA and TI-DO retardations where the laujinggong differentiation is most distinct at the FA and SO-sociocosmic stopinders.

The essence of the FA-stopinder is laujinggong.  The trialectic of laujinggong is not exactly equivalent to the traditional discovery of the dialectic of the bourgeois class and the proletarian class.  A laujinggong is an octave or 7-“notes” concept blurring at the retardation points in the octave.  While a ‘bourgeois-proletarian’ continuum is a unity of opposite of class concept operating at business and national perspectives, that is to say, in the words of the wise grandson  -  FA and LA sociocosmic stopinder gravity-center essence concentrations.  These are observable and discoverable ‘concentrations’ that could explain sociocosmic perturbations in the inner flow of the FA, SO and LA-stopinders.

And functional sociocosmic diseases are often caused by the conflicts within these laujinggongs while externally caused diseases are also due to the clashes of these 7-level laujinggongs.

The developmental trialectics of lau, jing and gong forces enter the psyche and contest in all the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders and the in-process secondary (minor scale/lateral) sociocosmic stopinders.


2   The process of quantitative determination of being-employees in the FA-stopinders and the SO-stopinders is called by these beings, measure of employment.

This information may indicate some terrors of the economic situations known as the ‘use-of-unemployed-labor-for-social-disharmony’, the ‘increase-of-competitors-because-the-unemployed-have-become-self-employed’ and ‘increasing-danger-of-revolution-or-governments-loss-of vote’.


3   The old paradigm (model) of capitalism used by these three-brained beings for their FA, SO, LA and even TI sociocosmic stopinders favors the great flow of being-wealth to the lau component of the 4 forms of laujinggong or to the accumulation-body (belonging to the owners and shareholders) of a sociocosmic stopinder.

The latter paradigm enriches the lau and the jing beings in acceptable proportion of gains.

The latest paradigm of capitalism or “socialism” is simply to enrich also the gong beings in acceptable proportion of gains, but this time maintaining also the lau-lead.  Nothing is truly lost.


And as the wise grandson say:


If you are holy, you’ll get the least.


And as the forces of laujinggong and gongjinglau within the sociocosmic shock absorber guided by devices known as being-strategic management, being-accounting and financing management, being-production operation management, being-R&D and being-marketing, dysfunctional diseases appear on and off ruining the natural health of these three-brained being.  Only on certain occasion do these organizational stopinder beings ‘feel’ their own lightness and rise into the sky.




1   My observation of these sociocosmic organizational stopinder beings and the results of my investigation, deeply and curiously peculiar have aroused similar behaviors in my planetary neighbors.

The periodic intra-laujinggong perturbation from my observation is proper for all organizational stopinders.  It commences from the FA-octaves, moves up to the SO and LA-octaves and to the TI-octave of the fundamental sociocosmic octave together with all the 2 lateral sociocosmic octaves, and upset the natural intra-bipolar contradiction within the MI and RE sociocosmic stopinders.

At this moment, a great intra-laujinggong perturbation ‘exploded’ in one of the eastern LA-beings, and I have decided to make my sojourn to his body, Being-Korea.  I soon found out that it was just a perturbation due chiefly to the wiseacring of the power-possessing beings connected to the lau-beings of the SO-stopinder over the implementation of some unfavorable “labor policies” on just the gong beings of all the FA-stopinders in the body of Being-Korea.  And these “policies” were so terrible to these gong beings that they began to behave “abnormally” and take to such common “group-postures” called there massive strikes and demonstrations.  They would for instance, caused all the FA-stopinders to cease operation or operate minimally, and caused injuries to the ‘economy’ of the LA-being.  They even kill humans and injure beings other than the humans.

Such a scene was then aired to every corner of every LA-beings in the world, to generate “shivers” to every being.  And all these impression benefits are due chiefly to the advancement of their mass media.


2   During the period of my presence on mother Earth where the unbecoming perturbations between the lau and the gong centers are still irreconcilable, both the gong and the lau components stopinder (by seven) and bring all conflicts upwards from the lowest stopinder to the highest stopinders.  At the LA and TI levels, these octaves organized themselves into armed forces and regularly engage in wars.


3   Even the laws, the armed force beings and all regulatory devices are subservient to the configuration of laujinggong.


4   Now concerning the being-time for the renewal of the lau-beings or the SO-body, the period varies as follows:

For the monarchy of the MI-historical sociocosmic period, the succession period is the life span of the emperor, the king, the sultan, the shah or the maharaja.  In the FA-historical sociocosmic period or in the parliamentary democratic republic paradigm, it is just a 5 of their Earth years.  For shock filling at the transition point MI-FA, a temporary “historical sociocosmos” or the “dictatorship of the proletariat” to restore the laujinggong imbalances, the period is just about the life span of the founder being for the respective nation-stopinder before a SO-historical sociocosmos is properly consolidated with a healthy gongjinglau.

For the SO-historical sociocosmic period, the period of change of a SO-lau being would be optional and based on the best fit rule of 5, 7 or 10 years or a life span of a DO-stopinder, whichever is better.  It is also based on the size, the population, the psychological acceptance and the prevailing demand of the lateral sociocosmic emanation.

This “dictatorship of the proletariat” correcting the laujinggong anomalies in all the sociocosmic stopinders especially at FA, SO, LA and even TI by transforming lau beings into working participants instead of kingly behavior beings sourced from the flow of psyche hydrogens from the monarchy MI-historical sociocosmos (as origin) intermix with those from the FA-historical sociocosmos (the chaotic competing ones) disappears as soon as these laujinggong shock absorbers are repaired and auto-healed by our Great Sociocosmic Being.  The “dictatorship of the proletariat” is just one of the few occasional shock therapy and repair service to the much disturbed sociocosmic shock absorbers that have occasionally broken down.  The “dictatorship of the bourgeoisie” is also a correction instrument for the repair of these absorbers.


5   As the wise grandson says:

You need three three-brained beings to create a sociocosmic laujinggong being.


6   Similar essence force at MI-family cannot continue to FA-organization because of the MI-FA interval.  The bodiless psychic octave in man provides three “notes” to the fundamental sociocosmic octave to fill the missing semitone at MI-FA interval.  These “notes” are la (thinking), so (feeling) and fa (moving).  Thinking (la) would become the raja or “lau” beings engaging in the activities of direction and strategic planning.  Feelings (so) would become the “jing” beings, the pull-push motivator-middlemen participating in motivation of employees.  Moving (fa) would become the “gong” beings, the operation workers engaging in operational and production labor activities.

Between the thinking and moving centrums, you need a feeling centrum to balance and coordinate them.  Between the lau and the gong centrums, you need a jing centrum to perform similar function.

7   Sociocosmic causes of our unbalanced psychic centers based on our life in laujinggong.  The lau and the jing beings think too much.  The gong beings take on the bulk of physical work.  Sociocosmic demands disharmonize the human centers.


8   The driver component of the LA-stopinder or the lau being of this sociocosmic stopinder is just the ‘parliament’ and which in accordance with the process ‘democracy’, would be ‘dissolved’ periodically at every of their 5 Earth years for a ‘renewal’ of their content.  And in this process, it is hoped that the succession driver beings of the LA-body would remain the same lau- person after another 1 or 2 days of ‘election’ game, otherwise, another coming lau-person representing a likely irresponsible lau-being in quotation.


9   And the creation of the TI-lau being runs thus:

First, a group of beings of the power-possessing LA-stopinder beings become particular “concern” for the welfare of the world, and also, particularly ambitious for power.  Second, a logicnestrian mental paradigm is developed with their sacred reasoning intact.  Third, the whole bulk is legalanized.  Fourth, the legalanized system became TI-lau viable and sent to the powerful LA-stopinder being for endorsement and support.  Finally, the newly created world stopinder cowed every lower stopinders, and retain its lau presence in the world “perpetually”.


10   Each established stopinder and its substopinders would seek from ‘something’ higher to protect itself as a functioning and therefore recognized for lau stopinder.  And this lau status is much contested, even by the lateral sociocosmic stopinder beings, chiefly, the legalana stopinder.


11   As a classic therapy for the anomalies in laujinggong, three-brained being uses psychology, strategies, hypnotism, religions, values, ethics and fear to cast a spell of peace in laujinggong.


12   Owing to the reciprocal obstructing structure of LA-laujinggong, the ascending opportunity for potential lau beings is almost closed but the struggles continue in history.


13   The continuous creation of the DO-sociocosmic stopinder being would ensure a continuous supply of beings for the organizational stopinders.  As the lau, jing and gong beings grow old and vanish from the sociocosmic body, the DO-sociocosmic stopinder would replenish them.

Although there is a strong pressure to be passengers and driver beings, many could not make it, and soon fall back to be the ‘horse’ beings.


14   The lau-beings, the jing beings and the gong beings would have to master the art of sociocosmic relaxation to enable laujinggong to heal.  Reciprocal ascending and descending interaction, forces that swiftly oscillate laujinggongly and gongjinglauly, balance nutrition with balance benefits and properties, socio-acceptance of stopinders regarding the anomalies of laujinggongs, the hard and soft shock therapy and all those listed in the therapeutic scheme of sociocosmic therapeutic techniques …… these are the likely solution to the much accursed anomalies of laujinggong.

The whole scenario of the sociocosmic fundamental scale, the tritocosmic organic and microcosmic man scale, the sociocosmic lateral scale, the major scale octave, the psychic centers octave and the minor scale octave is shown in the diagram below:







1   The Trialectical Theory of Therapy states that dis-eases in a sociocosmic stopinders can be improved (if not cured) by feeding (impressions, air and ordinary foods) extracted from their opposites (from other sociocosmic stopinders, cosmic concentrations, biocosmic concentrations) or simply that which comes from nature.

The trialectics of man and woman is often regarded as a therapeutic trialectics of all sex and love related disorders in the individuals.  The trialectics of human and plant is the major source of all herbal and pill methodology or “medicinal science”.  The trialectics of ordinary food, air and impressions is a medicine for healing consciousness and life force problems.  The trialectics of enemy-stopinder and friend-stopinder (e.g enemy-state and friend-state) is a healing octave.  A state-stopinder could just alert itself for an enemy to strengthen itself and gain support from members of the state. 

In this way, it strengthens its own immune system and heals its own dis-eases.


2   One scale down in the trialectics of man and woman is the trialectic of sperm and ovum.  One occurs in the sociocosmos, the other occurs in the ‘microcosmos’ (body of an individual).  Opposite sociocosmoses are used for healing own sociocosmos.

As the wise grandson says:

   To alert about an enemy to heal inner sickness.

Some individuals seek color therapy from colored beings of nature and most stopinders do not hesitate to add a few of them as part of their 1st body (physical body).  The emanation from some of these creatures for the wise-processing of color octaves is often consumed in large quantities by man for psychic healing purposes.  These specimens are just those being-pets (fish, small rodents and birds), being-flowers (the more they can emanate striking colors the better), being-beauties (especially the models and the Miss Worlds), being-toys (for the fantasies of the little children) and many more to the pleasure of your imagination.

And a being-God, a being-idol or a being-symbol has been actively used to integrate inner stopinder harmony.  They are all therapeutic foods.

Although these emanations are consumed through their receivers of impression for the sole purpose of healing, a different group of emanations that consists of chemical molecules is also consumed for similar purpose.  These include ‘oxygen’, ‘fragrant organic vapors’ or ‘perfumes’ and various kinds of gases for consumption through their nose.  And these healing airs are used for psychic as well as physical healing.

Finally, there are solid chemical compounds present in many biocosmic beings and especially those passive beings of the plant octave (because we are the active beings of the animal octave) used extensively as drugs and herbs for the proper blending of the trialectics between the plant and the animal elements.  Although this unbecoming trialectics of the biocosmic octave due to the conflict of elements forming the ‘plants’ and those forming the ‘animals’ and has resulted in the trialectical split-of-octave into the plant, the coral-animal and the bacteria kingdoms, nevertheless, the split has not separated completely all the 3 octaves.  Thanks to this, any disorder in the animal octave could possibly find its order through the compounds from the plant octave, irrespective of whether we extract them directly from the plants or reproduce them from our technocosmic lab.  Having consumed these coarse chemo-beings, we expect to heal our physical and psychological bodies.

Although the organic chemo-beings are the gravity-centers (bases) of our medicine, these man-beings would not be completely satisfied because some imbalances could still be cured by consuming elements from the animal octaves (lizards, mice, cockroaches, etc.), the mineral octaves (zinc, iron, potassium, sodium, calcium, etc) and cosmic radiation (sunlight, heat, cold, colors, and emanations from all distant cosmic concentrations)

All these are used by all the beings for their sociocosmic healing.


3   The sociocosmic stopinders demand and exploitation has created many disharmonious, unbalanced and one-sidedly developed individuals to the detriment of a normal life.  The fourth way comes handy as a therapeutic guide to a comprehensive total individual understanding and management weapon unparallel to many thoughts in this field.

During the period of peace, stability and harmony, both the quality of the ordinary and the impression facts of the environment are improved to make life forces comfortable for every being.  There is quality and quantity abundance of products and services.


4   Depending on the density of the matters surrounding Earth, biocosmic beings dwelling in that part of the least dense matter or air would correspondingly remain lighter and less dense than the beings of the denser matter (or land or sea) of which beings would be bigger and heavier.

Those beings that are out of place in the harmony scheme of the biocosmic octave as they develop in the medium of air, water and land would either modify themselves to harmonize with their medium or become extinct as a biocosmic stopinder.


5   While hethormen beings of the sociocosmic stopinder, being-Japan are blessed in the soul by the emanation of the cosmic stopinder, being-sun, hethormen beings of most of the Middle East LA-stopinders are blessed by the cosmic stopinder known as the moon.  In both cases, the lau beings of these LA-stopinders have received their spiritual bliss.


6   Human cloning does not add a new stopinder octave to the existing biocosmic octave, but it disturbs the human minds, ethics and the laws.  The legalana posture is merely negative.  During my period, the ethical answer is ‘no’ but during the next period, a ‘no’ cannot move but into ‘yes’.


7   The need to respond to the three primary stopinders of the ‘states of matter’ (solids, liquids and gases) and especially earth, water and air is so great that every organic (and sociocosmic) being including the technocosmic beings evolve for themselves the possibility for invading these ‘states’.  To the earth, they strive to be the burrow animals or the surface roamers, to the water, they strive to be the water creatures, to the air, the flying avians (insects, birds and space crafts).  As these ‘states of matter’ happen for their existence in their ‘World One’ they have not much of a choice to their physical possibilities.

If the DNA makeup of a puffer fish (fugu rubripes) is almost representative of a human’s by minimal comparison, then the DNA paradigm or the DNA-octave would not be a good area to look into for understanding the octave radiation of the biocosmic octave.  We need to go into the finer octave, into the world of the atoms and molecules in the gene itself, and to understand their ‘microcosmic’ radiation, including intelligent radiation of being-psyche hydrogen within the gene.


8   Wrong positioning, referencing and working of sociocosmic gravity-centers in the heads of the lau and jing beings of each and every sociocosmic stopinders both in the fundamental and in the 2 lateral sociocosmic stopinders.  The lau-beings of an organization (FA) or the lau- beings of the lateral sociocosmic stopinders in the MI-FA Interval take the position, the reference and the work as if it is already the State (SO), or a Nation (LA) or the great hegemonistic one at the World-of-Nations (TI) commanding, dictating and ensuring all the above(s) obey their lower dictation – ultimately damaging all sociocosmic relations and results in wars.  The lau-beings of a nation (LA) contracted the same sociocosmic disease and behave as if they are the lau-beings of the international United Nations (TI), thus creating higher level sociocosmic ill-fatedness leading to diplomatic breakdowns amongst nations and even to world wars.  The maturing lau-beings of the ‘World-of-Nations’ (TI) of the ultimate ONE Great Sociocosmic Being in the fundamental sociocosmic octave and in the existed in the form of ‘The United Nations Organization’ (Fa) for Humanity-at-Large (So) of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic stopinder at the TI-DO Interval might end up also a chicken-out being as is the case with the infantile lau-beings of the ‘League of Nations’ during World Wars I and II.

Finally, all the therapies that come from nature promise nothing conclusive and only continue endlessly into the history of natural sociocosmic therapies.







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