Volume 8       February 6, 2003


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 18, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Sociocosmic Octave, the Biocosmic Octave and the Cosmic Octave: A Revolution in Scientific Thoughts," October 1993 - March 1996 Discourses, Chapter 6,  Section A: "The Historical Biocosmic Octave and the Inner Biocosmic Octaves," pp. 709~751)






1   How does genetic instructions that initially flow in the nucleus and the interior of a cell construct various living beings through social cell activities within the micro-organocosmic world?  The answer is the same as the answer to the question of what social activities would occur if snakes, scorpion, tigers, fish and other creatures were created in a concealed habitat in their reproduction and interaction activities.  While instruction flow in the interior of a cell, how are they translated into the social activities of the cells (individual stopinders), tissues (group stopinders) and organs (organizational stopinders)?  The cells (basic living units) build the biological being with what they have been "instructed" or coded .  The cell must have a highly evolved instinctive command system as it reproduces itself and reveals its bio-logic within biocosmic organization.

The cells must manage, must possess a bio-logical mission with a grand bio-plan encoded from its gene-'I'.  It must have bio-organizational abilities to build the tissues, the visceral organ stopinders, the triadic head-thorax-abdomen and the limbs in exactly the same model.  It groups itself qualitatively as tissues, organs and systems, and produces the total biocosmic being.

Then the leader-cells which form the ‘social system’ of neurons constituting the nervous system whereby the grand micro-organocosmic plan encoded in the Gene-'I' are realized through them.

The cell-cell, tissue-tissue, organ-organ and system-system interfacing are integrated into the whole micro-organocosmic stopindering  being. There is a social-techno structure of all the stopinders in this biocosmic being which could not be fully explained by the genetic theory.  Then there are control systems such as the regulatory system, the lymphatic system, the excretory system, temperature control system, etc.

Some main points to observe are:

1.  The biocosmic octave and the tritocosmic octave (organic life led by man) are the special octaves that produce both the physical and the psychological bodies for each and every stopinder beings.

2.  The physical body of the Homo sapiens through an octave process of blending with its noumenal psychic octave consisting of centers whose inner stopindering will gradually descended to create the tritocosmoses.

3.  Finally, the microcosmoses and the tritocosmoses that produce the sociocosmic octave again make up all the sociocosmic stopinders in our society; they have emanated their society of sociocosmoses and technocosmoses (machines & buildings).

4.  All the biocosmic beings eat 3 kinds of being-foods, namely: 1. Ordinary solid and liquid foods, 2. Air including carbon dioxide, oxygen and others and 3. Impressions such as light and other tactile, odor, taste and sound impressions.

5.  The biocosmic development obeys the law of triads and octaves at various stages, and not just any type of uncharted development but rather its own internal development.  The social stopinderation and its civilization stopinderation  are the primary forces of change within the eco-system (biocosmic, sociocosmic and civilization) that is also opening to other eco-systems.  These include the external natural environment especially those from the fundamental and the lateral geocosmic octaves - geographical and geosophical, and the fundamental and lateral cosmic octaves - astronomical and astrological.  They are the secondary forces of change to Earth civilization.  Both primary and secondary forces of change are participatory in essence.

6.  But the whole thing is still a single piece of the Earth’s Grand Organic Life of biocosmic beings that is gradually transforming into a non-organic surface of bio-sociotechnocosmic beings.


2   Evolution takes place on the physical biocosmic stopinder on a quantitative basis producing minor variations to the physical structure of the stopinder.  Revolution takes place in a leap when a new biocosmic stopinder is created with distinct qualitative difference.  The genetic theory is used to explain these changes in species. Involution becomes more active after a physical biocosmic stopinder has been formed and stabilized. The organisms forming the biocosmic octave consist of psychic centers which are created by involution.  Both involution and evolution happen at the same time like life and death which are bound as one. When evolution stops to move involution seems to be moving and vice versa. When life stops death seems to be happening and vice versa.  Evolution "perfects" the physical constituents of the biocosmic stopinder and involution "perfects" the psychic stopinders that are inside the physical body.  Genetic motion contains directed energy and is a motion wedged between psychic motion.

Man is note 'TI' in the biocosmic octave so physical evolution has to come to a standstill here and involution has to be active for motion to continue. The strong and active process of the psyche centers is especially noted in man without much change in the physical body. The "spiritual" machines have to to be sponsored into the biocosmic octave at this deceleration point (TI) as a way to continue movement but this time as technocosmic octave, the "film" that envelopes man and also other living things in the organic field on the surface of Mother Earth.  Before this spiritual machines can come into existence, man's own involution must reach a high stage of development in the knowledge component of his thinking center so the pressure for him to sponsor "spiritual" machines produces his "cabbage head" in an unbalanced manner with a second group of pressures from the other psychic centers that regularly and chronically disturbs his inner needs.*

[* This point is added in October 6, 2003 to explain why involution is strongest at point TI in the evolutionary process of the biocosmic octave.]


3   The organism forming the biocosmic octave consists of psychic centers. The number of centers can be studied based on the same octave principles.  The possible number of psychic centers are listed below:


Earth Beings:

1.  TRICENTER  (3 in 1 center) (IMS)

2.   QUADROCENTER  (2 centers) (IMS & E)

3.   PENTACENTER  (3 centers) (IMS, E & T)   

4.   HEXACENTER  (4 centers) (IMS, E, T, HT (or HF)

5.  HEPTACENTER   (5 centers) (IMS, E, T, HT & HF)

Not yet discovered or emerged:

6.   OCTACENTER (6 centers)   (IMS, E, T, HT, HF, ?, ?)

7.   NONACENTER (7 centers)  (IMS, E, T, HT, HF, ?, ?, ?)



I ~ Instinctive Center  

M~Moving Center  

S~Sex Center  

E~Emotional Center  

T~Thinking Center  

HF~Higher Feeling Center  

HT~Higher Thinking Center


4   View 1:   According to one real world view regarding our Evergreat Historical Biocosmic Octave, and which was partially accurate enough for octave reasoning and which I would prefer it to be mentioned rather than to be entirely conclusive about it, we have the following explanation for the phenomenon.

As I have already warned you of this biocosmic octave and its inner octaves which change in accordance with the law of negation of negation, and would now rename this octave in accordance with the law of seven. 

The Historical Biocosmic Octave runs thus:

The first Historical Biocosmic Octave for the organic life on earth’s surface (which now known) began as, and called, early life, according to the now estimated earth years, occurs as DO-Historical Biocosmic Octave and it ended some 600 million years ago.  We do not have enough records of all the beings at that time.  However, we discovered some being-prokaryotes (nucleiless cells), being-eukaryotes, being-algae and splitted the biocosmic octave yin-yangly into the plant octave. Then the Cambrian Revolution began for the higher evolution of beings.  Simple animalian beings began to emerge.  These include being-Charnia, being-segmented worm, being-sponge and the favorite being-jelly fish.  Thanks for the laws of negation of negation, we can still see them even in the SO-Historical Biocosmic Octave period in our time.

The second RE-Historical Biocosmic Octave, also called the Age of fish which ended some 350 million earth years ago evolved those inner being- ‘notes’ called being-trilobite, being-dentalium, being-arandaspis, being-dunkleostus, being-coelacanth and many other undiscovered beings.  At the end of this period beings living in the sea began to leave their liquid matter environment in favor of the 1ess dense, finer, air matters of the atmosphere surrounding the upper part of the land surface.  This stage requires some modification of the apparatus used for feeding the second air food and also the apparatus used for feeding the third impression food.  At this stage, the gas called being-oxygen has already long consolidated at its 21 percent stage in the atmosphere and the gas, being-nitrogen, was then proportioning at 78 percent.  Organic beings are being prepared for living on land as they could then extract just the portion of being-oxygen from the air necessary for their survival.

At this point the third MI-Historical Biocosmic Octave began to function with a new set of beings known by us as being-ichthyostega, being-dolichosoma, being-hylonomus, being-meganeura. being-dimetrodon, being-euparkeria and so on.  And this age is called the Age of Reptiles.  It must be remembered that some of these unfortunate beings of the earlier period of DO and RE historical biocosmic octave have already become extinct.  This period ended some 230 million years ago.

With the end of this period, emerged the fourth FA-Historical Biocosmic Octave, also known as the famous Age of the Dinosaurs, which are also reptiles offshoots.  These FA-biocosmic beings, like the FA-sociocosmic beings, were characterized by their increasingly aggressive behavior, and that period was the period of the great reciprocal destruction war of the dinosaurs.  The being-dinosaurs of this period became very much bigger because of the greater pull of a falling third ‘moon’ and various strange inner expansions peculiar to all FA-"notes" of most octaves.  This would include also our FA-sociocosmic octave if it is present during this period. Expansion becomes inevitable due to double falling in a di-gravitational pull between the falling moon and the Earth.  This age of dinosaurs filled the octave with beings namely, being-coelophysis, being-icarosaurus, being-megazostrodon, being-dimorphodon, being-archaeopteryx, being-diplodocus, being-kronosaurus, being-triceratops and again many of the undiscovered beings.

I must further point out that some of these beings such as being-icarosaurus and archaeopteryx have wings to power themselves into the air and thus become more superior technologically in locomotion.  They are the accelerating buds of the coming birds. They are special in that they are able to feed on a variety of second and third being foods, which could not be enjoyed by others.  However, this favorite FA-Historical Biocosmic Octave also mysteriously ended for a variety of reasons and one of them was thought to be  the falling of the third moon.  The period ended some 70 million years ago.

Silently, a new SO-Historical Biocosmic Octave crept in for earth’s surface and we called it the Age of Mammals.  This period is our experience and it began some 70 million years ago.  The beings emerging during this period includes, in order, being-pararnys, being-bat, being-basilosaurus being-arsinoitherium, being-similodon, being-primate and the most important of them, being-homosapien or being-man which was octavely created some 5 million years ago.  This is the octave for you and me.

Somewhere in the middle of this octave, the psychic of being-man is capable of housing 7 centers  -  the maximum centers for this SO-Historical Biocosmic Octave.  We cannot predict the possibility of more centers unless the LA-Historical Biocosmic Octave emerges wherein newer and more powerful beings begin to form with us as a negated beings of lesser superiority.  Once this LA-historical Biocosmic Octave emerges we would no longer be the lau-beings for the Biocosmic Sociocosmos on mother Earth, a privilege ‘we’ have enjoyed for the past million years.

Now periodicking this biocosmic octave with Earth years, the time schema of the historical biocosmos thus runs as follow:


1.  DO-Biocosmic Octave  - 200 million years (up to 600 million years ago)
(Early life which began with blue green algae and was directed towards animalianization and ‘Head-Thorax-Abdomen’ revolution)

2.  RE-Biocosmic Octave  - 200 million years (up to 350 million years ago)
(Age of Fish which was directed towards lung and walking limb revolution)

3. MI-Biocosmic Octave  - 120 million years (up to 230 million years ago)
(Age of Reptiles which was directed towards size expansion)

4. FA-Biocosmic Octave  - 160 million years (up to 70 million years ago)
(Age of Dinosaurs which was directed towards shrinking size and wing revolution)

5. SO-Biocosmic Octave  -  140 million years (till today)
(Age of Birds which was directed towards hollow bones and feather formation)

6. LA-Biocosmic Octave  - estimated 100 millions years (till today)
(Age of Mammals which was directed towards brain revolution)

7. TI-Biocosmic Octave – estimated 10 million (till today)
(Homosapiens-modern man which was directed towards brain development)

8. DO-Technocosmic Octave
(Age of Machines which was directed towards parallel sponsored development of machines in the image of the biocosmic beings, Artificial Intelligence and possible Machine Consciousness Revolution)


Although there is a tendency for the duration of the octave to become shorter and shorter, a rapprochement, there is no danger as yet for the natural extinction for the homosapien-octave or being-man that was formed some 5 million years ago.

Many of these matrix octave biocosmic beings do not simply disappear even though the next higher octave has already functioned.  I can assured you that we would not be the frontline superior ‘species’ in the next biocosmic octave (LA) which may accelerate out from the tritocosmic octave.

I must further point out that the psychic bodies of these beings are grouped into the mysterious capsules called centers, which are housed in their bodies to fill and store the psychic elements of various grades.  As the movement from the lower octave to the higher octave takes place, more capsules or centers have to be created to contain higher-grade psychic hydrogens.  The SO-Biocosmic Octave sees the existence of 7 such capsules strategically located in some of the beings of this octave and especially in those beings called man.

Therefore, man would be the best inner note ‘Do’ for serious investigation.  But I must warn you that this 70% of this SO-Biocosmic Octave is already gone but man is only 5 million years old.  Therefore, man may enter the next biocosmic octave of LA, not necessarily in this physical or psychic form but something "super".

The LA-biocosmic octave must begin with the emergence of some dominating organic species of qualitatively different shapes, and they must be a predominating species for Earth to be able to take the banner of the Age of LA-Biocosmic Beings, and to exhibit lau domination as with man.


View 2:     According to another remarkable teaching by a being, named Robert L. Lehrman (The Long Road to Man, by Robert L. Lehrman 1961, A Fawcett Premier Book), a slightly different and better version of the real world view of our Historical Biocosmic Octave runs thus:

As soon as the gravity-center concentration of matter forming being-Earth differentiated into its 3 primary material states of gases, liquids and solids, and harmonized their presence in a stable balance, the filling of the comic retardation point of our Ray of Creation for being-Earth with the organic life began.  A biocosmic octave of living stopinder beings operated by some lower grades of psyche hydrogens gradually emerged.

This remarkable man began his Historical Biocosmic Octave classification thus:


This image is added on Jun 10, 2021 for the purpose of visual illustration


The DO-Historical Biocosmic Octave


The Precambrian Eras that began some four and a half billion-earth years ago consisted of two periods  -  the Azoic and the Proterozoic periods.  There is no life during the Azoic period.  Life began during the Proterozoic period about 2,000 million Earth years ago and it occurred in being-water known as the ocean.  Many small simple being-invertebrates and simple being-plants began to evolved as the first early life forms of the biocosmic octave to enable a flow of forces for the inter-cosmic concentration retardation interval.


The RE-Historical Biocosmic Octave


The Paleozoic Era (Paleozoic means ancient life) which began 520 million Earth years ago.  The climate on the gas octave of being-Earth was mostly very mild.  There were few protruding solid matter or mountains and the liquid octave was contained in wide shallow ‘seas’ on those solid formations known as continents.  And this remarkable thinker divided this Era into seven periods based on a principle known as ‘intervals of mountain building’.  Thus the RE-Historical Biocosmic Octave separated into seven inner octaves or time-based periods whereby various kinds of emerging biocosmic beings are evolved to further balance the perturbation at the cosmic retardation point.  And these seven periods are:


The Do-Cambrian Period (520 to 430 million Earth years ago):  Both the invertebrate and the plant octaves were maturing fast in the liquid (ocean) portion of Earth.  Being-prokaryotes (nucleiless cells), being-eukaryotes, being-algae had splitted the biocosmic octave yin-yangly into the plant octave.  Protozoa and amoeba emerged during this period.  The invertebrate were only beginning to acquire hard coating or cover as gradual external skeletonization and evolved almost totally independently (from sea to land and to the air much later) its own arthropod octave to 'head-thorax-abdomen' arthropod beings of all kinds, and finding their presence in the the subsequent periods as insect octave.  These arthropods originated from the protozoan octave.


The Re-Ordovician Period (430 to 360 million Earth years ago):  The invertebrate beings almost completed its evolution and the first jawless ‘being-fish’ began to emerge with gradual internal skeletonization.  The jawless fish was then the biocosmic lau stopinder amongst all the other organic beings.


The Mi-Silurian Period (360 to 330 million Earth years ago):  The jawless ‘being-fish’ became very active as a stopinder and created many being-jawless ‘fishes’.  The invertebrate octave was completed with many developed beings as its content.  And the first jawed fish being began to appear and soon become an active biocosmic stopinder.


The Fa-Devonian Period (330 to 250 million Earth years ago):  This period saw the flourishing of the fish octave with the creation of many classes of the fish species.  And by this period, the plant beings have also ‘moved’ into swamps to enable a balance of reciprocal feeding.  Certain strange exo-vertebrate beings such as being-scorpions, being-spiders and being-insects of all kinds in abundance that form from the invertebrate energy that attracted vertebrate energy to coat itself with "bones". Even our dear fish was forced to took to eso-vertebrating for its bone need to preserve and harden its shapes.  The bones of these fish beings are formed on the inside of their body whereas in those exo-vertebrate beings, their bones are coated on the outside.   And the Head-Thorax-Abdomen structure, in accordance to the laws of three, was truly unique for these animalian and insect beings.  Some of these being-fishes became lobe-finned fishes.  The fishes, this time, occupied the position of the biocosmic lau stopinder.


The So-Mississippian Period (280 to 250 million Earth years ago):  Some of these strange beings began to prepare themselves for land ‘adventure’ and there began a great transition period for these being-fishes in the evolution toward the amphibian beings.  As to the life of these amphibian beings, their early life is in water while their later life is on land.  This active amphibian octave also resulted in the metamorphosis of many such beings.  Many lowland swamps produced coal because of the increase ‘waste’ of carbon elements form the dead organic beings.


The La-Pennsylvanian Period (250 to 230 million Earth years ago):  The amphibian octave became very active with the creation of many amphibian beings.  As to the plant octave balance yin-beings, the giant mosses occupy many parts of the land.  The first being-reptile began to emerge during this period from these amphibians.  The biocosmic lau stopinder was taken over by the amphibians.


The Ti-Permian Period (230 to 200 million Earth years ago):  Being-reptiles increase in numbers and began to go into drier places while being-amphibians took habitat in the moist places.  The mountain protruding became more serious creating highlands.  Climate created deserts.  Coniferous plant beings began to emerge.


The MI-Historical Biocosmic Octave


The Mesozoic Era which began 200 million years ago.  The Reptile Octave dominate Earth as they prepared for the biocosmic lau stopinder position.  Reduction of mountains gradually returned earth to a uniform tropical condition.  And this octave, according to this remarkable individual, consisted of three primary periods.  They were:


The Do-Triassic Period (200 to 165 million years ago):  Mountains and deserts again dominated with many being-reptiles.  Some being-mammals began to emerge.  Being-reptiles such as being-euparkeria, being-pterosaur and being-sinosaurs are the big biocosmic lau stopinder beings of this period.


The Re-Jurassic Period (165 to 70 million years ago):  The reptiles became very big with the emergence of truly great biocosmic lau stopinder beings such as the dinosaurs.  And they included the allosaurus beings, the brachiosaurus beings and the archaeopteryx beings that resembled birds.


The Mi-Cretaceous Period (130 to 70 million Earth years ago):  The plant octave had upstopindered itself with many advanced plant beings.  Forest consisted of many hardwood flowering plants.  The biocosmic lau stopinder beings consisted mainly of just these meat eating being-tyrannosaurus, being-quetzalcoatlus, being-iquanodon and the ankylosaurus beings.  Some sneaky beings of the mammalian octave were oscillating during this period with the emergence of the first marsupial-beings and various placental mammals.  This period ends with mountain building and the mass extinction of many of these biocosmic lau stopinder being-reptiles.


The FA-Historical Biocosmic Octave


The Cenozoic Era which began 70 million Earth years ago (Cenozoic means recent life).  This is the Age of the Mammals, the new biocosmic lau stopinder beings.  These modern models of beings of the active mammalian octave began to replace the ancient model of biocosmic beings.  The period saw a rapid decline in the reptilian octave.  According to this remarkable individual, there are seven periods in this FA-Historical Biocosmic Octave, and they are:


The Do-Paleocene Period (70 to 55 million Earth years ago):  The first primate and the rodents dominate this period.


The Re-Eocene Period (55 to 36 million Earth years ago):  Being-lemurs and being-tarsiers with even-and odd-toed hoofed mammalian beings.  Some are carnivorous.


The Mi-Oligocene Period (36 to 26 million Earth years ago):  The modern orders of biocosmic mammalian octave beings have replaced the archaic types of beings.  The prototype biocosmic lau stopinder beings are the first anthropoids or just the being-monkeys and being-apes.


The Fa-Miocene Period (26 to 11 million Earth years ago):  This period saw the appearance of true anthropoid apes known as being-Dryopithecus.


The So-Pliocene Period (11 to 1 million years ago):  This is also the beginning of extremes of zoned temperatures.  The apes became advanced man-apes.


The La-Pleistocene Period (1 million to 10,000 thousand years ago):  The Earth was covered with ice in many areas.  There were four ice ages.  The First primitive ape-man began to appear to the final emergence of modern man or the Homo sapien beings.


The Ti-Holocene Period (commencing 10,000 thousand years ago), after the last glacial period:  The modern man-being becomes the biocosmic lau stopinder being of our period.


The Omega Point is a singularity, a phenoumenal point and a dialectical nodal point, motion-in-wait consisting of the unity of the Datong man and spiritual robot, holistically and fully enveloped and coated with material reality as described in Marxian substructure and superstructure, objective and subjective bio-socio-technocosmic individual and species octaves in unity and diversity within the geocosmoses at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, and still receiving energies from the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval of the same ray of creation.


The DO-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being (or modern man): 

There is agricultural development, that is to say, the plant beings and many lower animalian and insect  beings of the biocosmic octave would be "captured" and sociocosmically stopindered as the physical body of each and every prevailing sociocosmic stopinder being.  There is industrial development for the creation of technocosmic beings for coating the lower body of each and every seven-leveled sociocosmic stopinders. Both men and machines will group into various organizations en masse forming the Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.


The SO-Historical Biocosmic Octave is not present as the coming-to-be is not yet!


According to this remarkable being, the biocosmic octave (in contradistinction to the historical biocosmic octave) consists of seven great groups of radiation of the biocosmic stopinder beings during the Cambrian Explosion ('DO' of the historical biocosmic octave) where the Invertebrata octave and the Vertebrata octave has begun to separate biocosmically.  The Vertebrata octave then consists of these 7 biocosmic stopinder radiations of biocosmic beings.

The Vertebrata octave is:

1. DO    The Biocosmic Radiation of the Lancelets and Lampreys (primitive fish-like chordates)

2. RE    The Biocosmic Radiation of the Fishes

3. MI     The Biocosmic Radiation of the Amphibians

A shock/transition toward land and sea-based beings at the MI-FA Interval

4. FA    The Biocosmic Radiation of the Reptiles

5. SO    The Biocosmic Radiation of the Birds

6. LA    The Biocosmic Radiation of the Mammals

7. TI     The Biocosmic Radiation of the Homo sapiens

A second shock/transition producing paleolithic, mesolithic and neolithic man, and the Modern Man at the TI-DO Interval

8. DO   The Biocosmic Radiation of the Modern Man (to Datong Man)


The Laws of Negation of Negation applies to these periods which mean the biocosmic beings of the earlier periods will still continue to exist far into the later periods, except that they are diminishing in numbers and also gradually losing their lau status in the octave.

The approximate schema of this biocosmic stopinder beings for each of the octave radiating group are shown on the diagrams as follow:










The Sociocosmic Radiation begets the Technocosmic Radiation with  Sociotechnocosmic Radiation as the neutralizer and consisting of man, padrigines and laujinggongs.  Padrigines means "Passenger-Driver-Engine" beings coated with non-protein based physical body and with their protein-based "engines", their protein-based "drivers" and their protein-based "passengers" gradually being replaced by metal-based engines, metal-based microprocessors and Artificial Intelligence-based directed energies run by electricity and "psychicity".

The approximate schema of the biocosmic stopinder beings for each of the octave radiating group are shown on the diagrams, provided.

According to the historical biocosmic octave conception, the legendary being-mermaid or being-merman is naturally non-existent because the RE-Historical Biocosmic Octave could not objectively and historically combined directly with a TI-Historical Biocosmic Octave.  The time gap of evolution is too wide (some 300 million Earth Years gap).  However, we must remember that during the nine months of foetal evolution, we have a whole biocosmic evolution shrunk to only this nine months.  So our genetic manipulation of the micro-organocosmic octave through controlled irradiation on the genes could create unstable forms of beings for temporary exhibition of biocosmic possibilities ~ science of cloning. The ethimoralian objection to this manipulation may forbid our experimental quest.

The ever peculiar being psyche hydrogens as the essence motion behind even the chemical motion of genes and octave stopindering of inner genic action has radiated fourth dimensionally ever greater.  These being psyche hydrogens have been radiating so far in the instinctive center which is the fundamental building psychic center for every biocosmic octave radiation of beings.  The radiation of the biocosmic psychic centers runs thus.


DO   The Radiating Psychic Octave of the Instinctive Center

RE   The Radiating Psychic Octave of the Moving Center

MI    The Radiating Psychic Octave of the Sex Center

FA    The Radiating Psychic Octave of the Feeling Center

SO    The Radiating Psychic Octave of the Thinking Center

LA    The Radiating Psychic Octave of the Higher Feeling Center

TI     The Radiating Psychic Octave of the Higher Thinking Center


And these are the psychic octaves of the fourth dimension and belong to a different octave ‘parallel’ to the genetic octaves.  They ‘wiseacre’ in the fourth dimension behind the physical genetic octaves.

Now, the psychic octaves are approximately parallel to the genetic octaves and to the biocosmic octaves.  The biocosmic octave is approximately parallel to the historical biocosmic octave.  The sociocosmic octave is approximately parallel to the historical sociocosmic octave.

The Sociocosmic Radiation of Modern Man is not a biocosmic radiation and it revolves round one biocosmic species known as Modern Man with its imminent inner race-stopinders.  The sociocosmic octave generates the technocosmic octave and the resulting sociotechnocosmic octave in a triad dance.

The biocosmic radiation of modern man or the individual is the various species of men known as races. Qualitative and quantitative variations of the inner biocosmic structure of modern man would still occur in respond to changes in the genetic and the environment factors respectively.  The pressures from the fundamental and the lateral sociocosmic octaves together with that of the sociotechnocosmic octaves (which is created by our sociocosmic instinct) would place a work demand on these three-brained beings to the extent that their biocosmic content would gradually modify quantitatively (and even genetically) to cope with such pressures.  Three-brained beings working in the various industries would gradually modify its seven inner stopinder octaves. Perhaps, after a few thousand years of conditioning, those working in the space industry would acquire features common to those creatures depicted in our current science fiction literature such as Star Trek, Space 1999, Star War and Star Peace.  Those in the other industrial sectors would take on forms similar to the characters of our Brave New World (Aldous Huxley).

Although the modern man is a biocosmic gravity-center vibration concentration at the TI-biocosmic octave based on the views of the remarkable being-Lehrman, this modern man is also the last biocosmic stopinder in the animalian octave.  We can only expect small quantitative variation of features and simple changes in the primary inner stopinders in them such as the cell changes, the tissue changes and the organ changes, and also similar minor changes to their system octaves, but I must say, only quantitatively.  Beyond this gravity-center vibration concentration is the octave retardation point (TI-DO retardation point), a highly resistant threshold for any possible evolution of a new species that seek to evolve from this foundation.  Any new species emerging from the biocosmic inner progress through the man-octave would be a massive quantitative start of a new octave.  We may imagine ultraman, superman, cybernetic being and the like for our next evolution but the biocosmic octave is unlikely to choose the terminal stopinder TI (modern man) for its point of departure.  The biocosmic life force would go for other incomplete biocosmic octave in the tree of life.  However, at the moment, modern man needs not become unduly worried about this choice of the biocosmic direction as possible creation of a higher species from the other biocosmic stopinders.

Sociocosmically, the names of the DO-sociocosmic stopinder beings, as registered by the SO-sociocosmic stopinder are given by the parents.  The sociocosmic radiation of the group consists of all the common interests, common purposes and common task forces derived out of the various combinations of the individuals.  The sociocosmic radiation of the family consists of all outcomes from sexual trialectics of the male and the female individuals that could be registered (recognized) or not registered by the SO-sociocosmic stopinder.  The sociocosmic radiation of the organization consists of all the various sociocosmic species of businesses providing all kinds of products and services to every sociocosmic beings and they are normally registered by the SO-sociocosmic stopinder.  The names of these stopinders are selected by the stopinders themselves.  The sociocosmic radiation of the state consists of all government departments and agencies and their names are charted in the national statutes.  The sociocosmic radiation of the nation consists of the totality of the components of all the lower sociocosmic stopinders and its name is created by the SO-sociocosmic stopinder, and acknowledged by the TI-sociocosmic stopinder.  The World of Nations consists of all the LA-stopinder beings and are held together by the TI-sociocosmic stopinder or the United Nations.  Every sociocosmic radiation terminates at the Great Sociocosmos.

Like the Historical Biocosmic Octave, each period has a dominating lau type of beings.  For the primitive society the lau beings who are the stronger and more aggressive 'individuals'.  For the ancient society, the lau clan or groups who could fight better as a 'group'.  For feudalism, the strongest 'family' would rule the land.  For capitalism, all kinds of 'business organizational species' would be active.  For socialism, all lau 'government power-possessing beings' or political parties would be active. For nationalism, all lau 'nationalists governing power-possessing beings' would take the lead.  And for market economism, all lau 'business beings' that move out of the national boundaries to win the international marketing contest.


  According to the consequences of the trialectic laws, the great biocosmic octave began its trialectical separation as early as its first note some 3,500 million earth years ago, that is, at the end of what geologists called the end of the Pre-Cambrian Period and the beginning of the Cambrian Revolution.

The three great separations of the great biocosmic octave due to the consequences of this law are:


1. The Animalian including the arthropod and the Insect Octave (Yang type)

2. The Plant Octave (Yin type)

3. The Bacterial Octave (Yin-yang type or ‘in-betweens’)


The biocosmic beings transform internally into more and more quantitatively varying beings for survival in the various states of matter forming our Earth.  The ability to separate in organic forms is controlled by the essence unit in the first stopinder of each and every biocosmic being known as genes.   The genes are octave themselves and the genetic octave is a library of genes.  There is a dimension beyond the genes and it plays a role in the creation of genes. As to physical shapes and structures, the animalian beings acquire head-thorax-abdomen shape with attached limbs for locomotion with substantial number of mixed-ups such as all the plant-shaped coral animals.  The plantian beings which is comparatively more primitive and incapable of locomotion also contain less mixed-ups except for some animal-shaped plants although the 'coconut' may look like a human head, some plants look more like a green hard vertical worms with their 'heads' in the ground and body pointing at the heaven, the pitcher plants may have "mouth-like traps" for food and some with fruits that look like animal parts.


6   The biocosmic being-psyche hydrogens auto-knows itself  -  where it is suppose to go and what it wants. The psyche hydrogens constructed the eyes to feed on light and use it to light up its inside.


7   As the highest octave of vibration, the all powerful biocosmic nerve cells (systems) would coat itself with layers of their less intelligent cells.  Thus one notices various reinforcement structures being created in the great inner stopinder coating process where the nervous system is coated by all the other systems to complete a being-man.  The bodies of the cells and their element or the input of materials from outside are gradually used by the auto-knowing-psyche hydrogens to construct and complete the bio-project.

The finest octave of the biocosmic octave lies in the center of the cell-beings of the nervous system.  The coarser octaves (or lower octaves) lie outside but coated to these inner octaves to form an integrated and harmonious biological entity.


8   The cells (Do of the socio-biocosmic octave) have to be directed to change their various inner ‘it’s to response to the environment, to create the production/operation system and to manage them harmoniously to serve the biocosmic being itself.  The being-man en masses (tritocosmos) would then operate as a DO-sociocosmic stopinder being and to generate the Great Sociocosmos.


9   To balance the two forces between a biocosmic demand and a sociocosmic demand, the psyche hydrogens establish or stretch themselves into the psyche octave, that is, into 7 centers as its own inner octave.  In this way, it frees itself from its own limitations and acquires the capability of servicing all the needs of the biocosmos as well as the sociocosmos.  For instance, the instinctive center has been serving the physical construction and maintenance of the physical body.  Other centers could be used to satisfy the sociocosmic demands such as the security, needs, the social needs, the esteem needs and the self-actualization needs.


10   The nervous system is one such bio-organizational system forming the physical network coating for its psyche as its coarse body.  Along the socicosmic octave, the electroquantumic telecommunication extends the vibration octaves from the individuals to the body of the sociocosmoses as unseparable distinct components of the great psychic vibration binding interactively within this Great Sociocosmic Being.

On our scale the intelligence octave is wrapped within the biocosmic octave of which the sociocosmic octave is a branch.  The psyche hydrogens are scattered according to definite laws of the biocosmic octave.  The earth’s intelligent concentration lies in the body of the organic beings on its surface.  The substances of the earth have been well utilized to coat as physical organic mass of the biocosmic octave.


11   The Great Sociocosmic Being of  the homo sapiens sapiens is the highest stopinder for the octave of organic life on earth in the current historical biocosmic period and it is composed of the biocosmic symphony of the homo sapiens sapiens beings as the major player in the world of organic beings for our period.


12   The earlier connection of the last stopinder being in the mammalian-octave called ‘man’ is shown below:


DO   One-celled animals/Hydra or multi-celled animals (include Cambrian beings)

RE   Fish

MI   Amphibians

A first shock leading to transformation of water breathing gills into air breathing lungs in beings

FA   Reptiles

SO   Birds

LA    Mammals (up to Ape)

TI    Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man and also the last stopinder in the mammalian octave)

A second shock producing thinking active non-protein based "spiritual" machines with Artificial Intelligence for the next octave

DO   AI Machines or Proto-type Padrigines  (coated with non-protein based physical body gradually perfecting into "spiritual" machines with artificial intelligence, a species of the technocosmic octave)



1. DO, RE and MI are non-homeotherms or cold-blooded animals.  After the MI-FA Interval most FA are also non-homeotherms except for the extinct ichthyosaurus, pterosaurs, pleslosaurs and non-avian dinosaurs with varying degree of thermoregulation.  SO, LA and TI are homeotherms or warm-blooded animals. At the TI-DO Interval, the DO of the machine world has installation of machine-hometherms (homeostats) for best machine performance temperature and are produce of the rational understanding of thermodynamics.

2. Biocosmic semi-toners:  1. Salamander    2. Duckbill platypus    3. Spiny ant-eater    4. Archaeopteryx (extinct)     5. Flying fish

3. All biocosmic stopinder beings are in the long process of evolution capable of developing features for surviving in the three primary octaves of the states of matter, that is, as land, water and avian beings.  To note, flying fish from the fish, birds from the dinosaurs, flying mammals from mammals and flying insects from the arthropods of the protozoan octave.


13   Scientific classification in biology considers organisms synonymous with "life on Earth". Based on cell type, organisms may be divided into the prokaryotic and eukaryotic groups.  The prokaryotes represent two separate domains, the Bacteria and Archaea.  Eukaryotic organisms, with a membrane-bounded cell nucleus, also contain organelles, namely mitochondria and (in plants) plastids, generally considered to be derived from endosymbiotic bacteria.  Fungi, animals and plants are examples of species that are eukaryotes.

More recently a clade, Neomura, has been proposed, which groups together the Archaea and Eukarya.  Neomura is thought to have evolved from Bacteria, more specifically from Actinobacteria.


14   Before ‘Do’ of the biocosmic octave, there is a partition of the river of beings into two great branches  -  the so-called plant and animal kingdoms.  The plant forms the passive component while the animal forms the active component.  The reciprocal feeding process is:  The animal, being the active one, feeds directly on the plants as well as amongst themselves or both, and the plant, being the passive one, could only feed on the animal and the plant after they have disintegrated.  It is extremely rare that you can still find some plants that would feed on the animals.


15   The whole biocosmoses is known as the organic film, all of which eats, lives, grows and dies on the surface of mother Earth.  Their physical bodies are nourished by materials already formed from the coursing of energies from Our Ray of Creation much earlier and still continuously forming on mother Earth.  Their inner psychic centers are nourished (fueled and run) from being-psyche hydrogens from this same Our Ray of Creation and also mostly from the worlds above and all the trillions suns and their rays of creation (Astrological Constellations so to say).  The aurora borealis and the aurora australis are the gates that receive the various types, qualities and quantities of being-psyche hydrogen sent from Mr. Above according to an Astrological Periodic Law of Influence from the sender worlds.






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