Book 9

The Mystery of Love, Social Life and Living Within the Coatings of the Great Sociocosmic Being

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 9 (pp. 198)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”


The Mystery of Love, Social Life and Living Within the Coatings of the Great Sociocosmic Being or Real World Views, Book 9 intends to depict more views and insights in the paradigm of the unnatural human-animal-robotic like living through a potentially disturbed ecology in the psychological, biological, sociological and technological dimensions within the Body of Our Great Sociocosmic Being.  As such the potentially disturbed ecology which has being a chronic dis-eases from time immemorial, should see no easy canned solution in the light of its complexity but the beings forming the fundamental sociocosmic block, man, did and continue to do the faithful construction of the unfinished project instructed from the Above and through its Will rather unconsciously.

Seemingly right directions and actions from humans could be just the continuing wrong instructions or parts and parcels of the psychological will of the sociocosmic pulse flowing within the body sociocosmoses for the perfection of itself as the currently unfinished project, and seemingly wrong directions and actions could also be the right instructions or parts and parcels of the same for resistance perfection necessary for the motion of tricocosmic, sociocosmic and technocosmic stopinders.

The journey brings you the views in the mystery of human relationship, the love and sex ecology, the inner struggles, Havatvernonis, language, human pettiness, human rights, suspifear, manipulation, laws and justice, East and West, social games, remuneration disturbances, minds, political economy and cultures, etc.  It pointed out the essential constraints from all types of objective stopinders from the biocosmic octave, the trictocosmic octave, the sociocosmic octave, the technocosmic octave, the subjects octave, the value octave, the nature octaves and the cosmic octave.  The interactive processes amongst these stopinders have not been left out and as far as possible deep 3-centered writings have been expressed from time to time regarding the troubled spots in the ecology of the developing Body Sociocosmos.  Lengthy revelation of the psychology of white evil of disharmony in the bio-socio-techno-noos-spheres - profiteering, accumulating, stealing and robbing are noted.

The Havatvernonises are seen as right and wrong in the eco-balance.  The calibration of the spirit is attempted upon in the psyche hydrogens.

On the stage the living stopinders have displayed their presence and showed their characters as they emanate in their unfinished role and actions.  The author could only interpret them in hope of enriching his views and knowledge in a unique way different from others.

June 15, 2001




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