Book 4

*A Critique of Material Reflection *On the Modern Innovations to Old Materialism and the Emergence of Trioctave Materialism *Some Remarkable Individuals

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Real World Views, Book 4 (pp. 188)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”

In this Real World Views, Book 4, I feel duty bound to critically investigate and represent from a philosophical perspective, but not entirely commentary, the treatise A Philosophy of Material Reflection which I have written some time ago. The purpose of the section, A Critique of Material Reflection is meant to supplement this treatise. Reflection exists for the inanimate matter as well as the animate (organic) matter. But for the organic matter, reflection changes in accordance to levels of complexity - through cell reflection, tissue reflection, organ reflection, system reflection and the reflection in the total organism. The concept of reflection must not be taken as equivalent to the process of stimulation and response. The critique is focussed on reflection as the center of attention.

Some vital aspects of the works of Piotr Demianovich Ouspensky, Henry David Thoreau, Kennett Walker, J.G Bennett, Dr. Shamsher Singh and Louis Pauwels have been critically quoted and examined because of their important message to humanity during this critical period of crisis in human affairs.

Higher mathematics that deals with dimensions, motions, time, space and the psychological method is treated impartially in this work. Classical or old materialism, according to Dr. Tan Man-Ho, has been innovated during this century with the introduction of dialectical materialism, trialectical materialism, the psychological methods and the trioctave materialism.

September 5, 1998


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