Volume 59       July 10, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 16 by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings; The Secret of the Work; The Reciprocal Destruction of Cosmic Concentrations," February  1984 ~ June 1986 Discourses, Chapter 2: "Exploitation - Real World Views and Opinions," pp. 35 ~ 39)




1   Beware of the hunter!  Be on maximum alert against the rape of labor by exploiters.  It is the right of man to defend his rights.


2   One has the right to fight for his rights.  It is your duty to look after your health, always and everywhere.  It is illegal to deprive a person his right to defend his health.


3  The gathering of the same into a power protected by the state lackeys and tooling the same awarded license in the art of exploiting the commoners is a familiar characteristic peculiar to all sociocosmic exploitation.


4  One must transfer oneself from a relationship of elimination of that exploitation to equal reciprocal feeding.  This is the terror of the real world that you could not avoid.


5   It is absolutely necessary to avoid exploitative slavery imposed on you by others.  It is absolutely necessary to struggle against “laws” and preaching that could waste your precious years into sizing the pockets of irresponsible people.  Otherwise, you would become an unwanted dog when you have outlived your usefulness.


6   Labor is nature’s given possession to the workers.  It can never belong to someone else.  The worker can decide for himself how much he should price his labor in the market.  If the world is extremely exploitative, he can always divert his power to improve the world or destroys it at will.  Although social forces might limit his choice, he can still refuse to sell his labor and exert the left over energy in a direction of his choice.  To be a master of one’s own labor is undoubtedly possible with the work. There is still the little hope available for the proletariat, the employees and the employers to nurse this mysterious psychic form of energy and steer it harmoniously amongst the sociocosmoses.


7   The collection of blueprints and research pieces or great works or secret knowledge is the collection of treasures.  These treasures cannot be given away cheaply just as you cannot get it free of charge.  The creations of many great scientists often become the great property of politicians and the state.  The scientists often become well-breed human guinea pigs where “juices” are extracted at the R&D organ for consumption and profit.


8  If you move your gravity center focus into an object and remains attached to it then you would deny your choice and freedom for other things.  If you return yourself to yourself then you would regain your freedom.  If you depend on attachments to objects outside you, they will still perish just like your physical body.  You pay due care to your physical body.  But be prepared to separate from it when the time comes.  As far as possible you avoid human beings who like to “catch” and exploit fellow beings because you thought such creatures are diseased and they have been man’s worst enemies.

If you have a lot of property, you have lots of merries as well as worries.  Everyone is going to use your property and you would soon lose control over them.  If you employ a person to look after them, he will be enjoying your property too.  The basic cause of wars is that of property acquisition that stamps from human greed worldwide.  You thought the best solution is to detach from the wrong types as far as possible.

Economics leads to gaining wealth and friendship leads to trouble.  You call your ‘I’s back home.  Dissolve all your friendship.  Start a new friendship again.  A family breaks up, you dare not start a new one because family changes into trouble spot.

You thought a sound connection leads to a permanent relationship.  So, you divert your energy in search of good human beings.  Then you discover that it is the same as before just unreliable relationship.  So, you start a new group to carry on the work on developing human potentials again.  “Stay on with one group and you will be benighted,” you murmured to yourself.

Then you discover that learning beings are behaving like parasites getting lazier and lazier.  But no one wants to be taken advantage of.  In the end, they have to leave the group too.

You notice that some 90% of the world population place their center of gravity in their own property, be they Buddhists, Muslims, Christians or Hindus.  This includes you yourself.  You soon realize that so long as a thing is yours or mine, you have had it  -  the age old problem.

While moving amongst beings, you are told to beware of being who crave for unethical pursuit.  Your pay is good but you still worry.  The rule is that your pay is never higher than your real contribution.  You strive for escape from the merciless process of exploitation.  But now and then, you feel you are exploited by others.  So, you have to strike a balance.  This you call it the Law of Balancing of gains and losses in the process of reciprocal exploitation.  You actually do not want to be the loser but, unfortunately, you turn out to be the loser. You hear stories that millions have died in revolutionary wars, unjust wars, murders and diseases due to this problem of balance of exploitation.

You also learn that minor displacement is always possible and acceptable but greater displacement leads to conflicts, murders, wars and the like.  You are told that war is a sociocosmic perturbation a means of seeking by force to re-gain lost positions.  You thought there is a law that dictates balancing of gains and losses to check uni-exploitation as implied, and indicated in this manner:

i.  The existence of two kinds of conflict

a)   Unjust conflict which is necessary to displace the equilibrium

b)   Just conflict which is an attempt to restore the balance

You also try to get more out of your friend, but soon learn that your friend becomes your enemy.  Try to exploit another nation you will find that exploited nation either succumbs unwillingly or wages war against you.

ii.  Social illness ‑ the social animal is sick thus forcing the exploiters to compensate to improve the health of the animal

iii.  If you are a pianist, someone else will become a piano.  Those who are aware of the exploitation law and are using them for gains in the business would prosper, while others may become the pianos.  And you still discover that a piano can become a pianist.

iv. When you die, you give what you have back to nature including your souls and your bodies ‑ both being used as fertilizers for Above and Below respectively.  But while alive you have been exploiting nature.






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