Volume 14       September 21, 2009

By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 5, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Canon of Discovery, the Search for Spiritual Certainty and a Glimpse of the Real World Views," December 1975 - April 1976 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section F: "Dimensionalities and the Laws of Octave," pp. 52 ~ 82)




1   (New Version, 2020) Time, space and matter including radiation and the material beings are fundamentally integrated.  Time and space are existential forms of matter and connected to the relative motion in unison.  They are all united to form the vastness (space and force fields), the endlessness (time) and the everpresence (eternity) of matter alongside all radiations and relative motions in this visible and non-visible aspects of the universe – visible due to our being as man and our advanced devices of observation and measure, and non-visible due to the limitation imposed at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation to our own being as man and to our man-made devices of observation on this universe.  They are also self-creative.  Absolute, eternity, force fields, time and space of matter, and all subsequent radiations unfold themselves in a trialectically and octavely creative movement along a scale.  Dimensions of space and time are three (3) for space and 3 for time respectively.

Being-eternities dwell at the TI-DO Interval in the form of the Cosmic Consciousness, the Omnipresence, the Omnivastness, the Everpresence of Time (EPT or t4) and the Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4).  They are noumenal inner stopinders.  The 1st lateral eternity octave of the sub-eternity continuum at the TI-DO Interval of the Fundamental Octave of Dimensionalities.

However, being-timespaces dwell at the MI-FA Interval in the form of the Bio Consciousness, Point-Time ('t') & the Point-Space ('s'), the Line-Time or String-Time or moving Point-Time (t1) & the Line-Space (s1), the Plane-Time or the Planer-Time (t2) & the Plane-Space (s2), the Solid-Time (t3) & the Solid-Space (s3).  They are noumenal inner stopinders of the 2nd lateral octave of the sub-timespace continuum at the MI-FA Interval of the Fundamental Octave of Dimensionalities.

The 1st lateral eternity octave of the sub-Eternity Continuum of dimension at the TI-DO Interval blends completely and independently in the 'unique subjective' to the 2nd lateral timespace octave of the sub-timespace Continuum of dimensions at the MI-FA Interval forming what is known as the Lateral Timespace Continuum.  The fundamental octave of dimensions together with the 2 lateral octaves of dimensions forms the Consciousness-Eternity-Time-Space Continuum or CETS Continuum.

In the fundamental octave of dimensionalities, there are the Absolute Singularity (DO), the 1st Force Carrier Field or Strong nuclear force of Gluons (TI), the 2nd Force Carrier Field or the Weak nuclear force of W & Z Bosons (LA), the 3rd Force Carrier Field or the Electromagnetic Force of Photons (SO), the 4th Force Carrier Field or the Gravitational force of hypothetical Gravitons (FA) and the 1st Classical Mechanic Force of the micro-mini-bodies (MI), the Classical Mechanical force of macro-bodies (RE) and Classical Mechanical force of mega-sized Celestial bodies (DO).

However, spaces do not coat time, only times coat spaces. Time blends into everything independently, dilates and contracts of itself and is the unique subjective inner HeroPass (Gurdjieff) for which we can neither know His source of arising except from an Absolute Singularity nor His ending.  Space is time blended or attached, dilates and contracts of itself and is the objective outer HeroVast for which we can neither know the extent of His vastness after emerging from this Absolute Singularity.  Cosmic consciousness, eternity, time and space are everywhere in the Universe.

Space is the house of matters and masses in time. Both space-variants and time-variants constitute the Einstein's Space-Time Continuum and can be phenoumenally experienced in the inner world and the outer world of the man-in-biologically conscious state and dependent on the various stages and levels of the development of his nervous system - sensation, perception, introception and conception.  However, time is essentially rooted in the subjective noumenal conception of man's inner world and space rooted in the objective phenomenal perception  of his outer world.  Both inner world time and outer world space can be empirically verified and measured by our devices of observation (brains and their consciousness), and by ourselves as  also a natural ‘organic device of observation’ created and fill the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  Space, Time, Eternity and Cosmic Consciousness constitute a 'Space-Time-Eternity-Consciousness' Continuum.

If we proceed from an ascending octave standpoint (Do, Re, Mi//Fa, So, La, Ti//Do) from the MI-FA Interval, the seemingly relative moving time beings have introceptive and conceptive biological and cosmic properties that begin from Point-Time ('t') & Point-Space ('s') to Line-Time (t1) & Line-Space (s1) to Plane-Time (t2) & Plane-Space (s2) to Solid-Time (t3) & Solid-Space (s3) finally, at the TI-DO Interval to the Point, the Field, the Everpresence of Time (EPT or T4) and the Evervastness of  Space (EVS or S4) joining alongside with the Ominpresence, the Omnivastness and Cosmic Consciousness.  Beyond the TI-DO Interval is the Absolute Singularity (DO) of the fundamental dimension octave of the Consciousness-Eternity-Time-Space Continuum.

On the other hand, if we proceed from a descending standpoint (Do//Ti, La, So, Fa//Mi, Re, Do) this 'Eternity' from the TI-DO Interval that arises from the Absolute Singularity (DO), the Cosmic Consciousness would stay with the Omnipresence, the Everpresence of Time (EPT or T4), the Omnivastness of Space (EVS or S4), the Field and the Point would appear to descend down to Solid-Time (t3) & Solid-Space (s3) to Plane-Time (t2) & Plane-Space (s2) to Line-Time (t1) & Line-Space (s1) and finally to Point-Time ('t') & Point-Space ('s') at the MI-FA Interval. 

Below and beyond this TI-DO Interval, for which the Cosmic Consciousness, the Omnipresence, the Omnivastness, the Everpresence of Time (EPT or T4), the Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4) have lost their eternity qualities and held in timespace-captivity with quantum timespace qualities at the MI-FA Interval.  Due to the temporal nature of Force Carrier Fields (gluons, W & Z bosons, photons and gravitons) on these very small elementary quantum particles existed in aplenty in the vastness as rest points, arranged as quantumic vibrating Pythagorean Monochord Harmonic Scale as points in strings (string theory) or as planar fields or as lattice solids would stay in the 2nd lateral octave of timespace at the MI-FA Interval ready leave this MI-FA Interval and continue down along the fundamental octave of dimensions to the  world of micro-bodies (MI), the mini-macro-bodies (RE) and the mega-sized Celestial bodies (DO) where the laws of classical mechanical forces applied.

Our unique experience is always the Point-Time ('t') and the Line-Time (t1) which we called it the outer objective and the inner subjective time or psychological time have psychological properties of the subjectivity of 'Past', 'Present' and 'future' and but both irreversible time.

Both EPT/T4 and EVS/S4 have to dwell in the TI-DO Interval, and Point-Time ('t') and Point-Space ('s') have to dwell in the MI-FA Interval.

The fundamental octave of dimensions, the main stem would give rise to the two lateral octaves, and I proposed an octave scheme of dimensionalities to the (our) Ray of Creation:


Dimensionality and the Law of Octave



DO - The Absolute Singularity (of dimensions)

ETERNITY [The Eternity Dimensions]

TI-DO Interval - ETERNITY: Cosmic Consciousness, Omnipresence, Omnivastness, the Everpresence of Time (EPT or T4), the Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4)


TI - The Gluons, 1st Quantum Force Carrier Field - Strong nuclear forces of the gluons in the nucleus; Quantum Chromodynamics

LA - The W & Z Bosons, 2nd Quantum Force Carrier Field - Weak nuclear forces or electro-weak forces of the W & Z Bosons

SO - The Photons, 3rd Quantum Force Carrier Field - Electromagnetic force of electrons in the atomic orbits; Electromagnetism in Quantum Electrodynamics

FA - The Gravitons, 4th Quantum Force Carrier Field - Gravitational force of the hypothetical gravitons; Gravity, Quantum Gravity and Loop Quantum Gravity

MI-FA Interval - TIME-SPACE: Bio Consciousness, the Point-Space ('s') & the Point-Time ('t'), the Line-Time or the String-Time or the Moving Point-Time (t1) & the Line-Space or the String-Space or the moving Point-Space (s1), the Plane-Time (t2) & the Plane-Space (s2) and the Solid-Time (t3) & the Solid-Space (s3)


MI - Micro-bodies [Atoms, molecules & compounds]

RE - Mini-Macro-bodies [Physical bodies and objects commonly found around man]

DO - Mega-sized Celestial bodies [moons, planets, suns, solar systems, galaxies]


[The last three fundamental notes 'MI', 'RE' and 'DO' refer to spatial dimensions of very large number of elementary particles coming together as condensed matter and very large number of atoms coming together which occupy substantial spaces within itself starting from the micro-bodies of hydrogen atoms, molecules and the compounds to mini-macro-bodies of physical bodies and objects commonly found around man and to the mega-sized celestial bodies of the moons, the planets, the suns, the solar systems and the galaxies.

Bio Consciousness of the Organic Life is necessary for all the other dimensions and all other things both in the outer and inner worlds to become aware off; Cosmic Consciousness of the Cosmic Life is necessary for the it to become aware of itself as the Universe.  The universe we now know is the visible universe from the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation; the universe He knows is the whole all and everything, visible and not visible of itself from the TI-DO Interval of all the Rays of Creation.]

How could you travel to the TI-DO Interval from the MI-FA Interval, traversing the space, time (future and past), eternity and consciousness sub-continuum?

By travelling with your 'spacetime warp drive' for 2nd lateral octave travel in the MI-FA Interval at the speed of light (1,080,000,000 kilometer per hour) and above-speed-of-light-travel.  Only a 'spacetime warp drive' can theoretically enable traveling at this speed of light and beyond that could enable you to travel from the 2nd lateral octave at the MI-FA Interval into the 1st lateral octave at the TI-DO Interval for which we are not sure where this 'spacetime warp drive' can travel without disintegration.  We are also not sure we need a 'consciousness-eternity-spacetime warp drive.'  Protected inside this 'spacetime warp machine traveling at the speed of light or very near the speed of light and beyond, your clock ticks as usual but very slowly when determined by an observer due to time dilation from Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity; and your space remains normal but contracts relatively to a Point according to Lorentz-FitzGerald Space Contraction Theory.

Your psychological cycles of bio consciousness (sleep, sleep-wake, wake and enlightenment), your physiological and anatomical physical body from the MI-FA Interval will still be preserved and protected by the 'spacetime warp drive' although outside it the Great Cycle of Cosmic consciousness, the Ominpresence, the Omnivastness, the  'Everpresence of Time' (EPT or T4) and the Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4) at the TI-DO Interval would still remain the same and a Bio-Cosmic Consciousness Matrix would take place in the 'spacetime warp drive' for which you will feel and experience like a cosmic being of this TI-DO Interval instead of a biological being at the MI-FA Interval.  Your bio consciousness in each biocosmic stopinder from the cells to the tissues to the organs to the anatomical systems to physiological systems is likely to undergo rejuvenating transformation relevant to direct influence of the cosmic consciousness, the everpresence and the evervastness at the TI-DO Interval.

In a 'spacetime warp drive' your physical body is supposed not to be disintegrated or destroyed by the fundamental octave of dimensionalities for which the two linked lateral octaves have arisen at the MI-FA and the TI-DO Interval.  The 'spacetime warp drive' and the upgraded 'consciousness-eternity-spacetime warp drive' is a lateral octave traveling machine, not a fundamental octave traveling machines.  The 'consciousness-eternity-spacetime warp drive' would protect this consciousness and eternity factors.

Our airplanes, rockets and space crafts accelerating to great speeds are designed and constructed to travel along the fundamental stopinders of dimensionality, namely, amongst the Mini-Macro-bodies of Physical bodies and objects commonly found around man (RE) and some nearby Mega-sized Celestial bodies such as the moons, planets, suns, solar systems and galaxies or to a black hole or to a wormhole.  Such a design and construct cannot be accelerated to the speed of light along the fundamental octave without transforming it into atoms, molecules and compounds (MI) and the quantum particles (FA).  To travel to other galaxies or to other universe bubble or other rays of creation man or to the TI-DO Interval along the fundamental octave, man probably needs to enter a discovered wormhole of the (our) Ray of Creation. However, a 'consciouness-eternity-spacetime warp drive' would be able to  travel along the lateral octaves in the Consciousness-Eternity-Time-Space Continuum.


2   (Old Version, 1976) In order to postulate a new model of a universe, we must and necessarily should postulate it with reference to the levels of being and the creature of reference.  We have not arrived at the truths as yet.  We are trapped in our being.  Being of lower man, being of dogs and being of plants have their own model of the universe.  For being of stone, there is no model it has been conscious of.  We are conscious of the universe because we have being, and even if we are not conscious the universe is still existing but not to this (our) being.

The Space-Time-Eternity Continuum consists of qualitatively separable dimensionalities, each is like a dimensionality stopinder for the octave process in the continuum.  There are seven such fundamental stopinder dimensions in this Space-Time-Eternity Continuum in the old version, and they are:


Space x (do): Lines resulting from the movement of points.  Fundamentally, 1-dimensional
Space y (re):   Surfaces resulting from the movement of lines.  Fundamentally, 2-dimensional after absorption of the first

Space z (mi): 


Solids resulting from the movement of surfaces.  Fundamentally, 3-dimensional after absorption of the first and the second dimension.

Mi-Fa Interval

Time (mi-fa retardation filling with being-time of the dimension octave)

Time t1 (fa):   



The first very obvious time is its 1-dimensional property, that is, moving in a straight line.  Known to being for himself and for others, that is, his time line.  This is the first dimension of time.  This time being is indistinguishable and therefore appears unique in the subjective and moving independently undisturbed by anything except for the (our) being that is observing, feeling and experiencing it.  This time being is indistinguishable and therefore appears unique in the subjective. But material objects have their own time, own beginnings and own endings.  This leads us to believe that times are distributed for space or have inner dimensions of themselves.


This is the first dimension of point time that could move to form line time like a straight point-string although not necessary always straight.  It is an irreversible line and something that can be felt to move with or without an object.  It is the unique subjective seemingly without any source of its arising and seemingly unattached to anything, a truly great free being-time living by itself without obligation to anything and yet everything is and must attached to it.  It is a time for a given space, a time for given physical matter or a life of matter, radiation and space or a time of a reference frame of thought, a knowledge or a consciousness.



Time t2 (so):

This leads to planar time or line time at various 'lengths' and 'curves'.  They are distributed in a time surface.  Some begin as soon as the others end.  But they are all on a plane.  A given time commences with a given phenomenon of the outer world or a noumenon of the inner world or both.  This phenoumenon is subjected to other time axes.  A man, for instance, is subjected to the growth time, but it is also subjected to other time line such as locomotion time at the same time as if there a planar or surface time in 2 inner dimensions of time, t1 and t2.


Time t3 (la): 

Surfaces of time or solid time, and could be used to explain reincarnation phenoumenon during and after death for our brained beings.  Times on the many planes; as many time-stopinders with respect to our plane of times.  Solid time and solid space as well as their matter and radiation in multiple universes.


4th Dimension

of Time t4 or E

(Eternity) (ti): 

Time continuum’s continuous presence, immortal and eternal.  The 7th dimensionality is the eternality of 3-dimensional time.  Neither beginning nor ending in times besides the concealing fluxes of specific spaces and times or always presence time being as it is, eternally present irrespective of a past, present or future.



Ti-Do Interval

Eternity (ti-do retardation filling with being-eternity of the dimension octave)

The Great Omnipresent Space-Time-Eternity Continuum (do):

The terminating dimension for the space-time-eternity continuum.  The eternity of the total cosmos or the Great Cosmos.  The ABSOLUTE is subjected to the Space-Time-Eternity Continuum.  The creation of the Great Space-Time-Eternity Continuum is instant or immediately after the 'Big Bang' of the Absolute but not for the trillions of other mega, mini and micro ‘big bangs' that might occur with incomplete or partial octaving process of dimensions.


3   (Old version, 1976) All further stopinderings beyond this dimension-stopinder involve the blending of spatial phenomenon with the temporal or time noumenon up to the eternity dimension.  At ‘perfect’ motionlessness or motion of spatial objects, the time dimension seems to be always present independent of the source of arising. Time is always subjective and noumenal in nature and space is always objective and phenomenal in nature, a phenoumenal divide of the inner and the outer world in and to being-man, although both time, ever-present time (eternity) and space are unified in the octave of dimensions separated by the Mi-Fa and the Ti-Do intervals respectively.  There is no direct link between space and time at mi and fa at the mi-fa interval and there is also no direct link between eternity and the Great Space-Time-Eternity Continuum at ti and do at the Ti-Do interval – a dimensional octave divide to fill the major qualitative shock of dimensional differences.  Before the intervals or immediately after the intervals there can only be quantitative changes with minor qualitative differences to the same dimension – quantitative spatial differences (x to y to z) and quantitative temporal or time differences (t1, t2 and t3 and an E or t4).  A shock called time is necessary to fill this Mi-Fa Interval retardation point.  The source of its arising could not be traced.  This shock enables the time dimensionalities to stopinder into the continuum more smoothly to create the near complete space-time continuum.  So, the active partial octave of dimension stopindering (do-re-mi) is the first partial octave of space.  The second partial octave stopindering (fa-so-la-ti) is the second partial octave of time.  The two could not be reconciled and seem to be opposites.  The last dimension to overcome the retardation is to fill this Ti-Do interval retardation point is simply ‘being-eternity’ to enable and complete the creation of this Great Space-Time-Eternity Continuum. (Old version, 1976)


The space, time and eternity are universal relational entities, and so is the whole Space-Time-Eternity Continuum


4   (Old version, 1976) The octave of dimensionality begins from Do and ends at Ti.  Our reflecting apparatus on space and time is as such that space and time, although they are both dimension entities, could not be integrated properly.  Besides space and time, eternity, which is also a dimension stopinder could not be integrated properly into the continuum.  By treating the whole continuum as a dimension octave, the whole concept can be put together.  This is because there are two disturbing retardation points in the octave model in general where two shocks could be allowed into the continuum  ‑  one at mi-fa and another one at ti-do.  The union of space, time and eternity, I propose, should be shocked with time at the Mi-Fa Interval to produce the space-time continuum and the union of space-time continuum should be shocked with eternity at the Ti-Do Interval to produce the Great Omnipresent Space-Time-Eternity Continuum  ‑  the complete octave of all dimensions.  These are necessary because of the nature and behavior or the laws peculiar to the formation or psyche hydrogens or consciousness formed, filled and deposited at this much constrained, unfortunate MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creations amongst trillions of other rays of creation in our universe or other universes if there are.


5   All spaces and times in the 7th dimensionality is eternity.  Such is being spaces and being times for existence.  Space. time and eternity are the three partial octaves forming the complete picture of the octave dimension.  And space is being-space, time is being-time and eternity is being-eternity.  The Absolute has the complete dimension of ETERNITY because He is immortal.  The Absolute contains all the dimensions in Him.  The Absolute is cosmically conscious, so 'He-AM' has Cosmic Consciousness!

The dimensionalization process of the Ray of Creation is one of the inevitable processes of cosmic stopindering into the sevenfolded being-Universes.


6   People speak of the Earth as a three-dimensional material body, ignoring that it could be a four-dimensional living being or even a seven-dimensional being perpetually changing.  The Earth is able to see its own self through her organic beings breeding on her skin.  She has these beings with well-equipped reflection apparatus for this purpose.   For higher organic beings such as the humans, five or six or seven dimensionalities could possibly be pre-conceived (perceived and conceived); for lower beings, one or two or three or four dimensionalities.  The Earth is created by the cosmic octave, while modern man is created by the organic octave of Earth.


7   (Old version, 1976) The ray of psyche vision belongs to the fourth dimension of every material body and for dimensions that lie within a three-dimensional space but at the same time manage to leave it.  These dimensions are inherent in the three-dimensional body and remain inseparable from it.  Mechanical matter has 3 space dimensions and 1 time dimension, and psymatter has 3 space dimensions, 3 time dimensions and 1 eternity dimension (ever-presence). Together they complement one another holistically in one all the 7 dimensions of a Dimension Octave with 2 intervals (Mi-Fa Interval and Ti-Do Interval) separating into 3 sub-octaves, namely, the space octave, the time octave and the eternity octave, and each can be psychological perceived by a human being as distinct components in the ray of creation of dimensions.

The space sub-continuum (x, y and z) is the house of the space octave housing visible physical bodies subjected to the mechanical laws of 3 dimensional space and 1 dimensional irreversible time (t1).  It is the house of engineering technology of the Newtonian mechanics of objective phenomena without relativity, wave properties and cosmic or consciousness or psyche properties.

The time sub-continuum (t2) is the house of relativistic motion speed of light, contraction and expansion of times and lengths.  It also houses the scientific quantum beings of our time – elementary sub-atomic particles, waves, wave-packets and fields and the whole range of phenomena without cosmic or consciousness or psyche properties.

The time sub-continuum (t3) is the house of the time octave housing ghosts, apparitions, genies, devil, mysticism, lower gods, lower ranked Buddhas and the whole range of phenoumena with beings of reincarnation powers and time reversibility.  All of them have cosmic or consciousness or psyche properties.

The eternity sub-continuum (E) also known as the fourth dimension of time (t4) is the house of the diversified eternities of near and very long life span ever-presences of cosmoses; Wu or the Nirvana and/or the Stillpoint of the Taoists, the Buddhist, the Yogis and the new Ageists; and the great Yin and the great Yang; and finally, the Gods and/or the Kingdoms of Heaven of the Hindus, the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims.

The Great Space-Time-Eternity Continuum (Do) of the next higher octave of dimensions (if there is) is the Great Omnipresent and Omnivast Space-Time-Eternity Continuum that house the Absolute Singularity. (Old version)


8   (New version, 2020) Dimension grows by slow evolution and quick revolution. It is subjected to the laws of three and seven and obeys the octave law with two accelerating/ decelerating points – one leading from space dimensions to time dimensions while the other leading from time dimensions to eternity.


Commentaries on the Old Version:

1. The old version of Space-Time-Eternity Continuum needs revision (additions, changes and rearrangement due to new findings) and for the nonce, the new version of Consciousness-Eternity-Time-Space Continuum.

2. The space, time and eternity are universal relational entities, and so is the whole Space-Time-Eternity Continuum.  Here all the Space, the Time and the Eternity dimensions are considered fundamental dimensions.  In the new version, they are considered lateral octaves and the relevant dimensions would be placed in the 1st Lateral Octave of Eternity Dimensions at the TI-DO Interval and in the 2nd Lateral Octave of Timespace Dimensions at the MI-FA Interval.  The issue would then be what constitute the Fundamental Octave or the foundation octave to the two (2) lateral octaves of dimensions.

3. Now, Cosmic Consciousness, Omnipresence, Omnivastness, the Everpresence of Time, the Evervastness of Space, the Bio Consciousness, a Point-Time, a Point-Space have not been considered in this old version, 1976 of Space-Time-Eternity Continuum.  They have to be included in the Consciousness-Eternity-Time-Space Continuum.  But why must it be in this order.

4. It can be noticed that if they are to fit into an octave model which can be expressed in the form of an ascending octave would be: In the 1st lateral octave (do, re, mi // fa, so, la, ti//do) at the MI-FA Interval and in an ascending 2nd lateral octave (Do, Re, Mi // Fa, So, La, Ti // Do) at the TI-DO Interval.  Both the lateral octaves would be innerly linked into a double octave of ascending notes.  The 1st lateral octave would be the retarding-accelerating octave at the MI-FA Interval and 2nd lateral would be the retarding-accelerating octave at the TI-DO Interval of the ascending Fundamental Octave (DO, RE, MI // FA, SO, LA, TI // DO).

On the other hand, a descending octave would be:  In the 1st lateral octave (Do // Ti, La, So, Fa // Mi, Re, Do) at the TI-DO Interval and in the 2nd lateral octave (do // ti, la, so, fa // mi, re, do) at the MI-FA Interval.  Both the lateral octaves would be innerly linked into a double octave of descending notes.  The 1st lateral octave would be the retarding-decelerating octave at the TI-DO Interval and 2nd lateral would be the retarding-decelerating octave at the MI-FA Interval of the descending Fundamental Octave (DO // TI, LA, SO, FA // MI, RE, DO).

5. What would then be the fundamental octave for which all these dimensions in the lateral octaves could rest permanently, un-separable  and  as a foundation for which it must always be associated with and referred to inevitably?

They are the Absolute Singularity (DO), the 1st Force Carrier Field of Gluons (TI), the 2nd Force Carrier Field of W & Z Bosons (LA), the 3rd Force Carrier Field of Photons (SO), the 4th Force Carrier Field of Gravitons (FA), the Micro-bodies of atoms, molecules and compounds (MI), the Mini-Macro bodies of physical bodies and objects commonly found around man (RE) and the Mega-sized Celestial bodies of the moons, the planets, the suns, the solar systems and the galaxies (DO).

6.  The concept of concentric octave and nodal spheres is important to separate the major differences in quality and sizes of each specific octave note  (in the trillions of trillions) from the next higher octave notes.



7. The concept of motion is also necessary to enable quantitative changes and qualitative transformations to happen, even if the object (quanta or objects)  apparent rest or in motion as both are relative motion.

8. These partialities of dimensions at the MI-FA Interval are found in the phenomena of sound, heat, diffusion, electrostatics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, elasticity, general relativity and quantum mechanics.  They can be mathematically analyzed through complex mathematical tools of the higher thinking center of man such as the partial differential equations, the differential geometry, geometric topology, calculus of variations, tensors (stress-energy tensors, energy-momentum tensors, curvature tensors, tensor fields, etc.) matrices and mapping ..... all of which are crucial to the mathematically understanding and solving problems in the Consciousness-Eternity-Timespace Continuum.  As to the ubiquitous Omnipresence, Omnivastness, Everpresence of Time (EPT or T4), Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4), Cosmic Consciousness and Bio Consciousness they are essentially non-computational and stands to represent major quality differences within the Conscious-Eternity-Spacetime Continuum or the the qualitative difference of the Pythagorean Monochord Harmonic Scale of this CETS Continuum.  However, both Cosmic Consciousness of the TI-DO Interval and Bio Consciousness of the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, they are often present and often not presence, often 'being' and often 'nothing', and having consciousness states such as sleep, waking-sleep, wake and enlightened.  They can be quantitatively studied.

9. The String Theory of Dr. Michio Kaku is a reference to the Pythagorean Monochord Harmonic Scale of the smallest elementary particles or quarks vibrating in a string of similar particles in the quantum world.  It would be considered as the smallest inner octave of the universe along side many more octaves in the universe linked together into many fundamental and lateral octave network or branches of many rays of creation of the (our) Ray of Creation, and to the Omni-Rays of Creation.  But how long can a string be?  How big is the quantum network in the universe.  The first answer would be endlessness or infinitely long to the reach of the universe itself.  The second answer would be infinitely big or vast to the vastness of the universe itself.

The tensors have container concept for which there are cubicle planes of the containers that allow for spacetime dimensions to be represented on a plane or a foundation or a platform or a fundamental note of an octave for way dimensions expands and grow.  Just as the string theory of quanta is already a tinker to Pythagorean Monochord Harmonic Scale for further extension of the string of quanta, so the tensor concepts would provide a further tinker to the stopinderation or 3 'containment' planes to the motion of the quanta. The increasing in the number of the cubicle container itself would provide a tinker to another increase of an octave stopinder. Both the string concept and the container concept would trigger the arrival of the octave concept, for the nonce, they have not yet include all the powers of a full fledged tri-octave conception of the world.



9   (New Version, 2020) Recent findings in Quantum Physics that would also revised the octave concept of dimensionalities, have revealed four Field Force Carriers in the quantum world, namely, the Gluons, the W & Z Bosons, the Photons and the Gravitons, which I would proposed as some kind of dimensions distinct in their own way but can be grouped as the 4 Field Force Carriers Quantum Continuum consisting of notes 'TI', 'LA', 'SO' and 'FA' of the Fundamental Octave of Dimensions.  However, the Time and Space would be found in the two lateral octaves.  For the Eternity Continuum the Cosmic Consciousness, the Omnipresence, the Omnivastness, the Everpresence of Time (EPT or T4) and the Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4) would be placed in the 1st Lateral octave at the TI-DO Interval.  For the Space-Time Continuum where the objective time Point-Time ('t'), Line-Time (t1) endowed with subjectively felt moments of the 'Past, Present and Future' and irreversible and the Point-Space ('s'), the Line-Space (s1), the Plane-Space (s2) and Solid-Space (s3) and  would be placed in the 2nd lateral octave at the MI-FA Interval.  Finally, the Absolute Singularity would be the first note 'DO' in of the Fundamental Octave of Dimensions.  The Quantum Force Carrier Fields are dimensions of the Quantum Continuum with its 4 quantum force carrier fields of Gluons, W & Z Bosons, Photons and Gravitons ('TI', 'LA', 'SO' and 'FA') are essentially the fundamental octave of dimensions.  Of their own, they are a bit spooky between the TI-DO Interval and the MI-FA Interval, one above while the other below.  Below the MI-FA Interval lies the classical mechanical forces of the Micro-bodies (MI), the Mini-macro-bodies (RE) and the Mega-sized Celestial bodies (DO) of the fundamental octave of dimensions all having the x-, y- and z-axes of space with an inseparable independent irreversible 1-dimenisonal objective time blended to them.  This is the place where the atoms, the molecules, the compounds, the physical bodies of ordinary experience and the mega-sized celestial bodies are found.




However, everything is material in this model, including elementary particles and cosmic consciousness!  Each dimension creates the other level and adds itself to it in concentric when there is motion whether the motion is descending or ascending in the fundamental octave or in the lateral octaves of dimensions.

For example, when in descending motion of the fundamental octave of dimensions, the Absolute Singularity (DO) to overcome and traverse the 1st retardation at the TI-DO Interval where all the moving sub-dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness, Omnipresence and Omnivastness, the Everpresence of Time (EPT or T4) and the Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4). Only then all the following 4 Quantum Force Carrier Fields from the Gluons (TI) to the W & Z Bosons (LA) to the Photons (SO) and to the Gravitons (FA) in sequence can be created and incorporated. Then these force carrier fields have to overcome and traverse again in a 2nd retardation at the MI-FA Interval in wait for the descending motion completion of the 1st lateral octave of dimensions in the process for which Bio Consciousness (do) acquires Point-Time (‘t’) & Point-Space (‘s’), then by motion to acquire Line-Time (t1) & Line-Space (s1) and by motion again to acquire Plane-Time (t2) & Plane-Space (s2) and Solid-Time (t3) & Solid-Space (s3).  Having overcome and traverse this MI-FA Interval, the formation and incorporation of the fundamental stopinders into to the  world of micro-bodies (MI), the mini-macro-bodies (RE) and the mega-sized Celestial bodies (DO) continue where the laws of classical mechanical forces applied.

Bio Consciousness is found to exist in large amount in the nervous brains and systems of  the biocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, however, we hypothesize that Cosmic Consciousness exist as the Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval of this same Ray of Creation.  For this reason, Bio consciousness is placed at the MI-FA Interval and Cosmic consciousness at the TI-DO Interval of the octave of dimensions of the Consciousness-Eternity-Time-Space Continuum.

The Absolute Singularity (DO) of dimension wholeness and all its 1st lateral stopinder of eternity dimensions at the TI-DO Interval such as Cosmic Consciousness (Do), Omnipresence, Omnivastness, the Everpresence of Time (EPT and T4) and the Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4) are not computational or subjects of mathematics - only qualitative or qualitative symbols with description at most.  They are infinities.

However, temporal fundamental stopinder dimensions below the fundamental octave of dimensions from Ti to Fa such as the 4 Force Carrier Fields of Gluons, W & Z Bosons, Photons and Gravitons and the spatial dimensions from Mi to Do of the fundamental  octave of dimensions as well as the 2nd lateral stopinder of time-space dimensions at the MI-FA Interval are computational and can be subjects of mathematics.

Upon reaching the 'DO'-stopinder below of the World of Dimensions, the many scales of the material world begin to take shape beyond the physical Solid Space-Time of the worlds - the classical Newtonian mechanics, the classical Keplerian mechanics and etcetera, the chemical tri-octave motion, the biological tri-octave motion, geological tri-octave motion, and etcetera all falling in their respective position and according to the principle of scales. (Added in September 2020)



Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho has explained this new discovery model of 'Consciousness-Space-Time-Eternity' Continuum clearly that the basic laws of octave apply to the creation and growth of physical and temporal dimensions, namely, consciousness, spaces and times within a biological being and the universe as being holistically. This is new physics for our times.  The latest understanding of Dimensionality and the Law of Octave is in the context of a 'Consciousness-Eternity-Time-Space' Continuum.

The Big Bang of our Being-Universe begins with a point (energy) and without time becomes line, surface and solid and in the MI-FA Interval acquires time and becomes a space-time continuum, still in motion to acquire 2 more inner time dimensions in the same space-time continuum and at TI-DO Interval acquires eternity and all of which becomes a space-time-eternity continuum which terminated as the Grand Space-Time-Eternity Everything Inclusive Continuum.  This includes all 3-centered universes!  The three centers are found in the Fourth Body, the Third Body and the Second Body but everything is wrapped in the First Body for which the 3 centers are its phenoumenal core.

The Universe which has an inner essence noumenal dimensional  core and an inseparable outer phenomenal physical Ray of Creation has 4 "bodies."  The highest Fourth Body houses the Eternity dimensions of cosmic consciousness, the Omnipresence, the Omnivast, the Everpresent of Time (EPT or T4) and the Evervastness of Space (EVS or S4) at the TI-DO Interval.  Its Third Body houses the Temporal dimensions of the 4 quantum force carrier fields, namely the Gluons, the W &Z Bosons, the Photons and the Gravitons.  Its Second Body houses the Temporal-Spatial dimensions of the Point-Time (‘t’), and Point-space (‘s’), the Line-Time (t1), the Plane-Time (t2) and Solid-Time (t3) at the MI-FA Interval together with its Line-Space, Plane-Space and Solid-Space on an x, y and z axes.  Its First Body or the last coarse physical constitutes the atoms, the molecules, the compounds, the physical bodies and the mega-sized celestial bodies.

For the Microcosmos (or Man) dwelling at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, like the Universe, he too has 4 bodies in him namely, the Fourth Body, the Third Mental Body, the Second Astral Body and the First Physical Body, as shown in the diagram below:



However, 'Consciousness-Eternity-Time-Space' Continuum which is an octave itself and is the essence, the inner phenoumenal core inseparable from the phenomenal physical appearances or coatings which we can observed.  The numbers show the number of laws which each cosmic concentration is subjected to, the smaller the number of laws the greater is the degree of freedom.






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