Volume 38       October 4, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 7,  by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Tritocosmic Venture, The Fundamental Sociocosmic Process and the Lateral Sociocosmic Venture," October 1976 - April 1977 Discourses, Chapter 3, Sections A & B: "Prelude to the Sociocosmic Places and the Story of the Four-Bodied Sociocosmoses," pp. 53~62)







1   First and foremost, special exercises are essential before one can reflect the sociocosmoses accurately, so that one does not see an illusory society of various “truths”, abstractions and definitions.  This must be understood.  The sociocosmoses which I am observing have already existed very long ago.  Now, I am a latecomer, a being who only begins to see that which life span has half gone, I must pronounce aloud that a great many previous reflections both by myself and by my friends or even by the lecturers in any institution are fundamentally reflections producing the static knowledge of the parts disjointed to the sociocosmic whole.

A sociocosmos is an objectively build-up “ant nest” of a great magnitude, on a large scale and is amongst some of the “ugliest” scars built by man in this wrinkle date-faced mother Earth.


2   The visible three-dimensional sociocosmos is not planned by any person, not even by the ministry nor town planners nor industrial planners nor any body.  They come by themselves as natural sociocosmic developmental energies.  They are the social beings of previous social beings that necessitate other future sociocosmic orders.  They just materialized as a result of man’s inner functional pressures both conscious and unconscious.  If the planners want them to be in this manner, they do so because objective reality must proceed in this manner ‑ if you work otherwise, Nature hits back.  If you follow the tide, you only hope for a “name” but actually you create nothing.

Social relations of production are functions of the Master-Drivers and if they repress, the result is serious sociocosmic conflict in all sectors, a social relation conflict.  The horse-carriage always stands in opposition to the Master-Driver.


3   ‘I’ am driving my ship here and there, quietly and invisibly just as others.  Where are we really going?  In ourselves, in society and in nature?


4   If you are to build a healthy sociocosmic entity, you are to have healthy men, but if you are to have healthy men you must know how to develop healthy men.  Finally, never mind about the choice of words use.  You can never be sure how this sociocosmic being would be addressed in another 1,000 years!  You may start your long journey to win your sociocosmic footing as a dominating stopinder in the next 100 years from now, and I can assure you that it would lose its fervor.




1   We are now going to study the sociocosmoses from a different viewpoint.  Groups of men, aggregate themselves into units and these groups have definite 'I's that unite. 

For example:
An income tax organization  -  taxation
A school  -  education
A night club  -  pleasure, entertainment
A shop  - retailing


2   The basic block of a sociocosmos consists only of men, their functions and activities within a physical embodiment.  And one man can perform a specific number of functions depending on their ‘I’s and time available.  And these ‘I’s gather together to function, and it is the movement of these 'I's which causes the process of stopindering in the sociocosmic being, has its own way of moving ‑ sociocosmic mode of motion.  The total movement makes up the moving center of the sociocosmic being.  And the moving centers by themselves are seldom coordinated harmoniously.  In the earlier period, there was no harmony and order.  Each man moves in his own way.


3   If there is an organization with an aim it becomes Grundrisse ‑ strictly based on “The Capital”.  And in a Grundrisse, the four bodies will arise, namely (1) carriage (2) horse (3) driver (4) Master and there will be a something which circulates in each Grundrisse, a sap or blood called ‘money’.

A sick Grundrisse is due to the polarization and concentration of this “sap” into one side of the Grundrisses.  As the “sap” ascends to the master, the master becomes lazy, the driver turns very fat, the horse becomes very thin and there will be extinction of the Grundrisse.  If the “sap” flows from above downwards, the master will be weak, the driver, thin and the horse, fat and it will become lazy.  The whole Grundrisse will also collapse.  The next invisible white sap is labor.  If the master does not flow its labor out, the driver would remain the same, and the horse would have to flow out too much labor – the whole Grundrisse will collapse.

The trouble with the Grundrisse of contemporary sociocosmoses is that there is no right rhythm within them.  Amongst the Grundrisses there is reciprocal feeding ‑ sucking the money dry.  Some unnecessary Grundrisses are created, where in fact even if they are not there, the sociocosmos will remain stable and even healthier.  Now you must be able to recognize the unnecessary and sick Grundrisses.  I will not tell you how.  A Grundrisse always involves labor, but the labor is often pouring from the empty into the empty.  When it is disharmonious, there will be warring groups, police organization, political party, espionage, armed forces, etc. to regulate production  –  to prevent the horses which are already dying.  This is to ensure continuous labor exploitation.

So far, observing these Grundrisses I have not yet seen a common cosmic harmonious movement of labor and money in them.  They require a dance, a dance for the harmonious movement of labor and money.  So long as a Grundrisse has not acquired a right rhythm, the danger of war is always there.  To be a master in a Grundrisse which is not harmonious is to put one into a dangerous position.


4   It is natural that when men gather and work together, the process ultimately configures into master-driver-horse-carriage.  Such a development is always that of a pattern of sociocosmic growth.  It is also true of a biocosmic growth.  At first, the division is blur; then it becomes clear.  Even if the whole organization disintegrates, for whatever reason, the same order will arise.

It is also true that contemporary men are “antagonistic” in behavior not only within them but also with others, and this explains why in a group, there is always within it a queer antagonistic property, a unity of contraries.  Interior explosion arises as soon as the right rhythm in that organization disappears.  A group is a rhythm of the flow of forces from above to below, and from below to above, that is, descending and ascending forces must proceed within it.

What happens to contemporary ‘master-driver-horse-carriage’ organizations?  The master does not want to descend in person to a lower level, so that the forces are accumulated at the top.  The lower level is not allowed to ascend.  Communication does not flow freely amongst all the components of the organization.


5   Masters and third body drivers or “management” must serve the interest of the horses, be more united with the horses and should not exploit or undernourished the already burdened horses.  The horses must be given sufficient food, drink, housing and salawage to reduce its potential to join those revolutionary forces known as communism or various social transformers.  Not communism, please ‑ communism arises as a result of too much exploitation of the workers by the capitalists.  In the real world view of the politically conscious workers, punishing communism is like punishing the exploited who are already poor, needy and malnourished; many masters would risk the dangerously negative consequences of organ kundabuffer.  Everything could come to a deadly deadlock with the sociocosmic masters trapped opposing the horses in all the sociocosmic entities.  The deadly resolution into civil wars is often unavoidable with global restructuring of the inner components of all sociocosmic bodies, the 4th, the 3rd, the 2nd and the 1st sociocosmic bodies.

The horse is the essence of the microcosm (man) of the tritocosmos (Organic Life), the sociocosmos (society) and the technocosmos (the world-of-the-instruments-of-production); He is the “workers.”  To develop society at large is to essentially develop the horses and as well as the accompanying bodies.  The horses need real education and a Gulliverian Houynhnms language as the appropriate tool.

For the master and his peculiar management styles mandated for his loyal managers and supervisors could misfire.  To remain intact and preserve harmony, they have to descend and work with the horses, that is, to become the horses themselves.  Some Machiavellistic horses would seek to ascend to masters and become masters themselves.  There are descending and ascending movements within the already consolidated structure.  However, here the goal sought is to change the "people" in the structure.  Only those who have descended from above and ascended from below and never drink wine may deserve the title of masters.

Sociocosmoses are four-bodied organizations.  Good manner, pleasant personalities, religious radiation and various moral values cannot cure the dire illness of the horses.  If the horses are given a small share of the ‘cake-money’, they do behave like happy children.  When knowledge, skill and experience are gained, money will become the 1st body, that is, the children’s toys.

When the horses cannot be dieted on further, and in order to go on existing accordingly and as intended by the sociocosmic Absolute, they would, without basing on legal laws and money wizards, seize the “breads” directly to keep themselves survive.  Why?  Because legal laws, politics and money tricks are chains meant to noose the horses in a gentle but sure-deadly way.


6   A ray of men in the same sociocosmic octave begins with do, a master, who controls a ti, a pupil.  This pupil would become a master who would control a la, another pupil, etc.  A master, do, may controls two ‘ti’s and they may be invisible to one another.  Try and think in this way when dealing with essence connection, i.e. from octave laws.  Because a human being is a discrete being, he becomes the octave note naturally.  This way of seeing is better, i.e. based on the paradigm of the ray of creation of organizations or in short ‑ the sociocosmic paradigm.  If this ray produces ‘noise’ without rhythm, then it is due to notes disharmony within an organization or in the sociocosmos.  Unless the centers of the ‘notes’ are under the control of the notes themselves, the clashes will come.  Bear in mind this rhythm must continue for centuries ‑ each person can only contribute a small amount in ‘motion forms’ to this big piano octave.  If harmony perishes in that unity then there will be reciprocal destruction from within and without.  The more conscious and sacrificial this “music” is, the more powerful and dominating it will be.


7   In the new paradigm, the ultimate duty of a true communist is conceive to be the perfection of all the beings in the sociocosmoses and to keep it as alive as possible according to the multiple requirements of the beings themselves.  There are too many abnormal beings and to make them healthy is a noble aim.  Abnormal beings make abnormal social arrangement.  But unfortunately the present social order is so spoilt that when observed it could only reveal to us a potentially dangerous situation.  The task of creating a healthy sociocosmos throughout the whole world is a very very long one.

For the creative forces to assist the perfection of man and his sociocosmoses, sometimes and in fact, it is very necessary that the ground must be cleared for the forces to act.  The task is to build up more healthy individuals to ensure a more perfect society.  It is often the case that creative forces may come into conflict with the mechanical parts of the sociocosmoses and beings that are mechanical may retard the forces of creation.  The retarding force that dissolves creative forces is mechanical force.  The deterioration results in ‘kundabuffer’ and ultimately leads to ‘reciprocal destruction’.

The ray of creation that keeps living beings healthy and perfect and which in term improves the sociocosmic body knows no universities and religions.  It destroys the “mechanical” in the sociocosmos.  It knows no states and policemen, nor any arts and sciences.  Everything must be subjected to serious study; nothing must be accepted; everything must be tested.  The absolute commander of the Ever Great Universe commands renewal from time to time.  This is the voice of the Ray of Creation:  Down with mechanicalness both in the beings and in the sociocosmoses.  Only non-mechanicalness is good, only conscious activity and conscious arrangement of sociocosmoses for perfection of beings is good.


8   Remember never force the coming-to-be of the ray’s note at a rate, too fast if the being is an ‘unbecoming’.  A ray of sociocosmic creation is ‘sincerity’ in essence and each note has a permanent ‘I’.  Those who want fame often force the ray of sociocosmic creation to grow too fast and as a result that ray becomes a collection of disease entities, and the man who is the master in that ray will sooner or later be diseased alike.  In other words, he will fail to carry out the evergreat message from the Trogoegoautocrat of our Universe.  A conscious man’s ray is not ‘limited’ but his ‘thought’ is possessed by people who are moving along his line.


9   Remember always and everywhere not to blindly enter into the body of a sociocosmic being because you will have to provide a large number of seats for your sociocosmic master ‘I’s.  Developed men can drive a sociocosmic being properly and there are few really good ones.  A person can be forced into an organization run by Hasnamusses, but sooner or later the stopinder would break up.


10   We are now facing a dis-ease condition of the body-sociocosmos, where rich and oppressive masters hold great power and dominate economically, politically and social culturally over all the poor everywhere in the world.  The oppressive flow along subtle water takes on greater evolution.  Whilst havatvernonis always get its foot caught in this mud.  These “friends” also have their own brand of religions during these periods of invention of as many esoteric schools as possible.  They chase material and spiritual wealth together as taught by their newly invented and revised religions.


11   We radiate goodness, help everyone wherever possible, but we must keep a close watch on these sly beings too, whose inner world are nothing but start out from themselves and are manifested with the greed disease.  While greed is invisible, moves along the fourth dimension, it still has to materialize or objectified in some forms.  Then comes the unequal share of wealth.  Some taking a bigger piece of cake while others practically take nothing, although suffering is at equal level.  Here there is injustice but the mouths of millions are shut off by terror.

In order to ascertain what I am talking about, please walk around this body-sociocosmos and watch very carefully at its negative niches.  And always strive to understand the cause of their arisings.


12   Industry is the seat of one-sided development of the body, and also the seat of one-sided development of the sociocosmic being; only through “rotation of industrial functions” can man cease to be a machine to a certain extent.  And this becomes impossible with the iron laws of the sociocosmoses.


13   Sociocosmoses should be foundations for enabling productive forces to be released that would meet the demands of all the psychic and physical centers of the individuals and their sociocosmoses.  It should be a productive unit itself.


14   When constructive forces meet the destructive forces one of them would triumph.  Pleasure seeking, self-love, vanity, cruelty and sexual abuse, even if they triumph, could only create the same “disease” and as a result will lead humanity to doom.  Sooner or later, it will lead to its own self-destruction.  So long as creative forces do not triumph the various regions of the sociocosmos will remain mechanical and would harbor all kinds of disease.







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