Volume 74       September 12, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method in its Applications to the Problems of the Real World," March 1982 ~ September 1983 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section B: "Mantra Vibration: Being-Sound," pp. 176~180)





1   Organic beings such as man emanate window-smashing sounds, even self-calming mantras, and often, they are like The Tin Drums, (in Die Blechtrommel).  They drum every day and sometimes even during sleep.  Even other beings and the planets drum too!  Man is like Gunter Grass's tin drum that lets out in full blast ‘something-in-sound-form’ continuously with periodic stops so long as he exists in the world of unceasing insane sociocosmic perturbations.


2   Can't you see that rain, machines, storms, human languages, flowing water, waterfalls, our human music, crying of human creatures, etc. are the musicians of the Great Cosmobiological Orchestra?  Can't you hear that music is an eternal phenomenon of matter?  Can't you hear that real music is not an isolated phenomenon?  Can't you “see” that you can “observe” a small part of the Great Music using your ears?  Can't you see that your producing of music either individually or through an industry only adds in one new musician into the Great Cosmobiological Orchestra?


3   Man is a typical 'meat-radio' and the noisiest of its kind.  It is also this noisiness that drives away many wild animals into the deep jungle.  Beware that you don’t remove earwax by sharp devices, else, the accident of which would make you eardrum-burst musicians no longer able to appreciate any music!


4   Being-sounds being dumped into the outer-world soon become pollutants which intoxicate the contents of the centers when accidentally consumed.


5   Manual production of music can easily be replaced by the computerized production of music.  There is a revolution in the methods of production of musical vibrations.

6   Man's musical production is a reflection of the Real World of Music which has existed from time immemorial and which has always existed in the Real World.  Just listen to Great Nature's music and you will know what I mean.


7   Didn't you notice that they play with sounds, manipulating them into music, trilling themselves and others, theorize them and even sell these musical pieces for dollars as a returning satisfying others' needs?


8   Tibetan's self-calming Mantra:  OM  MANI  PEH  MI  HUNG"  tone high and upward chant about 108 times or more when your inner sound-conversation cannot be brought under control.

In fact, after chanting the above mantra, I myself experience emptiness in my mind, a sudden clarity because the stubborn thoughts and feelings are driven off from the vessels of my tin drum.

Remember that when your state is at a lower level such as waking-sleep, you can practice mantra yoga such as "OM MANI PEH MI HUNG" to bring you to a higher state of consciousness.


9   Man is a peculiarly composed "sounding box" and he produces all kinds of weird sounds.  The quality of any sound from sounding beings is often judged by the quality of the sounds it produces.


10   The postures of human sound manifestation is called mantras only when it is esoteric in nature or at least of esoteric origin.  The others are often automatic and mechanical noise production.  Mantras are sound postures that have therapeutic and healing effects.  The proper selection of nutritious mantra food is vital to the work.

Man is a noisy creature.  Sometimes through musical training, he becomes a musical instrument and only when he is well verse in mantra science that he can be said to understand and has perfected his sound-body.  Only at this level his body ceases to manifest mechanically and begins to exert control over the mantra postures for the work.

At this point the task of collecting musical pieces and ancient mantras and practicing them for therapeutic purposes becomes the immediate task of the essence men in perfecting his mantra body.


11   Languages, gestures and movements move and change the course of matter in motion:


Careful use of organized and directed mantric languages, gestures and movement-actions on living beings in the outer world and cause them to react and move to destined places or perform intended tasks......  the master uses mantra to wind up a disciple and set on a course predetermined by him.


12   Scientific musical compositions should be "grammatically correct."  The grammar of a good music must be correct and the ideas and technique of the musical pieces must be good and true.  It must obey the octave laws.

Good musical compositions, like good classical books, are often a result of individuals or groups.  But production technique depends on the industry concerned.  To produce music one has to be able to write musical compositions.


13   Musical pieces are tools to the development of the emotional center of man, just like books which have the same function in developing the thinking center.


14   Real music assists in the formation and development of organized feelings in man.  Scientific feelings, like scientific thoughts, have to be learned.






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