Volume 73       September 7, 2019


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 7 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Tritocosmic Venture, the Fundamental Sociocosmic Processes and the Lateral Sociocosmic Venture",  October 1976 ~ April 1977 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section C & D: "The Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering and the Intentional Contact" , pp. 180 ~ 185 )





1   In The Unknowable Gurdjieff, p.35, Margaret Anderson wrote:

“I will tell you one thing that will make you rich for life.

There are two struggles.  But these two worlds can never make contact with each other, to make data for Third World; even God cannot give the possibility for contact between Inner-world and Outer-world struggle neither can your heredity give it.

Only one thing can give it: you must make an intentional contact between the worlds; then you can make data which crystallize for the Third World of man, called by the ancients the World of the Soul.

I can give you a small example which will perhaps give you the “taste” of this intentional contact.  You, for example, when you give up cigarettes.  You have an Outer World struggle (not to buy, not to take, but remember always to break habit); and you have an Inner-world struggle (you imagine how it was when you could smoke – you imagine it is a different way, more keen, and with more longing); and it will seem (with this inner-world imagining) even more desirable than it had ever been.  You will have made this cigarette and Intentional Contact between the two struggles, and even by this small effort you will have made data for the Third World.

This can be a thing for power.  I will tell you one very important thing to say, each time when the longing to smoke comes.  You say it the first time, and maybe notice nothing.  You say it a second time, and maybe nothing.  Say it a third time, and perhaps something will happen.  Say “I wish the result of this suffering to become my own, for Being.”  Yes, you can call that kind of wishing suffering, because it is suffering.


2   Remember suffering operates at two levels (1) at inner suffering (2) at outer suffering.  Outer suffering is outside.  On the outside, there is happiness but innerly there could be real suffering real suffering.  In the period when a person has real inner suffering he can be deceived and exploited by the irresponsible "masters" who could have spotted the weaknesses, and by some methods, took advantage of his dire state.  This is the basic idea of exploitation for selfish gains.

Inner suffering is the basic suffering necessary for development.  It is bound to appear as outer suffering.  If you are identified with inner suffering you can be used in two ways (1) for good (2) for bad.  But if you meet a developed master you are very lucky because his action would be responsible.  If you meet a wrong “master”, he will destroy you.  Jealousy can play a part in it.


3   The dimensions of man’s mind is multiple, that is to say, the subjective properties of the mind is unfathomable.  There are always possibilities in this first and second world.  The first world is outside you but the second world is inside you, and I shall call it “reality”, things that are quite definite and fixed, and are controlled by definite laws of nature.  But the first world of the ordinary man is distortedly or topsy-turvily connected to his second world.  He is unable to reflect the first world as it is, and the third world is just an unknown for him.  The second world must suffer intentionally and consciously, and must be able to make intentional contact with the first world before a sound basis of the third world can be created in for our body.  Take for instance a dog, a being of the first world.  The impression of this being comes into our body.  Now if our second world is subjective, we will react automatically and unconsciously or semi-consciously and form our own view of the dog.  If we are Muslims, we will react in a repulsive way, and even vomit or even feel like killing that haram being.  Ordinary man precisely lives in this subjective state.  The first world, the second world and the third world cannot be comprehended thoroughly.  They have too many possibilities and manifestations.


4   A person who has suffered and yet can does-not-express-it is in fact a person who has mastered the control of himself.  There are people who are unable to “suppress” suffering by not expressing it, and often these people force another person to suffer just out of sheer revenge.  Without a certain amount of sadness, you have no real will ‑ you cannot be.  Without a willed sadness, without experiencing such an emotional state, a person will never become Buddha and will never really do good to mankind.  Even a PhD holder may have to purify his own vanity.  Tears pour from my eyes seeing the conscienceless oppressors.  The infantile soul grows in weal and woe, in order to be!


5   A body that cannot stand suffering releases all kinds of radiation.  There are “buttons” in your body, at a rate of vibration affected from outside, these “buttons” are “pressed” and they cause a definite kind of release of vibration.




1   Only intentional contact creates the necessary substances in the 'horse' and the 'driver which we called “memory”.  Memory must proceed by movement and deposition in the mental field.  Essence remembers because the psyche hydrogen is strongly held in the field.  Forced memory without a rhythmic movement proper to it weakens the field and creates chaos in the body.  Memory that is in the essence can be remembered for many years.


2   The first world must be brought close to the second world.  Then ‘I’ must make intentional contact with this world to acquire a third world, and finally to integrate these three worlds into ONE.  The conscious circumference must expand to make intentional contact with all the worlds.  Special inner exercises are essential for his.  Only then a permanent 'I' can be created and consolidated.


3   On the two dances:

  1. Dance for the creation and preservation of the intentional contact between the First World and the Second World.  He is talking I cannot hear but only through intentional contact that I could hear.  (The new struggle of the magicians!)

  1. Dance for the exteriorizing of Will from the Third World into the Second World and then into the First World.


4   Between you and I.  You will always be in my first world, never my second world.  I can act through you with an intentional contact on you.  But I can never be in your second world.  I will always be in your first world.  That intentional contact is the seed of a third world linking you and I ‑ the two diabolical worlds.  The third world is a magical medium bridging the two worlds.  Without a third world, the two worlds will never contact each other.

The phenomenon of three worlds will remain proper to every being.  What is the intentional contact proper to men?  Psyche expressions of various qualities pass from the first world into the second world.  For a bigger intentional contact if is very essential to keep the second world in a vibrant silence.



My physical machine is my first world, not my second world.  The third world can be broken or rejoined; it is a necessary world for transmitting psyche forces amongst the worlds.  The worlds are dancing; it is a dance of the three worlds.

Does psychic substance pass from the second world to another second world via the third world?  Substances always pass from one into another whenever there is a third world that brings the contact.  Substances never enter the first world if there is no intentional contact of the third world.  He is talking; I will not even know or hear any sound if I do not make an intentional contact with it.

You emanate a substance of impression, and it enters into my second world almost directly.  But if I eat you up, you will go into my first World, into my physical body, into my machine.  Only a small quantity of fine matters from you will enter my second world.  But this takes time.

‘I’s are attributed to small crystallization in the second world; a permanent ‘I’ is a very big crystal, so big that the other ‘I’s are its tools.  The second world changes ‘I’s, but the first world also changes the second world.


5   The first world is in constant movement so also is the second world.  Movements between these two worlds often destroy the delicate intentional contacts that might exist and so the first world must make intentional contact.  Wrong crystallization of the first world leads to wrong crystallization of the second world.  The first disappears into the second, and the second into the third and back into the first.






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