Volume 33       August 24, 2018

The Psychic Centers Of The Great Sociocosmos - The Sociocosmic Work Or Intervention On Sociocosmic Stopinders

By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 21, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Sociotechnocosmic World Outside Us, The Sociotechnocosmic World Inside Us and Our General Inner World Conditions," September 1997 - December 2001 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section A & B: "The Psychic Centers of The Great Sociocosmoses - The Sociocosmic Work Or Intervention On Sociocosmic Stopinders," pp. 1~22)






1   The micro-organocosmos repeats itself in the sociocosmos but on a higher and larger scale.  The approximate 4 billion (now 7 billion by 2018) human beings in the sociocosmic octave contains 4 billion x 7 centers = 28 billion (now 49 billion) possible centers of communication and communicating continuously within the network forming the sociocosmic fluid of the body of the Great Sociocosmos.  They are scattered uniformly 1/7 x 4  =  4/7 billion (now 7/7 or 1 billion) of each type of center and they are distributed uniformly.  As these centers require fillings (or inputs or specific foods), so the ‘economy’ is a mechanism to ensure that the products, services and others are supplied in the right amount and at the right time to all these centers of the individual stopinders.

As these needs and wants of the inner world constitute a power-pulling force (feeding force) in an enneagramic configuration, it is no wonder that the various outward organizations (the sociocosmic octave) coating the DO-sociocosmic stopinder (or man) are directed towards transporting something into the world of psychic centers.

Take for instance, the educational industry with its training and retailing of education materials.  One can see that they are coated into the network of lower and higher thinking centers of the body of our great sociocosmos.  The entertainment industry together with organizations producing emotion goods and services, including the musical instruments are coating the emotional center network.  Then, the sports industry, including the exercises and adventures that demand moving center commitment or needs clearly coat the moving centers network.  Then the food and beverage industry with the organizations associated with it clearly demonstrates the link to the instinctive center.  Then the sex industry with the provision of prostitutes, strip-teasers and all forms of sex related products and services and above all, the family included, completely coat the sociocosmic sex center.

The sum of all the psychic centers of all the individuals is equal to the psychic centers of the Great Sociocosmos.  These psychic centers unionize and integrate civilizational-ly historically by upward octave stopinderation from the individual level, the group level, the family level, the organization level, the feudal kingdom (capitalist/socialist state) level, the feudal dynasty (capitalist/socialist nation) level, the feudal empire (capitalist/socialist 'World-of-Nations'/Humanity-at-Large) level.  Many of these micro-, mini- and mega-civilizations, in the form of kingdoms, dynasties, empires, states, nations and 'world-of-nations' as found written in many history, literature and holy books are unreal and half-truth, imaginative and half-objective and are useful propaganda in nature by just a few thousands of these low-population psychic centers already collapsed long ago in the actual historical process and have been over-drummed in hallucination.

Finally, there are many more fragmented and hybrid organizations catering for the various market segments of the sociocosmic psyche centers.


2   An organization in the real world has psychic centers.  These centers exist only in the individuals that make up the organizational bulk.  The really true psychic centers for any sociocosmic organization are the psychic centers in man.  The dominating psychic centers of each fundamental sociocosmic stopinders of the triadic FA-, SO-, LA- and TI-stopinders are the FA-Lau of the PDC organization, the SO-Lau state, LA-Lau nation and the TI-Lau nation-bloc beings respectively and the psychic centers of the diadic fundamental MI-, RE- and DO-stopinders are the psychic centers of the MI-parent(s) of the family, the RE-leader of the group and the DO-driverhead of the individual respectively.  The dominated psychic centers of the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders are the FA-Gong, SO-Gong, LA-Gong and the TI-Gong beings and the dominated psychic centers of the diadic fundamental MI-stopinders are the psychic centers of the MI-children, the RE-follower and the DO-carriagebody respectively.  The semi-dominated psychic centers of the fundamental sociocosmic stopinders are the FA-Jing, the SO-Jing, the LA-Jing and the TI-Jing beings and that none or undefined for the diads in the MI-stopinder of the family and the RE-stopinder the group.  However, for the triadic DO-stopinder of a hethormen human being moving alone innerly within himself there is a DO-horsechest of 'power of emotions' of the individual.  In the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopinders at the MI-FA Interval of the fundamental sociocosmic octave there will be psychic centers, three psychic centers in each of the 7 triads, namely: do-laujinggong, the re-laujinggong, mi-laujinggong, fa-laujinggong, so-laujinggong, la-laujinggong and the ti-laujinggong of the 1st lateral sociocosmic octave, and in each of the 7 triads, namely: Do-laujinggong, Re-laujinggong, Mi-laujinggong, Fa-laujinggong, So-laujinggong, La-laujinggong and ti-laujinggong of the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave.  At DO-Great Sociocosmos or the Earth Civilization, there is also in general a triad of DO-LAUJINGGONG for Earth Civilization where there is dominating hegemonic, exploiting and oppressing TI-lau beings of the geocontinent nation-blocs such as from the North America and Europe, a dominated exploited and oppressed TI-Gong beings of the geocontinent nation-blocs such as in Africa and South America and an semi-dominated somewhat exploited and oppressed TI-Jing beings of the geocontinent nation-blocs especially China and Japan in East Asia and Russia in North Asia with a runner up India in South Asia.  This observation is on the current polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism where capitalistic-essenced laujinggong triads have ascended up to gravity-center of sociocosmic vibration, ‘TI’, and remain there in the sociocosmic body of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism which is on a descending decline since 2010 AD due to an old age factor of a historical sociocosmic specie-being.  The declining old hegemonic LA-sociocosmic being - with only a few lingering military, financial, movie and science outshines left admist a landmine of political, economic and socio-cultural aberration - has only to seek a re-adjusted, a re-arranged and a re-positioning of itself amongst all the other existing 195 LA-nations in a new multipolar international order and a possible new harmonious, peaceful, common-sharing and common-prosperity world order.


3   The psychic centers of a sociocosmic organization are:

1.   the thinking center

2.   the feeling center

3.   the moving center

4.   the instinctive center and

5.   the sex center

These centers exist in all the individuals in each sociocosmic stopinders, within the various levels of management (Top, middle, the first-line and the operation workers) of the FA-octaves and all the other stopinders.  Just as our centers do not change our structures easily, so the sociocosmic passengers do not change the organization structure within a short period.

Some of the reasons are:

1. Difficult to dismantle existing organization structure

2. Difficult to dismantle the old techno-production structure

3. Difficult to remove old culture and values

4. Difficult to reconstruct new physical structure

5. Stopinder resistance to change

So, a budding principle would be an answer to any organizational change.  Even if we design and launch a sociocosmos into the body of our great sociocosmos, and it appears like something inputted, the reality is still that we sprout from our present stopinder pad.  A new gravity-center sprouts and must be nourished, while the old is gradually left to disintegrate.  It is like the launching of the modern parliamentary substopinder of the SO-octaves into this sociocosmic body and leaves the monarchy substopinder to disintegrate by itself.  It could take 50 or a hundred years for this political process.

Specialization pursuit compels the top-managers to think more and the operation workers to concentrate more on moving-instinctive activities.  However, because centers exist in all individuals, passenger ideas can actually originate from anywhere in the world.  When passenger ideas consolidate as the active direction within the body of an organization, we have an organization with a mission or a goal.  At this moment, the mission or organization goal is the gravity-center focus within the sociocosmic body. The intent, the thrust, the posture and the mode (Dr. Peter Li, University of Dubuque, U.S ), should synchronize.  The emergence of this ‘I’ (mission) of the organization would take time to surface.  And an internal shift in the position of this ‘I’ would take a long time to metamorphose the whole organization.

The center of gravity of social men is the center of gravity of a sociocosmic organization.  Man's psyche hydrogens are sociocosmically stopinered in a sociocosmic periodicity with hydrogen indices from H96 to H24 and to H6 according to its fineness or materiality, the smaller number means greater fineness, and the numbers fall between 96 and 6 along the Gurdjieff-Ouspenskian Scale of Everything Living.



4   Putting aside the types of centers located inside the a human being and treating each human being as an individual sociocosmic stopinder as a single material gravity-center vibration and that of all the other sociocosmic stopinders above as derived reference gravity-center vibration (and real) we would have the number of material and derived reference gravity-center vibration calculated approximately for the Great Sociocosmic Stopinder Being as shown in the Quantitative Analysis below (Add on on January 17, 2021):




The sociocosmic stopinders reciprocally give themselves PROPER NAMES because the gravity-centers vibration have egos and 'I's self-identities for which they become aware of.  Therefore, in 2019 AD there would be approximately 7.674 billion proper names allocated for each Individual (DO).  Henceforth, there would be 3.837 billion possible collective proper names allocated for each Group (RE), 2.558 billion possible collective proper names allocated for each Family (MI), 200 million  possible collective proper names allocated for each Productive Organization (FA), 8,483 collective proper names allocated for each State (SO) not including the PROPER NAMES of their 2nd and 3rd level inner collective subdivisions - provinces, districts and sub-districts; 195 collective proper names allocated for each Nation (LA), 8 collective names for each geo-regional/continental nation-blocs (TI) as recognized by the UN - of course not including the many more predatory, self-proclaimed TI-identities, unwholesome invented nation groupings/alliances/blocs breeding, coming and going PROPER-NAMED collective TI-sociocosmic beings such as BC, EU, G7, G20, CMEA, CIS, NAFTA, USSR, NATO, ASEAN, UN, IMF, GATT, BRICS, NAFTA, NAM, IPAC, QUAD, AUKUS, and etcetera.  There is also ‘Humanity-at-Large’ without proper name but certainly no proper name yet for the One (1) Great Sociocosmic Being.  Note that these three-brained hethormen human beings often give PROPER NAMES or nomenclatures to their non-human counterparts and sponsored instruments of production – plants, machines and robots.

Like the six blind men of Goolistan, man would certainly be confused by many of these fanciful flying common-named and proper-named psyche hydrogen fragments (McDonald’s, Honda, Apple, Huawei, to the tune of hundreds of millions) bubbling from the springs of the circle of the Confusion of the Tongues.  Without the unifying knowledge of the law of triads, the law of octaves, the law of intervals, the enneagrams, the knowledge of the fundamental and the lateral octaves, and their historical sociotechnocosmic behaviors the confusion  would not be resolved to a higher level of understanding.

Now concerning the geographical sizes  and territorial boundaries of the FA, SO, LA and TI sociocosmic stopinders, they increase and expand their borders and territories over historical periods from primitive communalism, to ancient slavism, to feudalism, to capitalism, to socialism ....... and finally reach to the maximum limited only by the size of the Earth's surface.  Furthermore, the sizes of FA, SO, LA, TI are comparatively smaller for the lower  stages of the historical sociocosmic species.  For example, the historical sociocosmic species of feudalism's productive organizations (FA), kingdoms (SO), dynasties (LA) and empires (TI) are comparatively smaller in geographical sizes than that of the historical sociocosmic species of Capitalism and Socialism's production organizations (FA), states (SO), nations (LA) and "world-of-nations" or nation blocs (TI) respectively.

A slightly different perspective to this observation is that the physical spatial volume of each historical sociocosmic species creature increases gradually as the being grows from the infantile stage of the DO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Primitive Communism, to the growing adolescent stage of the RE-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Ancient Slavism, the  growing youth stage of the MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism, to the growing adult stage of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism, the mature stage of the SO-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Socialism, to the maintaining stage of the LA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Communism and to the final biotechnocosmic balance stage of the TI-Historical Sociotechnocosmic Species of Datongism.  The growth comes to the first geo-Earth halt when the limit of the size of the surface of mother Earth is reached whole surface - land, sea and air. The only expansion left will be the growth or protrusion from the air outwards to space, vast outer space and yonder.

There are about 14.232 billion gravity-center vibrating sociocosmic stopinder beings by 7.674 billion individuals on mother Earth's surface in year 2019.  Note that these 195 LA-stopinders do not have the same population, some very small only just a few millions and a few very big more than 1 billion.

The number of gravity-centers of sociocosmic vibration is very important and is always gerrymandered capitalistically for wealth accumulation especially for the polar FA-SO-LA-TI Historically Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.


5   The power-seeking hasnamussian individual representative(s) acquiring more power by mere vote without careful selection by merit in infantile and unwholesome preposterous democratic practice creating a mess of harmful disharmony in the world of low grade-representative(s) arising and ascending along the concentric sociocosmic octave.  It is truly an arch preposterous in this pyramidal paradox.  The one Individual (DO) Hasnamuss power-seeker(s) amongst the wiseacred and certainly paying a lot of money, showing some "golden" horns of intelligence amongst the hornless many (max of 7.674 billion individuals) now manages to capitalistically appropriate RE-power from his Group (RE) by "consensus vote" if not by covetous vote-plunder to become the "real representative" of his group expropriating  this power from others in his group and yet many other groups (max of 3.837 billion groups) exist alongside.  However, he could not climb the ladder to be the "real representative" of the family (MI) as he, scratching his head, has learnt the 'something wrong' to his understanding of his unwholesome vote only democracy because an undemocratic biological father has "stolen" his vote only democracy which would only placed him as a foster father in contradiction to the real biological father.  So so, as if nothing is suspicious or wrong somewhere, he continues to climb further up the ladder in the same unwholesome "democratic" vote using the same "golden" horns, this time to be the "real representative" in his organization (FA), capitalistically appropriating FA-power from his organization and expropriating the same power from others in his organization and yet there are other organizations existing alongside (max of 200 million).  Then he climbs further by the same means of unwholesome vote only democracy with the everpresent dubious select to now become the head of a state (SO) and now something big happens besides the gerrymandering anomalies in their voting process due to politically motivated gerrymandering alongside natural differences in population sizes and the geographical sizes of their states and nations.  His "real representative" power has confronted and challenged by another political power from the process of feudal governance where biological inheritance of power has been historically transmitted previously - a severe antagonistic contradiction has arisen and the law of three surface to resolve the issue - monarchy representative(s) removes him, he removes the monarchy representative(s) or compromise between the antagonistic two with divided and sharing roles and function.  Yet there are alongside some 8,483 states in the world.  Scratching his head for a second time but still so so, just continues his ascending journey to the nation (LA) in similar Hasnamussian manner becomes a "real" representative of his nation amongst many other nations (now 195 as registered in the UN).  He is now truly a powerful guy representing his nation big and small.  But because the 'select-to-be-candidate-of-vote' is the maleficent curse of this unwholesome democracy - money and evil wiseacring is its incurable disease - the real trouble is lurking in ambush to the wellbeing of this One (1) Great Sociocosmic Being.  The SOlau beings and the solau beings of each nation now send a nation-representative to the 'World-of-Nations' (TI) but this 'World-of-Nations' (TI) in the real world as it is becomes the minority 'UN organizations' (Mi) of the 2nd lateral octave at TI-DO Interval of the current sociocosmic octave of a FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.  Strange and peculiar inventive, creative and predatory toxic appendages began to grow from its natural body like having diseases of neoliberalism into the TI levels, witnessed lopsided words-playing and game-voting for hidden predatory objectives and long-term unbecoming goals - rampantly breeding political jargons such as 'democracy', 'freedom', 'liberty', 'human rights', 'justice' and 'equality' of neoliberalism partialities full of double-standards, making no problem-into-problem, aimed to appropriate and expropriate ownership of existing powers and positions within the ranks of this infantile 77 years old UN and subsequent legal LA-wealth accumulation in hidden disguise of antagonistic deep states at work causing it to fall ill, vibrating and emitting obvious pathological auras occasionally.  Worst and occasionally arm-twisted and even pocketed by the war-mongering hegemon nations and due to its weak infantile nature it has to open its door for all the one-centered, two-centered and three-centered Hasnamussian, lunatics, tramp and obyvatel hethormen beings to  drum to the tune of global disorder and wars.  Due to this same immaturity as an infantile sociocosmic enneagram being of about 77 years in age still very young by year 2022 AD to handle correctly such a massive numerous sociocosmic enneagram of a real world within the historical context of a passing FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism between 1788 AD to 2148 AD.




1   The sociocosmic work seeks to develop a harmonious and healthy sociocosmic being (Being number 7 in the body of the sociocosmos).  It seeks to drive along the historical sociocosmic octave to number 7 in the grand octave.  It calls forth balancing of the innumerous sociocosmoses.  It works for harmony, integration, co-operation, growth, etc.  This sociocosmic work would stress the need to work on the four bodies of the sociocosmoses.


2   The shifting of rapid economic growth of sociocosmic stopinders to that part of the body of our Evergreat Sociocosmos called Being-Asia causes it to become the major gravity-center radiation.  But a retardation point at MI-FA is also unavoidable as the East becomes completely developed after the year 2020.

However, the Asia phenomenon begins with a political-ideological octave as a gravity center radiation from 1940’s to 1980’s and the radiation is known as ‘The East is Red’.  The retardation at TI-DO of the octave, in fact, creates a new octave centered on market economy (1980’s) and has been radiating for quite some time.  The new octave is also nicknamed:  The colors of the cat shouldn’t matter, so long as it catches mice. (Deng Xiao Ping).  By 1990’s the octaves have grown into a great octave tree.

After completing this conscious reflecting of the stopinders that has grown ‘wildly’ in the East, the wise grandson could not believe in the complete strangeness of his new exposition itself, and he often begs for pardon for the serious departure of his exposition from the traditional ‘thought-trap’ of most expositions concerning the favorite Evergreat Sociocosmic Being.


3   It is fun to grow and breed a number of business organizations to discover your own potential.

Be a pianist for DO (yourself), RE (your group), MI (your family), FA (your business organization), SO (your state), LA (your Nation) and TI (your United Nations). Never be a piano!


4   Each sociocosmic organization consists of 4 major functions.  These functions are called management functions or management processes.  The functions are:

1. The leading function which involves establishing direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring them to achieve goals.

2.  The planning and decisions-making function that involves determining the organizational mission and develop its strategic, tactical and operational goals and plans.

3. The organizing function which involve deciding how best to group organizational activities and resources or to configure an organization.

4. The controlling function which involves the regulation of organizational activities in such a way as to facilitate goal attainment.

The degree of separation of function (or distinction) is dependent on the types of sociocosmos and its size.  The distinction is greater as one moves across in the sociocosmic FA-octave from Do to Ti and the separation is essential as the size of the sociocosmoses increase.


5   No sociocosmic stopinders should be neglected in the process of the integration of the body of the great sociocosmos.


6   Telecommunication, transportation and other entities of sociocosmic circulation form the fluid of the body of our great sociocosmos enable yoking of all the sociocosmic stopinders in all the existing sociocosmoses of our time.  The sociocosmic work for the harmonious development of the sociocosmic body would include integrating the fragmented individuals.

Although the speed of these basic components of the sociocosmic fluid are different with telecommunication operating almost instantly worldwide and physical transportation by land the slowest, the industries still strive consciously, (or unconsciously) to innovate its instruments to realize the great yoga of the sociocosmic stopinders (centers and material gravity-centers).

The perpetual motion of the fluid would enable the ‘matterless’ particle vibrations from each individual (DO) to transmit and receive at a faster and faster rate.  The psyche hydrogen distribution process would become faster feeding the entire individual psychic centers everywhere in the body of our great sociocosmos.  The sociocosmoses’ impression feeding digestion and the psyche hydrogen so formed everywhere would be transmitted to vivify the consciousness and ensure sociocosmic aliveness.


7   The great sociocosmic hackney carriage is a machine not knowing where it is heading.  Only those few respected conscious beings who are the founders of these hackney carriages would truly know and commit themselves to the mission of their respective stopinder carriage.


8   Strategic Management as a body of thought has gradually unfold the mystery of the sociocosmic bodies of a coherent sociocosmic stopinder with its unfolding content coming each time closer to a four body principle for a being socio-organism.

The Fourth Body:

Mission statement, goals and directions of a company.

The Third Body:

Strategies at society level, corporate level, business level and functional level, structure, culture, politics as plans.

The Second Body:

Functional operations and implementations.

The First Body:

The physical reality of the organization.

And strategic management tells us that the lau being must carry out internal and external appraisals, and to do matching work to realign the content of the sociocosmic being with its environment.  This is a sociocosmic work in the sense of the fourth way except that it is not interpreted as the sociocosmic work by any modern text.


9   Only he who is conscious can escape the strong sociotechnocosmic current from the effects of both social laws and laws of nature which come under the Ouspenskian 48 “laws”.


10   I, as one of the grandson-beings who is on a temporary sojourn on this planet earth and would be leaving very soon as 1/2 of the fuel in my spacecraft has already burnt up, must warn other beings similar to my ‘shape’ that as one of the transition being myself, I could promise in the meantime nothing golden for the great sociocosmic octave development.  And for you especially!  As your quest for harmony and your darling peace is attained across all sociocosmoses, the sociocosmic sleep is creeping in silently in wait of a sociocosmic perturbation (or bang).  Even as the unconscious participation of the great sociocosmic work has achieved something harmonious for the body of the great sociocosmos through man’s sleepy ‘mechanical unconscious-labor-and-unintentional-suffering’ dream, the movements and changes in the biocosmic octave under the ‘command’ of the cosmic octave of our Ray of Creation or even of the other cosmic rays of creation, would not spare the continuity of this homosapien octave at the retardation point.


11   And the wise grandson says:

To carry out the great sociocosmic work is not just working on the self.  It is to work on the 4 bodies of each sociocosmic stopinder.


12   The sociocosmic work is an enormous task of harmonizing the vibrations of every stopinder and all bodies within the sociocosmic scheme.  The result is to revitalized the occasional sick being, provide the necessaries not merely the abundance and to ensure that all individuals’ needs and wants are satisfied.  If all the individuals get what they want …....  Is this not the society aimed for by communism, by pacifism, and by democracy?  But the four sociocosmic bodies are necessary inner scheme derived from observing the outer world.

The scheme is common to all beings in the biocosmic octave – all 4 bodies.  Only the fourth body is not easily seen as they are ‘I’s. But for sociotechnocosmic beings they are ‘passengers’.


The Scheme of the Four Sociocosmic Bodies in the Fundamental Sociocosmic Octave











The Great Sociocosmos


TI-DO Interval 







The World of Nations









The Nation









The State









The Organizations


MI-FA Interval







The Family









The Group









The Individual


The Scheme of the Four Sociocosmic Bodies of the Inner Sociocosmic Octave at the MI-FA Interval (The 1st Lateral Sociocosmic Octave)


At MI-FA Interval Passenger Driver Horse Carriage The Organizations
Ti 4 3 2 1 State/National Corporation
La 4 3 2 1 Privatized GLC Corporation
So 4 3 2 1 Cooperative
Fa 4 3 2 1 Public Limted Company
Mi 4 3 2 1 Private Limited Company
Re 4 3 2 1 Partnership
Do 4 3 2 1 Sole Proprietirship


13   And the wise grandson continues: 

You can only commence real work in a sociocosmic stopinder that trapped you. The DO-stopinder is always present.  The RE-stopinder will begin once you are in a group.  The MI-stopinder takes off after you have committed in a RE-sub-octave known as the trialectics of man and woman.  You choose an organization in the FA-octave to begin the real FA-sociocosmic work.  By working towards the creation of SO the state body is created and the SO-sociocosmic work could commence.  The SO-sociocosmic work and its four bodies are historically created first, before it allows the operations of the election shop for citizenry shopping in the Public Vote Market for casino gambling among the 1% UGGMBCC (Ultimate Grand Global Monopoly Bureaucratic Class).  A SO-stopinder has a long life span and has already consolidated its sociocosmic power long before it one notices its manifestation ‑ to sound a ‘catch a majority vote’ or a ‘revolution’ which is a blood vote.  At the SO-stopinder you carry out the sociocosmic work on your LA-body.  And it would become too big for you to work on.


14   Finally, some auto-ascending LA-beings (being-USA, being-USSR, being-China, being-France, etc.) move into the TI sphere of influence, and here the wise grandson observed and concluded thus:

The kid has already drunk a bottle of wine and is already walking on airs.

In their absolute obedience to the four body principle, some of these ambitious auto-ascending representatives of being-LAs, labored a couple of decades ago, just the Third and Fourth bodies of the TI-stopinder which they called it the United Nations, a sociocosmic world management stopinder, yet it was first registered as a ‘department’ in USA which is a lower sociocosmic stopinder itself. So be careful, the higher might be just a projection from a lower stopinder.  What is ‘international’ as a convenience word might be just a ‘domestic’ or ‘national’ tool, dream or hope of the lower in their Hegemonistic pursuit!






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