Book 12

The Trialectics of Man and Woman, the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method and Other Fragments of Teaching from the Inner Circle of Humanity

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho

 Real World Views, Book 12  (pp.174)

From the Author

In the Name of Real World Views
The Most Impartial of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
May you be blessed by its Noble Truth and be Enlightened with Real “I Am”

In line with the Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method, this work of Dr. Tan Man-Ho covers deeply those thought concentrations reflecting the nature of the trialectics of man and woman from a real world view and seek to offer a guide to troubled young beings in the course of their unbecomings in this mandatory fulfillment of the great laws of biocosmic reproduction. The physical dimension of sex is omitted in this discourse but not the psychological dimension.

In his normal aphoristic and semi-aphoristic style of writing, the author expands further additional thought concentrations for the readers' consumption in the areas pertaining to the individual aspects of development. These areas, to name a few, are the inner development of person, the psychic centers, the inner work, the essence and personality, and many other vital aspects of the individual attributes, hitherto, only examined by the esoteric circle of humanity and rarely by the contemporary exoteric texts. Nay more, a venture into the fragmentaries of the social interfacing to prepare the unready minds of the readers for the other volumes of the work has been initiated and oriented into the readers for a real world voyage.

A circling stopinder-clusters of ideas informing the vastness of the environment surrounding the core ideas creates in you a sense of urgency of the message. The work on the body still stands at the fore as the vital essence of the teaching.

The author expouses in his writing the meanings and techniques known as The Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Method which is a tool used by him for understanding and changing realities around him.

June 15, 1996




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