Volume 78       October 5, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 9 by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Mystery of Love, Social Life and Living within the Coating of the Great Sociocosmic Being," August 1977 ~ December 1977 Discourses, Chapter 6, Section D: "The Parrots," pp. 193~195)







1   The parrots:



The Parrots


I saw two parrots on a twig,

Calmly as they stay,

Very close together,

That is how they love.


I saw a couple on a dark lane,

Calculatively as they mentate,

Very close together,

That is how they love.


I compare the two and say in my heart,

Even man proves to be not intelligent,

And no sincere than the parrots,

That even the parrots know the truth.


Returning to the cave,

I do my deep study,

Neither the storm nor the lightning,

Nor the temper of my wife,

Can stir my heart.


That this nonsense of being a couple parrots,

One proceeds into the other,

But not the other way round,

That the Is of the others,

Subordinates the lover,

That goes on and on into nowhere.


That in cave-study I shall remain,

That my I serves my purpose,

That mechanically I obey not,

That conscious force I wish to create.


Oh! Wife of nature,

Thats a being,

Oh! Also a name,

But so so what is she?

That goes on and on into nowhere.


Oh! Wife of nature,

Being a tape recorder,

That tapes and tapes and tapes,

But all of which

Whosh! What remains?

A poison is taped.


Oh! Wife of nature,

That automaticalness,

Of which you see not

And change not,

And on and on you repeat.


2   Lack of labor, lack of work and lack of struggling with the realities of society and nature these are the potential dungeon to many forms of psychic abnormalities.  Physical culture has its objectives in cultivating a harmonious, sound and healthy physical body.  It embraces other objectives such as social, sports, military and production objectives.  The latter is likely to go off the track.  Labor training aims to condition the four bodies of man to adapt to the hard life of forced productive labor.  Physical culture is one of the four great cultures the I culture, the mental culture, the feeling culture and the physical culture.  A truly balanced culture must integrate all these distinct and separate cultures.






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