Volume 54       June 7, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 20,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Unbecomings, The Sociocosmic Therapeutic Methods And The Final Exit Of The Great Wise Grandson of Beelzebub ", July 1996 - May 1997 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section A: "The Sociocosmic Stopinders' Hidden and Real Mission (Part II)", pp. 11~21)






25   That which continues to function as regulators of sociocosmic stopinders in their incessant stopindering ‘I’ in the long run (although being banned by the prevailing SO-sociocosmic stopinder) could also become a SO-sociocosmic stopinder for itself irrespective of the deterring device of being-election”, said the wise grandson.


26   A normal sociocosmic stopinder collapses by the inherent principle of its normal historical life span, not fundamentally through an election which enables only minor non-antagonistic quantitative changes.  It collapses because it is old.  Normally, after a hundred year or now probably a few decades, it starts degenerating rascooarnoianly.  Election helps its renewal quantitatively but could not alter much the quality of the SO-stopinder.

And the wise grandson says:

   You need not have to wildly conquer the world, but keep on managing and administrating as a lau stopinder for peace and justice to complete a TI-laujinggong.  This TI-laujinggong process could no longer be stopped.


27   This period is the period whereby all men auto-mechanically and happenly vibrate as SO and LA sociocosmic stopinder beings, and all lateral sociocosmic vibration become automatically stopinder into the 5th, the 6th and the 7th fundamental sociocosmic deflections.  All are in accordance to laws.  The SO-laujing and LA-laujing beings continue the developmental process.  The next phase of history is simply the TI-sociocosmic stopinder vibration.  The focus of the minds of the three-brained beings would be hypnotized to “see” only TI-vibration (mankind).  The power-possessing beings of the LA and TI stopinders have dominated the mass media to alter this focus of the day but soon the internet would again pull every focus back to the lower stopinders – to break its hegemony.


28   The laws of sociocosmic octave do not guarantee permanent stopinder forms for all stopinders, not even ‘the best form of government’ called ‘democracy’.  Democracy has to use strong armed force beings and destructive weapons to ensure its continued presence as a hegemon stopinder which again shows that it is in discord with the same set of sociocosmic laws.  To use being-democracy, being-freedom and being-liberty of the lateral sociocosmic octave to cause a disorder in an enemy land and thus delay its growth is a strategy to remain superior hegemon amongst all LA-lau beings.


29   And the wise grandson says about the hidden motive incidentally:

In the name of peace, justice and harmony, God, good and humanism, and democracy, a laujinggong octave is strategically symphonized.


30   These sociocosmic stopinder beings are all hungry participants of the multiautomarketo feeding exchanges.  They not only buy products and services from all directions, they would in the absence of legalana control and irodohahooning (policing) plunder the loots.  Nay more, they might kill and capture some of these juicy sociocosmic stopinder beings for perfecting their own body.

And the wise grandson says:

   A democratic election is already a small hungry bite of a potential hungry gulp (of coup de tat and revolution)

Although the legalanaing and irodohahooning intervention of these being-lawyers and being-police serve only to provide a defense function to prolonging the life span of these stopinders, there has not been a full-proof system against the ultimate rascooarnoing of themselves or a killing arrow from the power-possessing stopinders.

Although being-USA roams round the surface of mother Earth in its feeding, irodohohahooning and destroying quests, and make an “enemy” of itself in the Eastern and Western hemisphere, nevertheless, it continues to work for its TI-lau presence.  Its greatest worry besides coming into direct conflict with being-China and being-Russia includes also those individuals and groups or international terrorists who like radioactive machines guns could shoot their lau beings even at the shopping mall, and could upset the whole laujinggong organization.

Although being-USA is dreaming a great healing mission for all disorder in all LA-beings big or small, nevertheless, it is amongst the only being that carries along a huge arsenal of stopinder vaporizing warheads and a powerful delivery system in her mission alongside Hi-Tech, High Dollar, High-Media, High-Gene and possible others Hi-lateral sociocosmic octaving.

In contrast to TI-laujinggong beings such as being-USA, other smaller and weaker LA-laujinggong beings would only dare, like frightened mice, to put their legalana-irodohohahooning-and-destruction feelers within their own LA-body.  They know they could not match the big fish, so, it is better to stay home in the cracks and crevices of the various corners of the great ocean.


31   Now a strong LA-being begins its feeding expansion in this way:

   The emanations from its own lateral octave would be sent into the bodies of its target.  This is normally the first step in the process because the ‘stopinders’ are mere bodiless being-psyche hydrogens and would be the most receptive to the targeted beings of material constitution.

   The actual movements of the DO, RE, MI and FA-stopinder beings of the fundamental sociocosmic octave into the body of its LA-target would take place upon LA-acceptance.  These various stopinder beings soon become ‘citizens’ within the alien LA-being, and they must be protected by their host being.  Otherwise, if their lives and properties accumulated are in danger, the ‘invading’ LA-being would have a ‘legalanaic reason’ to enable its armed force being (or SO-stopinders) to land on the LA-being.

   In the long run, the stopinder feeding would be completed and the weaker LA-being would become a ‘note’ of the stronger LA-being.  These ‘invading’ sociocosmic stopinders have two SO-stopinders to regulate them.  The original is from its own source of arising, the ‘fake’ is from the host LA-beings.  Any sociocosmic perturbation from these ‘invading’ stopinder beings would lead to the aggravation of the ‘SO’ to ‘SO’ conflict.  However, the stronger LA-being would be able to generate a TI-laujinggong mode in the ‘SO’ to ‘SO’ interaction over the periodic perturbations of the ‘invading’ beings.


32   The existing 200 of these LA-sociocosmic stopinders separated amongst themselves by ‘political boundaries’ are very active in preserving their distinct presence as integrated gravity-centers of influences and would regularly, together with their kin, struggle for a TI-dominance.

During the period of my presence, LA-perfecting and integrating is the dominant trend, while TI-integration is still the early stage of perfecting.


33   If a LA-stopinder could transform itself into the most prosperous, the most conscious and the most powerful stopinder, then its position as a lau being of a TI-laujinggong body would become a reality.


34   The perpetual disharmony amongst the LA-stopinders means internal ‘harmonization’ of the LA-stopinders in the framework of the TI-stopinders.  Because the ambition to ‘cure’ the ‘problems’ of the world, the TI-laujinggong becomes unavoidable and the LA-contest has already begun very unfortunately to the inescapable last sociocosmic stopinder emergence.  Two of our world wars have already occurred in this great romance of the TI-laujinggong being, a third cold war is just over and more would still emerge.  A being-psyche hydrogen ‘information’ brainwashing on a TI-scale would be one of the great romances of the TI-stopinder creation.


35   The LA-stopinder as a ‘DO’ would proceed into groups of LA-stopinders or ‘RE’ or as your favorites would called them the ‘economic blocks’, the ‘military block’ and even such bodies as forming part of the gravity-center of the TI-body known by your favorite as the being-United Nations.

To install a TI-laujinggong for the 200 or so LA-stopinders mark a strange ‘mission’ for most power-possessing-LA-stopinder beings over the weaker beings.  This is the ‘essence’ of the hidden and real missions of our ‘mighty’ LA-stopinder beings.


36   Although, the LA-sociocosmic stopinder beings appear to be kind, friendly and good with respect to other fellow LA-stopinder beings, and keep within their geographical boundary, the dangerous urge to destroy and feed on the fellow stopinder is always there.

If chance a weak LA-being finds its presence visible to a stronger LA-being, the target for feeding is already set - the being might be devoured at any moment.

The process of expansion and contraction of a LA-stopinder is a continuous process and could not disappear from the scheme of the fundamental sociocosmic octave.


37   Using the LA-stopinder as a stepping stone for a LA-laujing being to launch itself into the laujing body of the TI-stopinder is the next higher dream of the dissatisfied beings from the existing LA-laujing body.


38   For a nation-stopinder being to emerge triumphantly as a lau center in the TI-body mission, the behaviors and final reality must prove leadership in all the major industries, viz, the economic, the military, the industrial, the cybernetics, the information, the cultural, the education and so on.  It must also become the major legislative, judicial and executive center for any TI-legalana undertaking.  By continuously working towards this mission accomplishment and gradually assuming this international role, a nation-stopinder gradually metamorphoses into a socially accepted lau center for the Great Sociocosmic Being.


39   With the creation of superior military technocosmic beings, the LA-stopinder beings become more aggressive and daring to intimidate the weaker ones.  However, this bold intimidation is still filled with inner fears of unknown outcome.  What if a war really breaks out?

However, the hunger to expand the LA-boundary is still on the lurch and the TI-legalanic enforcement is often too weak if the LA-stopinder becomes very aggressive and uncontrollable.

And the wise grandson warns:

   Although there are not many ‘lands’ to coat its first body, this stubborn being would not give up this strange mission.

And the wise grandson continues:

   The wiser ones would also produce more and more technocosmic beings to expand themselves.  This is a way to increase property by making or buying them.


40   The armed force being as a substopinder would first find its presence in another LA-body and whose presence must not be threatened by the ‘enemy’ in this LA-body.  Although, it is possible to use the TI-body to facilitate this presence through a reason instrumentality, nevertheless, its presence must constantly be felt.  Once such a substopinder could no longer be removed, the administration component headed by some lau and jing beings would be set up as a determining force for the existing SO-stopinder.  In this manner, a second ‘state’ could be contracted in a lau position to the original ‘state’ which would be an assisting jing being.

Stopinders like being-South Korea and even the inner body of being-Iraq are in for such a dilemma.


41   During the period of the ‘changing’ inner discovery of TI-laujinggong and its active pondering over the LA-boundary, a wiseacred ingenious plan by some learned beings, has resulted in ‘mandatory’ conflicts amongst these LA-stopinders.  These conflicts arise over just some of these islets, atolls and pieces of rocks protruding out from the sea which have already been LA-stopindered or ‘sovereignized’ according to the mandate of particular LA-Beings.  And the ingenious wiseacred piece is just known as the 200 km economic zoning for all these pieces of islets chance presence within this range from a LA-being’s geographical (or political sovereign) boundary.  By this legalana invention during the period when the TI-stopinder is not perfected, these beings aim to plunder some islets belonging to other sovereign.

By making an economic stopinder to behave as it can be a sovereign stopinder or the same as assigning sovereign status to economic ‘note’, this ingenious legalana input to the TI-legalana mandate has created a lot of frictions amongst many LA-Beings  ‑  such as Being-China Vs Being-Japan over Diaoyu island, Being-China Vs Being-Vietnam Vs Being-Malaysia Vs Being-Philippine over those Spratly Islands, and Being-Malaysia Vs being-Indonesia over Sipadan and so and so forth.

By mishandling relationship between elements from the fundamental sociocosmic octave with that of the lateral sociocosmic octave, we generate all types of stopinder conflicts.  The same goes to the TI-stopindering of the hypnotic teaching of religion that creates its own religious SO-boundary of the lateral octave.  When this strange teaching becomes consolidated and or materialized, it would want to restructure the already existing SO-boundary.  It would want a ‘new state’ in place of the existing state.  And thus war happens for them.


42   There is one law for destiny the TI-sociocosmic body and that is to complete its mission to be a developed TI-stopinder bearing the banner of the inevitable Great Sociocosmic Rascooarno.  Every aspect of the stopinder life would be integrated and matured till the rascooarno day.  This is a megatrend and the task of the sociocosmic thinker is to reveal in detail the diverse trends.  Statistical data would reveal such trends.  What we are now seeking is the immediate and the intermediate trends.


43   According to this Hasnamussian philosophy in its understanding of the TI-octave process with the body of our great sociocosmos the aim of peace, security and stability is achieved by ‘expansion’, ‘consolidation’ and ‘conquest’.

And according further to this Hasnamussian philosophy, the best way to maintain the prevalent TI-laujinggong amongst the 200 active LA-beings is to maintain a superior technocosmic system as the 1st body of your own LA-body, and to wiseacre various kinds of advanced level, high sounded verbalism to enable legalanaic forces to exert its effectiveness to “permanently” put all other LA-beings in the position of gong or jing in your international motive.

Historical record has revealed the unavoidable entering of ‘concentrated’ teachings of the lateral sociocosmic octave to capture the SO and the LA-stopinders.  Thus a religion becomes an official state religion, a democracy becomes a state ideology and a communism becomes a state ideology.


44   Although, the TI-stopinder is the last and highest stopinder in the sociocosmic series, attempts by beings to generate ‘something’ (an organization) above the TI-stopinder has been experimented without much success.  These normally originate from the lateral sociocosmic octave.  One or two of these being-psyche hydrogen groups fancies themselves for an organization above the TI-stopinder.  On what is the same thing, to become a lau group for all the FA, SO, LA and TI stopinders.


45   The problem is that each time when these being-psyche hydrogen groups descend and materialize, they could not escape the law of seven.  They have to first dwell in a DO-stopinder, then manifest a RE-stopinder, then a MI-stopinder then a FA-stopinder and to try to influence, the SO, the LA and the TI-stopinders.  And finally, they always vibrate as a FA-stopinder or what is known as an organizational stopinder, not yet accepted by the SO and LA-stopinder.


46   Being-Islam, being-Christianity, being-Buddhism, being-Communism, being-”philosophy” have all such peculiar tendency because they are the only few groups of being-psyche hydrogens that focus on the “great Universe” as their center of gravity talk.  The Great Universe would contain the necessary number of inner octaves to be above the TI-stopinder boundary.


47   The next alternative after TI-stopindering would be the next socioplanetary stopindering whereby we would interact and communicate with interplanetary beings of neighboring solar system.





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