Volume 31       August 9, 2018

THE MATERIAL AND Cultural conditions of life

By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 17, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Astrological Ages: Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves or Marxian Historicism, the Age of Aquarius, HEIGRENS Concept and the Guiding Principles," January 1992 - September 1993 Discourses and 2012 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section A: "The Material and Cultural Conditions of Life," pp. 11~25)





1   “I was led by my studies to the conclusions that legal relations and the forms of the state could neither be understood by themselves nor be explained by what was called the general progress of the human mind but were rooted in the material conditions of life ……. The general conclusion which I reached and which and one I had reached it, continued to serve as the leading thread of my work may be summed up briefly as follows: men in the social production which they carry on enter into definite relation which are indispensable and independent of their wills and these relation correspond to a definite stage in the development of their market powers of production.  The sum total of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of the society-the real foundation on which rise legal and political superstructures and to which definite forms of social consciousness correspond.  The method of production in material life determined the general character of the social, political and spiritual process of life.  It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but on the contrary, their social being determines their consciousness.”  (Karl Marx)  


2   The greatest treasure of an employee is his magic labor power and he has to meet the crafty businessman to offer his labor in exchange for money.  By labor is meant also all forms of labor from a human being.  Money can never be stronger than labor power for one is born with it while the other is also created by the magic labor itself.  The role of labor and the role of money is not the same.  Labor is still needed to fulfill its maiden role for Earth.  Wherever there is prolonged exploitation in a certain place, that place soon becomes hot.  Civil war is rooted from the conflicts within such work platforms. Labor is the unique energy of the all human sociocosmoses on Mother Earth and powers its birth, growth and death. Labor is created from the digestion of the three being-foods into psyche hydrogens, a portion of which is Labor. Labor then flows to be ideas, products and services  which enter into the body sociocosmoses, to be consumed, to be destroyed or to be repaired or to be upgraded and the syllogistic equation is the Embedded Labor (of the past) + the Living Labor (of the Continuous Presence) = the Total Labor (of the Now).


3   The Earth is a living creature, so is the Great Sociotechnocosmis Being.  Man’s life and activities are indispensably bound with it.  Therefore, as man is responsible for his own health so he is also responsible for the health of this creature.  Chaos – endlessness and inertly – such is a feature of men who race problems from economy to all aspects of everything which one must face in life, including therefore death.


4   So long wealth is unequal, superstructures are just means. War is not the way of reason; it is might, ownership of power and wealth.  The ultimate reality of democracy is disguised totalitarianism.  External normality of what is right and justice are just tools.  No monopolist is ready to share his wealth with you.  It is too expensive to lose this piece of wealth.  Democracy …. a tool always to be the ‘lau’ beings.


5   The term human “rights” is just a “fishy term”.  The organizations of “human rights” group are many.  There can be no such thing as one absolute human rights group.  The golden rules of human rights are often used as tools for a different motive.  As soon as one human right group comes into existence another inimical one comes into being too.  Those who are oppressed and those who oppress others change names often.  Word such as ‘International’ may just be a departmental gimmick to fool the minds of the stupid.  Should chance you meet in a ‘clash’ with contemporary men; you will see a big explosion ‘because’ here these man’s conscience is already buried in thick mud.


6   Whether you like it or not the impossible goal of possessive stopinder accumulation is to process everything - nature, creations, bodies and minds.  What happens now is just “packets” of these properties of varying sizes concentrated of the earth, with the “motives” of negating one another or getting rid of one another.  Money gotten is temporary consolation; soon it is lost to an other.  Capitalism loved but make sure you did get it for yourself, and millions did not get it; it becomes hope in the bush, soon it is competition and war at all levels.


7   When objective natural sociotechnocosmic history loses its natural direction and balance due from the abnormal psychology of the historical participants (of the power-possessing beings), alternative sociociotechnocosmic history begins to emerge (by nature) to restore this abnormality.  Psycho-abnormalities of power-possessing beings on mother Earth’s organic layer set directions of the natural sociotechnocosmic history on disastrous historical tracks producing much destruction of biocosmic, sociocosmic, technocosmic and a substantial portion of the geocosmic spheres.  Alternative history or interpretation of this objective natural sociotechnocosmic becomes very necessary.  The interpretation of history has always been influenced by the intervention of the more powerful ruler beings ……. thus the natural historical process and its events are always being “distorted” with occasional artificialities, failed experiments of history and “unbeconings”.


8   Of all the sociocosmic stopinders in the grand scheme of our Sociocosmic Octave Being, the ONLY note that has a REAL Biological Life is the note bearing the name ‘INDIVIDUAL’.  All the other notes in this octave have ONLY Sociological Life or Legal Life or Sociocosmic Life or Artificial Life or Instrumental Life or Social Relations of Production Life (SRPL) or as the cunning Machiavellianistic Lucifer would say, “Trouble-Making Life”).  For the Technocosmic Octave Being, its life could for now merely be called Technocosmic Life or Mechanical Life for the lower notes and Electrical Life or Electromagnetic Life for the higher notes and ‘Synthetic Logical Life’ or ‘Artificial Intelligent Life’ or ‘Electronic Life’ for the Computerian-ICT Sub-Octave of our Technocosmic Octave Being.  For the Sociotechnocosmic Octave Being, it is a hybrid “species” of the two beings – sociocosmic beings and the technocosmic beings.


9   The reciprocal utility theory of “to-use-and-to-be-used” or the reciprocal using of beings and the inherent inner contradiction and subsequent external attraction to it.  There are the states, the various types of state species existing, growing, feeding and breeding on mother Earth’s surface.  In taking care of the organization one needs giving birth to it, watering it, weeding it, caring it, providing it with sunlight and fertilizer while it is still young.  All these require rewards - it is work to be rewarded.  It is operating work and all operating work must be rewarded.  When a branch reaches its ripe age it bears fruits - one can reap the fruits.  That is what the general organic nature such as the human beings have been doing for the past thousands years in producing and reproducing their social beings.

The hitherto social beings on planet earth are what is objectively created and existed to remain impermanent.  Tomorrow our fellow friends are “happily” re-doing it in hope of the better.  These friends said that it was badly created by the blind and confused beings who were very stupid and unqualified for the intended purpose of the Ray of Creation leading to such abnormality.


10   The sociocomoses are becoming more and more mechanical and gather many obstacles from the natural ‘social relations of production’.  The sociocosmoses are only operating in world 48 and World 96 as the ‘social relations of production’ champions are deeply asleep, and “awake” only in order to add in another obstacle to this ‘social relations of production’.  Even after any attempted revamp of the system, the outcome is still due to their sleep-wake consciousness.


11   Complicated social relations of production (private properties and greed interests to cite them) that are exploitative or unfair always lead to troubles.  Only simple social relations of production (production supporters) that obey the forces of the representatives of production (working people) give lesser troubles.


12   Capitalism is an ultimate principle of ‘from each as much as possible and to each as little as possible’.  Socialism is an ultimate principle of ‘from each according to his ability to each according to his work’.  This itself is difficult to come by.  Communism is the ultimate principle of ‘from each according to his ability to each according to his needs’.  This is even harder!  Except for man of higher being, ordinary man’s greed for power, money, properties and control is truly unpredictable. Every religion, every class, every race, every crony, every group of similar belief or thoughts or culture and all others are hungry for the upper dominating ‘lau’ positions in the higher sociocosmic stopinders. Each power group does not know when it will be toppled!

The underlying deep psychological principles of capitalism, socialism and communism are explained as follow:

The psychology of exploitative accumulation of wealth in all its forms (early and modern social relations administrative structures) for oneself is the psychology of capitalism, that which fairly and justly accumulates non-exploitative wealth based on the amount of work delivered by oneself to the sociocosmoses is the psychology of socialism, and finally, the Godly, godless and esoteric religious psychology that accumulates wellbeing and the satisfaction of the Maslowian Hierarchy of human needs based on delivery of one’s natural ability and work to the sociocosmoses is what is the psychology of real Communism.  This viewpoint is the viewpoint of Fourth Dimension, and all these psychic moments can be found in a single modern contemporary man ‑ changing focuses, mixing psychological moments, now open and now hidden expressions of these principles of life throughout the last few periods of contemporary Aquarius history.  The practice can be objectivized with the support of the sociocosmic principles derived and improved from the existing heritage from the outcome of what might be called the ‘world of contemporary modern management techniques’ now found already deeply in the body of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.


13   The emotional hydrogens of the beasts of the Bible, the Holy Quran and all other holy religious scriptures are the products of the earlier psychological vessels of the earlier model of man of the Piscean history where real opium or hallucinating substances are produced in small quantum.  The opium produces “the sigh of the oppressed creature”, becomes the “heart of the heartless world”, the “spirit of a spiritless situation”, the “soul of a soulless situation” and the sheep amongst wolves and sheep-wolves.  This type of hydrogen is obsolete and is hardly produce-able or restorable during our Aquarius history.


14   The energy of history that gives faith, hope, love and conscience for the productive class of workers from being chronically exploited to historical extinction is not democracy, not totalitarianism, not capitalism, not communism, not religion and not the various instrumenting administration but the energy from and for itself against just this history of itself as a historical majority social and real being.  Its leader is its own leader from its own social blood, and its culture is just the same in the laujinggong configuration, its ‘democracies’ also issue from its own social blood.  Its capitalism is simply its own capitalism and must be a win capitalism from itself (from the people), by itself (by the people) and for itself (for the people).  Losing this spirit to fight loses the chance for historical protection for itself.  The winner will order administrative ‘exploitation’ of the loser!  The history of a big nation is the history to be the sole winner on Earth according to the natural history of a nation, as no big nation plans anything to become a loser.  Even in a simple competition, there exists no such thing as planning to compete for the last position.  For the big and “friendly” nations, the measure of the levels of commercial and military technology is still the measure for supremacy and world domination.  For nations which finally achieve itself with nuclear weapons, intercontinental missiles capability and precision targeting, it will continue to disarm the weaker nations to remain so as to preserve its own supremacy and to be the sole Ti-lau being (hegemon) on Earth. Struggles become a hundred thousand times more Machiavellianeous and intricated and whatever good intentions that might prevail in all sociocosmic stopinders on mother Earth might be just used to serve the purposes of the power-possessing Hasnamussian beings with the smiling faces.

The weak and the poor exploited nations have to look for ‘Great Dear Leader’ to give them the faith, hope, love, conscience, reason and strength.  Piscean religions gave them a God or some gods to console their inner being psychic centers and were quite successful during the Piscean Age but the same offer were quite useless in the dawn of the Aquarian Age.  They cannot trust democracy, religion, aids and empty promises of the cheaters and enemies who need to be fed rather than to feed.  They are the most despised classes who are also the most stubborn world challengers to global exploitation world-wide.


15   It just happens the way it happens, unknowingly market economy, is different from conscious looking from outside market economy.  One operates at a lower level of understanding while the other operates at a higher level.

The marketing of political concepts by political institutions are often financed by the state, the private sector and the political groups.  Democracy concepts can be marketed, however they can be banned.

Religion, fourth way and knowledge must go through the process of marketing if they want to expand the first line of work, the second line of work and third line of work cannot possibly escape the economic laws of marketing.  It is not easy to sell a religion, a fourth way or an idea for a price.  It is democratically run by the group of owners and exploiters because only those who have shares are the rich ones.  The poor ones hardly have any share.

Socialism became management of capital (capitals) or capitalism in a democratic and fair way as it belongs to all the people who produce it.  There is no contradiction between socialism and capital.  Because those are two ways to manage capital: 1) Dictating through the owners   2) Democratically run by all (true socialism) through vote.  It is a temporary vanguard to prevent the mismanagement of capitals to ensure that they are fairly managed.  Dictatorship is serious - it ensures democracy of properties.  To convert socialist property to individually own private capital appears to be democratic but those who did not get it knows of the untold suffering murder behind the privatization which is artful robbery but essentials at times for special reasons.

Capital is a common property a social product which is active in nature.  Capital has always belong to all those who produce it.  Since it belongs to all the people, it has to be managed democratically like belonging to all instead of belonging to a few.  Capitalism means an individual or a group of individuals here laid claims to this social product, the reason being historical, greed, security individualistic fear, and so on.  It also means exploitation or white-stealing capitalism and always gives trouble to mankind.  Capitalism also means that capital is not managed democratically, how can a piece of property which is yours and yet not yours but dictated by the owner/owners become(s) a democratic thing for sale?

The ultimate goal of corporations is to accumulate capital; the owners and managers democratically run them.  It excludes people who do not own it such as the workers and the administration who also contribute this capital.


16   Contemporary music and songs are but automatic subjective ‘uncontrollable’ expression if not ejaculation of the inner world of the disordered hearts in their quest for harmony.  Man pants for music and songs to heal his weak infantile soul like he pants for his vitamins to heal his undernourished body due to heavy work stress.


17   Religion which preaches human good begets solutions that could not avert wars.  Each religion promises nothing new but each of them seeks to espouse and helps to develop just, up to this day, the well-known universal human values.  Filter away those loose statements in the essential books and you will get the basic principles in all religions, the basic principles of all human values.


18   Education now comes from the mass media, especially from TV programs and the internet.  These materials and contents come like a storm and easily create confusion.  We uncontrollably allow ourselves to be ‘trained’ and educated in the Confusion of the Tongue.  Our minds have been entertained.  Thanks to contemporary newspapers, comic books, cinemas, social media, and theatre, the psyche of man has turned upside down.  We could not go far.  The entertainers have trapped and occupy our minds.  Yet there is freedom and there is no one who can really control your thoughts for long, nor can one hide what one has done.


19   Every product or service or idea after it comes out from the womb of the sociotechnocosmic body or born from it has a precious sociotechnocosmic life which it has to protect and survive in “terror” of the diautomarketo feeding exchanges.  So it has ability, capability, flexibility and diversification that give wonders and colors to the Great Sociocosmic Being from World 48 and World 96, and so often surprises us.  Why do commodities look so funny, strange, fetishistic, friendly and sly?  Why your money flies out from your pocket like Mr. Quickly?  Why flowers must become colorful to bees?


20   The life-span of man is about 70 years, but life-span of a religion or a democracy or an “ism” can be a thousand year.  Mankind must remember that all these are born and must die, even if you do not really believe and/or even if it is proven to be the most perfect ever known to mankind.  Because nothing really is permanent, and every so-called absolute unchanging which we have accepted by our feeble mind is just one of these changing things.


21   A religious ruler cannot run a country without having to decide on which system of economy to set up for that particular country.  This knowledge is not available in the Holy Scripture.  It is precisely this point that he disqualifies himself as a young leader even though for all his life, he might preach a thousand goodies.  It is impossible to preach good brotherhood and religious goodies while at the same time the basic question of who should own the means of production remains untouched and unresolved.  So long as the ownership and benefits of the means of production remains in the hands of a handful of religious leaders, no amount of good ethical teaching can be recognized in the eyes of good to be truly godly.


22  Workers ownership of the means of production/democratic principles to be used in running the common property/management by objective (MBO) becomes more effective only when ownership and rewards have become an organic part of the worker/from each according to his ability, to each according to his work only produces historically like any capitalistic countries unequal individual wealth. To enable the realization of modern type of slavery and exploitation, ownership (of all kinds of assets on Earth) must still be given to the few individuals or to a few lower sociocosmic stopinders, and must be separated from non-owners.  Exchanges must be unequal or market-based with unequal benefits.  The cleverer ones must get more from the stupid during these buying and selling and also during making agreements.  Artful strategies are created a hundred fold. The conning is numerous small bites with occasional big bites, eternal and unstoppable.  The law of reciprocal feeding applies to higher man.


23   How can they use the word “one family” in managing a business which is run by pyramidal principles of exploitation? Payment is so unjust for all the various individuals.  This amounts to using sugar-coated bullets, like most other “ambushes”.  We are all ONE FAMILY, but the upper group reaps the golden harvest!  Internal exploitation and styles of management is critical!


24   All human creation is a result of the delivery of intelligent energy from the working people.  Even the most advance super computer is a product of the intelligent creativity of the working people. The working people are sociocosmically stopindered as a sub-octave marking its survival technique and method of struggling for survival in the harsh world.  We are now seriously looking at the stars to escape from Earth.


25   Why buy expensive money?  Business should see money just like any other commodity.  You should get it as cheaply as possible but also take accounts of the people who are providing it.  Exchange not good money for bad money and good business for bad business!


26   Nation is not indispensable, its existence is dependent.  There are no nations but humans in social actions on mother Earth.  International laws are invented by a minority group of cunning representatives from a few nations in hope of cheating the unsuspecting sleepy representatives of the weaker nations.


27   Free enterprise is merely an empty slogan in an oligopolistic economic system because the wealth of the whole nation has already fallen into the hands of a few groups of magnates.  Yet the quest for free enterprise does break down oligopolistic economic systems.  The Purgatory Equations of Exploitation, EL (Embedded Labor) + LL (Living Labor) = TL (Total Labor), TL - EL = LL = WS (Wage/Salary) + SS (Stolen Surplus)! (Referred to Richard D. Wolff)


28   Build whatever you can social materially in your life time!  It looks like you have no choice.  This is your social responsibility that is also from your natural social instinct.  The essence of this instinct is to plan, organize, lead and control your social goals.  The social goal can be ‘profit-orientated’ and ‘profit-optimization’ if not general capitalistic accumulation.  One thing is certain if you are to insist on this essenceliness you will find that you have to take out more from the surplus for the Common Good of all.  Otherwise, you will be “sly” because you have violated a certain precept such as “Do not steal.”


29   The chemical factory of the Fourth Way Teaching has an analytical study of the psyche process.  Annie Besant uses the geometric descriptive method like other psychologists on this matter.  Annie Besant’s insight on human emoting is deep.  The three centers are basically vibrating.  If the frequencies (cycle per second) are different and not in step, forces cancel one another and reinforcement cannot happen.  Although there seems to be a link between effort and quality in production both increases and decreased proportionally; a wrong effort would not improve the quality.


30   Learn to dance with the tendencies and ‘I’s of the beings around you.  Such is the way of the water.  They want to test your Taiji by illegal intrusion, by a subtle method of trespassing.  Your body is like hardware, your psyche like software.  But the dance is still the pursuit for more benefits.  Both your hardware and your software must be upgraded to process the tendencies and ‘I’s around you.  If your hardware is not developed how can your software be developed? That movement which is perpetually proceeding within us should be observed constantly and regulated by the observing ‘I’ through the will of this observing ‘I’.


31   Many of these beings are just being brought and put into work by what are called ‘job appointments’ and ‘employment contracts’ – a magic bondage that is to remain there till their own destruction and disintegration.  The highest form of slavery occurs in a way of service charges, head tolls, bonds, guarantees, etc. for the trading of labor across countries.  These highly professional ‘wordings’ are employed like sausages and dressings in the process of reciprocal feeding to survive.  A person who is productive is entirely different from a person who craves for wealth.  One creates while the other craves for possession.  Transform your material possessions into commercial-able things of value.  Such is the inevitability of living in a capitalistic-socialistic world. Your produce ends up in others' ownership in an unequal return Equation of Exploitation.


32   According to the Field Theory of Kurt Zadek Lewin a behavior is the result of equilibrium between driving and restraining forces.  Driving forces activate their own restraining forces.  Decreasing the restraining forces is normally a more effective way to encourage change than by increasing the driving forces.

Between the productive forces (driving forces) and the social relations of production (restraining-appropriating forces), the liberation of the productive forces is more effective by decreasing the restraining forces of the social relations of production.  This is a finding in the effectiveness of change.  You can’t really succeed in getting workers to increase productivity by intensifying greater exploitation and by introducing stiffer laws and punishments because sooner or later the workers will become a more destructive force, a force that destroy their own exploitation.

If you want to truly understand something, try to change it.  - Kurt Zadek Lewin


33   Insides are not only looking at insides; they also look at outsides.  But outsides have insides too!  They are real and their insides are also looking at their own insides as well as outsides which again have insides.  By assuming insides as real and outsides as unreal or insides is the only one exist while outsides are non-existing, we committing an error in our observation.  The world is known only by the inside and the insides of the outsides!


34   Gurdjieff – a man of many ‘dimensions’ – a majority of man may not acquire as many ‘dimensions’ compared to Gurdjieff's.  To execute differently conditioned movement type - this is the way to acquire new dimensions in movements.  To think and feel differently is to acquire new dimensions!


35   Does it work that a body politics that in reality works for the part and claims to work for the whole?  The body politics that I lived is stable only because of the existence of races – not necessary! More to it for sure - perhaps a colonial manipulation.  Real laws are essence but ordinary laws are mere forms (superstructure).







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