Volume 36       September 22, 2018


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 13,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "Principles of the Logico-psychophilosophical Method in its Application to Problems of the Real World", March 1982 - September 1983 Discourses, Chapter 2, Section A: 'The Unbecoming Of Social Interaction' pp. 39 ~ 50)






1   Didn't you realize that you are not talking to your friends around you but to the "functions" of the "machines" around you?  Didn't you notice that all organic beings communicate with one another, intra- and inter-?  Including being-trees?  And that communication is reciprocal feeding of soft high frequency vibration without which, we might not live?

Didn't you notice that the best way to hide your own pimples is to point at and magnify the pimples of others?  Didn't you notice this strange paradox to cover one’s own mental-emotional pimples?

It is good that our "pimples" are exposed because their visibility would prompt us to take immediate action.


2   Didn't you notice that they are in a society and you are not, that they act in accordance to the functional mode of the society to which they belong and you, on the other hand, drift without any society function?  And that your contact with them only drains away your money and labor?  And your emotional suffering is a result of this oppressive and exploitative process of which you merely take the role of a passive human raw material?  But the raw material must strive to be more conscious than the societal machinery as well.


3   Many people who mix socially are definitely not mixing essencely.  The social mixing is motivated by a number of forces too.  In social interaction, your inner world works on the fellow beings in the outer world and vice-versa.  You have to beware of the inner world of the fellows you are interacting with for they work on you too.  And you have to maintain that harmony too.


4   I wish to express that some of these guys are very suspicious about me.  They experimented me, often sending signals to my body to find out if I would respond to them and, often to their puzzle the signals affect nothing in me.  They, as a result, were not sure whether I was just wood or wood + the magic spirit.  One of them was even madder.  He even sent signals (by horning his motorbike) now and then to test whether I was lost elsewhere.  He even tried to locate where my mind was.  They must have noticed that a ghost from elsewhere could have come as a passenger, moved my body and then left with the body set awaiting for the next ghost to move it.  Until the next ghost arrived, the body was at rest.  No outside forces seemed to be able to set my body in motion except by physical force and specific sounds accepted by me.  The guys can be made to see that which you want them to see.  This is the parable of the Ghost-Passenger Using My Body, an application of plasticity.


5   One of my friends is taken for a ride by the passenger, Mr. Comical-Joker.  Hidden behind this outer personality passenger is a certain Mr. Unfriendly-Jealous who plays an inside role.  This dissatisfied passenger who despises everything in the world has taken many for a ride.  None are aware of the third hidden voice behind the loud voice of Mr. Comical-Joker.  Thus, my friend is a being of two passengers.


6   The passenger comes, gets into the hackney carriage, sets the whole vehicle to motion, and once the aim is achieved, jumps down from the carriage and leaves the poor carriage under the hot sun.  The carriage remains there like a fool waiting for the next passenger.  Then the second passenger comes.  He is a bloody cold-blooded creature.  He jumps onto the carriage, kicks it and drives it as fast as he could till one of its "joints" breaks.  Then on achieving his objective, he jumps off the carriage without even knowing that the carriage exists.  The carriage is as great a fool as the passenger.


7   You may be accidentally shot by arrows of negative thoughts, emotions and actions.  It is no easy to live in a company of people who are potential negative arrow shooters.


8   Every peer group has its own subject matter and ideas circulating within them like a natural fluid.  Ideas caught them and refuse to leave them.  Peer group members who communicate through essence is always more united and powerful than the one that communicates through personalities.


9   Let it appear to be attachment even though it is not.  After all every being strives to link to something or somebody important even though most of them are empty shells of a tin drum.


10   Transmitting bad karma only leads to a return of negative karma.  There have been being-agents who are givers and receivers of bad karma.  They play this role well but mechanically.  Avoid this bad karma whirlpool.  Do not be totally drown in it.


11   Learn to be conscious of the inner voices of various beings which interact with you.  They may even harm you!  The Powers of God and the Powers of Satan are opposite and equal.


12   People with false personality despise people with essence.  Man begins contact at personality level before they come to essence level.


13   The professors speak only in the name of God the Father, without the Son and the Holy Ghost.  They therefore speak mentally, without feelings and action.


14   In the realm of social interaction, ‘I’ shall call upon my three great helpers, the Intellectual Man, the Emotional Man and the Action Man, to come to the stage to perform an Objective Show to the social audience.  Everything continues in this seemingly neverending story.


15   To be taken for a ride is to think, act and feel in the 'I' of a person whose true motive is to utilize you.  If your empty glass is filled with the 'I's approved by you and you alone, then it is very difficult to take you for a ride, since the master is already in you.

You can also let a person take you for a ride but at the same time you can have a master of your own in you.  You expand into the world through the living and dead objects which are nearest to you, as a physical creature yourself and in physical measures too.


16   It is an unfair way to pin down a poor man as a miser.  He is too poor to be able to spend a lot like the rich.  Yet, you call him a miser and the rich man as being generous.  Only when you have sensed the gist of what I have written will you be able to see how much havoc you have created over these misuse of words such as "stingy" and "miser".


17   Yet I have to tell you that when a person succeeded in passes his exams, he often drums that he studies very little but in actual fact he studies a lot and also very hard too.  He only says that to boost his ego.

He merely wants to show that he has a horn, a golden horn.  Since you have unconsciously regarded these horns as supreme so you have relatively shrunk yourself.

I would advise you, for curiosity sake, to rise higher than you are and show the shine of your golden horn to correct this social interaction anomaly.


18   Knowing how social vehicles work, he is able to produce, destroy, maintain and control any neighboring social vehicles.  He has the practical knowledge, the science and application of contemporary social vehicles in his possession.

Remember as hackney carriages these social vehicles often knock down the unfortunate victims, or at least, if they miss them, hook them to one of their "spikes" which jut out of the vehicle.

When foods are abundant, these social vehicles produce no more and instead go for "sprees."  When foods are scarce, they are often not well equipped for any productive undertaking.


19   Children's social interactions are often filled with essence forces.  They act sincerely and whole-heartedly, not calculatively.  That is why they are true friends; essence friends.


20   Didn't you notice these beings are hunters?  When they become your friends, the friendship is just the weapon for hunting something in your garden or in your organization.


21   Our labor services must be under our own control.  We can manipulate our labor in two ways:

1) Non-commercial to essence friends

2) Commercial to business persons or casual friends


22   If you wish to disseminate great knowledge, you have to decide what to speak, to whom you speak, when, where and why.


23   Socialization must depend on the ideas socialized.  If you are to socialize with people deprived of rich ideas, your chance to contact great knowledge is nil.


24   We must strive to still ourselves so that we may be able to merge with any system of new ideas.  If you win a man's heart, you win him, if you win a woman's heart you win her.  But if you win a person's heart and you tool and exploit his or her heart for personal gain, then you will lose everything.


25   Behold that you will your inner contents to flow along the direction of the inner content of your neighbors both in essence and in appearance but with your separated self outside it.


26   I am certain that some of my ideas are offensive and I hope you would excuse me.  No lines are wasted.  Every paragraph is valuable and contains a quotation of truths.


27   They do not know that their minds are only capable of manifesting in the way they are constructed and in the ideas and opinions they are fitted.


28   It is just an empty vessel without content, without essence but just a reacting machine.  The machines around you are just hollow vessels without any Real I.


29   Many a man uses his own knowledge and experience only for himself even though he appears to work for others.


30   If you can generate ideas in a person without his knowledge, the ideas in him will cause him to move.


31   When moving amongst these slugs, one should be wary of their corns, and in conversation, it is even doubtful that neutral subject matter such as weather, nice day, and others would ever please them.


32   A person who suffers inferiority complex only talks bad about other people; the words come out of their mouths like poison oozing out from a bottle. A haughty person with superiority complex looks down on others.  Only he who has “internal energy” will find himself being drained off that energy in the course of vulgar social mixing.


33   When people cannot gain anything from you they call you selfish, but when you ask them for help they call you greedy.


34   Two things I noticed of man; when he talks about neutral subjects he tries to win and when he talks about a certain man he only talks about his bad points even though they do not exist and about his "horns" even though there are none.


35   You really only mix with the various psyche deposits in a man.  You only interact with the vibration coming out from his body.  You notice the 'I's in other people.  Did you notice your own 'I'?  When two persons unite there is an "I" to unite, when they move away there is an 'I' to repulse.


36   While there are no risings and fallings in you, there can be risings and fallings in your neighbor.  Understand their risings and fallings.  Dance with them.  Those whose risings and fallings are aroused by others, are their "victims".


37   You need only to accept the being who is merging, coming nearer and nearer both physically and spiritually and whose contacts tend to increase.


38   It is a difficult experience to move with a group of people who are filled with negative emotions, thoughts and even actions.  Naturally, the relationship between two persons is not essence if there are four voices present.

To mix is to project that which is "gay" and "nice" ‑ this produces the same in response in most people.  If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

The more you "chit-chat", the more they will hate you.  Show that you have pearls, and they will be jealous of you like mad.


39   When mixing with people beware that your words do not cut them like knife or else you will make many enemies.


40   People with too many 'I's are difficult to stay with.  Union is not possible when 'I's are not stabilized.  You cannot expect unity with people who have many I's with respect to you.  And you too should not harbor unrealistic notions about them; should not depend or attached to them, even though, you are always near them physically.


41   Man builds many walls to prevent the "trespassing" of his neighbors.  The walls of the spirit cause the "special mode of interactions" which they themselves have set up madly against one another.  Some of these walls against a certain people are but imagined walls of fear and suspicion.


42   Human motives:

Characteristics of Common Motive Human Association


43   Man acts in accordance to the demand of the chance coming passenger.  When a passenger acts on an ordinary person, he does not notice him.


44   Man's relationship with other men is highly fragmented.  If the relationship is not essencely bound, it is easily broken by the application of an outside force.


45   The man who is not identified with anything in the whole cosmos and even himself IS.  The others are 'IS's in quotation mark.

When objects are attracted to you, they are your appendages.  You move them.  When you are attracted to an object, you become its appendage-it moves you.  The same goes to the process of social interaction.  While being moved by an object, you must also move it in return.


46   Didn't you notice the unqualified teacher, the unqualified foreman who comes to you constantly pointing out your "mistakes", your "machine's faults" even though on many occasions they are not faults or mistakes at all but merely because it is his own faulty machine that reflects and see things wrongly, or in order to cover his own weaknesses he has developed a special form of inferiority complex; that of shifting the attention of others to other people?

This molding of your character into their ideals that are themselves defective is destructive to the victim because they are entirely irresponsible and unconsciously mechanical.  They themselves need more repairs and replacement of spare parts than you.

Know yourself and be your own master.


47   He must see you exactly like his own flesh and blood.  Only then it is real.  Such is higher level unity of men.


48   A laborer sells his labor his "Unit Labor Time".  If the labor is no good, its value is lesser.  If he leaves a job, it simply means that he does not sell to the employer of his labor.  The employer's habit, like the employee’s, is often to comment and condemn the goods (labor) sold by his employee.  Rarely does he appreciate his employees accept for a purpose.  Often the employer not only condemns the goods, he condemns the sellers too.


49   Never poke your finger at the "button" of your planetary neighbor if you do not have the intention.


50   When you are circling around beings which are very exploitative and greedy, gradually made yourself invisible by cutting down contacts and by becoming more and more worthless and stingy, and finally dismiss the group.  This is known as emptying the relationship's content, and also, to allow the possibility of new entry.


51   The fragments from the Negative Solar System may accidentally pollute the content of the Positive Solar System which it has come into contact.


52   To have an essence friend, you have to be in essence with him (or at least personality wearing an essence cloak).  Now that you are essence with the person and that the person is incapable of essencing with you, there really is no real development in the relationship and the truth will appear.

Essence has to bear the pain of being cheated.

Essence must proceed from within basing on "its-own-conscious-motion."  It is never "happen" or "motion-deceived-by-the-irresponsible-instructions-of-other-machines."  It is conscious doing.


53   If the instruction of a machine is constantly misguided, unreliable and mischievous then the machine is recognized as possessing this nature.  And to handle such a machine, you have to handle it in accordance to its existing nature.


54   It is vital to mother the sum total of experiences of your closely related neighboring beings, the totality of which has to be consciously obtained and worked for, and for a totality of mechanical experiences operating at a much lower plane.


55   Man's petty activities create a contradictory situation amongst themselves.  Know the motives of a person who communicates with you.  It can be these petty ones.







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