Volume 92       December 8, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 8, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "To Know, To Understand, To Be; The 'I's and 'it's of Man; Commentaries, Thoughts and Aphorism on the Social Life of Man," April 1977 ~ September 1977 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section F: "The Dao of Love," pp. 106~111)





1   Love is in the meat, not outside it.  ‘I’ can only create a condition for love to arise but it may disappear into its various forms.  Physical unity, the placing of two beings side by side, is the necessary condition for the higher forms of unity.  Laws and economy can only bind man and woman materially.  It is physical unity supported by sex, instinctive, emotional and intellectual commitment that can beget love.

Only conscious love can last the longest.  Instinctive love, which is selfish, sensuous and temporal, disappears as soon as the sensuous object is removed.

Sex love, love due to the vibration of sex impulses, is short-lived and seeks immediate release.  Emotional love, like and dislike, is love that easily turns into hate.

Moving center does not love.  It is physical, it seeks to nail the two sides    physical and soul together and runs on kinetics, friction and pleasure reflexes.  It helps in social relationship and material creation.

Conscious love is love at a higher emotional and intellectual level, and it is the rarest and most powerful one that can occur between humans.


2   The production of the fine psyche love hydrogen is a basic function of beings especially the higher beings called man.  Only by producing them can man's radiating-atmosphere change.  Your atmosphere becomes different as soon as you have acquired a certain amount of a different type of hydrogen.  Being-states rest essentially on the type of hydrogen filling the center.

Change of inner states always occurs internally, not externally.  The external conditions are the conditions of the change.


3   When we speak of love, it is an internal question.  The external factors only create the condition for internal love.  Love demands the existence of a certain form of hydrogen known as love hydrogen.  Physical love means the physical process produces the love that in turn is responsible for the inner change.  The attraction is purely on the physical dimension when the physical object is ugly love disappears.  Emotional love is higher; love here occurs in the feelings.


4   Being-state is brought about by the presence of psyche hydrogen in the centers.  In the phenomenon of love, certain kinds of love hydrogen with definite cosmic properties are present in the body and they are reciprocally transmitted through clairvoyance and telepathy.  There is a very strong binding force holding the two biochemical hormone "concentrations” together besides the cosmic properties of clairvoyance and telepathy.  That is why love-couples are tied by just these strong invisible-strings even though they are at great distance apart.  The arising of this being-state, love, and the lingering on of this love hydrogen is present.

If love hydrogen disappears, other type of hydrogen would occupy the psychological space.  The link between couple would be in terms of other ‘I's.


5   When you meet a feeling girl, feel with her.  Don't mentate because she uses feelings to connect with your mentation, and everything will go wrong.  You are schooled if you are three-centered, and you will know which is which!


6   If he is to be “internal," you must use “internal” language or essence language.  Otherwise, a beauty cannot blossom.

"A man's sexual response, on the other hand, may be called out only by a particular woman.  We say he is ‘in love’ with her.”  (An idea of instinctive-sex-love, quoted from Thouless)


7   A women-mother is definitely more reliable than a woman-female for bearing the fruit of a proper family.  A woman-mother and a man-male cannot essencely come together for a family except by a clear-cut acceptance of a difference of function during the process of family and business creation.  The women-mother would have to be with the family maintenance alone and the man-male, the other organizations of concern. Something seemingly to be a lose position in a win-lose situation.


8   Man and woman are not entirely different beings.  What man can do woman can too — except the unavoidably biological and certain psychological action that are different.  Producing children and preserving family is one thing.  ‘I's must be the same for something to happen.

In terms of time, satisfying oneself takes up a portion, living with a partner takes up another portion, work, another portion and love and sex, yet another portion.  Problem comes when one of the factors competes for time.


9   Now if chance the beings of the opposite sex intend to establish intimate relation they could land up with frustration if they can escape from the spell of being selective.  And in this frustration, the emotional horse can be very wild.

I personally have to relate to you this that one day, in my house, a lady chanced to meet me and we had an intimate talk.  After the talk, she contracted a dis-ease called love-at-first-sight.  She decided to arrange for a second meeting in the same place.  And you know what happened:  “Why are you running away like a child?  Does your mathematics allow a union?  The horse has run away!


10   I was, of course, very aware of these what are called female beings who, owing to the requirement of Great Nature, gradually formed in their body a certain crystallization called there “I am thirsty for a partner”.  And if chance these sex-active beings pass by any handsome young beings, they would not hesitate to pull them into their net.  If sexual desire is triggered in them, copulation easily happens.

If chance you see such a group of youngsters, I beg you to be very sensitive and conscious enough not to fall into the psychomagneticism.  If chance they find a suitable mate, they will lure them into the world of sexual ecstasy of sex, and from them onwards to the first mysterious seed of the family.  Not only men spoil the ladies, ladies also spoil men.  Like a drowning man grasping a straw, a drowning lady grasp for any Tom, Dick and Harry.  Out of selfish fear, they pluralize their love and keep a few lovers in stock.  Yet, they would want to be secretive about it.  If one is slow in grabbing, the lady will increase the grabbing by making the other hidden visible and so on and so forth.  If chance she notices a love competitor, she would try to poison the relationship.  She wants the attachment to break before it ossifies.

Now, be very careful my dear, if you find yourself in this ill-fated shoe you must make sure that you did not get drown or killed.  I must warn you this:

Three centers point to one being in parallel.  And you do point.  Yet the other's three centers point in other directions but look like in your direction.  As a result, a lot of energy and precious time is wasted by the both sexes.


11   If you are handsome and hold a good job, which can survived a family.  If one of these being-females, who is desperate, notices you, you are assured of a star role.  Many of these relationships begin initially as a round peg in a square hole before the wear and tear make them fit.


12   Physical love and emotional love lead to hardship.  Conscious love or objective responsibility consciously is the only form of universal love that has escaped from the red dust and operates at a higher level.


13   What probably people mean when they say love is love of the feeling and love of the physical body or sex.  When they experience a flash of conscious love, they are unable to recognize it.


14   There can be no identification in conscious love, otherwise, it is not conscious love.  Conscious love recognizes that the love object is perishable.  It only seeks to delay its vanishing but does not regret nor feel hurt if the object really disappears.






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