Volume 53       June 5, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 20,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The Sociocosmic Unbecomings, The Sociocosmic Therapeutic Methods And The Final Exit Of The Great Wise Grandson of Beelzebub ", July 1996 - May 1997 Discourses, Chapter 1, Section A: "The Sociocosmic Stopinders' Hidden and Real Mission (Part I)", pp. 1~11)





1   Behold three-brained beings of the planet Earth!  If you have no Real ‘I’, you are not.  You have only ‘it’s.  What then could your hidden and real mission(s) be as a DO-sociocosmic stopinder being?


2   The purpose of life or simply the direction of life and not just those fantastic ‘it’s but rather one’s natural ‘I’ flow, commences in a natural manner when one is just born to be a DO-stopinder.  Built in him is the passenger ‘I’ for that purpose.


3   The first natural flow of his ‘I’s is simply around this DO-stopinder which constitutes him.  The flow conscious or unconscious forms his mechanical purpose.

The second purpose for his meaningful presence amongst the RE-stopinder beings is again unavoidable and this split his purpose into two octaves, one for his planetary neighbor while the original one remains for himself.  As a RE-stopinder is just a two-story being with a ‘leader’ and a ‘follower’ tendency, so the purpose along the RE-octave is again split into two hidden striving possibilities, one along the ‘to-be-a-leader’ while the other along ‘to-be-a-follower’.  And not too long of their years they end up in a RE-trialectics of man and woman and again acquire a new purpose from the RE-stopinder octave.

The outcome of this RE-trialectics begets a new direction towards a MI-stopinder commitment, that is to say, to reproduce new three-brained beings as his purpose on the one hand, and to become a parent or MI-stopinder head amongst his own little beings of his own half-duplicates.  This is his third natural purpose of his existence, that is, to create and head his MI-family. 

The fourth purpose of his life is more difficult.  The road is winding and rough but it is still his natural purpose because of his in-built presence as a sociocosmic being, and this direction is none other than a FA-pulled direction from the organizations.  His purpose constitutes his three possibilities either as a lau being which is more direction in nature or a jing being which is less directional and more planning or a gong being whose purpose tends to obey direction and plans.  Although some wiseacrings for a gongjinglau order as opposed to the original laujinggong order have been attempted, nothing seems to last very long before everything flowing flow in a laujinggong order.  So his purpose is ‘to-be-a-gong-being’ or ‘to-be-a-lau-being’.  If he so insist to be a gong being and do good to his gong being-parktdolg-duty, he could do so and yet be a ‘somebody’ or a great being of the gong history.  And if he so insist to be a jing being, he still could engineer unfailingly to be-a-jing-being and remains to be so by all means.  And finally if he so insist to be a lau being, he could still do so by great hardship and Machiavellianistic direction to be the most friendly and philantropic lau being of the FA-stopinder of his concern.

His fifth possible purpose but not necessary his choice is to move into the SO-sociocosmic stopinder to ‘flirt’ with SO-power possessing beings and he again has only three choices owing to the general construction of the SO-laujinggong configuration. And he could again enter as a gong being or a jing being or a lau being, and climb upwards from any lower position by the kindliest and wisest method.

The sixth possible purpose available for him then is just a further exploration of the LA-sociocosmic stopinders.  Sticking like glue to the SO-stopinder and the political parties to realize his purpose as a LA-manifesting being, and owing to the fact that the LA-stopinder is again separated into a lau, a jing and a gong component, he makes his advances.  He, likewise, has to fall into one of them and be ‘happy’ with his position.  And if he so wishes to change this position, he has to do his great ‘homework’ and might get himself murdered.  After climbing to the top of a LA-laujinggong, he may retire and proceed to ‘function’ in the realm of a TI-laujinggong body.

So, his last purpose of his sociocosmic life would be to enter the gong, the jing or the lau sociocosmic rivers of life.  He chooses although he may not be chosen.  But, all in all, he has about 70 years to realize his purpose, and even that he could still be forgotten after a few years of his retirement.

If these still prove meaningless to his sociocosmic directions, it is best he remains at DO, RE, and MI and a “job”.  Or just keep to ‘DO’ and become a great being at the ‘DO’ octave, and become a Jesus, a Buddha, a Karl Marx, a Goethe, and so on and so forth.


4   Having set up the model of the sociocosmic octave, it is now possible to pluck in the proper nouns of contemporary names into this model, and to predict their social dynamics based on the laws of three, the laws of seven, the laws of symphony and the laws of sociocosmic noises (perturbations).


5   And the wise grandson says:

   One step forward for a stopinder is better than no step forward!  A forward step gears to the groups and then to the organizations.


6   In the MI-Historical Sociocosmos or feudalistic period when great rulers (kings, emperors and maharajas) could not consolidate their SO and the LA powers, the weak SO and LA-geographic boundaries are subjected to change, defined and redefined from time to time.  The power possessing MI-based being-rulers expand their SO and LA boundaries unilaterally and often come into serious battles with their foes.

During the period of the FA-Historical Sociocosmos, when FA-beings rule the sociocosmoses, the SO and LA-boundaries are ‘defined’ and redefined’ (even more coveteously) by the power possessing beings pioneering the TI-sociocosmic stopinder. During my period of presence, the boundaries of all LA-sociocosmic stopinders have almost stabilized except for problems of disputed islands and unclear land boundaries.

The mega-octave trend for the LA’s boundary history would be the ‘wiseacring’ by these ‘politic beings’ themselves to develop smaller ‘independence’ pioneering LA-sociocosmic stopinders within huge and weak LA-sociocosmic stopinders.

Thus, being-USSR breaks up into 15 independent “SO”-stopinders not exactly amounting to 15 LA-stopinders.  So it becomes a being-CIS or commonwealth of Independent States (not Nations).  Their inner linkage of the lateral sociocosmic being-psyche hydrogens within the 15 stopinders is still very strong in the real objective sense.


7   It is a natural law of the sociocosmos that every stable and lasting psyche, product and service ‘concentrations’ that begins from the DO-stopinder would continue as a RE-stopinder and a MI-stopinder, and then come into a standstill.  And if the forces are strong enough, it becomes an organizational stopinder, proceeding into the FA-octaves, the SO-octaves, the LA-octaves and finally, the TI-octaves.

Religion did this, and communism did this.  Democracy did this, McDonald’s did this, Mitsubishi did this, science did this, laws did this ‑ and so on and so forth.

At the FA-octaves, it becomes problematic because of this arch-disturber, three-headed being known as laujinggong.  Man scorns institutionalized and organization-alized production of everything.  In this way, they scorn institutionalized religion and they hate army-like industrial organizations.


8   There is widespread belief amongst these beings that the goal of life is to be a lau or a jing being but never to remain as a gong being all your life.  Basing on this belief, beings fought amongst themselves for these benefits.

The mandate to be a lau being or king of kings in a Machiavellianistic episode becomes the ultimate goal of most sociocosmic stopinders.  With every sociocosmic stopinder being striving to be the gravity-center for every other stopinder, that is, to become predatory capitalistic lau being, trouble ensues.


9   Communism also develops the SO-sociocosmic stopinder and consolidates it.  Now it develops the FA-sociocosmic stopinder.  And so on and so forth like any other lateral sociocosmic beings but communism only  exists in later historical periods.


10   If a sociocosmic stopinder is normal its need would vary along the normal level for its type, if it is abnormal it normally acquires much more than its needs, and very unlikely it would ask for the least.

The dictum:

   From each (stopinder) according to its (stopinder’s) ability, to each according to its (stopinder’s) needs is not a device to create laziness but it is a device to overcome a great anomaly of unequal distribution of wealth.  That is, of the denial of existence of a stopinder itself by siphoning.  This movement creates is a hypothetical balance point.

And the wise grandson concludes:

   If it is to move away from this point, irrespective of any logicnestrian justification, make sure that it moves in a way favorable to you.

For the sake of maintaining competitiveness, the argument goes pay should not rise.  But a rise in pay could increase the worker’s wealth to a point that he could become a boss for his new investment.  This adds a new entrant of success.

When we wish to build a healthy body, we allow inequality in our work on the body, so as to stimulate healing.  But ultimately the body must be balanced with an ‘unequal’ flow of blood and qi to all the cells, an ‘unequal’ supply to various tissues, and an ‘unequal’ supply to various organs and systems.  Only this inequality would produce balance.  The reason is the needs of the cells, tissues, organs and systems are not equal.  In this manner we need an ‘equal’ supply to the SO-stopinder, an approximately equal supply to the RE-stopinder an approximately equal supply to the MI-stopinder to the FA-stopinder, to the SO-stopinder to the LA-stopinder and to the TI-stopinder according to their needs based on levels.

Taxation is a device to regulate wealth amongst the various stopinders.  Sociocosmic stopinders are useful as a legal entity to absorb more wealth.


11   And the wise grandson asks:

   What is your mission in the sociocosmic octave as you drive along it?  How and what would you stopinder yourself into?  Along the fundamental sociocosmic octave?  And along the lateral sociocosmic octave?

You have a DO-stopinder and you have a MI-stopinder.  Now you must have a FA-stopinder.  Some even go for high positions in the SO-stopinder using Machiavellianistic method at a point known as ‘change-of-leadership’.  A SO-stopinder would behave in a manner that it dictates its own change of leadership instead of allowing an alien stopinder to wiseacre one for it.  And to be a SO-lau being, you have to decide which method to use.

Riding the sociocosmic octaves?  That is our life as a DO-sociocosmic being, as this stopinder undergoes its sociocosmic transformation.  As to his biocosmic radiation as a modern man, he may even have to take the laws into his own hands although most of them would still remain in the hands of the inner expansion of the TI-biocosmic octave.  Modern man’s four bodies would still change shapes.


12   A sociocosmic stopinder is a sociocosmic stopinder.  It could not be pretended that it does not exist or that it can be by-passed as insignificant by way of sweet psychology.  A sociocosmic stopinder once emerges from the sociocosmic trialectics is there to drum and function.  The stronger ones would survive, the weaker would ultimately perish.  Depending on the evolving level of intelligence and surviving powers, these stopinders could maintain their sociocosmic presence for a very long time.  However, these stopinders could become the appendices of the sociocosmos.


13   Friendly stopinder emanation is the atmosphere of strategic feeding or just continuing success in layman’s words.


14   To harness a carriage for the forming sociocosmic stopinder being - this is the ultimate building goal of most sociocosmic concentrations of being-psyche hydrogen.  The path of constructing these four-bodied sociocosmic stopinders becomes a “duty” independent of the will of man.


15   Hidden in the MI-stopinder is an ‘eternal’ trialectics between man and woman.  But this stopinder’s real mission is to protect the family for the continuation or propagation of three-brained beings like you and me.


16   These strange newly created FA-beings began by swimming in uncharted waters.  And many are getting nowhere.  But today, most of them do discover their short-term missions under the shadowy spell of the mission of a cosmic MI-FA decree for all beings feeding, breeding and dying there.

All sociocosmic stopinder beings are born, grow, mature, and die.  When they are born and growing they aim for improvements. When they are mature, they aim for stability, for consolidation and administrative contract. When they are dying or become ill, they carry out repression, inner modification and change for the better. At this point, they are the weakest, having to overdo MI, the retardation point ahead and could be killed or conquered by strong adversary.

And in this manner, the stopinder being maintains its health and longevity.

Along the life octave of yours, along your trialectical octave of man and woman, along your family octave, along your business octave, along your state octave, along your nation octave and along your ’World-of-Nations’-octave, if applicable, you seek the retardation point and ‘decide’ your direction properly.


17   During this period of incessant inner changes, more and more of these organ-stopinders and substopinders sprout into sociocosmic being for balancing the inequilibrium in the supply-and-demand diautomarketo feeding exchanges.

So in this manner our sojourn within the body of our great sociocosmos must require just the presence of such a ‘stopinder-sprout’ in the lateral sociocosmic octave before the law of supply and demand works into our stopinder ‘ship’.


18   The diautomarketo feeding exchanges in the eyes of the being-customers and the lau beings of the FA-stopinder are equivalent in the opposite sense and direction irrespective of the artful use of the words “Customer is always right” or “Customer first”.  The being-customers always demand in deed this privilege.  The lau beings would always demand the highest price. The gong beings (some kind of internal customers) may stand to lose in this tussle between a lau being and his customer-beings.  Nay more, if it is a service operation for a gong being, as the lau being does not bear the cost of a product as they is no real substantial tangible product in a service operation, he becomes a ‘food’ for the mutual harvesting of the two exploiting parties.

Just as the passengers in the hackney carriage of these beings are active politickers, so are the passengers of our FA-organizations and the customer stopinders.

And the wise grandson says:

   Every being is a customer in his own right.

Just as a customer has all the right not to buy, so a lau being has all the right not to sell.  And the jing and the gong beings, plus all other non-human beings could do as much to exercise their rights and could disrupt the circuit of the diautomarketo feeding exchanges.


19   Inflation is one of the symptoms of the sociocosmic FA-stopinder fattening.  The supply and demand wiseacring helps to smooth this stopinder feeding expansion and growth.  Inflation in its slow feeding is “good” because sociocosmic growth becomes better for the FA-stopinder.


20   Although the FA-octave is by nature market driven, the other octaves are essentially not.  The national treasures of the SO and LA-octaves, unlike other products are not really market driven but rather they are guarded priceless treasure of the LA-beings.  LA assets such as land, sea and air are naturally not saleable for this stopinder.  But a weak LA-stopinder would often find such LA-treasures being plundered by the foreign FA-beings.

In coveting a LA-being, it is often encouraged a market-driven philosophy for it on losing terms.  Powerful LA-beings plan and implement beneficial marketing strategies for itself.


21   And the wise grandson says:

   To the business person, a group or an organization is an instrument to net wealth. Both the nation and the blocks go for such commonwealth.


22   And the wise grandson concluded for the sociocosmic destiny of man at the FA-stage of its evolution:

   One must give birth to a business organization of one’s own to satisfy the flow of this octave.


23   As regard the common general missions of the technocosmic stopinder beings the work on all their four bodies is unavoidable either directly or indirectly.  Man has created and greatly improved the carriage, the engine, the drivers (computer-brain) and even the passengers (users, customers, bosses, etc.).

It is the nature of all sociocosmic stopinder beings to seek success, order and harmony, and to realize their pre-planned missions.


24   The SO-stopinder (state), because of its regulatory-neutralizer function, tends to appear non-profit oriented.  However, its TI-substopinders in the FA-octave or its state enterprises are very profit maximizing and aggressive as business beings.

To talk as if the state enterprise is a necessary failure is to fail to see its possible aggressive growth and profit making objective.  A state enterprise could easily transform itself into a profit-seeking organization.  (This is Part 1 and is to continue in Part II)







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