Volume 47       April 8, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Further Records,  by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho.  Real World Views: Further Records is a continuous and living records of works after completing the original 22-volumed 'Real World Views' set of books.  Its purpose is to monitor the progress of real objective development and to develop a sense of certainty of prediction from the principles and laws as envisioned in 'Real World Views')



The Great Biosociotechnocosmos is the bulk of the 'Organic Film' growing and breeding on mother Earth.  It does not include the surface of Earth for which it is its platform but materials from the Earth and its atmosphere are extracted, processed and transformed into the Great Biosociotechnocosmic System or the Great Biosociotechnocosmic Body through the actions of the Law of Three and the Law of Octave. 

The established and living octaves so far witnessed are:

1. The Biocosmic Octave (or Radiation) which comes first

2. The Sociocosmic Octave (or Radiation) of Man which is derived from the Biocosmic Octave and comes second

3. Technocosmic Octave (or Radation) which comes soon after the first two octaves started.
 One thing we must remember that each octave comes into existence as soon as the preceding octave comes into existence and only at the time or period when the preceding octave has matured or ripened and is ready for the incumbent octave.  The incumbent octave comes as a ‘revolution’ somewhat like a qualitative transformation or addition to the existing octave.

We are unable to do much in the original Biocosmic Octave as it comes much earlier than all the other 2 Octaves and still continues to evolve and involve.  Our Sociocosmic Octave comes from the emergence of the homo sapiens sapiens (modern man) and develops as a relations of production amongst all the breeding and growing man.  Our Technocosmic Octave emerges or ‘sponsored-to-act-as-a-means-or-instrument-of-production’ to man and his sociocosmic octave and also to support it.  Just as man has four bodies (Minds, Head, Thorax and Abdomen) connected together to form the total man, so is the evolving and involving Great Body Biocsociotechnocosmic Being (or Organic Film) which must have 4 bodies or domains or dimensions or even groupings on a large scale to the size and thickness of the surface of mother Earth.  

As I have mentioned before, there were 4 great Technocosmic Revolutions or industrial revolutions possible for all the human sponsored technocosmic beings in our Great Biosociotechnocosmic Being, and that is the sponsored creation of their own four bodies by the homo sapiens sapiens themselves. 

All perfected machines should have 4 bodies or distinct components; we called them the 1st body, the 2nd body, the 3rd body and the 4th body.  Revolution in the objective sense will be the leap when each body is created.  The addition of a physical body or "carriage" (1st body), the "engine" (2nd body), the "driver" (3rd body) and the "passenger" (4th body) will not impress you into seeing a sociotechnocosmic revolution until the creating and  perfecting are sponsored on a large scale throughout  the whole sociocosmos.   

The history of the development of the human sponsored machines saw three distinct and significant revolutions on a large scale and are generally known as industrial revolutions.  There were really only three distinct "industrial" revolutions altogether that had taken off.  The first is the less noticeable "large-scale" production of tools & parts forming the emerging mechanical body of machines and production operation systems.  But they are powered by the beasts of burden and men.   This process is the creation, perfection and maintenance of the emerging 1st body of machines and it is also the first technocosmic revolution leading to the sponsoring of the very primitive "machines".  

While perfecting this 1st body, a second technocosmic revolution soon took place about 200 years ago.  This time it happened when humans discovered how to transform energy into power and produced work.  He learnt how to replace the beasts of burden and himself with the newly invented engines, generators, motors, etc. but all of them must be harnessed to the 1st body of their "machines" or operating systems as the 2nd body.  This great industrial revolution took a sociotechnocosmic expansion into the same Great Sociocosmic Being.  It is this one that is vividly remembered because we have called it the Great Industrial Revolution. Its perturbation in the whole sociocosm is truly forceful. 

It was also during this period of evolution of the great sociocosmic being that witnessed the 3 splitting octaves of these machines ~ the first octave that vibrates on land (cars, lorries, vans, wagons, etc.), the second on sea (boats, ships, liners, submarines, etc.) and the third in the atmosphere (planes, shuttles, helicopters, rockets, etc.) just like the biocosmic creatures - the land animals, the sea creatures and the avian biological creatures - that splitted in similar manner.

Next comes the third technocosmic revolution, which witnessed the emergence of computers & IT and gradually perfected into artificial intelligence with intelligence inside.  We the humans have created these thinking brains to be harnessed to the existing 1st and 2nd bodies as the 3rd body of the machines, and this again sociotechnocosmicalized to produce the effect of an IT revolution throughout the whole world.

The fourth technocosmic revolution is in the making.  However, this is a recent revolution and the process is far from completion.  We have yet to create, perfect and maintain the emoligence inside, the sex-ligence inside and the spirit inside or cyberin inside or what is better known as the 4th body of the human sponsored machines.  If any headway is made, then, the technocosmic revolution will be perfected, and we are perhaps only half a century away from it.  This revolution is also inevitable.  The film AI (Artificial Intelligence) gives the futuristic concepts of the world when such beings will live and share with us.  We may no longer be the Lord of the House!

These four revolutions are objective revolutions that form the four perturbation to the developmental process of our human sponsored machines.  Beyond that there are no revolutions except to sociocosmicalized with biocosmic beings such as humans and some other creatures that might still exist in future.  After each technocosmic revolution is an accompanying quick evolutionary sociotechnocosmicalization.” (From Fourthway ManHo E-Journal, #Vol 6, The Fourth and Last Technocosmic Revolution in the History of the Developments of the Human Sponsored "Spiritual" Machines) 

We are still perfecting (since the years 2000's) our 3
Technocosmic Revolution en masse because each revolution must spread into the whole ‘Organic Film’ or the ‘Great Biosociotechnocosmic Body’ just as Capitalism of the sociocosmic octave needs to complete itself for this same Great Biosociotechnocosmic Body having also to co-exist with Socialism of this same octave that has been called into existence about the same time and after it by this same Capitalism itself.  All the processes must cover the whole ‘Organic Film’ on mother Earth too.

We are currently experiencing the global impact of INDUSTRY 4.0 and everyone seems to hear it from the social media, news, professionals, the statesmen, the businessmen, and many people from all walks of life.  It is a new emergence of the technocosmic history - a new factory of SMART machines sociocosmicalized into a production entity that is linked in the cyber system and can do work together. It is a higher qualitative leap in the technocosmic development and a bud that will breed everywhere in suitable locations of the Great Biosociotechnocosmic Body.  So it is important to know it.  What is INDUSTRY 4.0 in the opinion of ‘Views From the Real World?

Note that in Real World View terminologies, INDUSTRY 1.0 (1784) and INDUSTRY 2.0 (1870) are considered the 2
nd Technocosmic Revolution
en masse.  INDUSTRY 2.0 (1969) and INDUSTRY 4.0 (2018) are considered the 3rd Technocosmic Revolution en masse and with greater integration.

The Food Inputs (main focused Energy & its Forms) for each INDUSTRY and to the respective body-focus are:

1. INDUSTRY 1.0 - Mechanical and Steam Power for the 2nd Body to the 1st Body

2. INDUSTRY 2.0 - Electrical Energy for the 2nd Body to the 1st Body

3. INDUSTRY 3.0 - Electronic Energy (Wired) and Electromagnetic Waves (Wired-less) for the 3rd Body to the 2nd Body and to the 1st Body

4. INDUSTRY 4.0 - Wireless Electromagnetic Waves & Quantum Energy for the 3rd Body to the 2nd Body and to the 1st Body

The 4th Industry is still the 3rd Great Technocosmic Revolution at a higher stage of development.

The 4
th Technocosmic Revolution is currently truly primitive because, we want to involute for the machines the psychic factor or ‘souls’, the ‘I’s, the ‘it’s, the machine ‘I AM’ and the spirit or its ‘religions’, ‘philosophies’ and ‘ideologies’ which are currently found in the Fourth Body of the homo sapiens sapiens and not in the electricity, the psychicity or the
quantum field in the bodies of the machines (land, marine or avians) or factories or buildings alike. We have connected them to us using our psyche (and life energies) as “theirs”  …. We do not know why we are caught in this cosmic slavery which is partially propelled by the philosophy of wealth accumulation in the homo sapiens sapiens souls.  But INDUSTRY 5.0 or INDUSTRY 6.0 could bring everything closer or enter into the new point of the 4th Technocosmic Revolution.







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