Volume 57       June 28, 2019


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 11, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Cupid's Song of the Romantic Hearts, No Humans No Human Nature and No Opposites No Social Nature," December 1980 - July 1981 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section A: "A Reflection On Life," pp. 132 ~137)






1   Experience in a specialized job also means one-sided development to the body. Specialization is not a demand of the DO-sociocosmic stopinder.  It is a demand of the upper sociocosmic stopinders that are subjected to different sets of laws such as the laws of upgrading of productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and quality.  These laws could be disastrous to the harmonious development of man.

Disciplining, managing and controlling the inner world should not be done through sheer force, as this method is rather awkward.  The use of conscious labor and intentional suffering would be a suitable guide.  Relaxing away clots and blockages in the continuous flow of the inner world is yet another way to its proper development.  If this way were not workable the former method would still be useful.


2   You must be able to bear a lot of sufferings and drastic physical conditions before you can speak of a real inner reincarnation while you are alive.  Dying is also dying by centers!  Man dies gradually.  As more and more parts die, he would have to struggle innerly to ‘reincarnate’ all his bodies, and ascend from its descending octave.


3   To go into a person’s inner world by proceeding from essence is a way to remove the ‘masks’ of personality.  You remove it another mask comes.  You remove it again; another comes.  Finally, you could touch the essence.  It is a stone, quite hard and it is the most important thing in the psyche of a person.  This hard stone is its own essence.  To contact is to contact this essence and the link is essence link.  If one maintains essence, the other personality, and one is unable to recognize that the connection is essence, mask and trouble will come.

And the wise grandson says:

Mask and mask leads nowhere;

Essence and essence leads somewhere!


4   Personality hides behind essence and essence hides behind personality and they mutually screen each other.  Essence is your own, personality not your own.  In order to ‘separate’ them you must go ‘inner and inner’ into the person.  And that which is his own, he will hide it and in the hiding the ‘crystals’ becomes hard and therefore, you cannot go in.  It is a wall.  And you must understand the reason the building of that wall because that wall is to protect essence.


  If this separation of essence and personality cannot be found in a person, either all is essence or all is personality.


6   And if you want to learn personalities, try using these few words when speaking to your planetary neighbors always NOT from your hearts:


Good Morning

How do you do?

Oh, I see!

How nice of you.


7   I only know that which I know and cannot tell you more than that which I know.  I cannot give that which I do not know.  Knowledge is material created from the process of conscious knowing. If it is not created it is not there in your mind.


8   Education feeds the young with “poisonous” knowledge which in turn leads to noumenal pain and the ‘burden’ of self-purification.


9   Truth is material, like knowledge is material.  Truth is derived only when certain matters are present in the body.  A belief or conviction like truth is material.  When sufficient matters of a certain kind are deposited in the psyche, a belief or conviction is simply its truth with respect to that matter, and only that matter, not other kinds.  For other kinds of matter mean other truths.  These matters cause a person to change his perception of truths.  If the psychology of a material being is unstable, the ‘I’ on its field is also unstable; the material being could be ‘blown’ away off its original position.


10   Real essence occupies the whole life of a person.  Only when a man has acquired ‘something’ in his psyche that his inner world could exhibit an inner and an outer aspect, an essence and a contingency.  Essence is his hidden; it can be developed as it can be at child level for the moment.


11   A computer virus is an electronic life force equivalent to a being having only one center and that is a certain dimension of the moving center.  The definition that a computer virus is an elementary form of life, according to Stephen Hawking, is “correct” to the extent that it has a moving center life with reproduction.  Electrons in motion create more live force and more consciousness if they move in an organic environment.

Two beings posited side by side and by my side.  One is a biocosmic note called a pig, the other a note from the first body of a business organization which is part of the sociocosmic octave and we called it a computer.  These two beings are about the same size. One auto-creates while the other is manufactured or created.  And the wise grandson asks:

   A pig on your left and a computer on your right ‑ which is more intelligent?


12   Being-"Schizophrenia-In-Quotation-Mark": The sudden breakdown of organ kundabuffer would disperse psyche hydrogens which create a split personality behavior because of the meeting of a strong enjoyment force with that of the real world force.  Kundabuffer which causes a man to perceive reality upside down is a group of being psyche hydrogens at the lumbar region of our body which generate enjoyment, pleasure, desire, love, happiness, fun, etc.  These are locked into a pendulum safety device which would allow motion only in opposing direction ‑ no enjoyment, displeasure, desireless, hate, sad and no fun at one end of the pendulum and all enjoyment, pleasure, desire, love, happy and fun at the other end of the pendulum.  And the pendulum swing irregularly from one end to the other.

When this kundabuffer system breaks down, these randomly moving psyche hydrogens, after bursting asunder the buffer husk, escape and disperse much of the elements in many areas of the upper centers and become active there as consequences of organ kundabuffer.

Thinking becomes very strange indeed.  Voices are heard; fear and suspicion while thinking; jealousy; thought disorder; clanging associations; blocking; perseveration; delusions; hallucination; persecutory delusions; delusional percept; somatic passivity; thought insertion.  Thought broadcast; thought withdrawal; made feelings; made volitional acts; made impulses; audible thoughts; voices arguing; voices commenting; catatonic immobility; waxy flexibility; flat feelings; inappropriate affect; alogia; avolition-apathy; anhedonia-asociality; attentional impairment and various effects of these being psyche hydrogens released during this kundabufferic perturbation of our body.

When this perturbation subsided, the kundabuffer may again be restored or re-installed even if it is over a long period of time.  The newly created being psyche hydrogen would be contained by a new organ kundabuffer.  Often, the already released psychic hydrogens in the first kundabuffer’s perturbation are not completely burnt out in the upper centers (thinking, feeling and moving centers).  They do exhibit fairly strong psyche energies on and off.

The content of the whole psyche before and after this perturbation would be different in accordance with the law of negation of negation of psychic trialectics.

These kundabufferic psyche hydrogens from the lower instinctive and sex centers create havoc in the upper centers and produce hasnamussian beings who are responsible also for realizing the law of reciprocal destruction.


13   Your pure essence is innately born to be very good and simple, frank and straight forward, no tricks and no lying and accept what one says as true even though it is a lie.  Weal and woe will be the life of such an essence.  It grows in pain!


14   A socially dependent moral element, ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or something socially acceptable or unacceptable in regard to sociocosmic frame of reference, is “absolute” only in reference to the values of the sociocosmic stopinder beings and classes inclusively.  Each moral principle is born from a definite sociocosmos and or class, as the values attract back moral to its sociocosmic favor or the class of concern.  What is tolerable moral for a class is useful for that class!

A statement, ‘one must help other’ is again a suspicious statement. Putting this statement into practice leads a person to his own ‘losing’, when interacting with the varied unpredictable social forces. One must be experienced enough to be aware that the white-boned demon can strike thrice.


15   The formatory apparatus of man is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong and neither should-exist nor should-not-exist ……. It is an existing fact of the brain and always present (there) even when the non-formatory components are fully developed through conscious labor and intentional suffering.






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