Volume 147       June 26, 2021


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 5, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Canon of Discovery, the Search for Spiritual Certainty and a Glimpse of the Real World Views", December 1975 ~ April 1976 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section C, D & E: "The Superman", "The Ancient Knowledge", "The Great Works of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky", pp. 201 ~ 212)


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(Revised on June 26, 2021)


1   Superman exists in the course of biocosmic differentiation in man.  Greater specimen emerges with better developed psychic centers and quality improvements in the structure of the physical body.  There is a psychology of normal and healthy man's possible evolution but not those of the psychology of ordinary man's superheroes in fantasia and often lurk in ambush unsuspecting maleficent psychology of covetous intent, exploitative and political soft power hegemony.


2   Being-partkdolg duty (Gurdjieff) is just this conscious labor and intentional suffering.  We called it being-partkdolg duty when the being, three-centeredly, takes on this inner path of transforming himself into a superman in the objective sense.


3   The active forces of the society must get together to discover new facts about man, nature, society and the universe, and to train the budding latent forces themselves.  Yet, they have to keep the “secrets” discovered amongst the forces of change.  For instance, we can discover ways to keep the body young, so that we need not have to depend solely on the doctors who are essentially beings capable of changing a sick man into an ordinary man of acceptable health.  To bring a health man to a higher level of inner development or superman is not the work of doctors.  At most, they develop preventive measures to prevent an ordinary healthy man from becoming sick.


4   From our knowledge of the fourth way, we should suspect that to train superman is a long way and a difficult task.  Not every one of them can be successful, even if arduous struggle has been pursued for life.  To train is to train the young, specifically, and the old secondarily, for the latter is disappearing.  The young ones are the really important beings of concern.


5   Octave of the centers are active in man of various numbers.

Man No 4

The 'Superman' from Real World Views is 'Man No. 7' of the Biocosmic Octave of Man


The fantasia Super-Men of Man No. 1, 2, 3 & 4 or  Hypothetical "Man. No. 8,  "Superman" Fantasy or a spiritual AI robot of the next Technocosmic Octave


Man is born Man No. 1, 2 & 3 with many 'I's and 'it's and has no master 'I'.  Man No. 1 has active instinct-moving-sex centers, Man No. 2 has active lower feeling center and man No. 3  has active lower thinking center.  Man No. 4 is a transition man who works on himself to balance his fragmented instinctive-moving-sex centers, his lower feeling center and his lower thinking center and acquires a magnetic steward direction due to ingesting of a very strong 'magnetic' impressions from the chaotic outer world, some of which have been deliberately left over as B-influenced objective artifacts /sculptures/buildings/arts and subjective books/songs/music by the previously higher men No. 7s or C-influencer emanating individuals in history.  He has one and/or two magnetic center(s) and is a transition man without his own Master 'I'.  Man No. 5 is higher feeling center active and Man No. 6 is higher thinking center active and both have stable Master 'I'.  However, only Man No. 7 has all the centers active and stable at a higher degree of completeness as well as having a very high level of being.  He has the Real Master 'I' and therefore is a real biocosmic superman in the objective sense.  Except for Man No. 7 who is a C-influencer himself, all other man numbers are under A, B & C influences within the circle of ordinary life and in the circle of the Confusion of the Tongue - only Man No. 7 remains outside of this Circle of the Confusion of the Tongue.

A influences are ordinary life influences both inner and outer for which we responded mechanically and randomly from the petty chances and accidental impulses that come by in our minds automatically and uncontrolled responses in a sleep-wake state of consciousness.  These impulses come in many forms and are subjected to the evolutional and revolutional stages of development of  man, his sociocosmos and his technocosmos of the real outside world (not imagined). Innerly, they come as hunger, greed, wants, needs, beliefs, power-seeking, etc. All of which happen in the Circle of the Confusion of the Tongue. Forces constantly cancel out one another and become zero in our inner world.

B influences are higher life influences also both inner and outer for which we required to obey and respond less mechanically and less randomly with a-mixture of flashes of self-consciousness and objective consciousness of a would-be a more awaken man - still unstable as our magnetic 'I' is not bonded strongly enough to move us out of the circle of the Confusion of the Tongue, nay more our magnetic 'I' might be deceived by a wrong 'I' deliberated through covetous intelligence such as intelligence that uses democracy or religion or science to achieve aims.  B influences put us in a very difficult position as a would-be transition man or as an actual transition man. B influences are third balancing influences between A influences and C influences, according to the law of three.  Forces do not completely cancelled out in our inner world.  With conscious labor and intentional suffering of inner work, we can successfully move out of the circle of the Confusion of the Tongue.

C influences are the highest influences for man also both inner and outer for which we would-be no longer responded mechanically or randomly to the inner and the outer world but emanate in doing, with full self-consciousness and objective consciousness and would finally transform us into awaken man with real master 'I AM' outside the circle of the Confusion of the Tongue. This is because you have met man No. 7 as the external force provider. C influences can be external to us due to the presence of man No. 7 existing in the world, and internal to us if we have already successfully transformed ourselves through successful conscious labor and intentional suffering work to man No. 5, 6 and 7.  Man no. 7 has telepathic and clairvoyant powers that can change nature, society and bring about the technocosmic world correctly and accurately.  Man No. 5 and 6 have some of these powers.

Just remember this during the Age of Pisces you have witnessed the existence of saints (man of great hearts or great compassionate feelings but not enough of the reasoning and logical faculties of the sciences flowing in their inner world) such as Saint Buddha, Lao Tzu, Saint Jesus, Saint Mohammed are man No. 7 of that Age of Pisces and their disciples are at least man. 4, no. 5 and no. 6.

During the current Age of Aquarius (perhaps by astrological calibration year 2148 AD) you have witnessed great men (not called saints but most likely great men of the sciences with highly developed thinking center and also a very high level of development in the feeling center) and they are man. No. 7 of this period of history with very high degree and level of development of the feeling and intellectual faculties in full integration. Great natural scientists such as Newton, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Darwin, and great social scientists such as Roussaeu, Marx, Engels and history engineers such Stalin, Mao Zedong, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler and many are at least man No. 4, 5, 6 and 7 with tremendous power of influences irrespective of their positive or negative sense.

Why are there no real man no. 7 as yet now? It is most likely due to the fact that the Age of Aquarius is just about to begin, and we are still in the morning of this age.  When we enter this Age of Aquarius we shall witness real man no. 7 great men (Sacred men of the ancient slavery and feudal serfdom worlds and iconic men of the capitalist employment and socialist cooperative worlds) without quotation mark.  These are higher balanced, healthy, harmonious and  perfect men (or supermen of the biocosmic Homo sapiens sapiens) having successfully completed the inner and outer WORK and become the higher normal men with great potentials and possibilities - one octave above the normal essence of a newly born baby.  The hypothetical Man No. 8 is an over-imagined science fiction dream-being of a 'zhouforumo'  man peculiar to the Hollywood or Hollywood-related movies of capitalist individualism and neoliberalism philosophy – an abnormal narrow-guided philosophy over the objective reality of the social being of man that stopinders from the 1st level of the individuals to the 7th level of the ‘World of Nations’.  He is to be constructed through man’s scientific, technological and engineering effort but he would always be a technocosmic being belonging to the technocosmic octave instead of the natural biocosmic being (Man No. 7) belonging to the biocosmic octave.

Note added:

Want to know more about other types of fantastic "superman" made in the movie-industrial-complex of America or Japan or other emerging abnormal, fantastic and ethical-like hegemonistic power-possessing psyche variants peculiar to our period of history?  Click Here!


6   The formidable 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' which fire-god sounds and smells of the rebels from the Age of Pisces and the Aquarius guardians of the inverse – the 'League of Justice', 'League of Freedom', 'League of Democracy', 'League of Liberty', 'League of Equality', 'League of Human Rights', 'League of Spiritual I-Robot Rights' and etcetera of fantastic supermen and superwomen produced in the movie-industrial-complex owned by the full of kundabuffer super-rich real nation-hegemon of the world, whose peculiar abnormal psyche is now historically confronting a new arch-disturber rival, Mr. Beelzebub and his tales to his grandson.




1   Gurdjieff’s All and Everything contains some of the most religious, and also most esoteric and mysterious ideas.  Yet on serious consideration it could serve a non fantastic exposition of the real world ‑ the very thing that is close to the real world.

If one begins to watch the so-called visible world, the surroundings near and far, and reflects thoughtfully its splendid blossom, one comes to the vicinity of G’s thoughts and thoughts of all great individuals.  If one digests and labors though the work, one becomes one with the Great Ones.


2   On September 1974, I attended a speech on yoga by Sir Swami Chidananda Saraswathi in Kluang, and drew some conclusions after the speech.  They were:

i)    Inner revolution is so much a kind of yoga for health because for the proletariat to attain peace and freedom, they must weep out by revolutionary means all their inner foes, all but for attainment of peace, happiness and freedom within.  Besides the original 5 yoga methods (raja yoga, karma yoga, bakhti yoga, janna yoga and hatha yoga), the continuous moving posture methods (Taiji), the methods of productive labor, conscious farming, conscious guerilla warfare, conscious exercises, conscious gymnastics, conscious study, conscious relaxation and others are other “yoga” methods.  The outcome is a twofold revolution ‑ an inner and an outer revolution.  External revolution in the social plane is always accompanied by internal spiritual revolution.

ii)    To kill desire for material thing is a commitment unpardonable because there has never been a time when man is materially dispensable.  The desire for food, air and impression is fundamentally sensual inputs that are necessary for living.  Denying them is anti-nature and a disaster to healthy living.  However, the abstinence of some scientifically determined harmful foods is the best policy.

iii)    Why should the “last stage” of real peace be called Union with God?  For a materialist, this inner search is called seeking for a stable inner center.  And God is just one of the popular centers developed from ancient time.  The new center, used by the materialist would be called the ABSOLUTE, which is both intelligent, emoligent and moviligent within the paradigm of All & Everything.  Why should we call spirit when spirit has been realized to be material?

iv)    Eight hours factory work really makes the practice of yoga constrained by time.  Energy is subservient to the organization.  The hierarchy of organizational managers becomes the hierarchy of the organization-God.  The workers’ fist social gods.  The hierarchy of the religious institutional priests and various spiritual managers becomes the workers’ second gods.  The psychocosmic hierarchy of human invented images of gods becomes the workers’ third gods.

v)    Scientific Revolution in exercises is that form of practical “yoga” which generally improves the health of the workers and all, alike.


3   Breaking the normal psychomotor habit by special eso-mesoteric exercises that involve unaccustomed bodily postures and movements is to transform the inner psychic, the physical, the motor and the “social” bodies of an individual.  The eso-mesoteric music for forming a new psychomotor connection should be right as it involves the breaking of the old psychomotor relations in place for the new psychomotor relations.  It must be rhythmically transforming to render the transformation possible.  It is only after the creation of the new psychomotor system that movements can become easier and faster.  Such music need not originate from the Temples of Tibet!

Gurdjieff seemed to be mercilessly out to destroy all your mentation.  He seemed to be all out to trap you in all his exposition, to mislead you into that which is not.  So long as your consciousness is not sharp and brilliant, the hope to comprehend Gurdjieff is futile.


4   My theoretical work can be understood from the standpoint of triads and octaves, which I must stress that they are not mine.  If you look at my diary for the past five years since 1971, you will notice definite intervals or notes which my mind is working on.  On meeting the Gurdjieff-Ouspenskian system, it takes yet a different octave.  A friend of mine, who has been active in yoga, takes on a different octave direction.  In my work, these two laws of triads and octaves are always mentioned.




1   The greatest discovery and establishment of modern thought in the middle of the twentieth century is championed by the two eminent thinkers of the century.  They are George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff and Peter Deminovitch Ouspensky.  A detailed understanding and teaching blueprint of All and Everything is consolidated.

Here the last and most unknown side of Great Nature, that is, the phenoumenon of the highest materiality (spirituality) or the psychic of the Universe is revealed with clarity and the laws of conscious vibration established.  This is a great feat in thought advancement in the age when global changes both in the mind and in the real world is taking place rapidly.


2   The perpetual rumbling on of Gurdlieff‘s consciousness as observed in the writings of All and Everything reflects the unbroken stream of Gurdlieff’s flow of consciousness.


3   ‘I’s learn how to use a hoe to till the soil by hand.  ‘I’s are giving therapeutic exercise to the physical body by this method.  From Ouspensky’s approach, it is to give your moving center a therapeutic exercise.


4   The Gurdjielf-Ouspensky school indicated a certain return to Hegelianism and partial combination dialectics, Engelian materialism and religious values.  Spirit becomes a dominating determining factor the process of creation of beings, and spirit is treated as higher matter.  The Gurdjieffian-Ouspenskian system originates from the essence many sources from every corners of the whole.  These essences combined to form a unique system of their own.  Views from the Real World would be just another enrichment of this great system.


5   The “god and religion” of the Gurdjieff-Ouspensky’s system would be a negation and has been a negation of all previous systems of similar nature.  It is a clear, accurate and superior exposition of the similar phenoumena intrinsically interested by prophets, philosophers, scientists and artists alike.





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