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However, if you have fallen in love with deep fantasy philosophy of superheroes, read on about this possibility of an impossible realism to become the superhero hypothetical Man No. 8.

Nay more, deeply hidden is the spell of the maleficent, ill-fated and false-value implantation through sociomedia-advertisement-movie soft power by the brainwashing machineries movie-industrial-complex of our capitalistic hasnamussian hegemonistic Lalau and Tilau beings!  The peculiarity of the movie-industrial complex of the FA-SO-LA-TI Historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism.

See the Difference in Understanding!

aurora borealis or the Northern Lights

The scientific facts and Real World Views interpretation

The Scientific Interpretation:  How it Works

1. Charged particles from the sun are dragged into the atmosphere by the Earth's magnetic field.

2. The charged particles collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms, releasing flashes of colored light,  AKA, "The Northern Lights". The color of the northern lights depends on the type of atom involved in the collision.  Our atmosphere consists of mainly oxygen and nitrogen atoms.  Because the composition of our atmosphere varies, different color auroras occur at different heights.

i. Red Lights occur at altitudes of 150 miles and above.

ii. Green Lights occur a altitudes of up to 100 miles.

iii. Purple Lights occur at altitudes of 60 miles and above.

iv. Blue Lights occur at altitudes up to 60 miles.

3. Aurora is the Latin word for 'dawn' and refer to the Roman Goddess Aurora.  Boreas is the Greek name for the northern wind.  It was Pierre Gassendi in the 1600's who put the name aurora borealis to this amazing phenomenon.  That is why we called them the northern lights.  Obviously, it occurs day and night but our eyes can only see them at night when we have a dark background.

4. The aurora borealis isn't the only 'light show' the universe has to offer to our planet.  The Southern Atmosphere has its own version of the northern lights called the aurora australis or Southern Lights.

The Real World Views' or Logico-Psychophilosophical Interpretation:

In the language of 'Real World Views' or the Fourth Way, it can be elaborated thus:

Our Earth is not the only planet that can drag, capture and eat these charged particles from the Sun and our Sun also receive 'something' to 'eat' from suns from other solar systems and more higher up in Our Ray of Creation, and Our Ray of Creation is only one of the many millions more rays of creation in the Absolute.

6. Our physical body drags, captures and eats ordinary food, water and air but our minds feed on impressions with our perceptive organs and one important source of impression food amongst many others  is simply the lights from our Sun and the lights from the stars.  The northern lights and the southern lights are special foods as aurora for our Earth itself.  The Earth traps and stores them in the atmosphere at its magnetic poles with its magnetic  field for long-term use, for itself and also for some beings coated on her surface, with purposes and principles of operation whose arisings we do not known much at the moment.  The essence inside these lights and colors is the psyche matters or consciousness or spiritual energies which they have in their essence.  What we really see with our naked eyes is the forms of these energies, namely, plasma or charged particles and their collisions with themselves and particles in our Earth's atmosphere in the continuous production process of being-aurora borealis and being-aurora australis - these quanta or wave-quanta have psyche properties or cosmic properties and thus can be denoted with psyche indices.  These psyche are good foods for the soul and 'souls' of all one-brained, two-brained and three-brained beings, who have been the beast of burden for our Earth, and that some ascending existing psyche hydrogens that have being produced through the psychic digestion of impressions would be able to harness them for refining further their existing psyche hydrogens to free themselves from being a beast of burden to our Earth.  These ascending psyche hydrogens become more and more conscious as they refine and ascend higher and higher to the level of Superman, Perfect Man, Great Man, Dear Leader, Super Fantastic Kundabuffer Heroes, etc.  from the current Age of Aquarius; God, Prophets, Holy Man, Saints, Monks, Imams, Lamas, etc. from the previous receding Age of Pisces; and now every other  mystical being chanced encountered and compared to look higher amongst themselves, has been looked upon by humans themselves as higher man  - godly, holy, leader or heroes whether real or fake!

Fantastic Kundabuffer Heroes  Receiving and Issuing For and From  the  Real  World  Views of  the  Young  Human Beings on Mother Earth

High up in Our Ray of Creation, in the Aquarius Constellation, psyche hydrogens of 'fantastic kundabuffer heroes' of various qualities and levels, descended and gathered in our mystical Earthly auroras staying here as food sources and deliver continuously to the young human beings on Earth those psychic foods, 'Heroes,' perfected in the psyche center of the aqua-sacred illustrator beings living and breeding to propagate the same on Mother Earth .......

It all began in the Age of Aquarius or at the end of the Age of Pisces, back-dated at least to the year 1917 of the Gregorian Calendar and the Snake Being year of the Chinese Calendar where some much aroused and excited three-brained 'Snake-Essence' beings took a deep interest and hope to be  'Dragon-Essence' three-brained beings and at the same time, you know what - 'capitalistic dollar-making psychology', developed in their inner essence the characters necessary to fight the terrible 'Evils' arising from the seemingly standard good behavior of the already established  feudal sociotechnocosmoses and the emerging wealth-accumulative capitalistic sociotechnocosmoses.  The good in this apparent normal-looking behavior of the sociotechnocosmoses or historical process of the transitional groups seems to beget an equal and powerful evil at work for the sociotechnocosmic destruction of the 2 groups of historical sociotechnocosmoses, that is, feudal stopinders at the MI-FA Interval and capitalistic stopinders at TI-DO Interval, now in our historical period the 2 groups become the capitalistic stopinders at MI-FA Interval and the socialistic stopinders at TI-DO Interval. The terrible conflict of the Good and the Evil happened in all known possible psychic dimensions of the three-brained beings of that period and in our historical period. 

So in their wiseacring the Good has to be iconized as Superheroes to fight against the equally terrible and powerful Superevils - and the outcome of any of these life and death struggles must always have a winner and it must also be one of these Superheroes.  In order to show how powerful evil is, the superheroes must be made to go through dangerous life threatening odyssies and even with experiencing no-win outcome at times.  As the super psychic properties of these beings could not be found in all the 4 bodies of the ordinary  three-brained beings, the only way 'to-be' is to have them lodged in their subconsciousness and especially in their dreams.  The superhero characters in their dream must look almost different and highly enhanced with divine 'halo' and identity separate from the basic look of a normal three-brained being and lodged in a special place in the subconsciousness kunda and buffered to prevent it from disappearing, and yet able to emanate its influences from time to time for a long period of time.  So began the rapid 'wishing-and-hoping' moments of identity from 'normal' to 'super' to arouse the curious minds of our young 'normal' human beings, whenever the tales began ..... and so successful was this psychic mechanism of inner 'wishing-and-hoping' moments on the young human beings of that time and our time and now also having spread and aroused the interest of many of the adult and old human beings here on mother Earth that a process called 'superhero addicting' have partially occurred and crystallized in their brains and still being kundabuffered in the same way.

Name them all, the octave of all these heroes illustrated popularly in comic scripts and also real life-like scripts cannot end till today .......

Thus begins the hasnamussian value-implantation on our dear young and little three-brained beings:


This type of fantastic kundabuffer superhero being-psyche hydrogens, Saitama or 'One-Punch Man', from Above has a unique superpower delivered to the dream of our young beings during the Age of Aquarius, that help him defeat the evil hydrogens of 'villains' that he battles.  He has the ability to defeat any opponent or opposing psyche hydrogens from 'villian' with a single punch, and this power is sourced from auroras (according to 'Real World Views').  The biggest advantage is that it makes it easy for him to defeat 'enemies' -- which is essential because he lives in an alternate sociocosmic nation-stopinder bearing the name 'Being-Japan' having surrendered to 'Being-America' and that is constantly under attack by 'monster hydrogens' -- but because it doesn't take long to throw a punch, easily vanquishing his foes leads to constant boredom.  The source of Saitama or One-Punch Man arising is from the illustrator being called Yasuke Murata whose origin is from the sociocosmic stopinder known as 'Being-Japan' and his hero-being is 'Saitama' or 'One-Punch Man'.  It has a philosophy, not designed for wise-acred colored revolutions but a counter to it and foremost no nonsense rather for, ' ....... of all the terror-of-the-situation, a 'One Punch Finishes All is the ultimate Magic Pill to World Peace'.
Naruto Uzumaki

This type of fantastic kundabuffer  superhero being-psyche hydrogens, Naruto Uzumaki, also from Above is an adolescent ninja being who searched and seeked for recognition and dreamt of becoming the Hokage of his village Konohakagure, the Leader of his Hidden Leaf Village,  and through a long and difficult inner  journey became, finally, the 7th Hokage.  The source of such arising comes from the inner world of the illustrator being called Masashi Kishimotol so originated from the sociocosmic stopinder known as 'Being-Japan' and the hero-being created by him is 'Naruto'.   The development of this hero thus:   "When Masashi Kishimoto was creating the setting of the
Naruto manga, he initially concentrated on the designs for the village of Konohagakure, the primary setting of the series.  He asserts that his design for Konohagakure was created "pretty spontaneously without much thought", but admits that the scenery is based on his home in the Okayama prefecture in Japan.  Kishimoto created Konohagakure without specifying an era or location in the real world, noting that the village is "just a place in his head".  Without a specific time period, Kishimoto included modern elements in the series such as convenience stores, movies and CCTV surveillance systems, but specifically excluded projectile weapons and vehicles from the storyline. For reference materials, Kishimoto performs his own research into Japanese culture and alludes to it in his work. In an interview, he commented that he "often visits Japanese gardens and goes to Kabuki performances" for reference material. Kishimoto added that, as Naruto takes place in a "Japanese fantasy world," the creator has to "set certain rules, in a systematic way" so that he could easily "convey the story."  Kishimoto wanted to "draw on" the Chinese zodiac tradition, which had a long-standing presence in Japan; the zodiac hand signs originate from this.  Regarding technology, Kishimoto said that Naruto would not have any firearms.   He said he may include automobiles, aircraft, and "low-processing" computers; Kishimoto specified the computers would "maybe" be eight-bit and that they would "definitely not" be sixteen-bit."

This type of fantastic kundabuffer superhero being-psyche hydrogens, Superman, also from Above was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father Jo-El, moments before Krypton's destruction.  He was discovered and adopted by a Kansas Farm being-couple and raised as Mr. Kent Clarke and imbued with a strong moral compass.  Very early on he started to display various superhuman abilities, which upon reaching maturity, he resolved to use for the benefit of humanity.

The hydrogens of such creation and conception originated from a short story, 'The Reign of Superman'  written in January 1933 by a Cleveland high school student named Jerry Siegel who together  with his friend and classmate Joe Shuster illustrated the negative being of this superhero, that is, a vagrant who gained vast psyche powers from an experimental drug and used them maliciously for profit and amusement, only to lose them and became vagrant again, ashamed that he would be remembered only as a villain Super-Man, somewhat like a bald-headed notorious Lex Luther being serving capitalism.  So at about the same time, somewhere in 1934, Siegel developed the archetypal positive superhero for which he called this Superman, the real his intended Superman instead of the earlier Super-Man.  The Positive Being and the battle against his Negative Being with the ultimate triumph of the Positive had made the storyline more marketable during his time.  With more and more improvement of this icon by the beings of America and to the final americanization, this being-psyche hydrogen 'Superman' was finally perfected and canonized-aquariusly into a socialist  'Sacred Super Being' to serve the good exploitative successful capitalists.  Thanks to this savored dialectical twist of mentation this fantastic kundabuffer superhero, being-Superman, was finally stabilized en masse as a proper gravity-center  psyche hydrogen of Aquarius Origin.  Over a period of many years of influences by active image-builders of this unique 'Superman' , the final stable form of the psyche hydrogens was so to say,  'canonized' or as the Chinese would say - ' Fengshenbang'-ization or 'The Creation and Honoring of All the Fantasy Gods in the Chinese Civilization'  by Xu Zhonglin in the years1368-1644 of the Ming Dynasty of Being-China during the Age of Pisces.  Nay more, the impression foods for this 'fengshenbang'-ization are simply from deep and reflective observing pisceanly of our dear biological beings and nature around the illustrator Xu Zhonglin with high degree of emotional realism.

However, that this current 'canonization' had been done not pisceanly but aquarianly with a higher degree of intellectual realism but this time besides simply from deep and reflective observing pisceanly on the dear existing biological beings and nature, sponsored sociotechnocosmic beings due to science and technology are also included as their impression foods.  In both the cases, the refinement has a common cosmic (psychic) property that leads to the longing urge to be and fantasizing for 'Superheroes' in man himself -  all of them moving in the spirit of and always along the philosophical light of Friedrich Nietzsche's 'Übermensch' in his book , 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (1883).

This type of fantastic kundabuffer superhero being-psyche hydrogens, Ant-Man, also from Above was born (2015) this time in the psyche hydrogens of Marvel Studios proper as a natural sequence of a long series of kundabuffer superheroes that has emerged in the 1st lateral sociocosmic stopindering octave in the MI-FA  Interval on a gravity-center marvel paralleling to the marvelous  Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck's sharp observation of the strange honey bees in the sociocosmic insect world as espoused in his "The Life of the Bee" (1901), but instead of the bees being canonized aquarianly by the 2 real illustrators, namely, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, an ant was selected as the gravity-center of vibration for this morally good superhero being amongst his huge army of ants, although in the early years, this ant being has been stamped as a "crook" by the three brained hasnamussian irodohahoon or police in the human sociocosmic 'note' known as being-America.  Due to this 'mis-choice-of-focus-for-superhero-being' where a good benevolent 'Honey Bee Man' was not selected so what or who should be selected as the co-helper to Ant-Man?  The Wasp and she must be his trialectics.  Then who should be the supervillian, the bad and evil one?  Darren Agonistes Cross.  Finally, a nasty 'Cross-Man' was dialectically added to be the opposite of this good 'Ant-Man' to trigger the storyline of the Ant-Man odyssey and his military battles with the Cross-Man.  While bees can fly, certain ants can have wings to fly too as in the real world.  So it is OK - ants or bees as gravity-center-cultural pillar of movie drumming - for the choice to be an Ant-Man with some idea repair works done by adding, a very powerful supportive wasp being from the Bee Octave of the Insect World ....  really looks like a good horn of Buddha!  So Cross-Man must be Mr. Hero Ant-Man's super-evil opposite in the Cultural World of Games and Movies Hegemonism at SO-LA and TI-DO  Intervals of our 2nd Lateral Sociocosmic Octave peculiar to the much wise-acred Color Revolutions in the Age of Aquarius.

But to lead and to be the master or the Great Dear Leader of the Ant World, man being needs a shrinking technology for himself by shrinking the atomic particle spatial distances of all the atoms and molecules and even the temporal distances present in the man without changing or destroying the quality and quantity of his cosmic and psychic properties and yet must be able to return to its original 'qualities and quantities of physical and cosmic' states unlost and unharmed without direct or collateral damages .........  After a period of wiseacrings with all the existing databases of the science and technology of the aquarian period, it is suggested that this shrinking of the vital biological coordinates of the physical and life elements can only happen, without any distortion or astraying of the ant-being along its shrinking and expanding journeys should take place  in a specially designed and created hi-tech 'barrel' or a special suit which will shrink and expand together like, in the sociocosmic being-China, where the tightening and loosening piscean Golden Fillet (magic ringlet headband) placed on the head of the Chinese Monkey God, Sun Wu Kong, by our all Merciful Being Guanying, in order to control this monkey in its pilgrimage to the West should he go astray.  While the Sun Wu Kong goes in the path the Good triumphing over the Bad in battles to become the Enlighten One, here the Ant-Man battles to become in-wait for the next battle to be won, and for the next battle till dollars extraction from your mind and pocket reaches the peak  ......

Eureka!  This Ant-Man Suit is created by Hank Pym which uses Pym particles of the elementary particle octaves to enable itself and everything inside it to be shrunk from man scale to ant scale and even to elementary Pym particle scale and restored to the normal man scale again.   Yes, yes, yes .... a scary mind-military weapon much smaller than the chemical and the virus being-weapons of reciprocal destruction of three-brained beings,  that is, the hand-in-hand pillar of movie culture for distortive spiritual supremacy and pillar of military hegemony  within Tilaujinggong itself.
The Collective Group of Four

This is collective group of four closely knitted deep-meaning superhero beings initially separated existing divine beings from the TI-DO Interval above and having done something wrong up there were all banished as divine punishment to the geocosmic Earth's surface at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation waiting for the ripe time as arranged by the above celestial beings Buddha and Guangyin to join them up as a single collective sociocosmic body of four interdependent parts to work together to accomplish the aim of the mission to collect Mahayana celestial psyche hydrogens there in India and bringing them back to China.  The narrative is said to happen during the imperial Tang dynasty (TI-stopinder) of Chinese empire, one of the many dynasties in  the long life span Chinese MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism.  At that time, 2 merging havatvernonian religions known as Taoism and Buddhism were blossoming and actively vibrating in perfect and harmonious union.  This narrative and illustration was actually done during the imperial Ming dynasty (TI-stopinder) of the Chinese empire by the sacred Chinese novelist named Wu Cheng'en born in the 16th Century  in this Ming dynasty of this many-dynastied long life MI-Historical Sociocosmic species of Feudalism (221 BC - 1911AD), for which the 2 havatvernonian religions were actively growing and breeding.

These supernatural hero beings with great mystical powers are the Tang Monk (Xuan Zang or Tripitaka) riding on a moving center active White Dragon Horse and accompanying three Disciples - the thinking center active Monkey King (Sun Wu Kung), the instinct-sex active Pigsy Monk (Zhu Ba Jie or the being who is required to restraint his eight inner unbecoming impulses) and finally, the supposedly feeling center proper in the fourth way language but here somewhat  taciturn and even morose naive 'Ahoon-like' but certainly stable 'obyvatel' active Sand Monk (Sha Zheng).

However, the collective group of these four peculiar kundabufferic superheroes once working cooperatively together (and often not always) are just these psychic centers representing the inner bodies of a four-bodied hethormen human being (scientifically called the Homo sapiens sapiens).  Together they ventured on the journey to the west on geo-Earth surface with the psyche hydrogens 'I's available at MI-FA Interval present in the body of Xuan Zang, the master 'I' or passenger to ensure that this collective group of four is moving on the right path to its ultimate destiny. This Xuan Zang of the Tang imperial dynasty is his 10th lifetime reincarnation as a banished celestial being from above, the reincarnation of which is within the body of this same MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism which have some 20 + enneagramic series of stopinders of kingdoms (SO-stopinder), dynasties (LA-stopinder) and empire (TI-stopinder) and related sociocosmic stopinderation in whole over a period of from Shi Huang Ti of the Chin imperial dynasty (221 BC) to PuYi of the Qing imperial dynasty (1911 AD).   As has been narrated, this collective group of four was  on a mission to India to collect higher celestial psyche hydrogens bestowed there as the divine Mahayana celestial being-psyche hydrogens from the Will of the Absolute at the TI-DO Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  They were instructed earlier by celestial being-Guangyin also sent from Above by Celestial Buddha at the TI-DO Interval through the saintly micro-leveled passenger Xuan Zang before the mission to collect Mahayana celestial psyche hydrogens located in India began.  As the current being-psyche hydrogens within their four bodies are powered only by this Hinayana earthly psyche hydrogens of the MI-FA Interval of this same the (our) Ray of Creation, these Celestial Buddha and Guangyin occasionaly provided aids to their journey where situations allowed for intervention either by the Monkey leaping up to the TI-DO Interval to meet Buddha and/or Guangyin for help if situation became terribly catastrophic they come down from this interval to offer their help, and smoothen the journey.

The tribulations encountered by the collective group of four were truly confusing and tricky.  To raise themselves to higher psyche levels, refinements of their coarse psyche hydrogens to finer psyche hydrogens truly requires the 'Shocks of Conscious labor' at their own internal  mi-fa interval and also the 'Shocks of Intentional Suffering' at their own internal ti-do interval ...... well this conscious labor and intentional suffering are needed to be overcome within when facing the odds in the journey encountered as 'one-trial-after-another' (81 in precise) along this pilgrimage to the west.  It is a horizontal silk road journey from China to India through the high mountain passes, full of dangerous, evil, deceptive, flesh-eating organic and geocosmic spiritual beings of both the biocosmic and geocosmic octaves at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation.  They all aimed to eat the flesh of Xuang Zang to achieve short-cut immortality instead of the hard long way, that is, striving to achieve higher and higher perfection vertically to become a harmonious, balanced, healthy, peaceful and enlightened human beings by conscious labor and intentional suffering works while living living as an individual (DO) within the context of group(RE), the family(MI), the community(FA), the kingdom (SO), the dynasty (LA) and the empire (TI) both fundamental and lateral within a MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudalism and facing the dangerous challenges from the geocosmic  fundamental and lateral octaves.

Although Wu Cheng'en canonized pisceanly and illustrated the narrative through Chinese Classic books written in a 'mentation-by-form' language peculiar to the Chinese picto-essenced language during the Ming dynasty (1368 AD - 1644 AD),  contemporary images or icons of the four deep-meaning esoteric superhero beings in seek-for-higher-inner-enlightenment were illustrated by someone/group in the movie studios during Republic (TI-stopinder) of the FA-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Capitalism.  These four picto-icons although existed some 1400 years ago remained to be called forth, identified and dollar-credited for amidst the dollar-seeking-pleasure psychosociocosmic turbulence peculiar to capitalism.  However, the original conception, realistic images and subsequent narrative version of the same fine psyche hydrogens of this collective group of four were also found amongst the Buddhist frescoes carved in the Dunhuang Mogao Caves, in the province of Gansu as early as during the imperial dynasty of Tang (618 AD - 907 AD) when sociocosmic stopinderation was then ascended to the highest TI-stopinder level, a civilizational height as revealed in the enneagram of the sociocosmic octaves of the MI-Historical Sociocosmic Species of Feudal China.

This narrative is  something very different in terms of directions and destinies of those western capitalistic technocosmic warring, killing, winning and hegemonistic directions of the western American and the western-influencedJapanese fantastic movie-superheroes with a simplistic, naive and superficial moral zero-sum judgments of the always-uncertain 'Who is the Good' and the 'Who is the Bad' super-villains in the world of the sociocosmic beings - the good/bad individual (DO), the good/bad Group (RE), the good/bad Family (MI), the good/bad Organizatio(FA), the good/bad State (SO), the good/bad Nation (LA) and the good/bad Nation-Bloc (TI) with all the horizontal and vertical sociocosmic stopinder mixed ups and more mixed-ups within the biocosmic, the technocosmic and the geocosmic octaves in the paleogeocosmic Presente form peculiar to our Earth and also in relation to other cosmic concentrations yonder.

More to Come!



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