Volume 121       May 22, 2020


By Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(A revised excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 1 by Professor  Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "New Trends in Dialectical Philosophy, Economic Forces, Natural Sciences and Philosophy of Nature"  March 1972 ~ June 1973 Discourses, Chapter 7, Section B:  "Knowledge Science" pp. 128 ~ 136)





1   Our knowledge begins from external objects of perception.  All existing perceptible objects are detected by our sense organs, namely the organ of sight, the organ of hearing, the organ of taste, the organ of smelling and the organ of touch.  Very fine matters of orders of the elementary particles or higher are impressed into the organs and sent to the brain to convey an awareness.  By this it can be said that knowledge is at first perceptual.  This perceptual knowledge only gives us an awareness of a certain thing.  This is the first stage of cognition.

When enough perceptual knowledge is collected, the leap to the second stage of cognition takes its shape.  This knowledge now is not called perceptual knowledge, but it is called conceptual knowledge.  It is the process of forming theories, policies, measures, manifestations, etc. this is also the stage of imaginations.  Whether these theories, policies, measures, manifestations, etc. are correct depend on the third stage of cognitions.

This stage is called practical knowledge.  It is the stage of testing the truth of the concept, whether it corresponds with the objective reality or not.  Generally speaking, those which are successful are correct and those which fail are incorrect.  But some failures are not due to the wrong concept; they are due to wrong practice.  The practical knowledge does not end here but it continues to the fourth and last stage of cognition.  This final stage is called experiential knowledge.  It is a new continuation of perception and conception learning the mistakes thus gaining rich experience.  There is a digestion process by the human faculties and you can expect indigestion from faulty organs and knowledge food poisoning from filthy knowledge environment.


2   The Categorical Imperative states that “Act in such a way the maxim of your will can simultaneously apply as the basis for a universal law.”  (Emmanuel Kant).  So it is in universal ethics as it is in universal law!  The Categorical Imperative is the Kantian Approach to ethics by providing a formulation by which we can apply our head brain reasoning faculty to determine the right, the rational thing TO DO - that is our duty.  For him the basis for a Theory of the Good lies in the Intention or the Will in a person.  A Categorical Imperative denotes an absolute, unconditional requirement that must be obeyed in all circumstances and is justified as an end in itself, and it is best formulated:

Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.  

Knowledge must end up into 'TO DO' or 'TO ACT' or 'a practice'.  We should be very careful with the Good and the Bad of this 'TO DO' not falling into the ethical trap of numerous sets of man-made canned 'Ethical Code' or 'growing organized knowledge science about ethics' -  the sets 'Ethical Code' of which is subject of inventions from period to periods along the Astrological Ages which the 'brain-and-its-reasoning' canon is still evolving and involving.  Kantian deontological ethics is also subject to historical modification from the psyche of ethics refined in the human body - moral obligation expected from these sets of ethical rules/norms will change with every historical change of these deontological ethical sets.  For the Age of Pisces, ethical codes found in most religious scripts is the deontological Categorical Imperative for moral obligation.  For the Age of Aquarius, ethical codes found in most scientific, technological and administrative scripts are the deontological Categorical Imperative for moral obligation.  The 2 sets of ethimoralian psyche beings produced by man-beings from these two Astrological Ages will never be exactly the same and will be controlled by the universal law of negation of negation with recycling of the old set of ethical codes into the new set ethical codes.


Notes added in May 22, 2020:

In Piscean Deontologies, the moral duties are right if they are in agreement with the moral rules/norms in the deontological ethical code sets existed for that Age of Pisces, and according to the 17th Century German Philosopher, Samuel Pufendorf are generally divided into:

1. Moral Obligations or Duties to GOD

2. Moral Obligations or Duties to ONESELF, and

3. Moral Obligations or Duties to OTHERS

In Aquarian Deontologies, these moral duties would be in transition and in consolidation with the new rules/norms of ethical codes that is emerging in the Age of Aquarius, that is, all the Categorical Imperatives as well as the Hypothetical Imperatives are subjected to the objective stopinder octaves present in the body of Sociotechnocosmic Organic Film on mother Earth.

There are different deonotological codes of ethics for the:

1. DO-Sociocosmic Stopinder (the actual living man)

2. RE-Sociocosmic Stopinder (the group that he is attached to)

3. MI-Sociocosmic Stopinder (the family that he is born into)

4. FA-Sociocosmic Stopinder (the 7 types of corporations he works in)

5. SO-Sociocosmic Stopinder (the State that he is attached to)

6. LA-Sociocosmic Stopinder (the Nation or Country of his citizenship)

7. TI-Sociocosmic Stopinder (the World of Nations for which he is the world citizen)

8. DO-Biotechnosociocosmic Stopinder (the Organic Film on the surface of mother Earth for which he is the monad)

And these codes are in concatenation with everything outside this Sociocosmic Octave such as obligations to the environment and to mother Earth ...... and obligation to god, gods or GOD is simply obligation to oneself's own upper psychology or psyche projection as outside or as inside of the body, if you like, or to upper finest of 'I-god', 'I-gods' or 'I-GOD' in the divine, spirit, and or consciousness of the finest being psyche hydrogens above H12 (meaning H indices of H6, H3 and H1) in Knowledge Science.

The main forces that drive all the stopinders' moral ethical obligations and duties originate from man's 4th bodies, namely, the 'I's and 'it's (needs, wants and pure mechanical happenings) of the individual man (DO-Sociocosmic Stopinder) and every 4th body of all the upper sociocosmic stopinders with now hidden now open interferences from the within and the without of laujinggong especially from FA through TI.

Deontological ethical codes in a 'Categorical Imperative' both as Categorical Imperatives and/or as Hypothetical Imperatives, the 'Formulation of Universal Law' and 'Intention or Will', and their concatenation are created during the stopinderation of all the sociocosmic stopinders in the octave (DO through TI).  However, Knowledge Science is the objective 'Formulation of Universal Law' which is perfecting and will continue to transform all the previous deontological ethical code sets to meet the universal laws discovered in the growing knowledge sciences of the Age of Aquarius.


3   When you say a man is 6ft tall, that is objective because you compare his height with a scale. When you say a man is tall, that is subjective because there is no outside object to be compared.  The practice side of knowledge  is closely dependent on the laws found in sciences (of all possibilities) and the mind takes the second place to the Real World, and the Real World is not just external sources to our body or internal sources to our body but both plus the outcome from the synthesis of these two sources in the third sources.  When ethics set cannot be applied to dimension, many a DOINGS breeds like microbes in all our actions!


4   'Singapore' has more scientists than 'Malaysia'; 'Japan' has more scientists than 'Singapore'; 'America' has more scientists than 'Japan'.  How to observe and explore beings such as 'Singapore', 'Malaysia' and 'Japan' using your sense organs, perceptive processing , conceptualization and 'practice-ization?  Now when you apply science to them, you will see something entirely different.  But the military science seems to like to use this approach so that armies can conquer accurately, correctly and successfully, and win wars.

Next on the line of science observation - 'economic beings'.  The economic power for production with the emergence of science has led to the increasing demand for supply of mechanical commodities and demand man to think science and discover science.  So it is the economic conditions of life that really lead Mr. Newton to the discovery of the laws of mechanics to serve the hunger of the economic being.  Economically, an apple falling on Newton’s head cannot be the main cause for Newton’s discovery of the law of gravitation but his head must have the psyche of science to see that way.  However, the economics is determined by the sociocosmic law of reciprocal feeding for community survival which in turn is determined by the cosmic and therefore they are natural.  All elements in fact undergo changes.  nuclear transmutation ‘creates’ elements.  Elements are forms of matter.  This is knowledge coming from the worlds and stays inside us and it is connected to the sciences ..... why like this and what about knowledge(s) that has already existed in man's brains thousands of years earlier?


5   It seems to me that there is a connection between the sex organs and the eyes.  When the sex organs are overused, the exhausted energy is expressed in the eyes.  So are other organs in our body.  This is a physiology that is connected to anatomy.


6   The termino* is our nervous system, the human nervous system before the ape nervous system, in the ray of organic nervous systems, materially and functionally.  It is a means of struggles for the cells to communicate within and without the “cosmos” in its developed system (or body) both internal and external.  When germs are present in the living body, there is struggle and “war”, but when they are present in the dead body, there is no struggle (by the body) and no healing.  A dead body has no functioning termino, so healing is impossible but a living body can.  So the function of the termino is to alert the body to perform the struggles, healings, consciousness forming, etc.. Functionally, the termino is a means of the cells’ struggling for survival too. 

'Termino*' : The word “termino” originates from the word “terminal” or “end” which is the last type of nervous system developed in the biocosmoses at a stage called man.  Beyond that is the possible “telecommunication system” for the Great Sociocosmic Being or the “Integrated Circuit” of the Technocosmic Beings.


7   Darwin’s theory is intentionally projected to look “wrong” by those with ulterior motive, and only to satisfy opponents who feel that his discovery and ideas have endangered their own narrow teaching.  Mr. Darwin is much more modest and honest in describing the facts of the real world of living things.  Those who oppose him come from esoteric teaching of the psychology man and has not being flexible enough to see what Mr. Darwin have really seen about this real world of organic being including man and ape.  This is precisely what he wished to verify besides pointing about this main point regarding the biological beings, to show that the real world of biological beings behave in such objective manner and in accordance with the law of survival, adaptability, selection according the rule of survival of the fittest, etc.  Darwin is a man of the sciences!


8   The basic unit of all forms of organic beings is the cell – cells in space, in motion and in time, arrangement or cell organization is a stage of the development of cell struggle.  The genes are the components and the inner octaves of the cells and contain energies of direction, intelligence and data codes.


9   Conceptual or thought theories known as sciences are derived from the phenomena of nature.  The fact of the polarization difference of light leads to the idea of waves and to the wave theory of light.  This concept of light is the reflection.  The physicist will now talk and think in terms of wave concept.  He will now talk as if light is wave, that the phenomenon of light is caused by wave.  Someone else who has no concept of wave theory of light might not “see” that the physical existence of invisible waves, and will say they are “particles” which they will call photons.  The whole reference is simply phenomenal.


10   The slowing of the clock in the rocket ship is an example of what physicists call time dilation.  It is predicted by equations and is a natural result of light having a constant speed.  As first glance this might seem no more than a lever exercise of the mind, some sort of useless mathematical idea without any application to the real world.  Yet Einstein always felt that it was more than mental gymnastics.  He believed that time dilation was an authentic property of the real world.  Einstein insisted that a man speeding away from the earth in a rocket ship would actually experience the slowing of his clock.  Moreover, the mass on such a journey might come back to earth to find that everything he valued his family, his country, his civilization – has completely disappeared.  A trip to a neighboring solar system at nearly the speed of light might seem to him to take only a few years, and indeed he would be just a few years older in biological age.  Yet when he returned to earth he might find that centuries of earthly time had elapsed, changing everything that he had known before he left.  (By Mitchell Wilson).

When standing at the equator, you are rotating at a speed of 1,000 miles per hour and revolving round the sun at 67,000 miles per hour and whirling around the center of our galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour and speeding at 2,250,000 miles per hour towards a region of space about 150 million light-years away from us called the Great Attractor without feeling anything moving ..... and nay more, the Great Attractor and our Earth together might still be speeding somewhere .... ! (added in May 22, 2020)


11   New ideas constantly creep into my mind.  Some are generally very important and correct in my understanding.  I do not rush for them but they come and I could not get rid of them even if I wanted to.  These make me very busy inside.  It only influences my mind and my studies, most of the time negatively.  But these ideas are always side by side with the science. Knowledge has not been science but now it has become science itself, that is, Knowledge Science in the form of its content and the context surrounding it, and that it is material.  (June 29, 1972)






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