Volume 109       April 5, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 12, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled, "The Trialectics of Man and Woman, The Logico-Psychophilosophical Method and Other Fragments of Teaching from the Inner Circle of Humanity," July 1981 ~ February 1982 Discourses, Chapter 5, Section A & B: "The Laws of Plastic and On Black Magic Hypnotism, Needs and Silence," pp. 124~130)


The magician
Fourth Way
Female magician
Black magician
Buddhist plastics - Age of Aries/Pisces Instinctive plastics happens for birds

Christian plastics – The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci (1495 -1498) – Age of Pisces
Socialist plastics – The Last Supper by Zeng Fanzhi (2001) – Age of Pisces (last ½ decan 1788 – 2148)




1   What are plastics?  Two persons or sociocosmic stopinders who are consciously connected and 'appearing' very near to each other caught in a magic spell, suddenly, one of them begins to see in the other, at the moment of leaving, something transforming immediately as to being-connection and closeness.  It seems there is a hidden change of type at the point of separation of the two persons or sociocosmic stopinders.  Being aware of this about-turn of types, the observing party would experience being-plastics which type will depend on their crystallized psyche that has been crystallized during their earlier deep association.  Plastics is very essence and very special to three-brained being connection - it is due to higher order connection of essences.


2   Silencing the mind and the feelings, stopping exterior movements, you will become a 'stone' and consequently you will become less visible.  All these done at the point of conversation produce the plastic effect.  However, changing one type to another immediately would not produce a significant plastic effect.  Only those sudden changes of personality into a different indefinable type would produce a strong plastic effect.  The causing of others to see in you that which is not ‑ that is plastics.


3   Let inner mentations, emotions and movements flow silently in you and without flowing outwardly.  Wear clothings and various make-ups to suit the surroundings.  And you will be a good chameleon.  Chameleonism, which is a variation of plastics, is different from plastics in that the former aims to be invisible while the latter aims to be visible at the right point of separation or to produce a long lasting impression upon the mind of the receiver.

We must be able to disappear by the method of chameleonism from anybody who is hostile and reappear by the method of plastics to create everlasting impressions.


4   Now that you have seen the bird which perches on a tree and with its eyes looking outwards for the next tree, you must also see the immobile trees.  Now the tree must learn to be the immobile.  Deep inside, it produces the "glue” that flows into the branches to hold the bird in its mystical captivity.  When the bird flies off to a faraway land, the lasting memory of the tree could trigger its instinct to return.  The tree and the bird are caught in the plastic circle.

And the wise grandson recommends:

Grow up as strong and stable as a tree whereby birds feel safe to perch and sleep for the night and even to build a nest on it.


5   Stir your boat amongst other boats.  Most could only see your shell.  Only the conscious ones can read your mind.  You can make them 'see' the way you want.


6   In order that a being (or sociocosmic being) may become conscious of your (or sociocosmic) presence, you have to make yourself into an “existence” for him (other sociocosmic beings).




Aquarian-type plastics of being-socialism from the tail-end of the Age of Pisces (1788 AD - 2148 AD) in association with the Piscean-type plastics of being-feudalism from the mid of the Age of Pisces (716 AD -1432 AD) with reference to the plastic transmission of the art forms of Christianity at the end of the Age of Aries (2148 BC - 1 AD)

The plastic art forms for which Gurdjieff wished to be remembered although this is not the complete plastics which he has caused others to experience




1   Magic is either black or white with a neutral middle, normally for public shows sometimes with a higher scientific explanation accompanied.  Otherwise, in real practice, it is either black or white in action with moral implication.  It depends on the objective or aims of its arising and knowledge of the esoteric.  Under the influence of the ethimoralian forces, magic is white magic but under the demonimmoralian forces, it is black magic.  Traditional conception of magic is advance psychology of natural science but higher magic is advance psychology on sociocosmic and cosmic phenomena.


2   There has been conscious black magic in the midst of conscious white magic.  There could have been deaths through accidents due to the working of conscious black magic.  Two objects can be “suggested” or hypnotized to travel along definite trajectory and be brought together to produce the expected accident.  There is always a higher science and technology hidden behind a naive psychology of the senses, perception and conception in any magic - black or white.  Higher psychology sees through all magic!


3   A consciously controlled eye movement of 'conscious intentional gaze' especially, has a powerful effect on the consciousness in the object of vision.  This is a well-known fact in hypnotism.  Magic Show is organized higher science and techniques, and objective art, calculated to objectively ensure that the perceptive process is guided to produces the intended cognitive and effective results.  Black magic is to harm.


  Consuming alcohol makes a being more daring to do what he wants to do because it removes inhibitions.  But now much depends on the nature of the aimlessness.  Often, for an ordinary man, the alcohol increases the bravery to do the negative things.


5   Be a silent man with your peers and you will become an empathetic listener.  The mental needs come into conflict with the emotional needs.  The various kinds of needs from the centers come into conflict with one another.  The manager of being-centers would have to find a way to satisfy all these bubbling needs.


  The ordinary men prefer lower needs rather than esoteric needs.  Only a few beings with the right magnetic center would find the work useful and would seek esoteric knowledge.  Yet the esoteric needs are the deepest most meaningful and vital needs for all mankind.  For the being in the work, let not social needs outpace esoteric needs.  Each center has its own peculiar groups of needs.  As there are seven centers, so one expects a possibility of seven groups of needs for man.   Social needs satisfy personality, esoteric needs satisfy essence.  But social needs could come from the thinking, the emotional, the moving, the instinctive and the sex centers.

And the wise grandson says:

   Contemporary understanding of needs by positive scientific psychology will be classified in all logical manners only until the discovery of centers is known to these psychologists.






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