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To an
island paradise - idylic and relax, and nay more, you are going to .......


If you are interested to book a 3 Days 2 Nights Nature Venture Self-Discovery or Inniscovery Edutour in Tioman Island, please contact Tan Man Ho at for details and confirmation.  This is a practical esoteric-linked subject where Your World One must be consciously merge with Your World Two through the medium of Your World Three.  It is much more than a normal ecofield study of a contemporary university course offred in traditional university. It is an edutour for inner experiencing while on nature venture self-discovery tour .......  Nature Venture Self-Discovery Edutour will be personally headed by Dr. Tan Man Ho.  The program is part of a psycho-ecofield subject requirement of a degree program from St. Clements University (T&C).


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The 3D2N Nature Venture Self-Discovery or Inniscovery Edutour program iterinaries are:


Day 1 Welcome Drinks and Welcome Introductory Talk by Dr. Tan Man Ho
- Settle down to chalet rooms
- Inner Work healing therapies with sound, mountain air & cool water dips at nearby Rock Falls (1 hour session)
- Dinner
- Inner Work Fourth Way Meditation exercises in wooden chalet room only (1 hour session)
- Free time/Sleep
Day 2 Breakfast & Briefing on Programs of Seaouting Inner Work
- Inner Work Seaouting Externalized Experience, Intentional Conscious Snorkeling and the Secret of Crystal Clear Water Sound Therapy (2 hours session)
 - Lunch & free time to visit duty free shop
- Dinner at resort & free to roam in the evening and at night
Day 3 Farewell Breakfast, Drinks & Presentation of a Certificate of Edutour Participation
- Free morning stroll by seaside
- Wait for ferry transfer & back to Mersing
-  Home Sweet Home


Recognition of the Certificate of Edutour Participation


These certificates are recognized as a single practical subject (psycho-ecofield) in one of the 3 programs from St. Clements University (T&C), namely:


1.   IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health Practitioner Program
2.   HEIGRENS Programs in Psychophilosophy
3.   HEIGRENS Programs in Natural Psychophysical Therapy


Price, Terms & Conditions:


1. Course Fee, Terms & Conditions:


The Course Fee is MYR2,000 per 1 edutour package of 4 participants or more and any additional participant is required to pay MYR500 per participant.  The 3D2N Tioman Odyssey-3-Point Seaouting Tourpackage will be charged separately.    All payments must be done before the 7 days of the actual date of participation.   A deposit of 50% of the total cost is required to confirm a booking.


The Terms & Conditions are:


Rates are subjected to change with/without prior notice before payment collection.  Rates will not change after confirmation of collection of payments
The organizer has the right to postpone program due to insufficient quorum of 4 pax per edutour package for reasons of  unforeseen circumstances, and shall decide on a new date. There shall be no refund
3. No refund for absence


2. Extensions & Tourpackages (Optional)


If you need extension stays or would like to take up other tourpackages, you would have to pay separately from the course fees.


Quota:  At least 4 pax or more  for each Nature Venture Self-Discovery Edutour package - an edutour package = 4 pax or more


Date:  On appointment Only


Meeting Point: At Mersing Jetty, Mersing, Johor & Tg. Gemuk Jetty, Endau (optional)


Contact Person: Dr. Tan Man Ho at    Handphone: +6012-245 5127 (WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc. can be used for communication)


Payment Method:  All fees can be paid by Online Banking or by SWIFT TT into Fourthway ManHo Center or Tan Man Ho or pay through PayPal.  Please contact Dr. Tan Man Ho.  Please make early payment.


Important Info:


1. You can park your vehicle at the Mersing Jetty (Charge is normally RM18 per night per vehicle but may be subjected to change)
2. Marine Park Tax is RM10 (per adult) and RM2 (per child) and may be subjected to change
3. If you need to stay 1 night in Mersing before you come into Tioman Island or stay 1 night in Mersing after you have left Tioman Island, you can get instant cheap hotel rates in Mersing of about RM50 to RM100 per room.
4. If you come as a group of 4 participants or more and need a pick-up to Mersing Jetty, we can make an arrangement.


About Tioman Odyssey Place:


An Occasional Retreat Choice for Self-Discovery as well as external nature exploration at Tioman of Ecological Significant:  Main Location of Retreats at Kg. Paya, Tioman Island, Malaysia, one of the 10 most beautiful natural and unspoiled islands in the World.


Of Malaysia's east coast islands, Pulau Tioman is the best known of the lot.  This pear-shaped drop of the paradise was immortalized as the mythical Bali Hai, in the movie "South Pacific".  The island is endowed with white sandy beaches, amazingly clear waters and a million painstaking years of coral deposits.


Legend has it that a beautiful dragon princess was flying from China to Singapore for her wedding over the South China Sea.  She rested and was lulled by the calm and caressing sun and turned herself into the island of Tioman.


All these choices are likely to pamper you to sleep if you cannot remember yourself always and everywhere!


The Fourthway ManHo Center main occasional retreats at Paya Beach Resort, Tioman Island, Malaysia. A retreat known for its unspoiled nature and harmonious environment.

The aesthetic peaks of the island for healthy impression foods and good fresh air. This wonderful island is depicted as the legendary Bali Hai in the movie "South Pacific."

An ecopsychologically balanced green lung and mountain for the harmonious development of body kesdjan.  This is the site of one of the oldest and most beautiful mangrove swamps in the world.

The reflective, dreamlike river of clear and cool mountain water flows into the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea. Beyond lies the river-sea confluence that blends everything harmoniously.


The sandy beach for idyllic lifestyle and relaxation


The kampung styled chalets that give you the seafront view of the crystal clear blue waters of South China Sea, also with minimum technocosmic "hydrogens" in the impression menu.