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Vision and Purpose of the World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit  


22 Sep 2014


    • An Extract from the WARP Summit 2014 Document

    • "Vision and Purpose of the World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit

      World Alliance of Religions: A Glorious Milestone that will Change Humanity


      Today, it is thought that roughly 70 percent of the world's population claims to be religious.  With approximately 4,250 religions being practised in the world, the reasons people adhere to the prescribed ideologies can be understood to be diverse as the practices associated with them.  Many people find solace in their religions, choosing to ignore the fact that the self-same ideology which provides such comfort to them, can also be used by unscrupulous individuals to motivate, instigate, and perpectuate conflicts.


      Whilst it is too simplistic to say that the diverse ideologies and spiritual traditions of our world are the cause of such conflicts, there can be no denying the influence they exert on them.  Certainly, if the religions of our world are able to resolve the conflicts that exist between their denominations, as well as those existing between different religions, we will have taken a big step towards making world peace a reality.


      In order to achieve this end, the World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit will serve as a meeting place where the representatives of the religions of our world will gather to unite in overcoming the deep-rooted barriers which have come to exist, and in doing so , promote unity and peace.  Through discussions, an interfaith peace agreement - a document that will form the foundation upon which an interfaith constitution can later be written and implemented - will be formed.


      This agreement will be the first step in solidifying a world alliance of religions whose aim is to pursue world peace - a legacy which will be proud to leave to all the generations who follow in the footsteps.


      Providing a Key to Peace, a Common Wish of All Nations


      The ultimate goal of the World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit is to be a key building block in the achievement of world peace.  For this purpose, leaders from all over the world and experts from various walks of life will gather to have an in-depth discussion of the role of religion, education, and politics for bringing about peace.  Discussions will centre around the main topics of current issues pertaining to religion, conflicts, and solutions to the challenges we currently face.  The World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit will provide a key to everlasting peace, which is a common wish of all nations."


"The Heavenly Culture


The term heavenly culture refers to a culture based on the principle that life on the earth can only exist as a result of the light (impressions food*) , rain (ordinary solid and liquid food*), and air (air as food) provided without partiality from the heavens (higher up the Ray of Creation above man*).  The sky has no borders, no divisions, and give to all who live on earth freely.  A culture based on this principle is one which focuses less on the differences in nationality , ideology, race, or gender - all differences which have become deeply entrenched in our concept of who we are as humanity (tritocosmos).  A heavenly culture is one in which life itself is given greater value than things  we see as setting us apart from one another.  It is only through the cultivation of such culture that peace - the hope of all nations - can be realized in our world.  The purpose of the WARP Summit is to gather the foremost academics, thinkers, and leaders in both religious and secular fields to discuss the formation and implementation of just such as culture of unity.




The 2014 WARP Summit is hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) in conjunction with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD).  The summit is hosted without aid from any governmental source as a demonstration of the capability of private, not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations to play major roles in the creation of peace for ur world."


* Indicates relevancy of concepts and principles of the Fourth Way or Gurdjieffian School of thought


  • SOURCE: WARP Summit 2014/Extracted by Tan Man Ho








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