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      • World Peace : A Congratulatory Message to the WARP Summit 2014 at Seoul, South Korea

      • A Congratulatory Message

    • "I would like to congratulate and extend the hand of friendship to our hosts the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and the Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) as well as our co-hosts the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) and all those distinguish guests of honor for making this Summit a precedential historic moment and a success.


      It is a great honor that I am invited to participate in this summit and I take this opportunity to contribute a congratulatory video message.


      My name is Tan Man Ho of Malaysian nationality and president of the World Peace Assembly of Malaysia (WPAMB).  All great religions of the world whose origin traces way back to the Age of Pisces have, in this Age of Aquarius, contributed and are still contributing to the hearts of world peace. The odyssey of world peace needed religious and secular contributions to make peaceful odyssey a reality – a herald of the coming good for all.


      The love, hope, faith and belief of religion and the impartiality of objective reason, conscience and consciousness of secular spirituality, coming in alliance, become the spiritual foundation of world peace administration, today. Together they could ensure world harmony and world peace.


      Let us work for it now before it is too late!


      Thank You. "

      Dr. Tan Man Ho        September 17, 2014


World Alliance of Religions for Peace (WARP) Summit 2014, September 17-19, 2014 at Seoul, South Korea


WPAMB Photo & Video Gallery

      A Congratulatory Speech by Dr. Tan Man Ho at the World Alliance of Religions, Peace Summit 2014. The event took place on September 17-19 in the year 2014.  It is the first WARP Summit.  The last day is an International Peace Walk at Seoul Peace Plaza in South Korea
      WARP Summit 2014: Creating a legacy of peace for future generation
      WARP Summit 2014: Opening Ceremony (Entrance)
      WARP Summit 2014: Card-Section performance
      WARP Summit 2014: Interfaith Peace Agreement Signing Ceremony
      WARP Summit 2014: The Peace Walk
      WARP Summit 2014: Interviews with peace participants


  • The Peace Lovers


  • With my protocol

    With my protocols

    With HWPL staffs

    With HWPL staffs

    At Olympic Stadium

    At Olympic Stadium

    With the dancers

    With the children

    Signing for Peace

    Peace Agreements

    With Bangladash VIP

    With Portuguese/US

    With Congolese

    With Chinese

    Malaysian Taoists

    With Zoroastrians

    With Kyrgyz

    Cambodian Monk

    With Afghan & others

    At World Peace Gate

    With Mongolian

    With Chinese Youth

    With the Papuans

    With Tibetans

    With Nigerians

    With Colombian

    Cambodian & Korean

    With IPYG Director

    With the Peruvian Incas

    Unique Dancer


    With Kosovan

    With Americans

    With Timor Leste

    And with many others

  • SOURCE: WPAMB/Tan Man Ho







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