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  • Dialogue of Scriptures and Peace

  • 18 April 2015

    • Dialogue of Scriptures and Peace

    • A Dialogue of Scriptures and Peace organized by HWPL Malaysia (Alliance of Religions Peace Office) took place at 2:00 pm on 18 April 2015 in Hotel Sentral, Bricksfield, Kuala Lumpur.  Various important Piscean religious and Aquarian spiritual leaders attended this dialogue meet and expressed their views.



      The WPAM views are based on an Astrological Age Approach that draws a clear line at year 1900 between Piscean Religions Approach (before 1900) and Aquarius Spirituality Approach (after 1900) over this issue. The views of WPAM towards this issue is expressed here in this quote below:


  • The Quintessence of Religion


    The quintessence of all religions is rooted in the ethereal elements of self-consciousness (self-awareness), love, hope, faith and to some extent in the Objective Reasoning of man.  These elements are active in man and his universal being (God). In the Ray of Creation, there are three dimensions of our immediate concern – the higher heavenly divine dimension, the middle earthly social human dimension and the lower personalized individual dimension.


    All the forces of good and evil, light and darkness, descend and/or ascend along the Ray of Creation are trapped in a perpetual struggle, sometimes turbulently and sometimes harmoniously, and peacefully. 

    We can divide our religious experiences into an inner experience and its outer social expression – into an inner and an outer world. When the inner is still, harmonious and peaceful, the outer will also be still, harmonious and peaceful.

    For peace and war in our social life, there is a 50% chance for peace – when light is restored peace is 100%. Can peace be the light for a period?  The answer is ‘Yes’.  But for peace to remain eternal – it is wishful hope and belief and not likely to pass the impartial findings of objective reasoning!  We need a restoration for peace from time to time.


    So in the restoration of light where peace is to be our light, we need to cultivate successfully first the true inner experience of self-consciousness, love, hope, faith, belief and objective reasoning for peace in a way that the head, heart and gut are able to emanate peace energy (aura).  Having enough individuals with this kind of peace energy can we finally begin cultivating a sociocosmic seed, a peace – behaving community that would constantly emanate peaceful qualities of the social light of peace into the sociosphere.  In so doing, we would be able to restore global social awareness for peace to mankind, and keep the light shining always.


    The organization, Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL) which originated from South Korea is one such sociocosmic seed, in essence and in principle, and it works very hard in restoring this social light of peace.  Today, its social light of peace is coming here, knocking at our doors, to rekindle and assist in the cultivation of our own social light of peace meant for the good of everyone, especially the youth to which this global peace legacy could be passed on.  HWPL’s mission is to leave a global peace legacy for the youth here as well!

    May we love, hope, belief, have faith and objective reasoning for peace and be aware of the value of this human treasure of peace!

    Dr. Tan Man Ho (WARP Attendants Impression Speech, April 18, 2015)








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