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  • 1st Annual Commemoration of WARP SUMMIT 2014
  • 2 October 2015
    • 1st Annual Commemoration of WARP SUMMIT 2014

    • 18th September 2015 is the 1st Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit 2014 which took place in Seoul, South Korea on 18th September 2014.  The main highlights of this unprecedented event and now precedentable is once more repeated for reminding the importance of this event for humanity. 


      Please do watch the Video Message and read the Letter for the Family of Peace below:


      # 1st Annual Commemoration of September

      18 World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit


      # Letter from the Chairman of HWPL

      Mr. Man-Hee, Lee


      "1st Annual Commemoration of 18th September WARP summit has ended with successful result where the light of peace is rapidly spreading throughout the world through the distinguished attendee from all sectors; heads of states, religious leaders, academics, legislators, youth representatives, women leaders, and world media.


      The Chairman of HWPL Mr. Lee wishes to share to all the global family about the good news deeply within their hearts.  Mainly, he wishes to send and share the letter of peace to you, the youth of this generation and the future leader of peace to playing as vital role to carry out the peaceful generations.


      Chairman Lee always has the youth of the world in his heart and believes that the true power to bring peace to this world resides upon youth. In order to cease all wars in the world, it is important that International Law should prevent wars from happening and there should be no more conflicts but only harmony among different religions. When the youth support the religions to become one and urge the implementation of an international convention on cessation of war and world peace, peace will become a reality.


      We have attached the highlight video on the 1st Annual Commemoration event below to present and deliver to you the message of peace. Please do look over the video hoping the peace message will reach to you where you can also partake in this mission together to spread the light of peace." (Nicole Park on Behalf of IPYG, October 1, 2015)


      ※1st Annual Commemoration of September 18th World Alliance of Religion's Peace Summit 



SOURCE: IPYG News/Nicole Park






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