Safety and Security in Tioman


Also Sprach Enkel von Beelzebub!  Thus spoke Beezlebub's Grandson!  Know thyself and know thy surroundings when in Tioman Island and before going there, know who you talk to!

The rainforest is beautiful but trekking alone into the forest makes you feel eerie.
No big or dangerous animals such as tiger, wild boar, wolf and panther to fear because they aren't there on the island.
The biawak or water monitor lizard looks docile but do remember they still have the raw fighting instinct; when they wag their tails like what a crocodile will do, don't go near them.
Do not leave your little tots unattended for the biawak might thought they are its food!

The birds, the squirrels and most insects are wonderful and part of beautiful mother nature; singing their 'songs' often louder than the birds
But do watch out for the hornets nest; they, the hornets are deadly bees. Well not many of them.  However, there are mosquitoes after your tasty blood.
High up in the sky, there are some sea eagles, frigates and seabirds, they are OK OK!
Flying foxes hangs on the tree tops under the hot sun, flapping their wings always to keep their body cool; beware they do have sharp teeth and can bite you!

The crystal clear waters of Tioman Island with plentiful colorful fishes and corals, truly nature's masterpiece.
Well, to see the wonders of the underwater world, armed yourself with the snorkeling or scuba diving equipment for your  underwater odyssey.
Balance all the beauty wonders with the precautions - check them before use.
Breath is life, the apparatus of breathing must not fail you.

The marine beings are truly colorful and beautiful but who would say there are no sharks around.
Sure there are, even sea snakes!  But no report so far that they have attacked a human bipeds.
Never heard of a crocodile around where you could die in her mouth.  Yet they are cobras that can be very dangerous!

Huge boulders, rocks, dead corals on land, near the river and in the sea can slice a deep painful wound in your skin.
Rattans and some other plants with sharp spikes can give you painful pricks; worst if it pricks your eyes.
Semi-bipeds primate or monkeys make confusing faces with you, they can be as "mad" as Sun Wukung, the Monkey God
And might chase and bite you all of a sudden; and the hospital is quite a distance away, my dear!

Rough seas and bad weather, do stay indoors and do a little reading; when in water, make sure you have your life jackets on even if you can swim!
If a thunderstorm comes, it is a must to stay indoors.
Do not play with rain water or swim in the sea or swim in the pools of the mountain stream for hours.
You might fall sick and remember medicine is scarce!

Sir Beelzebub's Grandson, what about the human bipeds there?  I want to know more about them.  I need this enlightenment!
I heard they are the most "dangerous" biped-beings there amongst the quadrupeds, multi-peds and the 'pedless' - big and small on land, in the water and in the sky. 
Yet I also heard these human-bipeds are wonderful angels too!
Well, my dear they are with both such bipolar and neutral energies or just '3-in-1's ..... good, bad and neutral!
For your information, there are 3 groups of such human-bipeds:

1. Firstly, those human-bipeds that owns the land there and whose relatives dwell there long ago and fishing is their livelihood. But now they have become water taxi drivers, tour guides and assist in routine resort operations.  To these bipeds, the resorts, their homes and the water taxis are jungle entities - imposed civil laws easily turn jungle laws.  One of your plates in your restaurant may become the plate in their home, one of the bulbs in your resort may become the bulb in their home and one of the planks in your resort may become a part of their house or boat.  Your money too can become their money because your name is not on it!  Well, there are not many, perhaps 3,000 being-bipeds of this order.

2. Secondly, those human-bipeds that own and operate resort, or sociocosmic business entities related to tourism auras, including your favorite diving schools. An important group of beings are the regulatory beings of the village, district and state - they regulate and regulate until 'don't-know-whom-where-what-how-and-why'. These bipeds have to stay there because of their work.  But chance, there is a chance, they would "run" to the mainland for healing their boredom dis-ease.  This is the truth when the monsoon comes where most resorts have to either close or reduce all seaouting activities.  A handful of these bipeds are aggressive with jungle energy; feeding on one another and will dig as much dollars out of your pockets.  Surrounding their bodies you can feel their powerful mantras and auras of services - concluding their action at the last point - your 'dollars'.  Beware, that you might be cornered to a no choice position for the process of dollar-extraction, but still good mornings to you.  They are money eating machine bipeds!  Well, there are not many, perhaps another 3,000 being-bipeds of this order.

3. Those human-bipeds bearing the name "tourists" - locals and internationals alike - they come and go.  They are much in need of the therapeutic impressions offered by this island for the health, harmony and peace of their city-batoned souls, and some truly hungry for adventures, wonder nature and natural mystics.  Before they decided to visit the island, they have acquired much info from anywhere about Tioman island and often become gullible.  They are the gods, if not foods, for the hungry business beings here, where honest man and conman would impressed them similarly.  Yet, unfortunately, these tourist-bipeds must learn safety and security rules to handle these peculiar group of business bipeds carefully.  As the saying goes, 'Better to first know whom you contact with than to regret later!'

4. Lastly, do not go deep into the rainforest alone or with small group that does not know the way.  You might get loss in the jungle!

From, Also Sprach Enkel von Beelzebub!

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