The Melaka City Episode



In February 11, 2019, forty of us, three-brained Chinese Odysseyians also from the residents Danga Bay's Country Garden of Iskandar Malaysia alighted on a single 42-seater four-bodied technocosmic 'trans bus being'  sped off to a 14th Century historic city in Malaysia, spent a full day exploring all, if not most, our pre-identified 16 'sociocosmic gravity-centers' of interest or tourist spots in this old but not ancient famous zarooary or city of Melaka.  We left for our destiny at about 9:00 am.  After more than 3 hours, we reached the famous red building known as 'The Stadthuys'.  We are really hungry for the first being food. The first being-foods were consumed with great satisfaction by our group of 40 at a Baba Nyonya restaurant there!  But unfortunately, some of our biped beings wondered why the shops here are very small like the shops in China, 200 years ago.  Well, it is UNESCO heritaged so we are not supposed to demolish or rebuild or make excessive modifications for the moderns of our coming 2160 Aquarian years without, so to say, 'rubbing' away history for maleficent purpose.

The 16 tourist spots listed are Jonker Street, Baba Nyonya Heritage, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Hang Kasturi's Mausoleum and Hang Jebat Mausoleum which in on one side of the Melaka River and The Stadthuys, Christ Church, St. Francis Xavier's Church, Chitty Village, People's Museum, Melaka Sultanate Palace, St. Paul's Church, A' Formosa, Proclamation of Independence Memorial and a 'Light & Sound Show' on the other side of the Melaka River.  Here is a potpourri of sociocosmic influences from different LA-Sociocosmic sources, namely from the currently known LA-Sociocosmic beings bearing the names Indonesia, China, Portugal, Netherland, Britain, India and Japan mixing with the sociocosmic influences of the much earlier arrivals perhaps 4,000 - 6,000 years ago from Yunnan, China, admixed from other regions in South East Asia, etc. - the Proto Malays and the later Austronesian arrivals, that is, the Deutero Malays or the Iron Age people who have octaved themselves as kampung or village settlers, a real stable note in the zarooarian octave.  The Proto Malays are their ancestors without permanent settlement and incapable of forming any of these being-kampungs. From these kampungs, Melaka developed from Capital Village, to Capital Town and to Capital City in this region.

Ah! A wee bit more about this so-called Melaka City's history of the Persian inspired Melaka Sultanate - about the sultanate historical octave.  "Melaka is the starting place of the ruling history of the sultanates from 1400 AD, with 8 sultanates or kings in succession before falling to the Portuguese (ruled 130 years), then falling to the Dutch (ruled 183 years), then to the British and to the Japanese (ruled 3 years) and finally back to the British again. Later it became a British colony in 1946 after WWII.  It become a state of Melaka in the Federation of Malaya after Independence in 1957.  In 1968, it became a state in Malaysia.  What about before 1400 AD? After the Srivijaya army in Palembang, Sumatra was attacked and defeated by the Majapahit army, Parameswara escaped to Temasik (now known as Singapore) and established its base there.  But was attacked again by the Majapahit army for which he moved north to a new place and established a new base.  He gave this place a name - Melaka - and established his kingdom.  The great admiral Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty, China assisted him in building his kingdom, and Melaka became very famous as a global inter-country trade center."

"Why is it you keep seeing the words - 'Iskandar', 'Sultan' and 'Shah' in the ruling heritage whereas Parameswara was a Hindu?  This was because he married a princess from Persia while still a Hindu where such psycho-centering words as 'Sri', 'raja' and 'maharaja' are its existing halo.  The later psycho-centering words are of Persian origin ...... and if you could still remember, the Ming did joined forces to fight against the Mongolian khaganates .  After the fall of the last sultanate of Melaka, Mahmud Shah, the prince escaped to the Riau Archipelagoes and the Temasik area to rebuild a kingdom which finally included the current state of Johor."

We left Melaka City at about 8:30pm (Voice of Odyssey)

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