Building a Natural Mystical Gazebo Being for Life in the Woods

Building a natural mystical Gazebo Being for life in the Woods began in Mid-February 2014 and ended in March 2014. It is truly natural and environmental friendly! Presented by Dr. Tan Man Ho.


The Building of the Gazebo
is our 2nd work project as part of the holistic realization process for Life in the Woods as a HEIGRENS experiment, a voyage of spiritual discovery, and manual for self-reliance using natural resources from the surroundings and blending the artificial constructs in harmony with nature. The spiritual intention of this project is 'The Work Plus'.  The Gazebos is part of the complementary conception of a natural mystic Eagle-Biawak dragon-like conceptual being with its "head" or "gate" at the beach and facing the sea and a long bridge body over the Paya river and ending at the 3 gazebos as part of the mystical being's tail.  The bridge is to be lightened at night with 2 rows of colored bulbs along both the left and the right sides of the bridge to give a beautiful mystical night life experience in the area surrounding the "Walden Ponds".

Dr. Tan's difficult experiences in the course of the month of February and March 2014 overseeing the shaping of this mystical being project near
the "Walden Pond" has detoured due to a general lack of understanding of the meaning and purpose of the construction of this mystic being and thus the mystical being has been left somewhat unperfected to expectation.  The being symbolizes a wish to extend a presence of an existing resort at Paya Beach to the beach and to the sea. By sublating itself in nature in this way - semi-visible and semi-invisible - the mystical being hoped to gain an objective presence for itself and bring life to the "Walden Pond" and to Paya River including all the surrounding areas.

The mystical gazebos at night

River Paya

The bridge

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