The Desaru Episode



In February 8, 2019, the Odysseyian group of 80 people from residents of Danga Bay's Country Garden of Iskandar Malaysia spend a full day exploring 3 main sociocosmic stopinders of interest, namely, a stopinder for being-crocodiles (Crocodile Farm in contemporary jargon), a stopinder for plantian beings that bear what are called fruits (Fruit Farm), a stopinder for adventurous-humans themed by artificial flowing water for the purpose of fantastic experiencing (Adventure Water Theme Park), a Public Beach stopinder for natural beach and sea experiencing and a Desaru Seafood Restaurant for consumption of the first being-food. Two trans buses of transport for beings were involved in this odysseyian journey for exploratory experience impression consumption which are of much interest to our 80 MMH2 Chinese from Iskandar Malaysia. Ah! A wee bit more about this so-called crocodile beings. In contemporary jargon, let's put it this way.  'The 10-acre Desaru Crocodile Farm is located in Teluk Sengat in the District of Kota Tinggi and is considered to be the largest crocodile farm in Peninsular Malaysia. It was established in 1950 and now run by the grand daughter of its crocodile-loving founder.  It is founded for the conservation and breeding of crocodiles and the farm does kill crocodiles for meat or skin and the habitat is kept as natural as possible. It houses about 1000 saltwater crocodiles of all sizes and ages - some over 100 and even up to 155 years old.'  As regard to the Adventure and Water Theme Park, and our group was not too interested because of its ultra modern technology and also many of them are seniors and in general old in age.  So the stay was short and about 1/2 hour only, although some younger beings much attracted on the inside. Well! All of them are really much desired to know more about tropical fruits as these fruit beings from the equatorial habitat could not survive in natural habitat mainland China and if they did survive they could hardly bear any of these strange fruits.  The first being-foods were consumed with great satisfaction by our group of 80 at the restaurant!  (Voice of Odyssey)

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